John Kerry’s latest speech shows the Obama Administration has an interesting set of priorities

The Obama Administration is having a bit of an optics problem this week. On Wednesday, President Obama took a break from his vacation to attend the birthday celebration of Ann Jordan at Farm Neck Golf Club in Martha’s Vineyard. According to the official press briefing from the event, Obama had a glorious time dancing ‘til dawn.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry just wrapped up his Asia-Pacific tour with a speech at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii during which he said climate change – not ISIS, or Hamas, or the caliphate, or Russia – is “the biggest challenge of all that we face right now.”

Watch Kerry’s remarks courtesy of MRC TV:

Kerry tells us we must “heed” the advice of the climate change scientists who are “telling us about how you prevent the inevitable consequences and impacts.” With that logic, Glenn wondered if the Administration will heed his warnings about what will come next now that a caliphate has been declared.

“So now that they know the caliphate is happening and that I was the one who predicted the caliphate, then you’d better heed exactly what I tell you to do,” Glenn quipped.

Ultimately, one has to wonder what the true priorities of this Administration is given all that is going on in the world today.

“Can I ask you something? This is what is so irritating to me. The world is literally on fire,” Glenn concluded. “The Secretary of State is talk about global warming with the world on fire.”

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  • landofaahs

    They must have been dancing the political 2 step or the shuck and jive bunny hop. Or maybe Hillary is trying to side-step and disassociate herself from Obama.

  • John Sutton
  • celsma

    Glenn, you’re being a bit inaccurate here. You see, climate scientists haven’t predicted anything correctly, you have. It would make far too much sense to expect any accuracy just fear. It’s always about fear with these people.

    • hankthetank

      The REAL scientist got it right, & me. I have lived 82 years & the climate HAS NOT changed!!

  • Margaret Lauer

    Two clowns short of a circus.

    • joejohey

      Its clear to me that this administration is trying to make tackling climate change their legacy, since all their other policies have failed…but what can they expect when following incorrect principles and ideology. Its a shame they cant make that connection.

      • hankthetank

        They DON’T care!! It’s all about money!! they want to TAX the whole world,so they can have enough money to support the New World Order!! it’s all about the money!!

        • KJinAZ

          It’s also about power. They want to control everything in your life, so everything can be done by central planners. Obamacare has already given them lots more control over your life. More and more people now rely on the government for eveything.The government is now even importing more dependant people with all the illegal immigration.

          • 7tom7

            To obama want to help and aid our enemy by keeping prices of oil and natural gas high, it will help the war machine of Russia and Iran China for aggression and also plenty money for Iran and Saudi Arabia to funds extreme terrorists fractions !! While obama want bring down the U.S with high oil,depends on our enemies for oil, not get U.S out of debt ,low energy cost so we can compete for industries etc Plus Western Europe won’t be subject to black mail !!!

  • dallface

    My God it’ scary to think who is protecting our country

    • ken.

      they are not protecting our country, they are purposely destroying our country!

      • Stephen Hazen

        you hit the nail on the head

    • hankthetank

      NO ,one is protecting our country! what gave you that idea!!

  • jspicker

    Maybe he grabbed 0bama’s speech from West Point by mistake??

    • pfiffi43

      I like this one …! He seems to be doing this a lot lately. And to think this man ran for the office of president.

  • overit

    Oh, the stupidity of it all…

    • pfiffi43

      Sometimes I feel like I landed in the story “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest”!

  • Bully Pulpit

    Here are scientists that study the globe, the sun, and our solar system daily and offer a daily report of what is going on. No models used just the actual data. Decide for yourself. SuspiciousObservers dot org or on youtube. Send Kerry this link too — he doesn’t answer my calls.

  • RonandVi Desro

    Cry havoc, let loose the dogs of war! I’m cool with the caliphate thing!. Finally, we can go to war on the “civic” level. The country is done. the constitution is dead. the military and police are only interested in acting as body guards fro the elite elected organ warmers. It’s time for civil war. It’s time to kill. It’s time to die. I didn’t have any plans for the weekend anyway.

    • ken.

      don’t want a war, but at this point it’s about the only chance we have of restoring our constitution and country.

    • shawn bales

      do you have someone,you, want to kill?? the caliphatewill do that. plus your, do you not know what your..asking for???? there is nothing “civic” about war. and the poor …always pay! not the rich!

