Read the heartfelt letter a former homeless man wrote to the police officer who changed his life

In a letter posted on the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page and picked up by The Daily News, Terance Lunogren writes that he was down on his luck and living on the streets with his dog when Deputy Alex Alfonso approached him and helped get his life on track.

“I was homeless and unemployed for a long period,” the letter reads. “I am the guy with the little white dog. We were at large because we lost our our room and job the same day. I had to save to get a new place to stay to keep my dog of 13 + years ”

“Officer Alphonso [sic] approached me and knew I was not a trouble maker. Just a guy down on his luck. He and I talked and I eventually got a place, home for my dog (my best friend) and I was then able to pursue work,” it continues. “I landed a job at the Bed, Bath, and Beyond on Glades with his endorsement. I have been there 4 months now.”

“He helped me change my life for the better to the tenth degree.”

Lunogren now finds himself surrounded and supported by “mature, responsible, and professional people” as a result of Deputy Alfonso’s intervention.



Lunogren references a “rough stretch” for Deputy Alfonso in the letter.The deputy was involved in an altercation with another man, Anthony Ribeiro, that ended with Alfonso shooting Ribeiro twice in the chest. Ribeiro and a woman were engaged in a sex act at a community pool when Alfonso saw them and asked them to leave. The couple did, but returned later and approached Alfonso. According to the PBSO, Ribeiro took a wine bottle and  “raised it up and attempted to strike the off-duty deputy”, and in response Alfonso fired. 

I know he had a rough stretch! But I also know District 7 is no picnic. He is patient, cordial and professional…PBSO should be proud to have him!” Lunogren wrote. 

(H/T The Daily News)

  • Anonymous


    • Fred

      Golly, that’s swell!

  • cassie1655

    What an absolutely beautiful letter of true sincerity to be written by Mr Lunogren to Deputy Alfonso! God bless them both and i wish them the best!

  • landofaahs

    The power of one. The one private person does what the all powerful state cannot.

    • Bev Landis

      Thousands points of light have all been snuffed out by cynicism and big government. Glad to see one was still shining for this man…

  • Doree Stone

    My father was a cop for many years. He never once removed his gun from its holster while on duty. He never in his life uttered a curse word or took a sip of alcohol. It wasn’t because of a religion. It was because of his character. He always worked two jobs. Not all cops are bad, but all cops put their lives on the line without hesitation every day to get between us and the bad guys. I’m glad to know this man was grateful for what that officer did to help him. I wish more people would show gratitude for what our men in blue do to keep us safe. They have chosen a life of service to their communities.

    • Jill Sawyer

      Amen! Well stated

    • mompatriot

      My husband too was a cop in Shreveport and sounds similar to your dad. Too bad more people didn’t speak up for the likes of them.

    • carlcasino

      I have several relatives that are LEO’s and in this day and age with the ATTITUDE that so many youth’s have you could not pay me enough to tolerate the BS they spew. Same goes for the Military. Until we once again get a CIC that respects the very people that protect our Constitution daily I would just sit on the sidelines and hope America wakes up.

      • toivomucaluc

        Some days I feel I should. I relize though, that I swore to uphold the constitution and the commander in cheif is but a small peice of the puzzle. I serve the people of the USA and only hope that they take advantage of their freedoms and liberties. Excersise their rights and grow as a people and culture. Don’t allow our future to be less than our past. I’m a part of the new generation. Im 27, don’t write us off, inspire us. We have fought a war for ten years allready. We are committed and hardened.

        • GumaJ

          And we are grateful to you. God bless!

          • Laquata Fee

            I am so very proud to hear such a comment from a young man who has made such sacrifices for our nation.
            My son, who is also 27, is a Marine. I know that young men like you and my son are proving every day that your generation can and are contributing to our nation. I, for one, am in awe of the commitment that our young men and women of the military have made for their country. IBecause of young men like you and my son, I have all the hope in the world for our nation. I thank you for your sacrifice and I know I am not alone. Please know that your commitment to our nation is duly noted.

