WATCH: Black Panthers crash Ferguson police chief’s press conference

On Thursday, members of the New Black Panther Party overran Ferguson, Missouri Police Chief Tom Jackson’s press conference. Jackson was supposed to address the ongoing violence in the area as a result of the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown on Saturday.

Instead, the leader of the New Black Panther Party, Hashim Nzinga, addressed the crowd that had gathered inside the Ferguson fire department. Interestingly, Nzinga primarily focused his rage at President Obama.

“This is a shame that as we speak the president of United States is talking to Russia, he’s talking to China, he’s talking to North Korea, he’s talking to Iraq and the Middle East about treating their people better,” Nzinga said. “But as he look out the window at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he’s watching the black man, who built the White House, shot down like dogs.”

Watch the raw footage courtesy of KTVI-TV below:

Nzinga went on to say it is not “Afghanistan” or “Islamic jihad” that poses the biggest threat to America but rather “these racist white folks” who are “running” the country.

Once the protestors took over the area, KTVI reported the police chief left the area.

Glenn was on radio this morning during the time authorities released the name of the officer who shot and killed Brown. Given the rhetoric from this video and others, Glenn questioned whether the revelation will actually make any difference in the way people like the Black Panthers, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and others react to the case.

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“Do you think they care about how the bullet exited the police car? Do you think they are looking for justice? Do you think they will listen to any evidence,” Glenn asked. “No… You can’t be afraid of the Black Panthers… You don’t antagonize. You don’t get in anybody’s face, but you stand quietly – arm in arm – and say, ‘There’s more of us than you. You’re bullies… And bullies always lose in the end.’”

  • Kathy golden

    Maybe if the media would give equal time to black on white crimes (actually we would need a lot more time than that) we wouldn’t have to listen to rev.Ass
    Sharpton or the black panthers spew their hateful racist comments. What could they
    Say then? The murder rate is far higher when it comes to black people killing
    Whites. But then who cares, that’s not going to put ratings through the roof.

    • pfiffi43

      You are so right. Why does the media not report it? Because they would be called racist. And every day a lot of black on black crimes occur and Sharpton and Jackson do not speak about that. It is scary to think that the black panthers have the run of the town.

      • Thatguy

        84% of whites murdered in the US in 2012 were killed by other
        whites. When is someone going to speak up about the culture of violence in the white community? Rush? Bill? Glen?

        • JohnB

          Which goes to show that the problem may not be skin color (racism) but cultural background, language, religion (Islam), economic inequality, poor life choices, mental illness, crimes of passion,being young and stupid…the list is long and varied.

    • rsuca

      Sharpton and all of those other so called black leaders are helping racism. If they would just shut up things would get much better.

      • BlueMN

        How dare they speak out against injustice! The nerve! Don’t they know their place?

        • SRM29

          Speaking out against injustice? Hardly! They are there to pour fuel on the fire. They don’t get up in arms about black on black murders or black on white murders. It’s not that hard to figure out.

  • Garrett Timothy

    They still don’t like to give equal time to black on black crimes. These incidents are excuses to steal from merchants and destroy towns nothing more and nothing less. This stuff didn’t start yesterday it just moves from town to town.

  • Al Maldonado

    People in America are so afraid of the BPP. The people in charged of that fire station, should have thrown away these morons.

    • jalina susan stutte

      We are not afraid in my town of Lumberton Texas. The BPP came here after a black dope dealer who was high out on parole attacked 2 police officers and they tazed him but he was so full of PCP that he later died of a drug overdose. They came here and threaten to burn our small town down and there was about 20 of them and over 300 of us, we surrounded them and didn’t let them get a word in at all. They tried to rile the blacks in the next town up but we shut it down too. They left and never came back. We don’t play well with thugs and terrorists here.

      • Phydeux

        We need more people like Lumberton. :)

  • landofaahs

    Frankly I could care less if they capped all these thugs.

    • BlueMN

      Easy lando, shooting police thugs may be tempting (and more sporting than shooting unarmed children at the border like you wanted to do before) but is it worth spending the rest of your days in prison?

      • landofaahs

        Frankly I am satisfied with waiting for economic collapse and they will all kill each other off and then it’s just a matter of cleaning up the remaining ghetto trash. What ones are not murdered will starve.

