President Obama took a break from his vacation to attend the birthday celebration of Ann Jordan at Farm Neck Golf Club in Martha’s Vineyard. According to the official press briefing from the event, Obama had a glorious time dancing ‘til dawn.

Read the full press briefing via Principal Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz:

Tonight, the President and First Lady attended the birthday celebration for Mrs. Ann Jordan at an event at the Farm Neck Golf Club. There were approximately 150 guests in attendance.

Among the attendees seated with the Jordans and the President and First Lady were former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett and her mother Mrs. Barbara Bowman, Ursula Burns, Kenneth Chenault and his wife Kathy, along with other friends and family of Mrs. Jordan. President Obama honored Mrs. Jordan with a toast before dinner, as did Mr. Jordan and Secretary Clinton and others.

The President and First Lady have known the Jordans for over twenty years, and were grateful to have been able to share this special evening with them.

The President and First Lady also were happy to have the chance to spend time with Secretary Clinton and former President Clinton.

A little color: in his toast for Mrs. Jordan, President quipped that he met Vernon and first, but liked Ann more. The menu consisted of surf and turf and pasta. The Obamas danced nearly every song. A good time was had by all.

Never mind the fact that Yazidi parents trapped in Iraq are attempting to hydrate their children via human blood. Never mind the fact that photos are emerging of ISIS crucifying men, women, and children. Never mind the fact that Ferguson, Missouri is still facing riots and lootings in the aftermath of the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown on Saturday. Never mind the fact that the French government is now criticizing the tone deafness of this Administration. Wednesday night was party night for the President.

Below is a photo from the event tweeted by Elliott Schwartz:

“Literally children are drinking their parent’s blood… You’ve got people being literally crucified… In Missouri, Ferguson [is] on fire,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Meanwhile, the President was dancing up a storm… Even the foreign minister said, ‘Mr. President people are dying. You should probably come home from vacation.’ It’s getting so bad, we’re getting chastised by the French!”

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No one will object to the idea that the president of the United States is entitled to a day off or vacation every now and again. But given his own statements about the presidency in the past, it is hard to understand why Obama does not at least acknowledge this probably wasn’t the best week for a vacation.

Prior to first running for president in 2008, Obama had this to say about the office of the president and time off:

“From his own mouth, we should have no patience [for this],” Pat said exasperatedly.

Glenn was finding it difficult to “stay in a good mood today” because of the state of the world. As we learn more and more about the atrocities occurring in the Middle East at the hands of ISIS militants, and we watch news reports of rioting in our own streets here at home, Glenn wondered if – at this point – Obama is “just trying to stay in good mood” by partying the night away.

“The president needs vacations. You don’t know how stressful that job is. I don’t know how stressful that job is… But I got news for you: This is just horrific… The guy obviously doesn’t really see real life,” Glenn concluded. “The world is on fire. The caliphate is being reestablished. Children are drinking their parent’s blood. An American city is on fire. And you are dancing?”

Front page image courtesy of the AP