  • Yo Mamma

    I read handwriting and that is not by the hand of a man but a woman. Its his signature, but far as I can tell, it was dictated.

    Thanks to the lady that wrote the letter. You did the man a favor

    • Kellsey

      My dad’s handwriting looks the same as that. So, it probably was him.

      • Yo Mamma

        I’ll give you a hint. See the body text hardly ever goes above or below the guidelines? Compare with signature

        Look at how the body text writes and ‘n’. Compare with signature

        Two different people

        • Heidi Sinclair-Thomas

          my ex husband writes like this, so ya you could be right but only 50/50…guess we will never know, how sad

        • Terrell McDonald

          My print and my signature are WAY different, a lot of men have good writing skills. You are welcome to your opinion! Also very few women use all caps when printing, men moreso, also the “e” few write them that way. Just my opinion!

        • Watch it


    • dragonfly

      I’ve seen men’s handwriting look similar to that, including signatures. Are there really gender specific ways to write? Hmm

    • alyxandra

      I’m a woman and I’ve always had the handwriting of a four year old trying to write with her toes during an earthquake and my sister’s is even worse. My teachers actually gave up on trying to “fix” my handwriting and just had me type answers for every assignment. My best friend however, he has beautiful handwriting and my grandfather had writing that looked like he could have done it with a typewriter.

      • dragonfly

        My handwriting is horrible too!! lol My dad wrote way better than my mom or I could. Funny how handwriting develops… I teach handwriting now to 6 year olds and it is already impossible to break habits.

      • OK_Bayou

        My dad was an excellent doctor.
        His handwriting looked like it came from a seismograph needle.

    • alyxandra

      Also Jon Heder was told his hand writing in Napoleon Dynamite was too pretty so they had to have someone else come in and write it for him. 😛

    • shande123

      I worked in fraud while employed in banking for 20 years. With the training I received, the signature of Mr. Lunogren looks to have many markers consistent with his printing.

    • darmeen

      I write much like that and my signature is not anywhere near the same as my handwriting. My father was the same way.

      • Glennfriend67

        My printing is cramped and tortured looking, and I am a girl. My handwriting (including my signature) is flowing and elegant. Does that mean I’m two different people? No. It means once I learned cursive and developed my penmanship and handwriting style I basically stopped printing altogether unless I absolutely had to. I loathe printing my words. It forces me to hold my pen in an awkward position I don’t prefer. My handwriting is considerably more legible.

        • Yo Mamma

          Your signature is your ‘display’ of who you want the world to see you as. Those that are illegible, have little care about communication, even if they have skills, outwardly they could careless about you fully understanding them. It also shows your outward control of your environment, like ego.

          IF you handwriting is always printed, you have something to hide. Cursive shows personality, intelligence, creativity.

          Its almost impossible to disguise your handwriting. The analysis of it is used in job interviews in Israel, where what you say has little bearing. What and how you write says everything about you, your interest in the job and much much more.

          Get a few books on it showing examples, get a plain white sheet and ballpoint pen and write about yourself, then analyze it. Its better than any psychologist in telling who you really are.

          • Glennfriend67

            Seriously? That’s really cool. Never thought of it that way. This is why I cannot understand why they no longer want to teach cursive in schools. How are these children going to be able to decipher important documents, like the Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution? How will they be able to affix their own signatures to important documents, even if it’s something as simple as a paycheck so they are remunerated properly and someone doesn’t “forge their X ?” It is shameful what the education system is doing to the latest generation. When I was growing up, penmanship was very important. I still jot notes and write letters to business associates, family and friends. Afaic, it lends that extra personal touch that you just can’t get with computers. That, I think, is a lost art.
            I shall definitely look into handwriting analysis books. I’m intrigued by what my handwriting might reveal, and I thank you for the suggestion.

