This ‘no nonsense’ Vietnam veteran defied police and brought his remarkable message of unity to Ferguson

Since the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown on Saturday in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri, the media has reported on the violence in the area. Photos and videos from Ferguson show police in riot gear dealing with looters and protesters in the streets. While Brown’s family has publically pleaded for nonviolence, so-called leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been adding fuel to the fire with their divisive rhetoric.

There are, however, nonviolent protesters in Ferguson as well. There are thousands of individuals who have obeyed the family’s wishes and are respecting Brown’s memory through peace. On Tuesday, a 74-year-old Vietnam vet named David Hoech became the face of that movement. On radio this morning, Glenn spoke to the man who is gaining national attention for his unique display of leadership.

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“We are a nation so devoid of any kind of leadership that anybody trusts that the average citizen is starting to stand up,” Glenn said. “David Hoech is a Vietnam veteran. Two nights ago, he showed up [in Ferguson] unarmed… I’m going to let him tell the story.”

Hoech is a veteran and widow who lives about 60 miles from Ferguson. After serving during the Vietnam War, Hoech traveled to Japan where helped develop a sales network to sell the P-X patrol aircraft. He went on to become a consultant for Japanese and American companies and is now retired.

After getting a better sense of Hoech’s background, Glenn asked him to explain what led him to Ferguson and what transpired Tuesday night. As Hoech explained, what the mainstream media is reporting about the state of the community is not necessarily representative of what he saw.

“Well, I’ve been involved in watching things. And when you go there sometimes, it’s not what you see. I went and talked to people, and they were all very nice. Of course, there are some people [who are] the agitators,” Hoech explained. “I said, ‘If you see Al [Sharpton] tell him to go back to the east coast.’ He’s only here because the TV cameras are here. And [the people] said, ‘Right, he should leave.’ So that’s not just the mayor [saying that]. That’s some of the protesters.”

When Hoech first arrived in Ferguson he was met by the police officers in riot gear who were blocking off the perimeter of the town. While he was initially denied access, Hoech ultimately made it through the officers to the crowd that was gathered.

“I said, ‘I want to go and talk to the people.’ They said, ‘You’re not going back there.’ I said, ‘This is America. I’ll do what I want, and I’ll go where I want… You’re just going to have to shoot me because I’m going.’ And I did,” he explained. “They said, ‘We’re going to put this guy to walk with you.’ And I said, ‘No, I’ll walk myself.’ But they were polite.”

While Hoech did not see any of the violence that has been reported first hand, he does understand there is a more radical element to the group. With that said, however, he believes the media is the biggest agitator of them all.

Glenn asked Hoech if what he saw bears any resemblance to the riots of the 1960s, and he does not believe there is a correlation.

“No way… This is taking place in a couple blocks. They got barricades back there, but they’re not burning right now. It was just that [for] one night or two nights,” Hoech said. “But the more it gets fanned – there’s going to be fires in every city because people are upset about a lot of other things. And they use crap like this as an excuse to go out and vent anger. And anger is the wind that blows out the candle of the mind. While everybody is angry, we accomplish nothing.”

Ultimately, Hoech has a simple message he wishes to share with the people of Ferguson and the country at large: We are all Americans. Until we recognize there is more that unites us than divides us, we cannot begin to heal.

“We’re all Americans… [When] I grew up, we weren’t Jewish Americans, Catholic Americans, German Americans. We were all Americans,” he concluded. “And now they got us all branded as whatever and you can’t have unity when everybody wants to put a tag on you. We’re Americans. There’s only us. We’re really creating a mess for us.”

  • Jeff Lambeau

    He’s lucky he was white. If he was black Vietnam War veteran, the police would have shot him for trying to go in there and would’ve laid his dead body on his family’s lawn. Sometimes, bad things can happen in a country built on 200 year legacy of unabashed racism.

    • kinabru

      Now, you are the one that sounds racist. In the Civil war many, many white Americans died so that blacks could be free. Blacks have fallen into going for easy money, drug money, instead of working hard and getting a good education. In my city/county whites have moved out of the cities because it has become dangerous to live there, blacks are engaging in selling drugs, murder and they let their properties decline, this is becoming the norm in most cities. It is time that the black race quit blaming others for their problems, they run around having babies and don’t support them, they are using the “poor me my ancestors were enslaved we want whitey to suffer and whites have fallen for it, it is being taught in our schools and churches, time to stop all of this.

      • Jason Teal

        That has nothing whatsoever to do with why the Civil War was fought.

        • Garrett Brockman

          He is simply saying white people died for the freedom of black people in this countries’ history. It may have not been the primary goal of the civil war but it did happen. So while the civil war has nothing to do with this article, his response did have something to do the the comment he was responding too.

        • Aaron Kelley

          The Civil War was fought over the rights of States to self-determine, specifically on whether they could secede from the Union. Unfortunately the issue that caused them to attempt secession, was the fear that the Union under Abraham Lincoln, was going to make slavery illegal. A case can be made therefore, that the war was fought over slavery, although there were, in actuality many causes for the war.

          • joe

            States rights….Agricultural Vs. Industrial….just to name a few

        • Connor Kenway

          Yes the Civil War was about freeing slaves.