  • Rondo

    He’s like an old time “Fire and Brimstone” Preacher…”You must accept that what I tell you is true…BEEEElieve my Brethren!”

    • hankthetank

      He is a incomplete ass hole! where do they fine all these people! all the democrat’s fit this label, Pass this damn bill so i can read what is in it !!

  • dennis reilly

    great imitation by Pat

  • danno1180

    Kerry is mentally challenged—lets leave it at that………

    • mikifenn

      I read his college grades were lower than Bush;s.

  • yourpaled

    You tell them Glenn. If they don’t listen maybe you should ask for a special audience at the WH. You know the problems and you know the answers.


    2014 is the coolest year since 1993, it’s August and it’s like 70 degrees outside.

  • AbleAmerican1

    In an intellectual mental rating IQ discussion..HOW do you determine the WINNER when the contestants are Joe Biden & psuedo Viet Nam turn coat Kerry?? But know that ‘birds of a feather’ nest together under the ‘Mother’ Hen..
    B.H. (Pinocchio) Obama’s Valerie Jarret..

  • Waiting

    Quote from the article:”telling us about how you prevent the inevitable consequences and impacts.”

    He needs to know one cannot *prevent the inevitable.* He is not to be trusted.

    The Book of Revelation tells us what *change* is coming and it won’t be stopped.
    Psalm 146:3 “Do not put your trust in nobles or the son of earthling man to whom no salvation belongs.”

  • Mike Benton

    Kerry would be nothing without Mrs. Ketchup. And he will NEVER fight something real like ISIS or Hamas.

  • mompatriot

    The idiotic “leaders” are one thing; but the “we the people” who keep re-electing or allow them to continue on their tyrannical course are another: wake up citizens.

    • pfiffi43

      Right you are!

    • rsuca

      How can the people wake up when the Kardashits are on, they have no idea what is happening!

  • dgard

    Why is nobody talking about the several IPCC reviewers and contributing authors who are now denouncing the global warming hysteria? I mean, if the people who first were promoting AGW are now saying, “We were wrong”, then shouldn’t that say something to Kerry, Obama, etc? Shouldn’t the MSM being reporting this?

    • pfiffi43

      Because they are all playing the monkey game: ” Hear nothing, see nothing
      and only utter lies”

  • dan9el

    Iran ,… Syria, …Egypt,… Israel-Gaza/Hammas event,… Iraq,….any place in the middle east, or any place around the world that has to do with terrorists,…no matter which area or region,….can we – any of us – trust anything this current administration has to say about?…..Yes?….or….no?….take a pick.
    How the blazes in the galaxy Mr Obama is attempting to fool the American public that he is in favour of Christians, and in favour of our country and that he is against the terrorist group ISIS (or against any other terrorist group for that matter) when in reality the entire administration promotes Islamic-muslim jihaddists?

    The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a creation of the United States and its Persian Gulf allies, namely Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and recently added to the list, Kuwait. The Daily Beast in an article titled, “America’s Allies Are Funding ISIS,” states:

    The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), now threatening Baghdad, was funded for years by wealthy donors in Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, three U.S. allies that have dual agendas in the war on terror.

    USA arms & funds ISIS terrorists in Iraq, reports they are going to start bombing them are nonsense

    ISIS terrorists were trained and armed in 2012 by the Obama administration

    In 2012 the Obama administration established secret training bases in Jordan for the ISIS faction today beheading Iraqis. The reason we did this (allegedly) is because ISIS asked for our help in toppling Assad in Syria.

    Of course the White House had no inkling (so they would say and so will deny) that ISIS leaders would turn their new skills and weapons against us, and our allies.

    Just like the covert Jimmy Carter/Zbignew Brzenski program to train and equip the Afghan Mujahedeen which began in 1979 failed to anticipate that THOSE weapons would be used by the Taleban against America and its interests.

    Other websites are terming the ISIS revelations “blowback”.

    The financial backing for ISIS jihadists reportedly also comes from three of the closest US allies in the Sunni world—Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

    Bottom line;

    Obama to give 500 million dollars to “moderate rebels” fighting in Syria falling in ISIS hands.

    Obama and the United States government is either really stupid or it is knowingly helping Islamic terrorist groups like ISIS in the Middle East. Obama administration …;_ylt=A2KLqIPFBe5T1BgAiA_7w8QF;_ylu=X3oDMTBzc2M2MjdyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDMTE-?p=obama+secretly+helping+isis&vid=40fd4cb8e3284228640828e3a9c7f450&l=2%3A40&

    So ,more…’incorrect statements’…’not .accurate information’…..’or misspoken lines’….in plain every day language,….the current administration is lying as always to all of us……are they not?

