Late last month, former professional wrestler and 9/11 truther Jesse Ventura won a lawsuit against the widow of slain U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. A jury ruled Kyle’s 2012 book American Sniper defamed Ventura (even though Kyle never mentioned Ventura by name) and awarded him $1.8 million dollars. It is now up to executor of Kyle’s estate – his wife Taya Kyle – to pay Ventura.

On radio this morning, Glenn, Pat, and Stu were wearing t-shirts that said “The Legend” in honor of Kyle. is selling the shirts to benefit the Kyle family.

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“By the way, the show went out to and brought these great-looking t-shirts saying, ‘The Legend.’ And ‘the legend,’ of course, is Chris Kyle,” Glenn said. “The proceeds go to help the family out, since Jessie Ventura would like to bankrupt them.”

According to the Forged website, it was founded in 2007 and became known for selling “a single t-shirt to help raise funds for a mortally injured teammate who required financial assistance through his recovery process.”

With the sale of “The Legend” t-shirts proceeds will benefit the Kyle family. Learn more and purchase your shirt HERE.