          • Drew Baker

            ‘fraid not. It was more a side effect issue that took a more center stage towards the middle of the war. They took up the anti-slave campaign in an attempt to incite the southern blacks to revolt against the Confederacy. It didn’t work as well as they hoped, but fortunately they stuck to their guns after the war and ended the practice.

          • joe

            Not really there Connor…

          • Connor Kenway

            Open a history book.

          • John Duncan

            Connor must be common core education

          • Connor Kenway

            And you must be KKK educated.

      • soybomb315

        It was not a racist statement. There was lots of that stuff going on back then….Or are you one of those people who complain about PC-police but love to use the tool on others?

        • mic5o7

          Yet he wasn’t talking about “back then” was he?

      • Randy Segundo

        I agree with you 100%. Black people are the cause of their own problems. They need to take ownership of their lives, their families, their problems and deal with them with far higher standards than they’ve shown in the past. The previous black generations did an outstanding job with being patient, tolerant and determined and the current and last generation has done NOTHING for themselves but proven what the racists were preaching all along. Now is the time to show they can be Americans.

      • MYNYM
      • yourpaled

        I wonder how many whites are among those looters in Ferguson.

    • ryanomaniac

      Just a special kind of stupid. You need to eat a sack of moth balls and have a seat.

    • Steven Morpus

      If he was black?
      If he was white?
      If he was paraplegic, blind, deaf,…who cares?

      He’s an American! He’s a human being, and he’s an American.
      Try to see into people’s hearts, not at their skin color.

      • MYNYM

        If he was white then he, most likely, wouldn’t matter to the national media:

      • Karen Nelson

        Amen! I sure more people could think this way. I have all my life.

      • joe

        take an attitude like that as a cop…you wouldn’t last long on those “Mean Streets”

      • kinabru

        Well It does matter in todays America—a few months ago a young man from Australia was gunned down by blacks in a car while he was jogging. There was no rioting, burning, stealing etc., whites don’t do that so why are the black doing it, I say they hate whites and they have a excuse to pick up some goodies, I am not sugar coating the truth like you are.

    • Tim F

      You sir, just sounded ridiculously racists. That wouldn’t have even happened either.

    • pappysteel

      Seriously, blacks kill whites more than whites kill blacks, further more blacks kill each other at an alarming rate. The fact liberals give them free rein to riot and loot and burn things down does not make it any better.
      Go to FBI web site and go to Expanded Homicide Data Table 6. That is murder based on race via victim/offender.

      Now the really scary part is if you take the white population and black population and % those numbers, blacks are multitudes higher to kill. When was the last time white people or other races rioted????

      The fact is blacks are some much higher for murder and other crimes, but we want to keep it quiet. They will never be a valued citizen as long as they teach their kids to do what they have been doing for the last few nights. OH and there has been other murders in Ferguson and St Louis, blacks killing blacks, but ya, lets keep that quiet……

      If their black president can not even help them….Who can?

      The Civil War is over, they do need real help. Not their clowns in shiny suits driving hummers and benz.

  • Winter Dryden

    I am trying to not make any assumptions on this matter until the investigation is complete. One side says the dead man fired a gun into the cop car, assaulted the cop & tried to take his gun…the other side says there was some kind of fight around the cop car & the man took off running………the truth will come out eventually.

  • Edward Solomon

    If whites and blacks unite now, fight, bleed and die together, it’s CHECKMATE for the Tyrants on the right and left.

    • BigSkyDan

      Exactly what tyrants are you referring to? The ones the American people elected? And to what end might I ask should white people and black people “unite”… whatever that means… For the purpose of some sort of revolution? You realize right… that people voted these guys into office. You honestly think an uprising of these ignorant and morally bankrupt masses that elected a Santa Claus president and congressmen who are letting him get away with shredding our constitution will change the way things are headed?

      • James

        I never voted for anyone in the CFR, Federal Reserve or the electoral college. I never voted for any member of any banking establishment. I never voted for anyone belonging to the real ruling class.

        • BigSkyDan

          the real ruling class? what the heck are you talking about, the bilderburgers? the masons? The illuminati? Do you realize how moronic you sound?

          • James

            You just haven’t done enough research. You know, an ostrich will put its head in the dirt when it’s scared too.

          • BigSkyDan

            uh huh… better tighten up those straps on that tin lined hat.

          • James

            Maybe that’s why it keeps falling off. Thanks for the tip.

          • Danielson

            Your clueless/igorant/trolling. Those are the only three possibilites

          • BigSkyDan

            anything else intelligent you wish to add to this conversation Danielson? By the way it’s you’re or you are.

          • James

            Wrong.”You are” doesn’t fit there. He’s exclaiming YOUR clueless/ignorant/trolling, as in, listen to your clueless ignorant trolling… You’re so dumb. Try reading a book dude.

          • mofo13

            This LimpDickedDan is doing all that he can to skew the original comment, a sensible comment it is too, to his fooched up and halfwitted agenda, doing all that he can to have his say against the present national administration. LimpDick should get out of his soiled diapers, hose off and attempt to join rational society on a level of sanity, vs. his present infantile trajectory.

