Missouri Governor: Release of surveillance video ‘besmirched’ Michael Brown’s character

On Friday, authorities in Ferguson, Missouri released surveillance camera video from the convenience store that was robbed just moments before the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. The video shows a man, who is now believed to be Brown, shoving a clerk before making off with a $50 box of cigars.

Watch the surveillance footage below:

Many, including Brown’s family, have expressed outrage over the police’s decision to release the video because it changes the narrative of the conversation surrounding Brown’s death. During an appearance on Face the Nation on Sunday, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon jumped on the bandwagon saying the video is “clearly” an attempt to “besmirch the victim.”

After CBS News’ Bob Schieffer stumbled through a question about whether the release of the footage “made the situation worse,” Nixon said there has been “an incendiary effect.”

“I think it had an incendiary effect,” Nixon said. “When you release pictures and you clearly are attempting to besmirch a victim of a shooting, shot down in his own street, a young man, and at the same time you’re releasing information… to tarnish him, then properly, there was a lot of folks that were concerned about that, and I do think it flamed it back up and has caused us to have to deal with some of that.”

Watch the Face the Nation interview below:

“This is unbelievable to me,” Pat said of Nixon’s remarks on radio this morning.

Stu admitted that if the video had been from an incident that happened several months ago, then, yes, it could be seen as an attempt to tarnish Brown’s reputation. The video in question, however, sheds light on a confrontation that occurred just minutes before the shooting – making it an important piece of evidence.

“If it happened six months ago, you could make this argument,” Stu said. “It happened 10 minutes before the shooting. It’s the event immediately before the thing we’re talking about. It seems relevant to me. It’s the most relevant video that’s ever been released along with a shooting like this. Now, that does not mean you get executed for stealing cigars.”

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Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • BlakeSDavis

    The guy is a bully –

    • jonsen

      yep, look at his actions, you could see he was a big bully. the left hates bullies.

      • Dwayne

        Unless it’s one of their own. Then it’s not a bully.

  • ToddTruth

    As a rational, thinking person, it’s practically impossible for me to understand the minds of liberals.

    • Oliver Douglas

      To understand a liberal, view them as having a 3 year old mentality, then it’s easy.

      • Dwayne

        My three year old son is much smarter than that. He knows the difference between right and wrong and he knows not to lie.

        • gummifera

          Their minds have been irrevocably altered by “recreational” drugs.

          • sheilab15

            Not true! I used “recreational” drugs for years, quit using them decades ago. I still don’t understand how liberals come to the opinions they do. I think it may have something to do with a basic disconnect with reality and their place in the food chain.

    • Rudolf F. Borsics

      For a rational, logical person it is impossible to understand a liberal. The liberal, in the best country that was the USA was since the Declaration Of Independence always the enabler of evil, because the malcontents, socialists, feminist lesbians, communists, gay activists with gay marriage, boyscouts etc. are destroyers, and liberals support all of them undermining the moral strength of the nation.
      In an evil country the people are justly unsatisfied, – rightly so – and the liberals would champion the their cause, wanting to have freedom, but those dictators will not let them undermine the government. In a dictatorship, “malcontents” dissidens go into mass graves and labor camps along with them are the liberals, who are executed first.

      Behind the iron curtain to be a “dissident” – Politically Incorrect – was a felony. We do not have that yet. YET. What we have are is a diminishing % of citizens with a strong belief in the Constitution of the USA who are willing to sacrifice for it. Talk to some of these “millenium” “entitlement” children coming out of the Universities, high schools, and you see…

      • Jeff D

        It amazes me how ignorant some people are of the things they vote for and vote against.

        In your cause however, you are just completely intolerant to the changing nature of society. The greatest right-wing leaders in history have all acknowledged and supported social change, the so-called progressive conservatives.

        It baffles me in turn how somebody can be so hell-bent in their own bigoted views that they believe rights should be withheld from anyone who thinks differently from them.