    Input anyone? Opinions Welcome.

  • RWC

    No wonder the world is burning.

    • joejohey

      couldn’t have said it better!

  • mrsanders210

    The other issue is the Progressives want you to look over here – not over there – at the real problems. They look at rose gardens, dance, throw parties and eat cake whilst Rome burns and say… look at me!

  • FriscoWalt

    What a dipstick !!

  • pfiffi43

    “Through clever and constant propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell ….” (Adolf Hitler)
    This administration seems to be a master in fooling people’s minds by constantly changing the subject. If one lie does not work, they just change to another.

  • G….h.i

    We have violence through out the world and Kerry is telling us to worry about Global Warming?

    People like Kerry is what is ruining this world. We have a do nothing president that strong arms congress into submission. Then when he’s faced with a important decision to make with Russia,IsIs, and Hamas he does nothing. He supports the wrong people 100% of the time.

    Global warning hasn’t been proven and yet these people are trying to convince us we should be very afraid of something that can’t be proven.

    Isis is a real danger to the world and yet Obama and Kerry would rather push this total global warming BS.

  • jd560

    As citizens, Kerry knows that we aren’t too bright and now telling us that even school children know better than we do. He makes a good point, we voted Obma in for not just one term, but a second term, so I understand that he keeps referring to us as stupid and not able to understand science. If we could buy into Obama hocus pocus then anything is possible.

  • Steve D

    Obama wants Huge Crisis so he can suspend elections and declare Marshal Law! Oh, then he becomes King!

  • antilib

    I didn’t think it possible but Kerry’s even more worthless than The Hildebeast.

  • PA_bev

    There are no words…just a gasp……….or perhaps put your fist through the computer screen!!!!! Is there no end to the stupidity of these idiots?

  • The Law Maker

    John Kerry and Hillery Clinton are both a disgrace to the U.S.when it comes to politics.
    Both must have the same speech writers.

  • clubgitmo

    john f u Kerry, the rat of Vietnam is more worried about climate bs instead of ISIS. Next idiot statement.

  • stewames .

    Honestly, this man is a muppet. Watch his face, nothing moves but his lips. This is slight of hand folks, watch this hand, not that one. . . .They are hoping we are all dumb enogh to swallow this garbage, while the world is alight with an impending and growing caliphate.

  • shawn bales

    bad penny

  • shawn bales

    you don’t want war. no ..civial.

  • How Much Mr President

    I’m Establishing a new standard for the obama adminstration. from now on his presidency will be known as a “SUCCESSFUL FAILURE”

  • Today22011

    Was there more to the recent Middle East tour and talks ?
    Iraq and Maliki were headlines today.
    ” While Mr. Maliki touted his accomplishments during his eight years in power during his speech on Thursday night—including multiple major oil-extraction deals and the withdrawal of U.S. troops—he leaves a legacy of profound sectarianism, institutional dysfunction and a weak military.”
    Maliki and Obama’s administration seem to be running on parallel tracks.

  • 2 IT too

    CFR —RED CHINA handover KEY operative —-KERRY.

    ‘Former’ KISSINGER aide,
    ————–and CFR ‘Cosby Show’ FAKE OUT supreme!
    —————————–‘BAR–Rockefeller’ OBAMA.

    ‘RA’ —dick—-ALLLLL’ change is IN the AIR!

  • kieramccarthy

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  • Daniel Joesph Steiner McMullen

    They’re so worried about climate change when they should worry about the disaster established through public subsidies to farmers that increase the earths decay through the housing market that build the bubble. It’s a man-made problem that can only be found through our order as a sovereign people. But I bet there is something to be thankful for. #Knowledge

  • thepurplepterodactyl

    His is a double double dumb ASS

  • Mike A’Doodle

    In a related video we find our resident community agitator angrily shouting his marxist delusions:

  • Jeff Allen

    Obama has really shown just how close to destruction and fragile this country really is.

  • Judy Sims

    That, dear Glenn, is because all of it is about destroying the U.S. and killing as many people as possible and as fast as possible without it looking that way. Such as cancer causing chemicals dumped into the atmosphere to …..protect us from the sun?