          • BigSkyDan

            Lol… another intelligent response… Nice screen name by the way. Shows your age too. How appropriate.

          • mic5o7

            It’s still the proper English to say in his statement
            ‘you are” or the contraction “you’re”. Just saying, “your” doesn’t make any sense in his use of the word as it implicates possession.

          • Rockwell

            It is showing possession . You are a dingus and obviously have no clue what forward slashes mean . Your idiotic/lame/post above shows you are a “DINGUS” .

          • BigSkyDan

            Your car/house/dog. Doesn’t make any sense does it? I realize that public education has been letting down this generation so I’m not blaming you all for your sad ignorance of the .. English language. This is just reason # 4698 to home school.

          • Mine

            So, you are car/house/dog makes sense? Ok sparky just keep digging that hole. By the way, a .. is not the proper use of an ellipsis if that was what you were attempting. People who live in glass houses… now that is the proper use of an ellipsis. God bless the child you are attempting to home school. Yes, it’s your child not you are child.

          • mic5o7

            I’m assuming you graduated the 8th grade, but maybe not because you are wrong. This is taught in the 3rd grade and reinforced throughout elementary and junior high, IDIOT!

          • BigSkyDan

            You know idiots like you are only proving my point. Thanks for this btw. It made my day. 😀

          • Mine

            That’s understandable, small minded individuals are easily amused by subject matter intelligent individuals roll their eyes at.

          • Danielson

            Nope. These are my only to posts I’m gunna make on here. I actually registered just to state that fact in my previous comment, as the way your mind seems work bewildered me. Cya

          • Rockwell

            You are a dingus with your post above ….LMAO . People like you should not be allowed to vote with your low IQ .

          • BigSkyDan

            Mmhmmm you wish to make a substantive argument? I have received half a dozen replies to my comment, some of them were actually intelligible but nothing in the form of an argument being made.

      • Scott Beaumont

        Elections are corrupt, and won by the one with the deepest pockets, or he who pushes the political agenda of the highest bidder. Dont pretend that elections are some how fair and honest in representing the “people”. The entire political and governmental system is entirely corrupt and serves the “tyrants” while pretending to serve the people. These tyrants mentioned are the owners of the IMF, WTO, and all who are involved with the Federal Reserve Banking System…..Those tyrants. The fact that you are blind to this makes you either Ignorant or a liar Dan. Now if I have misspelled any words or used any incorrect english does that change the facts? No it dont. I never understood how the troll think the messangers abilities has any bearing on the message. An inteligant person considers the validity of the message with no regaurd for the charicter of the messanger.

        • BigSkyDan

          Each person get’s one vote in the ballot box. In the end, all the money in the world doesn’t get to vote. It’s only because the vast hordes that do vote people like Obama into office are ignorant and morally bankrupt and either are unable to, to stupid to or don’t want to distinguish the lies and deceit from the truth, which sometimes, takes just a little bit of effort to uncover.. People like having santa clause who brings them treats. Who cares about the next generation… what can the big daddy government do for me today. We have a bunch of adults with 13 year old mindsets voting. The comments above only prove my point.
          I don’t buy all the conspiracy crap. The truth is much more evident. Our problems have nothing to do with money (the fed reserve, international monetary fund, world trade organization) and everything to do with morality. And I am neither a liar or ignorant. You have yet to make a substantive point. Maybe you can explain to me how these organizations are “tyrannizing” your life and how it relates to the problems this country is facing. I’m giving you a chance here to redeem yourself.

          • Scott Beaumont

            Each person that gets a vote is improperly informed, lied to, manipulated by propiganda and false. Information, and are victims of social engineering that creates an environment of competition for scarce resources, seperation of humanity with false border like race, country, and social class and a false value system that puts profit over human needs and life itself. The problem are very coplex and interconnected. I have no need to redeam myself to you or anyone else. If you can not fathom the idea that mayebe a few of the most wealthy and powerful peaople might have put thier heads togeather and formulated a plan to stay on top in the status quo game then I don’t know what to tell you. You obviously fall for the manipulation that keeps the peaple from. Finding the truth. These titles like “cospiracy theorists” and ” tin foil hat” are part of social engineering efforts to add ridicule to anyone who is not a blind follower of the system and the preceived social norms. It is part of the many tools of the “ruling class”. There are plenty of people who can see past the wizzard curtain sort of speak. The only people who remain in denial to these truths are the week minded who are not spiritualy mature enough to handle the truth. May I suggest you read the orientation guide of the Zeitgeist movement and educate yourself in the source of the worlds problems.

          • BigSkyDan

            It’s only weak minded ignorant voters that buy into lies. What happened to the ability to determine lies from truth? “Victims” “Manipulated” – all new speak garbage. Voters are victims of their own ignorance, nothing else. Enough with this victim mentality… it is a lot easier to blame ambiguous organizations rather than except personal responsibility. We have received the government that we voted for. You are a great example of the ignorance that is running rampant in this country. Just look through your post… You make no effort to make an argument. You make no effort to even check for spelling. You simply state that their are plenty of people who agree with you and if I don’t well them I’m ignorant or a troll blah blah blah. Oh wait… zeitgeist!? Yep you are a real fruitcake aren’t you, with all the nuts.

