LISTEN: Dana Loesch talks to caller claiming to know the police officer’s account of Ferguson shooting

Before moving to Dallas, Texas to join TheBlaze, Dana Loesch lived in St. Louis, Missouri. Since the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown on August 9, Dana has offered a unique perspective on the incident and subsequent riots and protests on her daily radio program and weekly television show.

On Friday, a caller referred to as “Josie” to conceal her identity called into The Dana Loesch Radio Show claiming to have intimate details of the events that led to the shooting death of Brown. The caller said she learned the account from the “significant other” of the officer who shot Brown the day after the shooting occurred.

Josie’s account seemingly corroborates reports that have trickled out over the course of the last week suggesting Brown rushed the officer in the moments before he was shot. According to Josie, the officer first noticed Brown when he and his friend were walking down the middle of the road. After asking them to move out of the way, the men exchanged words with the police. The situation allegedly deteriorated from there.

“[The officer] pulled up ahead of them. And he was watching them, and then he gets the call-in that there was a strong-arm robbery. And they gave a description,” Josie said. “And he’s looking at them and they got something in their hands and it looks like it could be what, you know those cigars or whatever.”

“So he goes in reverse back to them, tries to get out of his car. They slam his door shut violently. I think he said Michael did,” she continued. “And then he opened the car again, you know, he tried to get out. He stands up. And then Michael just bum-rushes him and shoves him back into his car, punches him in the face and then, of course, [the officer] grabs for his gun. Michael grabbed for the gun. At one point, he got the gun entirely turned against his hip. And he shoves it away, and the gun goes off.”

At this point, Josie said Brown and his friend ran from the scene. After being ordered to “freeze,” the men turned around and once again rushed the officer.

“Michael and his friend turn around. And Michael taunts him… And then all the sudden he just started bumrushing him. He just started coming at him full speed. And so he just started shooting. And he just kept coming. And so he really thinks he was on something,” Josie said. “The final shot was in the forehead, and then he fell about two or three feet in front of the officer.”

Listen to the entire conversation below:

As TheBlaze reported, on Monday, CNN’s Don Lemon said the network was able to confirm the caller’s account “matches the account of [the officer] as to what happened at the time of the shooting.” On Tuesday, St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Christine Byers learned more than a dozen witnesses have confirmed the officer’s account.

On radio this morning, Dana joined Pat and Stu to discuss her experience with the caller. She explained she was in contact with the women over the weekend, and while it remains an unverified account, the caller does seem sincere.

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Dana explained she lived “five to 10 minutes away from Ferguson,” and she still has family and friends in the area. Throughout this ordeal, she has been frustrated with the media’s lack of knowledge about the community, which she describes as “middle class.”

“It’s 67% black… It’s still really diverse. They elected a white Republican mayor, and they have Starbucks. It’s not the ghetto,” Dana said. “But this is obviously a huge story nationally, and it’s completely consumed the community… I have friends who can’t get to their homes after work because things are blocked off. There are family members that are trying to visit other people they know on hospice. They can’t get in. The whole community is a war zone right now.”

Dana said she learned of the caller early in her program on Friday, but she refused to put the woman on air until her call screener could obtain a “legitimate phone number from her.”

“So we had her on. She said her piece. She did not want to say anything more beyond that. Then she got off air,” Dana said.

What hasn’t been reported is that the woman then called the radio station again and asked to speak to the programming director. The woman wanted the station to know she was sincere and was not looking to prank the show. Dana then followed up herself over the weekend.

“So I called her a few times. I left messages. And then last night, I started texting back and forth with her,” Dana explained. “And she didn’t want to say anything else further on the record. Again, this is an unverified association… So I don’t know if they’re under an official gag order from the police or if maybe the family, which I suspect, has asked her to be quiet.”

While the call has gotten national attention because of CNN picking up the story, Dana felt the network did not handle its reporting responsibly.

“This is what angered me about CNN running this audio – not just uncredited – but out of context all day yesterday,” Dana said. “I was careful from the get-go to say this is an unvetted, unverified association. I said it on-air. I said it when I posted the audio. They ran it like this is the BFF [of the officer]… So I kind of took issue with that.”

In retrospect, Dana believes CNN already knew this was the officer’s side of the story, so it was not difficult to corroborate the caller’s account. Much like Glenn, Dana did not wish to speculate any further until the investigation is complete and the facts are known.

“There’s a huge lesson in irony here because we have individuals right now that are right now on the streets… [And] that’s fine,” Dana concluded. “But we are people talking about due process and screaming for justice and screaming for due process. Well, that extends both ways. The last I checked we live in the United States of America. Until this investigation is concluded, everybody gets the benefit of the doubt.”

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  • Nunya bidness

    Queue the racist thug quotes in 3… 2… 1…

    • AsSeenOnTv

      Love your name.. How very Ebonics of you.

