In the wake of Jesse Ventura’s lawsuit, new t-shirt honors the memory of Chris Kyle

Late last month, former professional wrestler and 9/11 truther Jesse Ventura won a lawsuit against the widow of slain U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. A jury ruled Kyle’s 2012 book American Sniper defamed Ventura (even though Kyle never mentioned Ventura by name) and awarded him $1.8 million dollars. It is now up to executor of Kyle’s estate – his wife Taya Kyle – to pay Ventura.

On radio this morning, Glenn, Pat, and Stu were wearing t-shirts that said “The Legend” in honor of Kyle. is selling the shirts to benefit the Kyle family.

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“By the way, the show went out to and brought these great-looking t-shirts saying, ‘The Legend.’ And ‘the legend,’ of course, is Chris Kyle,” Glenn said. “The proceeds go to help the family out, since Jessie Ventura would like to bankrupt them.”

According to the Forged website, it was founded in 2007 and became known for selling “a single t-shirt to help raise funds for a mortally injured teammate who required financial assistance through his recovery process.”

With the sale of “The Legend” t-shirts proceeds will benefit the Kyle family. Learn more and purchase your shirt HERE.

  • Alexis Allen

    Great to see you guys supporting this Campaign!! Waiting for my shirts to come in the mail!!

  • soybomb315

    Glenn is lying through his teeth again.

    The money awarded to Ventura is almost certainly going to be paid from the publisher insurance, not the Kyle estate. And even if it were to be paid from the Kyle estate, 1.8 million is not going to bankrupt them because the book made them 6 million and there are movies coming out about it.

    Get over it Glenn

    • Patti Walton

      Some of that money will be covered by “American Sniper” publisher HarperCollins’ insurance policy. The rest is coming out of the families pocket.

    • Pat Reedy

      I don’t care who pays the award….Ventura showed us what kind of man he was when he sued the widow. The kind of man no one can respect!

      • cburns4vta

        He sued Kyle when he was alive and offered him the chance to apologize and have the publisher take out that part of the book and call it a day. Kyle never took the hand he extended. Should Ventura let a movie be made about the book where he is defamed or a couple million copies sold all containing a lie he is the butt of? Why should he have to tolerate that?
        Why is it that a SEAL who lied about another SEAL the one who has character and honor?
        Seems to me throwing another SEAL under the bus is one of the least honorable things a fellow SEAL veteran can do.

        • domaome

          Ventura has no character or honor. He’s a actor/ politician.

    • Soybomb315IV

      Cognitive dissonance. You love Jesse The Baldy Ventura and AJ, and hate Beck because he dissed Ron Paul Ron Paul. Ron Paul. Ron Paul. Cognitive dissonance. Ron Paul.

  • cburns4vta

    Glenn it is sad to see you participating in the smearing of Ventura and ignoring the fact that a jury agreed with Ventura. Chris Kyle lied when he said the books profits go to veteran organizations, to date only 2% of the profits have been donated and it seems that Kyle said that to sell books. The lawsuit has cost Ventura hundreds of thousands in lawyer fees he has paid himself, the publishing company who has insurance on Kyle’s book (for situations just like this and a variety of other reasons) has paid all the lawyer fees on the Kyle’s side and the settlement will also be covered by them. Those are just some of the lies you and the rest of the MSM are propagating and it makes me sad Glenn because I always liked you but I think I have to say John Stossel may have been right when he questioned whether or not your a libertarian.

    Beyond this Glenn the fact are not supportive of Kyle’s story even being true with the witnesses that testifying disagree on where in the bar the fight happened and not one of them having actually seen it, not one. A figure like Ventura in any bar would garner enough attention that any fight would have several witnesses, you disagree produce these people at least one eyewitness I will shut up.

    The attacks on people like Ventura or Ron Paul is just left and right establishment fear mongering and or phony outrage. Why? Because the
    Pauls and Venturas of the world are a threat to the corrupt elite in DC and the media.

    Sorry Glenn I can’t look past this one you have crossed a line with me. You protect a veteran but you slander another, and you picked wrong and for someone who supposedly is paying attention to what is going on in the news and is all about the facts your oversight could only be deliberate.

    You have lost my trust as a viewer.

    • Patti Walton

      11 witnesses presented by the defense told a “compelling and consistent story” that backed Kyle’s account. What they are all lying? Hard to believe 11 people would risk going to jail.