          • James

            Dan, not everyone that posts here has English as their first language. The man is quoting Zeitgeist, so there is a possibility that he is of European descent. It’s okay if you want to remain in the dark and it’s tough when you realize that you’ve been lied to your whole life. If nothing ever ends up happening and everyone in the U.S. is able to live out their lives normally, you’ll be fine and will have a healthy soul.

            However, if the current militarized police and surveillance state continues at the rate it is evolving, and we allow our sovereign soldiers to be commanded by foreign generals, this new world plan that is becoming a reality could have dyer consequences for all. Those who do not know or those who will not accept are going to be the ones who are holding the shortest sticks.

          • BigSkyDan

            I have no doubt that we are headed to a one world government if things stay the same but it’s not the polices fault. I do not fear the police, your local state and municipal police are run by your local and state government. I do however fear the feds, and I fear the corrupt politicians like our POTUS and the Attorney General who are their bosses, who from their youth have been influenced by radicals like Saul Alinsky. Hillary, same mindset, same teacher. But this is still a constitutional republic… theoretically at least. Even though the constitution part seems like it is up in the air. We can still be saved by electing conservative leadership. Remember Alinksy tactics that have been adopted by the liberal secular progressives state to chip away a little at a time. As many decades as we have let our Judeo-Christian foundation be undermined, with little bits here and there being chipped away, it will take a while before things are headed back in the right direction again. We are going the wrong way at the speed of light and it will take some doing to turn it around. KEEP VOTING CONSERVATIVE. Whatever that means… Keep pluggin away, we can do this.

          • James

            I do not know all, but I am also not naive. In the past ten years a lot of information has been made available to the masses, much of which has been articulated from the insiders without being watered down by the main stream media. This information cannot be ignored. The way things were (or at least how they appeared to be), politically speaking, will probably never be again. There are a lot of variables to consider here. I do know that there are individual monetary concentrations that are so large they can buy anything on earth. I know that the extreme wealth certain individuals obtain can do nearly anything. I’m not talking about yachts or planes, I’m talking about control of entire sectors of multiple economies, including global political structures. The people who currently have this absolute wealth no longer have ambitions to succeed economically. They no longer have to. Their only ambition is for control. How big your soda can be in New York is a prime example.

            I vote, so what I am about to say, I have a little doubt about. There is a reason John McCain won Arizona, as well as Harry Reid won Nevada. I have relatives in both of these states, and everyone they talk to says they voted for the other candidate. The voting machines are owned by the corporations, which are owned by the funds, which are owned by the same cabal of individuals with extreme wealth who want to tell you how big your soda can be.

            I don’t want to appear to believe that the people you vote into power (especially at the state or municipal level) do not have a say in the laws that we are forced to follow. I just want everyone to be aware that on the national level (soon to be international level), control is absolute for those who have the greatest influence in the real power arena’s, such as the Fed, the CFR, and the IMF. They do not have to follow the laws that govern the peasants. You can see this by the penalties for the crimes committed by DuPont, as well as Prescott Bush.

          • Scott Beaumont

            Have you ever tried to edit a post on a cell phone?…its next to impossible. As far as arguments….you asked what tyrant, you are arguing there is no tyrant or controler beyond the elected officials. But you are wrong….thats my argument….and by the way, you obviously know nothing about the Zeitgeist Movement. Your dissmisal calling them nutts….what is so nuts about it? They outline the flaws in the value system of the monotary system, they cover the history of money, analyse things like structural violence and human beavior caused by the environment and social conditions….what is nutts about any of that?. You are also a hypocrit as you assert I make no argument, but nither do you except that the whole of earths population is ignorant but you know all. My argument is you are more ignorant because you think you know everything….basically you are just a duchebag on an ego trip….and you are part of the problem. I am open minded to new possibilities, I use science and logic to guide my ideals, and I am capable of forming my own opinion without worry of ridicule by near sighted fools like your self. My argument is that there is a cabal who controls goverment and people through their various institutions in areas of Health, Education, Law, and finance. You assert there is no such thing….you are no less ignorant than the masses. Anyone who has even a remote idea that polotics works and will ever solve any real problem, or believes we (American’s) live in a democrocy is an ignorant fool. You seem to fit in that….thats my second argument. Does that paint you the picture clear troll?

          • Mine

            Another example of your poor English skills. The word “get’s” not correct. It is gets. The only one with grammar and intellect of a thirteen year old I see here is you! When children have no words to express themselves they call names. Scott has offered you a thoughtful answer to your question and you continued to needle him by using your childlike mentality with name calling. Throw out some facts yourself instead of demanding them from others.

      • TechKnow

        I believe a more eloquent statement would be something like this: As time progresses, the candidates offered are increasingly unpalatable and bland. There continues to be less of a contrast between the two parties and the corporations and special interest groups with huge funding and little regard for anything other than their own agenda… Leads us to a juncture where the American people are starved for leadership …

        • BigSkyDan

          If you can’t tell the difference between the two parties you are sadly naïve. Pretty much every major issue voted on is divided on party lines. That should tell you something if your IQ is greater than 13. I’m not looking for eloquence – just some ability to reason. You are simply repeating talking points.