  • 7tom7

    I say don’t fall for this BS of kerry & obama on cllimate change !! We are supplying our enemies with the ammo of high oil prices while depriving the U.S ammo of low oil prices, getting out of debt, re strengthen our military for our defense and the free world !! These high oil prices are funding Russia and Iran military machine for their aggression against their neighbors also to fund Iran & Saudi Arabia in supporting their terrorists puppet fractions . I say for U.S to drill and drill for oil and natural gas and drive our enemies oil funds down that they use to cause trouble !!!! Low prices of oil will help turn things around for the free world and the U.S !! This drive by obama and kerry about climate change is a ruse to keep us weak to not drill in our time of need for the U.S and the free world and strengthen our enemies hand for a take over of the world which include the U.S !!!!

  • geoffreybramhall

    Here in the East we are having the mildest summer on record and for the last
    17 years or so the world stats on temperature are level if not down and this administration wants us to put “Climate Change” above the possible rebirth
    of the Third Reich! 2016 cannot come soon enough!

  • Moozmom

    It appears Kerry’s priority is to amass another fortune and as much power as possible and the highest level within the elite government circle as possible.
    In my long life, I had met John Heinz during a luncheon at Eden Farms in Pennsylvania and he was a prince. What can Theresa be thinking here.

  • 7tom7

    Maybe this could be a way to stop Hamas in miss using concrete for it’s terrorists tunnels in Gaza !! It is a far fetch idea it should slow down Hamas in building their terrorists tunnels to a crawl almost completely stop them ,but provide people of Gaza with decent housing !!! Is to have pre-fab housing that consist of very large concrete slab ,reinforce robar , and lifting holes to large cranes to llfts a wall section 10 by 20 ft , a floor section with a raise form channel to recieve a wall section , also provide design where you can change the design so all the house are not the same .. Now these large concrete slabs be easy to track and watch them by drones and satellites while be added to complete the house !! This would avoid a large portion to the concrete being misuse for terrorists tunnels and provide decent homes for Gaza people !! These pre-form enlocking slabs will have cut outs for doors and widows etc . Then when all the enlocking slabs are in place for the home , will only need a very little free pouring concrete to seals joints or use another materials to fill the joints !! Maybe some whiz kids out there can make this bad idea to a good idea so both the Israel and Gaza people can enjoy a long lasting peace !! Plus no more large amount of concrete disappearing and it should be track from the air make sure these large slabs where they go and put into making fine home for the people of Gaza !! These large pre-form slabs be ship in from Egypt,Israel ,and on barges and will be track once in Gaza make sure they’re not miss use !!

    • 7tom7

      Will need a large crane and large flat bed truck to move and to lift pre-form slabs into place in making the homes !!! Cannot be convertly move by hands,back hole,bob cat etc So the use of these large slabs cannot be easily hidden !! Plus beside the large slabs being track same goes for equipment of large cranes and large flat bed truck be track too ! These slabs be only 3 inches thick at the most so it be hard to hid canisters of weapons or ammo and be produce only in Egypt and Israel under control settings and be monitor while being made so these slabs will not be use in smuggling to later dig out canisters of ammo and weapons under the cover the newly built homes !! If the people of Gaza allow these home to be use as a hidden rocket site though windows and doors and launch by stand off command or long fuse line . Then build these homes with no windows,doors facing northeast, east ,southeast toward Israel !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bonesiii

    I searched for this page to be sure — I thought I heard a hilarious Kerry gaffe in the radio clip, and yeah, it’s here. I haven’t found it on any of the Kery gaffe pages out there, and the exact quote actually gets zero google hits! That is:

    “science is causing climate change”

    Or… “science is causing… climate… change” (You could hear he had a “what the heck am I saying?” moment in the middle, but he just plowed ahead and said it lol.)

    To be fair, it’s preceded by “if you accept that”. But still worded like he thinks science is. Of course, he DOESN’T think that — but I think it shows that he’s just trying to put “science” in almost every sentence just to sway lib/mod listeners emotionally, and the tactic backfired in that instance. Gave me a laugh anyways.

    This man is a fool, and it’s obvious he was chosen for that job due to his political “connections” — and this topic isn’t even part of his job description — he has no qualifications at all to be lecturing us on this! Actual scientists who have studied the data closely say the science does not clearly support manmade global warming. The only thing that makes Kerry seem remotely credible is that he’s not Joe Biden.

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