  • buckzilla

    When does work start up there?

  • Margaret Lauer

    Maybe they need to see the video that shows Michael Brown bullying a store clerk and then walking out of the store with the cigars. I hope they were worth his life.

    • Deeznuts

      I wouldn’t pay 48.99 for his life so……no?

  • Bob Marly

    You gotta love the Black Otis in the security guard hat, Classic!! Otis the drunk @ss black man!! Shut up fool!! The BPP is a joke, Chairman Mow wants his jacket back you bald Fool!!

  • David F Quevedo

    They are dressing up like African Generals or something

    • PachoPete

      Idi Amin want to be.

  • Viet Vet 67

    Unfortunately so many black people cannot get past their
    color. It trumps character, morality and common sense. Hence Jesse Jackson, Al
    Sharpton, Marion Berry, Charlie Wrangle, Barack Obama and the list goes on and
    on. The only criteria in the black community for peer support is the color of
    your skin. MLK’s dream has been long forgotten and his legacy lost in the
    shuffle of racial politics. The end result is acutely obvious to anyone who
    cares to see it. 73% of all black children are born into a single parent
    household. The homicide rate for black men is 34.5% per 100,000. The COMBINED
    homicide rate for ALL other categories is 8.6% per 100,000. The percentage of
    black people in American society is 13% yet black people make up 38% of the
    American prison population. Naturally the liberal pundits look at this and cry
    racism! I look at this and see the step child of LBJ’s “Great
    Society”, a complete breakdown of the family structure, total absence of
    accountability, total lack of self reliance and initiative.

    • Texas4Freedom


    • Shannon Young

      Finally someone who done their research and posted facts.

      • rsuca

        The homicide rate for blacks is 17.51% per 100,000

    • Thatguy

      There were roughly 40,000,000 black people in the US in 2012.

      Of that, 5,531 members of the black population were known by law enforcement to have committed murder that same year.

      That comes to about .01% of the black population.

      There were 4,228 homicides committed by unknown assailants. Even if every single one of those offenders where black that would bring it up to .02% of the black population.

      In that same year there were 402,470 total arrests for all violent crime(murder/rape/assault,etc.)

      155,088 of which where black offenders.

      That is .4% of the total black population.

      So, in your opinion, if 99.98% of a population doesn’t commit murder, and 99.6% aren’t arrested for violent crime, than there is “a complete breakdown of the family structure, total absence of accountability, total lack of self reliance and initiative.”


      • Deeznuts

        So your saying we’d be better off without them?

        • Thatguy

          I hope you replied to the wrong post and aren’t just a grown adult with zero reading comprehension.

      • JohnB

        I’m not doing the math this late at night but 34.5 per 100,000 black men of which 10-15 million are adult males or 345 (per 1,000,000) X 10 = 3,450 or up to 345 X 15 =5175, so your numbers check out (and so do Dennis J’s if he removes the % and just says 34.5 per 100,000) Considering that this goes on every year and the numbers of black men incarcerated grow by some large number each year, the pool of men to commit these crimes should be shrinking, but instead it increases.
        Did I just do the math? off to bed…

      • Nate Higgers

        According to the US Department of Justice, blacks accounted for 52.5% of homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008, with whites 45.3% and Native Americans and Asians 2.2%.

        White Population in America: 223,553,265 or 72.4 %
        Black Population in America: 38,929,319 or 12.6 %

        Interesting how 12% of the population commits over 50% of the Crimes…Evolutionary gap perhaps?

        This makes sense…if Humans first evolved from apes Africa. Then that means that the humans that migrated to different parts of the world were forced to continue their evolution in order to adapt to their new harsh and colder environments hence slanty eyes, white skin. Adapt to the extremities or die, so this forced critical thinking

        Whilst the humans that remained in Africa were not forced to adapt much beyond the beginning stages of evolution. Therefore, Blacks are more closely related to apes which explains their appearance and temperament

        • Thatguy

          You use the word evolution but I don’t think
          you know what it means. Clearly you don’t know how it works. Anyway, even if you were right, you wouldn’t like the results.