        So arrogant are you in your cause that you believe a 200+ year old document that has been violated by both sides of the American leadership should be read as gospel, and does not nor will ever require to be updated with the times. Maybe more people would be willing to believe in the constitution of the United States of they had not seen said document violated so many times. If they did not hear about it being violated by government officials all over the country.

        “For a rational, logical person it is impossible to understand a liberal?” How hilariously contradictory. The majority of the academics and intellectuals in your country identify as liberal. It seems that the rational, logical and educated have trouble grasping supporting the Republican party.

        It takes a strong person to blindly sacrifice themselves for anything in their country. It takes a stronger person to stand up to what that country blindly believes in and tell everyone that it’s out of date, that it’s time for change.

        That it’s time for America to move forward, as it has so many times before.

        • Roberta Ramirez

          So called progressives r democratic guides in ignoring a cause thes ppl do not have.

          • Jeff D

            That sentence didn’t make any sense to me. Are you trying to say that “progressives” spearhead initiatives to ignore “causes” that people don’t have? How is that even a thing? How can you lead a group of people to ignore something that doesn’t exist in the first place?

          • Shod Pell

            Jeff D, ” As a non-American, I only spent the time to understand your governmental system for my own knowledge and understanding. I read up on the ideals of what each level of government is supposed to do, the basic things that they’re responsible for, etc. You’re right though, you do live in a constitutional republic. I find it ironic that you would bother to criticize “the failed socialist system” considering that many other developed nations have evolved into extremely successful liberal/socialist democracies” Well Jeff here is a clue. That old antiquated 200 year old document you speak of is the very reason that you have been able to evolve into your extremely successful what ever you have. The ability to voice your opinion in this forum no matter where you are living right now is most likely because of that musty old document. It is that 200 year old document that literally changed the world, It is that 200 year old document that sparked the tender of the fires of freedom in people around the world which in time allowed the people to stand and voice their opinions leading to the evolution you referenced earlier. The very fact that the document has been violated by many and yet remains is a testimony to it’s strength and resilience. You are correct in stating that both parties have violated it but did you look at the motives behind each violation? Where you interested enough to do some background on the perpetrators. Some violations where perpetrated by strong honest brave men that cared very much about this nation while others, the cowards, the greedy narcissistic power hungry failures perpetrated violations upon the document for nothing but their own misguided ideologies and personal gain. To study this nations government without also studying its history is only getting less than half of the picture.

          • Jeff D

            You’re absolutely right. I won’t deny that the United States’s establishment of a Constitution had a rippling effect across the western world, contributing in part to some of the most world-changing governmental shifts in European-descended history.

            However, now both you and I have called these new types of government an “evolution”. Evolution means that something has adapted to survive its changing surroundings. The document was extremely important, is still extremely important and has been amended numerous times, as recently as the 1990s.. changes are great, but we’ve arguable seen more social change in the last 25 years than we did in the previous 50.

            The constitution is the supreme law, upheld by the highest courts of the nation – why then have so many accepted the scapegoat reasons for breaking it? Brave men who care about the nation? As THE supreme law it should never be okay to break it. The only time that a constitutional law should be broken is if it been amended and changed – something that hasn’t happened in nearly 25 years.

            I will cite for you the largest and most widely defended violation of the United States Constitution in recent history, the Patriot Act. This is a series of laws that in broad form, took people’s freedom away in the name of defending their security.

            I will not go into the details of what the act allowed, but a short list is – increased powers by the government to gather private information of citizens without their consent, powers by government law enforcement to detain citizens without warrant or reason, powers by the government to deny a detained individual’s right to legal council, powers by the government to jail anyone within their borders indefinitely, without a trial.

            I would like to bring up a quote of one of the founding fathers that even my country greatly respects, Benjamin Franklin.

            “He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither.”

            This set of laws was defended by the Republican party when enacted as “defending freedom from terrorism”. What an ironic statement given the nature of the Act. The Act was then extended by the following Democrat administration rather than removed.