    • denisemain

      If you read handwriting, you need your eyes checked. That letter is printing, not handwriting, and some guys have really good printing. The fact that it appears to be printing/writing from two people does not prove one is a woman.

  • dweezil

    Where’s the dog now?

  • Greg Woodard

    In this day and age when every story is about bad cops its good to hear a story about a good one There way more good ones than bad ones God bless you Deputy Alfonso keep up the good work

  • Tonia McBride

    I’m going to guess that a lot of people have helped someone who turned out to not actually be a good guy down on his luck but instead a charming bad guy. Still, I guess I’d rather help ten people who don’t really benefit from it than miss that one person who really just needs a hand up.

  • 2 IT too

    ER- – – -WHY aren’t we asking WHY such a thing
    as homelessness EXISTS in a human society?

    Afterall, it EXISTS NOWHERE in NATURE.

    But it exists in abundance in the DEVIANT, USURY driven
    ‘economy’ of this 11th hour of OPEN globalist MAFIA USURPATION.

    • tewkewl

      Nowhere else in nature? are you kidding me man? it occurs everywhere in nature! most fish, birds, and even many mammals are migratory. they have no home.

    • mosiah319

      My dog is 14 years old. She never would have survived to this age in the wild. Even her own pack would not have supported her. If there is no homelessness in nature, it’s because the animals die in very short order. Such a comment expresses a feeling with very little thought used to determine if the feeling is valid. God gave us both emotions and a mind. Too much of one without the other usually doesn’t end well.

    • Former Deputy

      Have you ever taken the time to stop and talk to some of these “homeless” individuals? I have, back when I worked in Washington, DC – which is probably one of the leading cities in terms of the numbers of homeless persons.

      A lot of them actually prefer to be homeless. They are decent enough people who just want to live off the grid. If they could live in the wilderness they would; but they realize that they would have to hunt their food and fight off wildlife to survive.

      Whereas in the cities they can get handouts and find just enough short term work to survive but not have to file taxes or own property. Whether we like it or not, a lot of these individuals like being transients and prefer to live the life of a hobo. IMHO, that’s their prerogative as long as they do not impede the rest of us from being a slave to our lifestyles.

      • technicallysane

        That is true. However, the bible is replete with so many references regarding the poor, and I believe poverty plays a major part in a person winding up living on the streets.

        “He who mocks the poor reproaches his Maker.” Prov.17:5

        “For the poor will never cease from the land, therefore I command you, saying, You shall open your hand wide to your brother, to your poor and your needy, in your land.” Deut. 15:11

        There are many extenuating circumstances that force a person to live on the streets and some of it is due to mental problems. Many of our Military veterans are also found homeless, which I think is tragic because many are suffering PTSD.

  • Maggie Thomas


  • Jaclyn Baggesen

    You never know where GOD will put you to lend a helping hand to someone in need…..nice story….we need to hear more of them…..and I also think we need to listen more with our hearts….let people know that you really care…GOD BLESS THIS OFFICER AND ALL OF OUR POLICE FORCES..they do not have it easy in a world that seems to be spinning out of control……GOD BLESS OUR VETERANS TO….they also serve us honorably and defend our country as well……

  • Jaclyn Baggesen

    One more point to add….good luck Terrance….want success as much as you want to breathe…..nice letter…’s your dog? Hope he or she is doing well too….your puppy is lucky to have such a nice young man as his or her daddy…..

  • Arcangelo ‘Cisco’ Cocco

    He is a good cop!

  • Reeta Zowtiak

    His name is not “Lunogren”, it’s Lundgren, originally a Swedish name. Sweet letter.

  • Get Real

    Wow, shooting somebody for having sex at a pool. No wonder that guy (shooting victim) was mad.
    Also no wonder this guy (cop) wanted to do a good deed to try to make up for it.
    On the brighter side, it’s too bad this letter does not specify what the man (cop) did that was helpful.

