On Wednesday’s radio program, Glenn talked about a photo circulating around Twitter that appeared to show an ISIS flag flying outside of a Garwood, New Jersey home.

Below is the tweet that set off the firestorm:


By end of day Wednesday, the home’s owner, Mark Dunaway, had voluntarily taken down the flag. In an email to the Washington Free Beacon, Garwood Police Chief Bruce D. Underhill confirmed his officers were “aware of the situation” and “have taken the appropriate steps.” He denied, however, that police “ordered” the Dunaway to take down the flag.

In an interview with WCBS-TV, Dunaway claimed he had flown the flag on Fridays and during Ramadan without incident for about a decade. He said the flag was merely a sign of his Muslim faith.

“This is just me expressing that I am a Muslim,” he said. “That’s it.”

Dunaway also denied having any knowledge of the flag’s connection to the militant group ISIS.

“It does not have anything to do with ISIS. Like I said, people use flags for different reasons, that was not my intentions at all,” he said. “It may sound like I’m pleading ignorance. I had no idea, because I try not to get involved and pay attention to that stuff.”

Watch the local CBS report below:

Glenn, Pat, and Stu talked about the new details on radio this morning. If Dunaway has in fact been flying the flag for several years, Stu believes it is possible he really didn’t understand the connection.

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Editor’s Note: We have intentionally blacked out the address and not linked to the original tweet.