          Climates change over long periods of time, sometimes very drastically. Take the Sahara desert for instance, at various points over the last 20,000 years the Sahara was more like a savanna and wet enough to support large amounts of plant and animal life… Thus, even if what you said
          about evolution and adapting were true, the people who stayed in those regions would of had to adapt to drastically different climates and availability of resources just like the ones who moved. Most Human evolution happened in Africa
          starting 4-6 million years ago, modern humans began migrating to Europe around 125,000 years ago, and the gene that lightened the skin to what we today know as white or Caucasian only arose as a freak mutation between
          20,000 and 50,000 years ago. According to your logic, then, dark skinned people have been evolving much longer and therefore should be more advanced than light skinned people. So, if in fact your theory was true, and Africans
          are closer to apes, than Europeans would be closer to the baby ape dropped on its head at birth. You do seem to be living proof of that so maybe you are on to something.

          Of course, that’s not how that kind of thing works. The gene mutation that made us white didn’t occur because of an adaptation to a new climate, it wasn’t because those
          people evolved into a superior race. it just so happened that that mutation helped humans thrive better in the colder conditions of Europe. Like all new and exotic things, light skin was highly sought after physically. Combine the extra reproducing with a knack for surviving in colder conditions and the mutation is rapidly spread through generations until
          it prominent enough to be thought of as a normal thing. As much as you’d like to think you are part of some special, dominant race, visual traits like skin pigment mean very little, and have nothing to do with a person’s temperament.

          Darker skin protects better from ultraviolet light, making it better suited for hot sunny climates. People with lighter skin have less protection but produce more vitamin D making them more suitable for colder, less sunny climates. In the
          modern age of sun screen, sun lamps and air conditioning, neither of those traits are very useful in terms of survival anymore, It’s all superficial. All Humans are 99.9% compatible in terms of DNA, which means in the grand scheme of things, we are all on the same level of the evolutionary chain.

          With that said, there are idiots around the world who can’t get past such a meaningless thing as the color of someone’s skin. Who would prefer to feel special because of the random act of being born with a certain level of melanin instead of earn actually having to earn it. Those people tend to make very few, if any, positive contributions to society as thinking they are superior based on something so pointless means they don’t take the time to actually better themselves or others in any meaningful way. Being unable to differentiate physical differences from inferiority tends to make those types of people cast unwarranted
          blame on others not like them as the source of all the ills of the world instead of making an effort to understand the cause and effect of anything. They will run around trying to subjugate, discriminate, steal from, kill or do whatever it takes to prevent that group of people from being able to reach their full potential, and never think twice about the consequences of their actions. And after centuries of the same old false sense of superiority mucking things
          up for everyone else, some moron will think they are smarter than they are and come up with some erroneous and baseless evolutionary cause to explain away the
          mess caused by the morons that came before them.

      • BlueMN

        Oh don’t worry, Teabaggers aren’t racists, they said so. They just can’t do math.

    • Deeznuts

      Dude, you are way off. Homicide rate for black men is 34.5% per 100,000? So 34,500 black men will die by homicide for every 100k born? Not even close.

      • Jeremy

        I don’t understand the term 34.5% per 100,000. 34.5% means 34.5 out of 100. So is that 34.5 out of 100 out of 100,000 cause if so that’s an entirely different figure. Or is that 34.5 percent which is the same as 34,500 out of every 100,000 cause that’s just redundant. Either way it sounds misleading.

        • Ncrdbl1

          Crimes statistics are given in per 100,000 so you can have an equal representation between higher and lower population area. He did ere by placing the % at the end of the number. It should have read 34.5 per 100,000 instead of 34.5% per 100,000.

    • Tim Carter

      Dennis Johnston, unfortunately many white people cannot get past the color of being black. The majority of white people have already formed an opinion on a black person before they see them out of the front windshield of their car.

      The fact they are labeled as thugs because they have dredds, have on a hoody or something else they think gives them the right to immediately label a person they don’t know. Maybe people should get a reality check and realize it does happen instead of people saying I’m not racists.

      I’m white and I know for a fact how many white people are. I have a b-racial granddaughter and these idiotic people think they are talking low enough so we can’t hear the things they say. Unfortunately for them I do not hide behind fear as they do of another who doesn’t look the way they do. My granddaughter looks black and I have no problem confronting that ignorant racist white person as soon as I hear them say something stupid.