  • landofaahs

    Just as I said before. Wait until the evidence comes out. Be consistent and judge on the evidence. It’s easy to be like liberals and jump to conclusions. Let us be more righteous than that.

  • Vegas_Bob

    Does anyone else think it odd that there are cell phone videos AFTER
    Michael Brown was shot, but no videos BEFORE he was shot. . .yet all
    these ‘witnesses’ say that Brown had his hands up and surrendering. . .I
    think it very odd that a police officer stops 2 young black men, in a
    black neighborhood and NO ONE started taping it. . .something tells me
    that there IS a video out there of the confrontation that shows that
    Brown attacked the officer and then ran away. . .when the officer told
    them to halt, he turned and taunted the officer. . and for reasons known
    only to Michael Brown; he charged the officer. . .

    There is a witness heard on one of the videos AFTER the shooting telling
    someone that that is exactly what happened. . I say the police find
    that witness before the community silences him.

    • I_Callahan

      No doubt about it, Bob. Any video that showed him being shot raising his arms in surrender would have been in circulation already, and show every 5 seconds in CNN and MSNBC.

      Video that does exist will show that the cop was in the right, if they can find any.

    • Nathan Long

      The Video is there. The NSA just needs to find it on the billions of drives it has storing all the info.

    • Yo Mamma

      before the community silences him


      The media and police silence him

      they have already

      keep searching utube where u will find it with the heads and beheadings

  • Anti Fabian

    If this story is true, it changes everything!

  • Dennis Dunham

    The autopsy said that he had facial scares consistent with someone falling face forward and hitting the pavement. It just stands to reason if he were surrindering and had his hands up then six shots from close range from the officer, the force of those bullets would have caused one to fall backwards. Unless of course one was actually charging the officer. The autopsy also said he had Drugs in his system.
    The truth will set you free

    • Tia Mya

      excellent point!

    • pfiffi43

      Not as long as Holder has his hands in it, for sure. Everybody seems to be
      talking about poor Brown, but what about the police officer. I bet he thinks he is stuck in a nightmare.

      • smokehill2

        No matter what happens, this cop’s life is over — which is the REAL point of this racist uprising by the mutts in Ferguson, and their carpetbagging buddies from outside.

        This sends a message to all whites, and especially white cops — you’ll give Black thugs a free pass …. or else.

    • soybomb315

      When people get shot, it is not like the movies where they go flying backwards


    I have a feeling that after this whole debacle the Ferguson PD will pay to have some dash cameras put into their squad cars. They will come to the realization that this would have already been settled if they had them. I just love how many people say they know the facts of this case with no real evidence.

    • smokehill2

      The problem with dash cams is that they have very limited range and scope. Unless the action goes down directly in front of the car, like on all the cop shows where they pull people over, the cameras are of little help;

      A better system would be to mount the camera to the top of the car, have it track 360 degrees, and have it moved automatically by a thermal=imaging sensor. No doubt there would be glitches, but it would cover a lot of the territory that is now blanked out.

      One can only imagine the cost.

  • Yo Mamma

    There is nothing quite like a good protest.

    The 1% is fighting mad because the 99% is getting angry


    Get used to it

    Your creation is exactly that. Yours

    They will tear it down and burn it and feel good about doing it and go back to living in less than desirable conditions, because they simply do not care about you

    When you ignite hatred and anger in the impoverished, its a genie that requires skills to put back. The occupy movement was mostly whites. The next will be mostly blacks

    An American Spring is rising

    • swampbuggys

      It looks more like a small part of the 12% are getting angry.

      • Yo Mamma

        I guess you will be counting when an angry mob heads down your street

        Hey honey

        Only looks like 22.25% of the towns population

        Don’t worry, thats only 2155 angry under paid poverty stricken peaceful people

        We should be fine honey

        Back to the game

        Oh, I rounded up the percentage

        • swampbuggys

          I don’t think it would be a good idea in my neighborhood but you’re welcome to try.

          • Yo Mamma

            I guess you have never been in the middle of a huge riot. A few guns won’t do anything but anger people, but you can figure that for yourself

          • swampbuggys

            Few is the keyword.

          • Yo Mamma

            Even if you kill 20 people, you win the battle, lose the war

            The poverty doesn’t go away because of 20 dead

            You have everything to lose, your ivory towers

            They have just their lives and its a bitter life

            You stand at the receiving end of a pending disaster

    • pfiffi43

      “An American Spring is rising,” really? White folks work their behinds off and all those loafers, black and white think we owe them something? Man that is jealousy speaking for sure. What about all those immigrants who came to this country, hardly speaking any English and they made it because they were too proud to take hand-outs from the government. Savages burn and loot like we see it happening in Africa and in the Middle East. That is not the country I want to live in. I hope, if it spreads it will be put down with force. We are still a nation of laws. Do not write back because your bias shows in every post!!!