          • James

            Only until the other party takes over. Haven’t you noticed that when a republican president is in power, all the democrats vote against him no matter the reason and vice versa. Both Republicans and Democrats are all voting basically the same way, just at different times.

            I saw the democrats voting against war tactics while a republican is in power, only to say drone attacks and war is okay when the Democrats took power.

            Another example was Obamacare, aka Romneycare. If Romney would have taken power, all the democrats would have been against the new healthcare law, but since Obama became president, all the Republicans were against it.

            Most people just have a short attention span. Many laws being generated are not founded on party lines, but are founded due to corporate influence. The yays are the people whose party submit’s the proposal and the nays are the party who didn’t sumbit it. It’s a big game, but most people can’t see past a four year term to make the correlation.

            This is why I vote in a manner to where neither the democrats nor the republicans can occupy all three houses at the same time. Whenever either party has all three houses, all hell breaks loose.

    • Sarah Ennis

      we as white people will never truly understand the trauma and pain with everyone going on in Ferguson and we can’t grasp the the kind of injustice they’ve faced so we shouldn’t fight beside them, this is our fight it’s theirs. we stand beside them in solidarity and listen so we don’t derail or take attention away from the true fight against racism and white supremecy

      • James

        What? That sounds like a drug induced hippy statement from the sixties. This has nothing to do with white supremacy. If anything it has to do with Zionistic accomplishment. It has to do with the wrongs associated with the militarization of police. It has to do with our human rights being trampled on. It has to do with the absurd power grab within the banking system. Stay in the sixties baby boomer, you’ve outlived your understanding.

      • Duane Snell

        As Americans we all have the same rights in this country. Now minorities will say they don’t, they will say they are picked on and profiled, but in reality they have the same rights as all of us. The difference is, some minorities would rather blame others for what has happened in their lives. They are lazy and would rather live off the government instead of rising up and living on their own. I know plenty to of Black, Hispanic, and Asian people who work hard and have overcome adversity and live a nice life. But I also know a lot of people who openly admit they would rather get government assistance then work. If some of them can do it, all of them can….the government needs to stop giving handouts indefinitely and force them to quit relying on the government and the taxpayers.

        • James

          Oh no. We no longer have the same rights. Laws governing races are expanding exponentially. We now have laws in the books for disadvantaged business enterprises, hate crimes, and racial discrimination. When laws governing outcomes based on race are formed, the same rights do not apply to all.

          The only way all American citizens will have the same rights is for all laws which mention race be completely abolished.

          This would cause discrimination on both sides, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if done in moderation, and only done outside of government establishment.

      • slk5

        white supremacy??? back in the early 70’s, i was turned down 3 times for a promotion, because i was the wrong color!!! the 3rd time they actuallly asked me to train the new employee!!! thats when i turned in my resignation(ny times)!!! i’m an immigrant from the old soviet controlled czechoslovakia, and once asked my father, who he hated more, the germans or the russians!!! his response…i don’t hate anyone, just their governments!!! as long as you and others continue about “racism”, it’ll never go away!!! and by the way, had the kid just listened to the cop, we wouldn’t be talking about this now!!!

        • Mine

          If you worked for the Times, perhaps you were passed over for a promotion because you do not punctuate and editors found your work cringe worthy.

          • slk5

            so you’re saying i’d fit right in!!!

      • David Johnson

        the opening of this statement is exactly the problem that Mr Hoesch was talking about. . . “We as white people…” We are people. . . The End, and until the majority of folks see it that way, we will always have problems.

        • James

          No. That’s not the end. Races are different in similar ways to the way different breeds of dogs are different. You cannot and people will not ever see all people as being the same, simply because it is a lie. A lie that the liberal media has brain washed you with through decades of pounding their agenda driven, false Utopian propaganda. I don’t know how you can possibly believe that, especially since you know it’s a lie, unless you sit in front of the tv all day and let the medias influence corrupt you.

          If you said all citizens of America were American’s, I would agree. Races of people are different, in looks, in culture, in demeanor, and in physical attributes. This should be acknowledged, not lied about simply to appease the brainwashed politically correct wanna-be police that wonder aimlessly around the country and spew their idiotic rhetoric even though all rational people can see it’s false.

      • Ethan Coder

        “We”? How about “You” wouldn’t understand. Don’t generalize me in with your inability to think critically. All blacks don’t live in the ghetto either, so I guess they don’t understand the “black” experience. Telling me I am incapable of understanding something because I’m white, is a tired attempt at marginalizing my intelligence and experience. Oh, and telling me to support something because “I don’t understand it” is probably the most jaw-droppingly stupid thing I’ve seen on the internet. Ever.

    • Theresa Huskey Calton

      I never thought of it that way but I do beleive you are right

  • James Herron

    This thing is getting out of control and marshal law is coming……

    • P_O_K

      Not if I can help it. Who’s in with me on that?

    • Cheryl

      it seems maybe that is what Obama wants – so he can “rule” all our lives??? and he has his little drones democrates standing right behind him…..