      The facts are blacks have been dumbed down since WE brought them here. Many cannot stand to see them get ahead but as we progress we are finally seeing more of the African American community getting educated and doing well in life while many whites still claim that they get things because of their color. Those who prosper work at it and its time we stop throwing all black people into the same pot when we don’t do the same for white people.

      As for what happened in Missouri don’t know and neither do any of you who live outside of that community. Watching TV does not give you the facts and many white folks have already determined the killing was just which shows how sad, we as white people, still are. When the facts come out for all to see then we can look to see what happened.

      • Ncrdbl1

        Tell you what let try an blind experiment. Layout 1000 dixie cups in a table on a pulbic mall. Label 720 of them 1, label 130 of them 2 Then label the remaining 150 them 3. Fill all of them with Mountain Dew except for 11. fill five of the #1 with piss, five of the #2 with piss and one of the #3 with piss. tell people if they drink 3 cups that they will earn $5. Explain to them the break down of the Cups but not exactly which cup has what in them. Then sit back and see if a pattern develops as to which group they choose from. I woulds be willing to bet that few if any would choose a cup from the 2 group. WHY, because it is more likely that they would get a pissed filled cup if they choose 2 over the other groups

        If you want people to quit looking at you as a group differently then clean up your own back yard. It is not only whites who do this many black police officers have admitted that they look at black suspects differently.

    • Watch it

      Right on the money.


    This guy should tell his fellow black people to pull up their pants, stop having children they cannot pay for, get a job, better yet a education then maybe they can find a job even in a crappy economy hurt by the man black people voted 95% in favor. Stop trying to rob and steal anything they can get their hands on…and when someone gets shot, don’t act like the boy doing nothing wrong…let the investigation take place….when i see a cop who has the authority to kill me i know if I disobey i go to jail, and if i attack him he has the authority to shoot me dead on the spot….rather i say to him I say YES SIR, NO SIR….you want me out of this McDonalds, YES SIR…you want me on the ground, YES SIR….black people in this country think they are above the law, after all Obama rewrites them or disobeys them when they do not suit him.

    And oh yeah, about Chicago, where are you Black Panther Party? You only show up when you feel you have been wronged by a white man…why don’t you give a crap when it’s black on black crime in Chicago gunning down toddlers, mother’s, father’s, and….teenagers?

  • Nunya bidness

    The racism flows drippingly in this comments sectuon.

    • Guest

      Actually it flows in the video you just watch. Nice hoodie though.

    • Guest

      Actually it flows in the video you just watched. Nice hoodie though.

  • Nathan Weber

    The Black “KKK” not Panthers. More losers.

  • pawley

    A Friend in Africa tells me that he thinks Africa is a terrible place to live and He wished he was here. need I say anymore

  • 4violet2

    And if there was the presence of the KKK for every black on white crime do you believe it would be different….there is absolutely no point or purpose of the Panthers Dr. King made it very clear and for Sharpton, Jackson or anyone else to say otherwise they are being disingenuous total hypocrites these Panthers who have no perspective at all just spoon fed ideology of hate that gives them nothing to base their rhetoric of hate on. Situations as this does happen to others of color, they usually are handled in a court setting because its a ‘crime’…..and there aren’t groups of whites or others who set fire to their community or go around looting, etc.

    • pfiffi43

      I wonder who is paying these black panthers? Obama money?

  • Mark Parker

    Did he say “Stop killing the Africans in the street”? Well if you consider yourself African then go back to Africa, if you consider yourself Mexican then go back to Mexico, if you consider yourself Arabian, then go back to Arabia. If you come to “MY” country to live and make a living, then you should be ready to become an AMERICAN.

    • Deeznuts

      Yeah, and if Aryan go back Aryania? Wait what?

      • maineman65

        My ancestry is Apache. So could you please leave?

        • Rick Brohmer

          Sorry Apache you live with it.

        • rsuca

          I do believe that the native Americans were wronged, but the invaders are getting paid back by the casinos making the Natives richer.