      • Yo Mamma

        Pay a living wage and you will quieten the starving angry masses

        Stay greedy and there will be no holding back a tidal wave of desperate people

        u said “We are still a nation of laws”

        But if you’re a Catholic Illegal, “We are NOT a nation of laws”

        pathetic people deserve less

      • Yo Mamma

        Those savages will rule the world. You and your 1.25 babies will not stand against them

    • smokehill2

      The “Occupy” mutts are probably the only splinter group more useless and despicable than the clowns rioting in Ferguson. Both are an excellent argument for a mandatory spay-and-neuter program.

  • MyOwnBiggestFan

    Ok… she is HAWT.

  • elevenoclock

    When does whitey get a day to steal and pillage! How many times have we seen black people rioting and burning and stealing and no one is accountable for all the losses except us working fools. When do we get a looting holiday?

    It’s racist to allow only black people to get a free day. I want to be able to shoot some people I don’t like and break store fronts, I want some free merchandise too! How about giving us crackers one day every few years to go wild in the streets and become savages, and I sure as heck wouldn’t be stealing cigars.

    Then we can get some white people to stand up and talk to the press and praise us for all the hard work we do to pay people to sit on their butts collecting government funds for decades. We need our own Ally Ooop speaker to make people feel sorry for our woes and neglect. You know I think I’ve got something here…

    • Marny

      You know, elevenoclock, I think you do too!
      Preach on, Brother!

    • pfiffi43

      Sorry, this will never happen. Even if white folks are on the down and out, they never stoop that low. The bad part is that this has been going on for years and we let it happen over and over again. These blacks get a slap on the hand and go home for another day of looting when the time is ripe.

    • zemla

      The only place white people are allowed to do that is france.

    • Yo Mamma

      Amen brother

      A racist saying he is a racist

      Honesty in America

  • Debi

    I think at this point it won’t matter. Right or wrong the police officer in question has been tried by certain media and most of Mr. Browns community. Even if he’s innocent there will be people out there that will call cover up. It’s a shame that people are murder, beaten,raped,terrorized everyday be it white on white,black on black,black on white etc but we hardly hear about it unless there’s a racial agenda. This will further the separation of races if we let certain public figures use this for their own personal agenda. My god, this guy dies and his community does what riots and loot the neighborhood businesses,throwing Molotov cocktails at the police and firing weapons at the police. How does this show support for this family. And as for what they have been calling a smear campaign against Mr.Brown with the video showing he robbed a store ten minutes before. How is that smearing him, he did it. If the video had been ten months prior then I would say it was but no one knows if the reason the police pulled him over was for just that,he committed a crime. What about The pictures of him as a young boy. This guy was 6’4 and 300 pounds. The media keeps calling him a kid. He wasn’t. Yes he was someone’s kid but he was an adult. Bottom line is one man is dead and another’s life forever changed be him guilty or not. My heart goes out to both families,no mother should have to bury her child. And if and when this officer is found to be guilty it should be by a court and not the media or public opinion.

    • Wild Hog

      In a court of law coverups don’t happen. And if they do, people go to jail. I agree that the media and and others will cry foul and lay out all kinds of drama. But at the end of the day, none of that matters. If you have ever been in a court room with or without a jury, it only comes down to the evidence and burden of proof. None of that national media drama matters a hill of beans.

      • Debi

        Really, Casey Andrews got away with killing her daughter, O.J Simpson got away with the cold blooded murder of his wife and friend. Evidence on those cases were overwhelming but they went free.human nature is unpredictable at best. Sometimes evidence and burden of truth isn’t enough. It’s not a perfect system but what I’m saying is he’s guilty in the eyes of most in that community and they haven’t even got back the official autopsy. I’m sorry I disagree, the media and certain public figures can and have made impacts on cases in the past.

        • Wild Hog

          Point taken. And that would be Casey Anthony. And her case and O.J.’s were a debacle of the police who tampered with evidence if I remember. And it could happen here, I concede.

    • the_independent_truth

      No the reason you don’t hear about black on black murders is because there aren’t many arrest in that situation. In these case we know who the parties involved in. Also you guys talk about how nobody cares when black on black crime happens. Well if you feel that way why not implore Glenn Beck to start covering what’s going on in cities like Chicago and New Orleans. The only time i here any body mention that there is black on black murder is when there trying to defend a white person from killing a black man. Other than that i never here anybody actually try a request the media to pay more attention to it. And there is alot of people trying to raise awareness for black on black murder but the media dosen’t care, and when I say media I mean all media right and left(local new, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, Glenn Beck).