    • Crassus

      Matt Dillon was a Marshal. It’s martial law. You could at least spell it correctly. Good grief.

      • mic5o7

        Much nicer Crassus, You made me smile.

  • You’reNoGandhi

    Why armored vehicles in a Midwestern inner suburb? Why would cops wear camouflage gear against a terrain patterned by convenience stores and beauty parlors? Why are the authorities in Ferguson, Mo. so given to quasi-martial crowd control methods (such as bans on walking on the street) and, per the reporting of Riverfront Times, the firing of tear gas at people in their own yards? (“‘This my property!’ he shouted, prompting police to fire a tear gas canister directly at his face.”) Why would someone identifying himself as an 82nd Airborne Army veteran, observing the Ferguson police scene, comment that “We rolled lighter than that in an actual warzone”?

    • soybomb315

      “War is the health of the state”

      Our chickens coming home to roost.

      • joe

        Are you sure you’re not the Rev. Wright

    • thx1138v2

      “Why armored vehicles in a Midwestern inner suburb?” Nudge….nudge…nudge. It’s to get people acclimated to seeing it not only on TV but in their own neighborhoods as a prelude to some day when those armored vehicles are not manned by local law enforcement.

  • Tim F

    I just want this whole thing to end. My home county has had enough of this violence.

  • P_O_K

    Why do companies merge? To become stronger. And so it must be with people. We must all unite and fight together for liberty and freedom under the AMERICAN brand.

    • joe

      Than Obumer’s got to go…along with his administration !

    • olf

      You are correct. We the people must unite ! And quit being dumbed down with the lies and hatred they are peddling for the destruction of goodness and law abiding citizens that we are.

  • Dr Clifford Brickman

    Something that binds us all together. It’s called “The Still. Soft Voice.” “Like” ~ and join in.

  • Dusty

    I have read all the comments and let me tell you this. A man died. and facts are facts….People like Jessie Jackson, and others want to play the race card anytime a black person dies, BUT I have had friends who were killed by blacks, and no one played a race card then, where was the protest, and race players. In My Opinion, this country will come to this. in 2015 There will be race riots and the dictator of this country that thinks himself king, and his VP idiot, and the so called leaders of congress will declare Marshall law. no replace of leadership can take place under Marshall law. and thus the Idiots, who voted for the likes of Pelosi, Reid, and O’Blammer, will be under the dictatorship they voted for…I know your going to reply and comment. but I will not respond. BECAUE I STILL BELIEVE FREE SPEACH DOES NOT INVOLVE VIOLENCE, BUT IT IS A FREEDOM FOR NOW.

    • marilyn

      It is martial law, as in martial arts, not marshall. FYI

    • Crassus

      Marshall was a general, doofus. At least learn how to spell.

      • mic5o7

        Crassus, why must you be such an a$$hole about something so trivial?

  • Moozmom

    Mr. Hoesch’s idea of clergy involvement is really what is needed and CNN should cover that. It would be eye opening perhaps for a news crew to sit in on a meeting of various clergy from all religions discussing how best to heal the anger and I don’t think the demonstrators are only angry about the young man killed. Now, there is a lot to be angry about in America and people living on the financial edge can be pushed over into nonrational thought easily enough.

    • yourpaled

      Yes, CNN should do that and set an example of truly newsworthy reporting, but will they? They only know what to say as long as it supports Obama.

  • Connor Kenway

    Well CNN must use this to cover up the fact they suck and blamed a black hole for eatting a plane.

  • landofaahs

    The next time an innocent white person is killed in a black neighborhood, whites from all over the country should go to that hood and riot and break into black homes to steal stuff and then they should burn all the EBT cards and block all welfare checks to the area. Does that sound apropos? By the way why don’t black communities riot when blacks kill other blacks? That happens almost everyday in every major city. Why don’t blacks riot when an innocent white person is mugged and murdered by a black person? Justice? Or just us?

  • Drew Baker

    Growing up, I believed racism was dead. I knew it had happened, but I had been under the impression it had ended long ago. Why? Because I was never taught that you could still be racist. One of my best friends in Elementary school was black. The other was white. I didn’t think anything of it. We looked different, but as far as I was concerned we were all just a bunch of American kids growing up in Colorado. As I grew up and watched stories in the last five or so years take this sudden turn towards some sort of “racism revival” I learned something. It only still exists because some people still want it to. Ironically, most of these people are so called activists. I know it sounds a little bit off, but maybe we need to bury the hatchet. Take the good lessons we learned from the civil rights movement, like standing up for yourself and others, and bury the rest. If one were to believe what they teach in schools about the movement, it was blacks vs. whites, when that is not the case. Millions of whites stood on the side of the blacks, and there were blacks who were just as nasty and bloodthirsty as the lynch mobs. We need to forget it. Stop dividing us by old prejudices and lets grow as Americans. Drop the labels, they are only serving to split us apart.

