The Obama Administration is having a bit of an optics problem this week. On Wednesday, President Obama took a break from his vacation to attend the birthday celebration of Ann Jordan at Farm Neck Golf Club in Martha’s Vineyard. According to the official press briefing from the event, Obama had a glorious time dancing ‘til dawn.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry just wrapped up his Asia-Pacific tour with a speech at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii during which he said climate change – not ISIS, or Hamas, or the caliphate, or Russia – is “the biggest challenge of all that we face right now.”

Watch Kerry’s remarks courtesy of MRC TV:

Kerry tells us we must “heed” the advice of the climate change scientists who are “telling us about how you prevent the inevitable consequences and impacts.” With that logic, Glenn wondered if the Administration will heed his warnings about what will come next now that a caliphate has been declared.

“So now that they know the caliphate is happening and that I was the one who predicted the caliphate, then you’d better heed exactly what I tell you to do,” Glenn quipped.

Ultimately, one has to wonder what the true priorities of this Administration is given all that is going on in the world today.

“Can I ask you something? This is what is so irritating to me. The world is literally on fire,” Glenn concluded. “The Secretary of State is talk about global warming with the world on fire.”

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