      • cburns4vta

        That would require them to have seen it happen none of the witnesses did.
        That would require they all agreed on where in McPee’s bar that happened, none of their testimony in that regard matches which fits perfectly with the fact none of them saw it happen.
        Risking Jail?
        No one is going to try and put a group of SEALs who are covering for their buddy in jail that wouldn’t go over well. Let’s be honest those SEALs knew that too.
        Liable and defamation lawsuits are the hardest to win, and I am sure the jurors weren’t just a bunch morons. That considered taking Kyles side is saying you know more then the people in the courtroom.
        And after I say all this I generally hear one more thing from the nay saying MSM swallowing masses about how he served and was a veteran. So was Ventura he was in the same elite group as Kyle why do we give his opinion less weight?
        You could say “he’s a conspiracy nut” but he fought in Vietnam a war started over the bay of Tonkin incident a event that has now been proven a lie through documents released decades later by our own government. 58,000 Americans died from Ventura’s generation over a lie, a fabrication of our government made to serve interventionist foreign policy our current establishment (both sides) push and our founders like George Washington warned against at length (read G. Washington’s farewell address it is prophetic almost what he warned against and the consequences he lists we are suffering now). Ventura shows more reverence for our founders values then most in this country and speaks his mind freely. This is why Glenn with all his reflective moments on Washington and our founders then insulting Ventura toting the MSM propaganda on this seems more then disingenuous.

      • soybomb315

        There is a reason none of the ‘witnesses’ were willing to swear under oath that it happened……If they were found to be lying about it they would go to jail.

        So using common sense, since Kyle’s friends were not willing to witness under oath, do you think Kyle’s friends were telling the truth?

        • Soybomb315IV

          You must know lots of team members. It’s like you are inserting cognitive dissonance into their brain stem.

    • Sharon

      I’m so sick and tired of hearing all you know it alls saying Chris was lying… How do you know he was lying, did you know Chris ? Well buddy boy, there are a few of us still around Midlothian, Texas who knew Chris, saw him grow up….

      • cburns4vta

        No I am looking at the facts of the trial objectively I would ask you to do the same please. Ventura won a liable and defamation lawsuit the hardest type of case or suit to win in our court system and the jury overwhelming sided with Ventura. No I didn’t know Chris, and neither you or I were in the court room. What does seeing Chris Kyle grow up have to do with the objective truth introduced in court as evidence not impeached by the publishers lawyers and the cross examined testimony from both sides cross examined in front of a jury?
        Nothing. It has nothing to do with it.
        Why do you bring it up?
        To give yourself credibility without presenting any facts. Why?
        Simply put if there was any to support Kyles story I would think the lawyers defending Mrs. Kyle and the publisher would have brought them up and the outcome would be different.
        Logic that out, how lawyers sent by a multi-million dollar publishing company couldn’t win against Ventura with all the facts on their side.
        Or more likely they were fighting a losing battle defending a lie told to sell books.
        Like the lie that Kyle told saying all the proceeds of the sales would go to charity but in court when the un-impeached facts are introduced we find only 2% had been donated to charity.
        I know when you think you know somebody the last thing you want to believe is that they weren’t who you thought they were. I get it.
        Now you need to get it to.

    • kktex12

      you obviously have your head up where the sun does not shine. Please report to Bellevue for your long overdue lobotomy. It will improve your mental capacity 200 percent. Wait. 200 percent of zero is still zero. Do it anyway. It will give you half the mentality of a rock. Sorry rocks.

      • cburns4vta

        Nice insults and slander no facts you should apply for a job at Media Matters or Mother Jones your a shoe in! They will easily recognize your talent.
        I can be clever but I would rather deal in facts like the lawyers had to in the courtroom trying to defend Kyle, their only problem the facts weren’t on their side and Ventura won based on those un-impeached facts his liable and defamation suit (the hardest type of case or suit to win in our courts).
        Maybe you should stop toting the MSM line with Glenn on this one.
        People go negative when they don’t have the facts.
        I usually agree with Glenn on a lot but seeing him and so many others slander a veteran like Ventura and pick the other veteran who slandered him so blindly shows how little the truth matters.
        Your writing though clever is worthy of only the publications I mentioned, regardless I wouldn’t insult you and haven’t.
        Your words are aimed to shut me and those who agree with me up, it won’t we don’t care about your divisive words.
        Social Intimidation is what your are practicing….
        I am not intimidate.
        Change or proceed to render yourself irrelevant.