        • Juanita Garnto

          Good reply to a lib TROLL. The only thing Deeznuts has been doing on this thread is stirring things up. I don’t think a lot of readers recognize that.

        • JohnB

          You would be required to go back to Siberia as that is where your ancestry lies. I think the Buffalo were probably the only surviving natives to the area of North America, before people showed up.

        • Joe schmo

          Do we still have to leave if we defended ourselves against your attempts to wipe us off the continent originally then fought back and conquered your peoples’? To the Victor goes the spoils.

    • Strahd

      Mexicans are American. The Americas encompass North, Central, and South America.

      • Watch it

        So that would make us United Statesian. OK?

        • Strahd

          The United States is a federal republic, so no one is really from the United States as no one can be from every State of the republic all at once. You would be from the State you were born or currently reside.

          • Watch it

            A little late responding aren’t you?
            The USA is also considered a country, which encompasses the 50 States, whereas America encompasses in addition to the USA, other countries. That said, if we are from the United States, we are United Statesian. 😉

  • Rebecca Spellmeyer

    Why is Al Sharpton and the Black Panthers stiring things up instead of condemning the violence? How are the poiice supposed to feel like minimal force is enough when bricks are being thrown at them, property damaged and rioting has occured for several nights? You have this very small group of mostly young blacks that feel they are entitled to do what ever they want without consequence. MLK said I have a dream that one day my children will be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. In Ferguson you have the Black Panthers and Al Sharpton making sure all you see is the color of Martins Brown and the officers skin but any mention of his(Martin Brown) character or the character of the people causing the riots is deemed racism. The sad reality of this behavior is that it will harm the majority of blacks that are working hard, going to school, and contributing to their community in a postive manner. Even the old Black Panther Party has condemned the actions of the New Black Panther Party. That should tell you something. There will only be change when powerful voices in the community condemn the behavior that fuels this cycle of crime and violence.

    • Chris Barksdale

      Al Sharpton, and the New Black Panther Party stiring things up wow lol Let a black Cop shoot your unarmed Teenager 6 times to death and see how you act

  • ken.

    the police can’t even protect their own press conference from being crashed, how can we expect them to protect anything else?

    • Rick Brohmer

      Now you know why Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke says citizens should get a gun, get training and be prepared to protect your family and property it until the police arrive.

      • ken.

        i was born and raised in a self reliant family, well actually it wasn’t much of a family but.

  • journey50

    In my lifetime or anyone’s life time here in America have I ever known White People to Riot when a White Person was Murdered/Killed by a Black Person, I could be wrong but I don’t think so, now can somebody tell me why Black People have to loot, burn, break out windows in stores in their own town, ride up & down the streets with signs like its a F Holiday, threaten white people, etc, etc, I just don’t get it, there has to be a difference in the mentality in the races, got to be!!

    • Paul C. Norton

      No riots, but events like this., do not need to riot when you are in charge.

      • Deeznuts

        ^said the closet muslim.

        • Paul C. Norton

          Well thought out and articulate.

    • investigatorsf

      because they are scum of the earth animals

    • mightguy

      Look up the Tulsa race riots and the New York draft riots. Two of the worst race riots in history and by white people. There are also all those lynchings that happened up until the 50’s.

  • bikerdogred1

    By the looks of things the circus has come to town and they bought all the animals with them.

  • John Munro

    Hate was the reason you started Black Panther because of hate well your jus as bad as those you appose. If I remember correctly Martin Luther held peaceful demonstrations

  • IrishK

    Peaceful guy? He didn’t look peaceful strong arming that shop. How about the New Black Panthers – what is a comparable white group? I think it is time to start hedging bets..

  • jalina susan stutte

    I was not surprised to hear this black man who was killed had just robbed a store 10 mins. before. He was a thug and the Black Panthers should be rounded up and put in a prison, where they belong.

  • Cee Hep

    We dont need more racist comnents, from some one that thinks as a black president, his job was to fight only for blacks. I didnt think this was about race. it should be about young people black, white or spanish being wrongfully killed, by law enforcement and any other person that enjoys shot first lie later.Are we fighting for all or just M. Brown? For any chages that must be nation wide. They as the new black Panthers need to go in the city address black on black killing as he.can relate.