    • overit

      Activists are mostly elderly African Americans that cannot/ will not let it go (those that have been brainwashed). America as a nation has not been this divided since the 60s. I’m dismayed and ashamed at what is happening now, and do (in part) blame the leaders of our country. Obama should have never said a word about the Trevon Martin case…never. He is now commenting on this case, and I wonder why he did not show his face at the border – when we really needed him. I just don’t understand why people can’t put two and two together. Simple amazes me. All I can do is take up arms, and be prepared. I only hope my fellow Americans will do the same.

      • JaneyBloop

        obama was supposed to be the great uniter, instead we are more divided (among many lines) than ever!

      • mic5o7

        I see it in the younger generation too, through the music and comedy, pop culture in general. If you really observe these things, black people can make racist jokes about whites and other races, and it’s a pass, it’s in stand-up and movies, but if a white or hispanic does it,oh all the PC police on the main stream show up.

    • yourpaled

      Hmmm, you mean we should hold hands with people like Sharpton or Jesse Jackson?

      • James

        I think he’s saying Sharpton and Jackson are the activists keeping the cause alive. They are the traitors of America and would have no purpose if they didn’t keep the hate alive.

    • Deborah Ingram

      I agree wholeheartedly with your statement Drew. My experience growing up was the same as yours. Your solution is actually good one. This will never happen as long as their is a free lunch involved with keeping the racism monster alive.

  • Mary Flynn Mazzeo

    I do do agree , and I respect your rights, thank you , You are a Great American…. that is so true……regardless of our ethnic Or religous background We Are All Americans

  • genann59

    Not so Sharp(ton) lives for moments like this, when he can feel relevant again, so he runs there and agitates.He doesn’t want unity, he doesn’t want blacks to accept they are the same as whites with just a pigment of skin difference, because if they did, he would no longer have a way to make money. This man is SO right, we are all AMERICANS and what harms any of us, harms all of us.
    Want to add, I have nothing but admiration for the parents of the slain youth, who have repeatedly called for calm and nonviolence.

    • yourpaled

      Do you think the agitators and looters are listening?

  • genann59

    Since Obama has been president, I have seen racial relations revert back to worse than they were before the Civil Rights movement of the 50s and 60s. And yes, I was alive back then and saw that. He and Holder have pushed and pushed to make Blacks feel victimized and resentful of whites. Poor blacks, that is, because the more educated and middle class blacks see through the rhetoric. The divisions and envy and hatred they have brought about in this country is not only disheartening but really depressing. All the work and sacrifices of people like Dr King have been flushed down the toilet by this administration.

    • Edwin

      Well said…..

    • Crassus

      Wrong, at least in part. Sometimes it’s the more educated blacks who are stirring up the poorer blacks. Race baiters like Holder, Jesse Jackson, and Cornel West all have college degrees and plenty of money.

  • CSW

    Please read our nation’s history. Since the Civil War, we have continued to treat our fellow black Americans as second-class citizens, to varying degrees, sometimes totally unaware that we are. (I am white polish/German American). Ten years after the Civil War, our justice system, particularly in the south, started arresting black Americans on trumped up charges, like loitering, whatever. They were then farmed out of jail/prison to former plantation owners and businesses (USSteel Corporation) was the biggest abuser) and made to pay off their trumped up fines for years, and beatings, etc., continued just like slaves were treated. Around 1890, in certain states in the south, no blacks were allowed to vote other than those who were given the vote at the time of the Civil War. In 1901, black Americans were in prison/jail at a much higher percentage than others just like today. There was a little hope in the sixties. Indeed, there are pockets in our country where black Americans are treated more like first-class citizens today, and that is among the upper class. What has changed? I agree with Edward. We are all first-class Americans, regardless of Anything! Those of us who recognize this ARE united, not always physically, but always in spirit. We have men and women in war fighting for ALL of us. I pray, Glenn, after your experience at the border, that words DO matter. They can inflame and increase evil (hatred) or they can support ALL of us to be better human beings and love as God directed us to do. Although we may intellectually disagree, we must respect the God-given dignity and equality of all people.

  • mary

    Why did it take a 72 y/o soldier to stand up first,. Why aren’t other Americans standing up with him from their community? No matter the nationalities.

  • Amiablejak

    just fyi – it’s not the entire town that is “locked down” – it’s a few blocks.

  • itookredpill

    This issue isn’t about race. It’s about out of control government that has decided it’s own citizens are “enemy combatants.” I haven’t seen a single article point out that along with military weapons, comes DHS “training” cops that America is a war zone, and we are not citizens with rights, but terrorists. This is all on the feds.

    Don’t fool yourself. This is Obama’s civilian force, as powerful as the military, being tested in one city before rolling out nation wide. Ferguson is a laboratory testing NWO population controls.


      The fake Boston Marathon bombing was the first testing ground area for Martial Law.

  • disqus_94zqI9vCvB

    IMAGINE THAT………. CNN causing most of this !!!!!!

  • sgtshel

    Semper Fi!


    Sharpton & Jackson need to get to LA, California – A.S.A.P. Cops murdered another black kid there yesterday!

  • You’reNoGandhi

    Glenn is way out of touch—-as usual—and Alex Jones and his reporters are way, way ahead of Glenn.