  • Gore-don Dill

    The truth is getting out and the protesters looking like

    Liberals hate it when the truth shows them up. Michael Brown Attacked Officer before fatal shooting.
    More than dozen witnesses confirm Ferguson’s cop’s version of shooting. I’m sure you’re going to say they are all
    white racists or uncle tom’s.

    Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson was walking in the middle of
    the street, they are refusing to get out of the street after cop asked them to
    do so. They cuss out the cop, the cop pulled up ahead of them. He could tell they are high on something, it
    was at that point; the cop got a call about a “strong-arm” robbery, and he
    looked in their hands and saw the box of cigars that Brown stole from a
    convenience store,

    You have seen the surveillance video. His parents have
    admitted that it was their son in the video.

    “The cop opened the door to get out of the police car, “Brown
    slammed his door shut.” As the cop was once again getting out of the car then
    Brown punches him in the face.” Brown reached for the gun, and the gun goes

    After the gun went off, Brown and his friend started running away and
    following protocol, the cop pursued them while and yelled, “Freeze. Brown then started taunting the cop by
    saying, Oh, what are you going to do about it? You’re not going to shoot me.”

    Brown rush him, he came like a bull all charging him at full

    You are now the cop; you are alone confronting two suspects one of
    which had just hit you in the face in trying to get your gun, one suspect
    Brown, is six foot three and weighs 300 pounds charges at you.

    The cop shoots Brown of a couple of times in the arm, but Brown
    continues to charge; the cop continues firing until the suspect is down. Brown fell about two to three feet in front of

    Eric Holder will be holding a kangaroo court, so we don’t what the
    outcome will be, But in the end I fill, the officer will be cleared.

    • rcaston

      Of course Eric will hold a kangaroo court. He is part of a kangaroo administration and constantly has his nose stuck up Obama’s rear end. He is part of the most racist administration in history.

    • pfiffi43

      Holder will provide people to testify against the officer. I am sure of that.
      It will be the officer’s word against at least 10 others. We know how Holder works and I feel sorry for the officer. He should move his family to a different place because the Black Panthers want revenge, I am sure.

    • the_independent_truth

      Could you tell me where you got that information cause i did not see anything about the cop being attacked.


    This is why police should wear body cameras. There would be no doubt as to what happened.

  • Take 2

    Obama told black males to prepare to take off thier slippers. This is why the influx of out of town black males. If you are a DEM voter ‘ Shame on you…! Shame on you for allowing this actor to remain in such a huge position. DEM Senante continues doing nothing about the worst error in American History.

    • the_independent_truth

      could you clarify.

  • Will Hunting

    Yet another example of the primitive, foreign, hostile nature of blacks:

    • the_independent_truth

      So it’s ok to execute a innocent black teenager.

  • Yo Mamma

    How much longer will white America hold onto their dominant position?

    Bring in the people of color and mix them

    Even Moses married a black woman

    Mixing color is a good thing America

    Remember to Tower of Babel?

    You always want to be different

    But you’re not

    You once spoke to animals and snakes

    Now you don’t understand them

  • soybomb315

    OK, so let the investigation determine if there is gunpowder residue. So far, the coroner has said there was NONE on the body….That means the shots were likely fired from distance, which contradicts this alleged story.

    Thank goodness there are real alternative media outlets that are focusing on the real issues at play:

  • Iron Mike

    The protesters in Ferguson demand ‘justice’ as in a conviction of the
    officer as the only satisfactory result. If this does not happen, what
    then? More looting and violence? These protestors and the civil leaders
    fueling their outrage must not have paid very close attention to the
    George Zimmerman case. As the saying goes “There are 3 sides to the
    story yours, mine and the truth”.
    The real tragedy is that a life was
    taken and no matter what the outcome many lives have been transformed
    forever. My wife’s cousin, a police officer in Rockford, IL was involved
    in a fatal shooting much like this one a few years back. Same story,
    innocent black man gunned down by overzealous cowboy police. Come to
    find out the suspect had a warrant for domestic violence and had a
    history of violence against officers of the law while being arrested and
    incarcerated on a number of occasions. There were posters hung around
    the neighborhood with pictures of these officers stating they were
    wanted dead or alive. Nice touch, don’t you think? He and his partner
    were found innocent of any wrong doing and since have left the
    department and still fighting a civil lawsuit. We had the ‘pleasure’ of
    having Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton visit our city during that time
    also. How come these 2 only show up where the cameras are?

  • Yo Mamma

    Why is there not a single unedited copy of Piaget Crenshaw’s apartment video of this shooting?

    This is starting off like another JFK shooting.

    The unedited version will show what happened – It must be somewhere

  • jim

    If there nothing to hide why is the free movement of the press to report from where and when they see fit- being restricted by Ferguson,s police ?

  • jim

    Ferguson Missouri Riots – Police attack & arrest news reporters at McDonald,s [Militarization]

  • jim

    Controlling the narrative: Ferguson police target journalists

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