    • Guest


  • melissa kessler

    The Black Panthers are no different than the KKK! Anybody that supports them should he ashamed of themselves

    • Phydeux

      Well said!

    • JohnB

      Change the name to the Black Pathetic Part-teh’…Still BPP but updated for their new role. You folks in North Carolina need to reelect Allan West. There is your new conservative ‘Panther’ for the plight of the disposessed African American,(or Condi Rice, Issac Watts, Mia Love, etc.) Capitalism and hard work without excuses, not government handouts and apologies – is the way out for those who think their shin color or physical features hold them back

  • Dianna Manly

    First of all, the president isn’t talking to anyone that I can see. If he is, he isn’t making much headway with anyone. Second of all, the Black Panthers don’t have all the facts of the case or don’t CARE to have ANY facts of the case. And, third of all, it seems to me that they are creating a public nuisance, inciting riots, and disturbing the peace, so why are they not getting arrested and thrown in jail??

  • Jason M Shaver

    Nothing will be done to stop this aggression. The people that the Black Panthers should be angry at are not the target of their hatred. They hate all “white folk” because in their eyes we’re all evil racist pigs who had a hand in slavery. My great great grandfather fought on the Union side of the Civil War. My grandfather served his time in World War II and Korea. My family has had a hand in wars to free the oppressed for generations but that doesn’t mean anything. I will be shot the same as the next white guy because of the color of my skin. They speak of us being the racist pigs when their banter is always laced with racist and derogatory colloquialisms. No one gives these people guns and tell them to hold up a 711 but that doesn’t stop them from doing so. Why? Because they feel like they are owed reparations for something that they were probably never a part of to begin with.
    What’s happening in Missouri is no different than our failing immigration policies. We bend, we fold and give in to whatever “terroristic” threat that we can. We no longer have a backbone in any political arena. As Nikita Khrushchev said, “We will bury you.” It’s a sad reality but it is what it is. That’s the one thing that Obama will be remembered for most. His Presidency will forever be tarnished by his inability to do anything. His inability to do anything more than vacation is the reason why things are so messed up in this country. And the reason why people like the Black Panthers are allowed to kill all the “whities” that they can with impunity. What the hell does our next generation have left to look forward to?

  • Bobby F. Spriggs Jr

    Let the Black Panthers talk. Hate is burning inside of them. Probably from some childhood experience, or listening to other racist like themselves. We are talking shades of color as a means for hate. I believe Brown attacked the police officer and that the police officer was forced to defend himself. Everyone else is just making a fool out of themselves.

  • Mary Casanova

    They do know that pursuant to the census African-Americans only make up 13.8% of the country, right? Why do they get 25% entry into our schools,30%+ of all TV shows, AND have their own Black only colleges, TV, radio Stations, and The Miss Black America pageant? (Note, This was pointed out to me by an African American friend who DARED me to post the facts)Could you imagine the to do if someone held a Miss White America Pageant? Also, Shouldn’t the Black Panthers be counted as a terrorist organization? They were part of the Black Muslim movement in the 60’s, so their goal is the destabilization of traditional American values, and the destruction of America. Just sayin’….

  • Crystal Evans Beliles

    I don’t care if u r white, blake, yellow r purple if u want to be a thug then u run the chance you’ll never grow old. Act like u have some raisen I don’t care if u didn’t have a mom r dad around u no right from wrong. If I was threated like that store clerk was I would have shot him before the cops got there


    What about the mentally disabled black kid LAPD gunned down 2 days ago? I haven’t heard much about that incident, was the cop black also or something?

  • Deeznuts

    There is a movement right now in counties in Africa to move back to white minority rule because life has gotten so much worse since they started ruling themselves. Maybe the South was right to start a Civil War?