  • Crassus

    I see a couple of J-Baggers are out in force once again defending their hero. Have at it, boys. Spew your crap.

    • cburns4vta

      He sued Kyle when he was alive and offered him the chance to apologize
      and have the publisher take out that part of the book and call it a day.
      Kyle never took the hand he extended. Should Ventura let a movie be
      made about the book where he is defamed or a couple million copies sold
      all containing a lie he is the butt of? Why should he have to tolerate
      Why is it that a SEAL who lied about another SEAL the one who has character and honor?
      Seems to me throwing another SEAL under the bus is one of the least honorable things a fellow SEAL veteran can do.
      Kyle spewed crap on another Veteran and you are the person insulting those who disagree with you.

      Have a nice day.

  • JR

    Hey, some of you are just not very bright…Ventura sued Kyle’s estate not the where do you think the money is coming from? Ventura has done his reputation more damage than the book, since he wasn’t named and has brought all this attention to the situation…Rock on Taya!

  • Lisa

    Regardless of what Glenn did or didn’t say Jesse Ventura is a leach and a pathetic excuse of an american (I refuse to capitalize the word for him) He has always played fake roles and continues to do so. To go after the wife of a murdered American Hero is lower than treason. The Judge that awarded him anything also sunk to his level when he did so. It doesn’t matter where the money is coming from or what anyone said it is the fact that Ventura even sued them when he is not mentioned in the book, he is a true narcissist and liar. He did sucker punch Chris and he is not man enough to admit it instead he is stealing money from a dead man’s wife who gave everything for this country. He is PATHETIC.

    • cburns4vta

      The insults fly when people generally don’t have the facts on their side. If Kyle hit Ventura the publishers lawyers would have won you seem to be ignoring that fact. You are also ignoring that Ventura also served his country, and volunteered to do so when a war was going on (Vietnam) he should be as deserving of your respect in fact more so then someone who would lie about his fellow SEAL to sell books. And he may not have said it in the book but instead he said on Orielly and many other interviews, more people heard Kyle defame Ventura on the news then will ever read it in his book. And his wife before he died had already started divorce proceedings that are still ongoing in Texas courts something you should look into. There are many things about Kyle and things that surround his life that are not everything they have been made out to be. I would hope you look into that and not just insult me like you have the judge, the jurors (indirectly you never specifically name the jury as group but it is implied easily by your words) and Ventura himself.
      By the way saying he played fake roles? Isn’t that what all actors do, or is acting only acceptable if the role is portraying non-fictional characters?
      That perhaps is one of the most asinine comments I have ever heard.

      • domaome

        First of all, Ventura was UDT not SEAL. Later on he was reserve SEAL. He NEVER served in Vietnam as you imply. He never served in any conflict other than in a movie. BTW love the movie. I had no problem with Ventura suing Kyle when he was alive but the day Kyle was killed he should have dropped the suit. Oh and Kyle didn’t make any money off the book. He donated all proceeds he received to veterans charity. Something he was very involved in, helping his fellow vets. What has Ventura ever done for anyone other than himself. I lost all respect for Ventura when he continued the suit. He destroyed his reputation not Kyle. Before the suit it was just a bar fight between a couple of UDT/SEAL vets. Kyle more or less said he sucker punched Ventura then ran before he got up. To me that was funny. But Ventura choose the low road and will forever be known as “POND SCUM”, a “P.O.S.”, ” SCUMBAG”, you fill in the blank.

        • Bill

          Actually Ventura was a SEAL. Base that statement on the fact the US NAVY SEAL website says so. I mean if their own website calls him one who is to disagree? You saying the Navy SEALs are wrong?

          • domaome

            Completing Bud/s allowed you at the time when both UDT and SEAL existed to go either way. This practice started when the SEALs started and they started with UDT members. Again moron Ventura was Active duty UDT and later a Reserve SEAL. Try reading his bio dumba$$.

          • domaome

            After UDT was done. He was automatically made a Reserve SEAL since he was still doing reserve the.

      • domaome

        Also, just where are you getting your info? Do you just make this stuff up as you go. Divorce??? Really, show some proof troll/ moron or shut up. Didn’t donate to charity? Proof? Try pulling up Hero Project. The vet org he started. Show me some proof of anything Ventura did for someone besides himself.