    • Shetlan

      He didn’t shoot the guy for having sex at a public pool, he shot the guy in self defense when the guy attacked him. Only a moron would think that a person being assaulted should meet the person in hand to hand combat rather than using a gun, so I assume that is what you think. After all you thought he shot the guy for having sex at a public pool. The couple deserved to be arrested, they were lucky he just told them to leave, but then the guy had to come back and attack him. The world is a better place with that guy gone.

      • Get Real

        Officers (and everyone else) are supposed to be taught to de-escalate situations, not to turn a pool party into a gun fight. Based on my training, it sounds like the officer handled it wrong from the start. Had he handled it right, the guy would have left with a simple “Oh, sorry,” and that would have been the end of it.

        • Watch it

          Oh, like Michael Brown did?

    • JC 88

      It does specify what the cop did that was helpful. He helped the guy get a job, and once he had a job, he could afford a place to live.

      • Get Real

        Pretty vague.
        I helped a homeless guy get a job once, but it didn’t work, because all he wanted to do was panhandle $15/day and then sit in the park and drink beer with his friends. Really, that was his goal in life. He attained it.


    A homeless guy & his dog, and the cop didn’t shoot the dog because he “felt threatened.” Then pepper spray, taser, & beat the guy with his baton?

  • Former Deputy

    What an awesome letter!!

    I spent 9-years as a Volunteer Deputy where I gave up my own time and spent my own money to be able to perform a thankless job for no pay.

    I would say that a majority of Law Enforcement Officers are decent human beings who only want to serve their community and go home safe and sound at the end of their shift.

    Unfortunately, the vocal minority and the so-called “press” likes to paint all of us in the broadest brush possible. I would be willing to bet that a very small minority of the big press outlets would even give this particular story any air time. And yet, all of them will cover the violence and absolute stupidity that is happening in Ferguson, MO – but only one side of that story.

    All I’ve seen is how an “unarmed black teenager” was shot by Police Officer. Nothing about the fact that this “teenager” was legally an adult nor any details about the circumstances that led to the shooting. But then again, if they were to air that the subject was wanted or he tried to take away the Officer’s sidearm, they would not sell as much airtime as they do now.

    Most, if not all of the Law Enforcement Officers just want to go home to their loved ones at the end of their shift. They do not want to pull their guns much less use them. They do not want to use their batons, pepper sprays, handcuffs nor do they want to even arrest anyone. A Police Officer’s dream job would be one where they can spend most of their time rescuing kittens from a drain, walking a child or an elderly across the street, or walking a beat where they get to meet and chat with decent human beings who are not out to kill them.

  • Eric1113

    You don’t become a cop because you’re first in your class. People become cops because they failed at most other things in life and when all else fails you can always be a cop. What people understand is every new cop on the street only represents expanding government and the spending of more money we don’t have.
    Think about how many times you see a regular traffic stop with four plus cop cars parked, or seeing 6-8 cops just driving home from work. Didn’t the Nazis first use cops to corrupt the country? Infect the local cops with all the fear and propaganda and they will spread it to all the people around them. Why else would cops now be getting department of homeland security propaganda?
    Many cops see what’s happening, but many are so taken by the propaganda they buy it line, hook and sinker. More cops only mean more government.

    • JTTRI

      You are an absolute A$$ whole who hopefully needs a cop very soon. Now get back to cleaning the basement and make your bed you subhuman.

    • Gordon

      I was a cop for 32 years and actually had a degree in biology. I left an engineering job to join the police department. So eric 1113 I don’t think your logic is correct. Several of the young police officers coming on the job today are well educated. Most have chosen the career to help their community. I am sorry you have such a shallow view of the police.

      • Ted Eisenman

        Not only a shallow view, but an uneducated one as well! Cops come in all shapes, sizes, ethnic backgrounds, religions…and most are like you…chose your calling. Eric1113 is looking at the wrong entities based in no facts. Maybe he should look at DHS and their private police force they have just trained…and leave the local jurisdictions alone…Period!!!