    • CelticValor

      The South didn’t start it. The North attacked Ft. Sumter S.C.. No where in American Law up to 1861 did it say that individual States didn’t have the right to secede from the Union. The Founders believed in States Rights over an oppressive central gov’t and as the Colonies had the right to break the bonds that tied them to Great Britain, so should the Southern States when breaking bonds with the Union. Lincoln didn’t care about ending slavery like the “revised” history books teach us. The Emancipation Proclamation was nothing more than a “moral” rallying cry that gave the North purpose, reason, and a resolve to fight on(due to losing the first 2 years of the war) seeing at that time the North was still filled with Puritans and Pilgrims while the South was made from companies and entrepreneurs. The Civil War was really a war about money. Rich Northern bankers and industrialist against Rich Southern Plantation owners fighting over who would control the money,power, and government. Believe it or not, the wealthiest State in the Union prior to the Civil War was Alabama, thanks to “King Cotton.” Don’t trust history books

  • Brian

    Please I ask anyone in the black community to explain this. Trayvon’s was shot on 6/26/12 and made national news and was even spoke about by Obama. So tell me who was Marley Lion 6/16/12 ? Here is a hint he was a 17 year old white male who was sleeping in his suv outside a bar and was killed by 2 black males because they wanted to rob that bar. No other reason than he was just in his suv. Now again I ask who is Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian January 6, 2007? No clue long story short they where Raped, beaten, and murdered (this does not even compare to what they did) by 4 black males and 1 black female. Still why has not one black leader spoke out against their deaths. Where is Obama, Al Sharp, and the Black Panthers trying to correct these to the black community. , And I am sorry but come on black community, to say you are protesting a death by looting stores shows no respect for the death.

  • Tim F

    This Black Panther dude is an idiot. 😛

  • Esteven Barr

    Support my efforts please. Law Makers (Voters) – First we, the people of color, must be reclassified as human before we can cry out for HUMAN RIGHTS. We can not – have not address the human rights issue here in the US. Help me and my cause please –

    • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

      What planet are you living on ? You don’t need to be reclassified here.

  • Kyle Miller

    So the black protesters think that Obama isn’t ENOUGH of a collectivist??? WOW!!!

  • JohnB

    Does anybody notice…when hundreds of Black African-Americans die in Black on Black shootings in Chicago or elsewhere, but if one white person (law enforcement) shoot a black African American, it is a national crisis complete with street protest. Similarly, if Muslims kill Muslims by the thousands, the American Muslim community is silent, but if in Israel or the US a Muslim were to get shot, the Muslims of CAIR , the Palestinians, Muslim Brotherhood, etc. will take to the streets in protest calling it Anti-Islamic genocide, persecution, or homophobia. Just Sayin’…

  • nunya

    With all do respect Glenn it’s not just 1 guy it’s pretty much 80% of cop and you might not like an in your face attitude but being politically correct as the white community feels we should be does not work. Maybe it’s time some of these officers face their own demon’s, their own creation! Why are they so protected? I for one am disgusted by what I am seeing in today’s America and those in higher power!

  • Bryan Lucas

    Dumb, ignorant thug. There is no way to change the minds of ignorant people once they convince themselves with false doctrine. He is too stupid to see that his biggest enemy is his own racist ideology.

  • thedogwalker

    Al Sharpton sounds like a Rhodes Scholar compared to this bunch of morons.

  • pelermon

    The radical black situation has been compounding itself at an escalated rate, since obama has taken office. The situation has been COVERED UP by all mainstream medias. No one is getting through to the black community at all. I think it is HOPELESS situation. obama is fueling the fire every opportunity he has.

  • $118192972

    They need to dig him up and shoot him again. This time they should do it in front of the Black Panthers.

  • William Plaster

    Maybe the question should be asked; how many black people were killed by other black people in the same time frame as the protests have been occurring? Or does that matter to the black community?

  • makersvstakers

    sorry mr. nzinga….while you were speaking, the prez. was NOT looking out the window at 1600 Penn. Ave. He was playing golf.

  • AZWarrior

    Man- That’s what I call a ‘target of opportunity’. Could have taken them out right there. They don’t live there.

  • $118192972

    I applaud the cop. I wish he would have taken out more of them.

  • kieramccarthy

    my Aunty Audrey got a nearly new yellow Mercedes-Benz C-Class Convertible by working from the internet.’

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  • elkhunt

    the brown boy takes a dirt nap because he was a criminal who assaulted folks….all is well for ferguson folks who know the truth

    • Bat Masterson

      Oooh. A dark soul creeps inside this one.