  • Oscar Pearson

    You missed the point – the liberal court should never have awarded the settlement to the jerk Ventura!

    • cburns4vta

      So when a court doesn’t agree with you it’s liberal.
      Makes sense.
      I wish I knew more about a court case then the people who were in the court room.
      Teach me how you do it.

  • 2 IT too

    AGAIN —either way, WHY should WE CARE?

    AGAIN —-WHY are we allowing ourselves
    ———————–to be PUNKED by ‘punn’d ITs’?

    AGAIN —COUNT the CHEM–trails,
    —————–and newly deployed CELL and GWIN towers,
    ————smart meters, WIFI etc.

    “WE are UNDER WARFARE! – – – —RIGHT! —NOW!”
    California activist
    Informed Radio
    July 2014

    WE! —–ARE!

  • geronimo509

    Ventura claims he sued to protect his “reputation”. I wonder if that SOB has any idea what millions of veterans think of him now. Whatever small amount of respect he may have once received, he has traded it for $1.8 million from the widow and children of a true American hero. Enjoy the money, Jesse. I, along with many others who have served and lived honorably turn my back on you.

  • kieramccarthy

    my Aunty Audrey got a nearly new yellow Mercedes-Benz C-Class Convertible by working from the internet.>>>>>>>>>>> JOBSFISH

  • lara


  • dwebber12

    I think I will have to pass on this ..I do not want to buy a t-shirt that the money
    will end up in Ventura”s pocket or that excites his trolls like cburns4vta

  • 2 IT too

    ALLLLL the ‘punn’d ITs’ and media necromancy ‘EYE—cons’
    can ONLY BETRAY you.

    They are NOT REAL as far as YOU are concerned.

    You DON’T know them,
    —and should you ever run into them on the street,
    we guarantee they would NOT want to know YOU.

    WHY are you relating, intimately relating, to people
    YOU don’t know? – -and DON’T want to know you?

    5 decades of media ‘saviors’ and ‘sheperds’ have gotten
    us NOWHERE and, in fact, have led us off a cliff.

    We well know how appealing they can be,
    how well they can pull the right levers of indignation,
    but at the end of the day- – – -they’re there to TALK YOU DEAD.

    AGAIN —–HURL that TV!

  • It 2 it 567

    Enough with the KYLE necromancy.

    BTW –WHY has BECK and media generally BALKED
    ——————-ANY mention, much less examination of
    —————————–of anniversary of the KOREAN armistice?

    JOEL SKOUSEN has fingered KOREA as the staging ground
    for the FINAL takedown phase of American power.

    VICTOR DAVIS HANSON even concurred in his informed radio
    interview on LAST year’s armistice anniversary.


    WHY are BECK at al –SILENT– on the apporach
    of the anniversaries of RED CHINA handover set up
    whistleblwoer JOHN BIRCH?
    ———————or RED CHINA handover TREASON whistleblower
    —————————————Rep. LARRY McDONALD?

    BOTH murdered in the line of frontline DUTY.

    McDONALD, remember, was snuffed out on KAL 007
    on Sept 1. Further disclosures seem to indicate that
    the airliner was disabled —–and brought down.

    McDONALD may very, very well have been siezed alive
    and TORTURED to death for names of the resisters.


    “The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies
    —————-is to create a ONE world government
    —————————-combining super-capitalism [ –ie USURY]
    —————————————-and Communism under the SAME tent
    —————————–ALLL under their control.


    YES I DO!

    I am convinced there is such a plot,
    ——————————international in scope,
    ——————————————-generations old in planning,
    ———————————————————and incredibly EVIL in intent.”

    LOOK in ANY direction 2014.

    RE—MEMBER the sacrifice of JOHN BIRCH and Rep LARRY McDONALD.

    POST America is IN —their– 11th hour. . . .

  • Don

    Jesse Ventura is a lier and shouldnt be alllowed to stay in this country. Hes no better than pond scum. How dare he go after the widow of an American hero who was murdered. Dirt bag…

  • wharfrat

    Ventura is the scum of the Earth.,he’ll meet his match one day and is too stupid and disrespectful to know how much he hurt Mrs.Kyle who was already suffering from the loss of her husband and then she had to deal with a snake in the form of Ventura.he’s not a man and I doubt if the SEALS will ever claim he was one of them.he has shamed their name forever.

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