    What’s out of control is the murdering, militarized cops. Proof of this is what Anonymous has uncovered, hacked and released, i.e., recordings of the Ferguson police (aka goon squad).

    If you want the truth, you won’t get it from Glenn, so seach elsewhere.

  • Stephen.B

    People! Wake up! This is a country of laws and order! There is always consequence for every thing we do or say! Stop using your skin color, religion, and sex as an excuse for your own short coming and failures! The more we use excuses to do wrong to each other, the more power we give to those selfish, self center, power hungry politicians. These politician is more worry about votes and keeping their party in power, than what is right and best for our country. As for politically correct! It is stupid and wrong! Black is black, white is white, and a crime is a crime! It dose not matter if is a white, black, yellow, or purple person who did it. It is wrong and should be judge by the same laws! No one should receive special treatment, due to their skin color. As for the blacks crying bloody hell when a black is killed by anyone that is not black. We don’t see you crying or fight for those who is killed by black on black crimes!

  • Darth Knuggs

    A person can be smart, but people are always stupid.

  • slk5

    “You put them first and they put you last. ‘Cause you’re a chump. A
    political chump!…Any time you throw your weight behind a political party that
    controls two-thirds of the government, and that party can’t keep the promise
    that it made to you during election time, and you are dumb enough to walk
    around continuing to identify yourself with that party, you’re not only a
    chump but you’re a traitor to your
    race.” malcolm x in ’64!!!

  • 13citizen13

    These comments are a perfect example of how divided this country is.

  • masseur1950

    I give my blood, a pint at a time, and have been for the last 48 years. In more than one country. My blood is in blacks, whites, asians, arabs and others like Navajos, Zunis, Cherokees, Utes, as I have given in those reservations or hospitals close by. I bet my blood is in a few mexicans too, as a lot of them are too stupid to NOT get into fights. I have bled for MANY people, and many of them are alive because of my blood. I have given more than twice a month many times. Sometimes thrice. I have done my best to unite people WITH COMMON SENSE. But, in the US, common sense is rare. Not enough people have it. You cannot teach common sense. One can ONLY COPY and learn from others. Too few parents today have common sense. And too many children follow the IDIOTIC SENSELESS WORTHLESS way of life of the democRATS. Sharpton, Jackson, obama, reid and pelosi are the perfect examples of senseless useless stupidity. Racist, ignorant, idiotic stupidity. I will NOT shed one more drop of blood in the US. I will give it to other people in other countries. NOT HERE.

  • CorruptMediaWatcher

    I’m so sick of the enormous violence in the Black communities. A black youth is killed and that gives reason for looting and burning? Really? I’m supposed to think that’s acceptable and reasonable? What mentality are we dealing with?

    I’ve seen enough of the series First 48 to have seen such reckless and cruel violence, that it’s amazing to me that African Americans don’t protest their own crime rate. A policeman shoots a black youth in some incident we know nothing about, but something happened. No policeman is going to shoot for nothing, not with today’s environment. Who among us would like the job of patrolling the inner city neighborhoods? Policemen are killed by black men also, you know. In fact there are Hollywood stars, and even a president’s lawyer who defended and supported such a black man who shot a policeman in Philadelphia. Shot him several times and in the face too. Wonderful guy! Model of love and good citizenship.
    Can someone help me, what was his name?

    Sharpton and good old Jesse Jackson love this sort of event happening in Ferguson right now . They get such mileage out of it! Why aren’t they lecturing on decent living and family values and kindness and love in their own communities? Why aren’t they worried about all murders and drive by shootings that happen with regularity? They want to hold the policeman accountable and he will be, but they don’t want to hold their own race accountable.

    When a white man kills a black man, it is major news. Reported nationwide. When the opposite happens, as it does much more often, nothing is said. Nice values!
    Nice sense of equality!

    But to see the violence in the African-American community is so eye-opening and so alarming, you wonder why these wonderful black leaders don’t stand up and give speeches, hold rallies. Is the only time they can rally when some policeman shoots a black youth? Is that the only time they care to address violence? Not when a 16 year old black youth storms into his neighbor’s house and shoots her dead so he can steal her TV, and then goes back to the house and pours gasoline on her body and sets her on fire? This happens and it happens frequently in black communities. Watch First 48 as I did the other day and saw this case. Jaw dropping. Apparently the African-American community isn’t interested in condemning such black youth, but they sure are quick to condemn a police officer.

    Who’s doing the real killing? Put the focus where it should be! Clean up your act, clean up your communities! Be examples of decency and not delinquency !

    What a great opportunity those thugs had to steal TV’ s for free and blame it all on the cops!

    I judge people by their actions and when I watch the crimes in the black community, I think they better address themselves and their own actions before they scream about the cops.

    Watch First48 and it might open your eyes as it opened mine.

  • rsuca

    I do believe that we should go back to being Americans, vote for the right candidates and live and die free.

  • Jeff Coulter

    I could not agree more! We all Americans regardless of the color of our skin or anything else. Those in power know, however, that if they can divide us, they can subjugate us.

  • Brooke

    You are so right Mr Solomon! The powers that be simply want to label us so they can then divide and conquer. Don’t fall for it People!

  • kieramccarthy

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