    • KrisMurphyBlountCountyAL

      Eric, you need to see a doctor stat! Get that chip removed from your shoulder!

  • Rebekah Hansens Bonis

    This is great. There are a lot of good cops out there. I bet more good than bad. Unfortunately, we hear about all the bad incidents and not much of the good.

  • Missy

    Very touching. I see and hear it, participate in these everday, stories like this, it renews my faith in my fellow man. I never miss an opportunity to be kind. A truly grateful person will pen a letter, I have done it many times. It should not go un-noticed but rather held up as a beacon and recognition. Thank You Terance for honoring what he did, you didn’t have to, but you DID. Help others :) Pass it on. Others might catch it :) Love your story. <3

  • 2 IT too

    WHY are we TOLERATING an economy directed


    WHY are we TOLERATING the engineered, pre-emptive
    criminalization of the American public?


    WHY is NO ONE even RAISING the ISSUE?

    WHY are we ALLOWING EUGENISTS, lawless and TAX FREE,
    to EXPERIMENT ON US – – -and to ‘chart’ our ‘FEW- – – -CHORE’?

    • happyvalleyzoobie

      Wrong story…. Maybe you want the chum post! Kick out Obama!

  • KrisMurphyBlountCountyAL

    So not all cops are militarized fascists? Gee. I would not have know that from all the Media reports lately.

  • Carol


  • kieramccarthy

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  • willi

    There is still hope for us all ,I pray for the police officer,God Bless,I hope other officers read this letter and follow his example,and reach out to the homeless,hungry,lonely this can make this world a better place for all.

  • Coolhandle Spuke

    Read the caption,
    People are wasting their time helping the government make fools of the american people…

  • kenistaz

    Some times with all the negative publicity and phony charges leveled at good cops trying to do they’er jobs,we forget what life would be like without the street cop out there every day.Yes there are some that abuse their authority,but they are in the minority.The majority of cops really want to do their duty and protect and serve their communities and help in many ways that they very rarely ever are recognized for.So my hat is off to the man in blue.

  • happyvalleyzoobie

    What a great letter and Kudos to Deputy Alex Alfons, keep safe my brother.

  • Bat Masterson

    Where is the link for tactical flashlights,home security plans and food rations?

  • michaeltbal

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  • John Moses Browning

    I don’t know if everyone is aware of how many Law Enforcement Officers, (male & female, County, State and Federal) there are, but there are many ten’s of thousands of them quietly doing a thankless, dirty and dangerous job, for not very good pay.
    The last 5-6 years we have had reports of bad behaviour, sometimes illegal behaviour but a few hundred bad eggs amongst that many LEO’s is amazing.
    Basically what I’m trying to say is – PLEASE Think of all the good Cops doing a tough job, be polite and respectful to them and it will go a long way towards making their job a little easier. They face death and carnage everyday just like our troops.
    I support the Police as long as they obey the Constitution but I believe it is every Citizens right to defend themselves against Criminals. Folks don’t make your home an easy target for bad guys- secure it properly with safety locks, deadbolts etc. Finally buy yourself some firearms, get some training in the use of the firearms (& KNOW YOUR GUN LAWS!) and make sure they are secure from Children. My kids are 16+ now and all have been trained in the use and safety of firearms.

  • Feet2Fire

    Nice story.

    People who support Officer Darren Wilson are leaving their porch light on, using a BLUE LIGHTBULB. This is catching on all across USA. (Some are a little worried that the blue light might be an invitation for vandalism/looting by the Bad Guys, but others feel it’s worth the risk to support the officer, who is “innocent until proven guilty.”)

  • 2 IT too


    WHY is NO ONE calling out the RED CHINA TREASON OP?

    WHY are the PERPS and their PUNKS – – – —STILL OVER US?

  • Yousbabtle

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  • MichaelMJames

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