  • elkhunt

    the bleak pantherettes are common black idiots who are racist idiots to boot and dont have the balls to start a fight—calypso louie should be jailed for instigating a riot as well as albert ‘TWAnna brawley. jesse “love chile’ jacksooon. and marion barry of crack fame

  • Adam651

    My question is, why weren’t they escorted from the area or arrested so the police chief could have his conference?

  • disqus_nzJFD9z6xa

    Body language of the Police chief is he is lying.

  • JB

    Do you all believe the “Black Panthers” actually independently organized under their hate mongering racist flag and ren devoured in Ferguson on their own accord with some actual attainable goal in mind? If so then the powers-that-be have successfully hood winked you. Rest assured these “Johnny come lately” agitators were casted, paid and sent by the very powers they claim to hate (though not actually all Caucasian) to generate confusion and drama so we are distracted from seeing and understanding what is actually going on, like a crafty magician waving his hand about to conceal the illusion so we only see the outcome the way he wants us to see it. Just think about it. Keep us hating, keep us divided. Wake up my fellow Copper Tops they are scared $#!+less of the idea that we could all (black, white, brown, red, yellow) unite under innate love and human decency. Imagine this scenario; your ethnicity, and all the other ethnicities each sent a boy and girl kindergartner into one play room together. Assuming the families these children were drawn from were peaceable, then do you think the children of the typical mutually hostile ethnicities would start to exhibit acts of hatred beyond normal known childish selfishness or would the children generally display acts centered around unified desire for joyfull playtime? Think about. I was raised in racist home. Jesus taught me HOW to love people from ALL ethnicities and is shedding me of my conditioned/trained hatred. He can do so for you too.

  • Jerry Bailey

    Glenn Beck

    New Black Panther leader: Barack Obama a ‘Mau Mau’ from

  • PaulBrosamJr

    These Panther’s should have been arrested for incitement. They did nothing but stir up the emotions of these other black bystanders. This man, Michael Brown who was shot was a gangsta thug (Blood), who was no good. Robbing a store of cigars and bullying the owner moments before he was shot. This man was not raised right, or he wouldn’t be dead. Two things happen with criminals. They either end up in prison or end up dead. Let’s all stop sympathizing with the criminal. That’s what’s wrong with our society.

  • Jack Ross

    The most effective firearms salesmen in the history of these united states makes his case:

  • jim

    I googled “videos of US police brutality” and 7,660,000 results appeared in 0.31 seconds. There are more cases of gratuitous police violence, almost always against the innocent, than a person can absorb in a lifetime. Police body slam elderly infirm people, taser cripples in wheel chairs, pepper spray, taser, and mace kids, young women, and mothers with babes in their arms. Just the other day police shot and killed a 13-year-old kid who was walking down the street with a toy rifle doing no harm to anyone. Only the goon cops regarded the 13-year-old as a threat. The goon cops simply couldn’t let the opportunity pass to experience the thrill of killing a person.

    The cases of gratuitous police violence against the public are so numerous that it is impossible to report on them. All that can be done is to categorize them into types. The conclusion is that the police are a far greater danger to the public than are criminals.

  • jim

    A former Israeli soldier’s message to the people of the U.S. is a startling one.
    His message for Americans
    “If you don’t care about Palestinians… You guys should know: you are next in line. The next one who will die from a tear gas canister into his chest will be in Zucotti Park, will be in Denver, will be in Oakland, in San Francisco. It is happening here already. It is happening to different people, to people of color, to immigrants in this country, it is already happening. You guys are next in line. The next one will die out of brutality of the police will be one of your sons or your daughters–in a protest. Because they [U.S. police] are training together. Your police–training with our army. Our army is training them how to take care of the enemy. . . . But when they come back, you are their enemy.”

  • jim

    Ferguson Protests: Where Do We Stand?
    People seem to be using Brown’s personality to justify the murder; but what they fail to realize is that a police force shouldn’t function like a rival gang–killing unarmed people out of fear or retaliation for a scuffle is not how a rational justice system functions.

  • Joshua Ward

    Here’s an idea create a organization to go against all hate groups and organizatiosn like black panthers and KKK compirised of all color and creeds.

  • Susan

    How proud you blacks must be. You all can have your damn citys I’m moving to a civilize country.

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