WATCH: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon honors Robin Williams with heartwarming tribute

Jimmy Fallon paid tribute to Robin Williams on Tuesday’s ‘The Tonight Show’ by playing his first appearance on the program from the Johnny Carson days.

“He was one of a kind, one in a million. He was unbelievable,” said a somber Fallon. “He was funny, and he was fast, and he would weave in and out of characters.”

Fallon then played Williams’ first interview on the show with former host Johnny Carson, and the historic moment captures the heartfelt and unpredictable nature that defined Robin Williams’ career.


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  • Christine Dodd

    Robin Williams was one of the most talented and funniest actors I have ever enjoyed watching. One of my most favorite TV series was Mork and Mindy and I absolutely loved that show. He will be deeply missed by those who enjoyed his funny stents and his great acting. RIP Mr. Williams!!!

    • Nick Darwin

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      • Julie Zommers

        What sort of person uses someone’s passing, for an advertising plug. I just shake my head in shame of the human race sometimes.

    • ElmoGlick

      I have three stents but I don’t think they’re funny…but Robin had a bypass.

  • Pilgrimsarbour

    Well, now we know who’s in the lead for the Robin Williams Story — coming soon.

  • Dan Smith

    you read, just don’t consider what the author thinks, consider what you
    think.” That advice had opened a whole new world for me. Ever since I
    heard that, I’ve read the scriptures from a whole different perspective.
    I’ve realized my Creator had this written just for me.

    Robin Williams
    was John Keating who ran out of proteges, for we have become a wandering
    society that cares not for mysteries of life. Processing thought has no
    place for it’s mantle, wisdom has no place of honor. We have lost our
    hero of deep thought.

    Sure his comedy was unrivaled, yet it seemed a
    reprieve from his real work. The clue was woven in the fabric of his
    persona. He could weave the nonsensical issues of life into a picture we
    all could relate to. Wow, in this life, who else can do that? To borrow Jimmy Fallon’s phrase, who can make you “cry laughing”?

  • Venita Roylance

    Thank you, Jimmy. You quoted my favorite Robin Williams movie! I admired him for his wit, and for his incredible intelligence!

  • Lisa Kerbein Dever

    Robin Williams was a very funny man, and I will truly miss him, as will my children, who are adults now with children of their own. He battled an illness and his own demons, and they won. Robin deserves to rest in peace, and his family should be left alone to grieve. I can’t believe the subhuman people in this world who are so vile and ignorant that they spew such hatred as to try to hurt them as they are dealing with such a great loss. Regardless of your ‘religious’ beliefs, those who are bullying the family and trying to sound so almighty about your opinions, let me remind you that I’m sure MY God would not like the way you are acting. Pray for Robin and his family, and keep your opinions to yourself!

  • wyatt smith

    If laughter is the best medicine, Robin Williams should own a Nobel Prize. RIP

  • landofaahs

    I understand your obsession with mental illness Glenn but we have more important things to consider in this world right now. Mental illness’s main cause is liberalism. There. Now discuss something else.

  • True American

    Just wish he could have known about all this love for him before he died. He probably would not have committed Suicide. Let your loved ones know how much they are loved TODAY!

  • Joseph Chatfield

    Robin Williams is was and allways will be one of the greats


    He was a funny guy, but also a left-wing liberal loon!

  • krissy Wright

    Wow Glenn Beck actually had something nice to sa about someone!!! Glenn are you sure he wasn’t faking Parkinson’s like you accused Michael J Fox and flopped around live on TV making fun of a handicapped person with a dreaded dreaded disease. be careful there’s a lot of handicap people out there. maybe you are so high and mighty you thinking you won’t get a disease or handicap one day. signed a handicap grandm very young, in fact I think I’m younger than you. better keep praying you don’t get something our handicaps maybe communicable. Krissy Wright

  • Splashes

    I loved watching that video! How sweet it was when Robin Williams actually looked surprised that the audience was laughing and clapping at his antics “Let’s make the cameraman angry” – the look on his face – so happy that people appreciated him, and he was just being himself. Rest in peace now, Robin, I think the cynicism of the world got to the inner child in you and destroyed it.

  • kieramccarthy

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  • warren447

    I remember when I was a kid I went to my Aunt Michelles, way back in 78 and they had cable HBO and I a stand up comedy show that he was doing for HBO. I cracked up and I thought, wow he is going to get big and everything have his own name on the hollywood squares.

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