            Today however, this set of laws is still defending strongly by the vocal right-wing of the United States. The teasing quote, “if you aren’t doing anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about!” is brought up in some form or another to defend it. It completely bypasses the point, whether or not you are doing anything wrong is irrelevant. Whether or not the government acts on their new law is irrelevant. All that’s relevant is that the Constitution is being violated and a huge majority of – not the left wing that commenters on this website seem to hate so much, but – the right wing is in favor of it.

            Nobody cannot tell their people that they respect a supreme law that they then support violating.

            So I will amend my original argument, the Constitution is fantastic and should be defended, changed with the times (as it has been in the past), though defended – but it should be defended by everyone, not just those who find it convenient to claim that “you don’t believe in freedom because you don’t agree with me”. It should be defended when it’s broken by the left, it should be defended when it’s broken by the right.

            It should be defended because amendments to the constitution are constitutional and because of that, I can think of no reason why anyone would have the right to break it.

          • Buddykin

            I guess I missed the 1990 constitutional convention…..I do seem to recall numerous left leaning liberal judges trying to reinterpret the constitution as a “living document” that could be altered by their judicial “wisdom”. Maybe that’s what you have misinterpreted as changes

          • Jeff D

            Disqus doesn’t let me post links.

            Type into google, “List of amendments to the United States Constitution”. If I have no understanding of the US constitution then the whole of the internet is lying about an amendment being ratified in 1992.

            The fact that you are telling me that I don’t know what I’m talking about and then can’t do a simple google search is kind of evidence to the contrary. Maybe it’s you who needs to brush up?

          • Buddykin

            I googled it. a constitutional amendment that took over two hundred years to past regarding the timing of congressional pay raises hardly qualifies as “changes all the time” which was what you tried to imply. Don’t be so disingenuous.

          • Jeff D

            Ah, so that’s why it took 200 years to pass.

            So hey, fine, it doesn’t “change all the time”. You ignored the other part in my long post – about how if this is the supreme law, the definition of what it means to be American, the greatest gift from the US to the rest of the world.. why are you arguing with me on the internet about how left-wing nuts are ruining your country when it was a Republican who introduced a law (10 years ago now!) that continues to break many of the fundamental rights granted by said document?

            Why is it that when I said that, nobody addressed it and you instead chose to pick at one sentence tacked on at the end to make the entire thing sound more passionate?

            I’m not asking for much, I’m just asking for you to stop being a bigot for 2 seconds, looking for any tiny loophole you can find to say, “look, this crazy pinko commie is wrong!” and admit that while the left wing destroys democracy in your country, the right wing is in turn also destroying democracy, just in a different way – and not even the great thing that the US uses to symbolize its freedom in the world is safe from the wrath of terrible politicians.

            On both sides of the floor.

          • Shod Pell

            When it comes to the so called Patriot Act you will get no argument from me.

          • Bob

            Who are those honest brave men you speak of?

        • Fletcher Wilson

          You Sir have no understanding of a Constitution, Let alone the Constitution. Or how Three branches are to keep things in check. Not trough so called Executive orders. just what kind of Socialist system should we use? What one should we use that has failed before? Have you gone to College just to learn and not learn why the Constitution was framed the way it was. go to Archives in the library. especially the one of Congress. and see why they made the constitution the way hey did. and why the bill of right was formed. If people have missed used it we have let them we the people: The Republic have let them, We are a Constitutional Republic. not a democracy. Two things Progressives hate is free choice and a Constitution

          • Jeff D

            You’re absolutely right. As a non-American, I only spent the time to understand your governmental system for my own knowledge and understanding. I read up on the ideals of what each level of government is supposed to do, the basic things that they’re responsible for, etc. You’re right though, you do live in a constitutional republic. I find it ironic that you would bother to criticize “the failed socialist system” considering that many other developed nations have evolved into extremely successful liberal/socialist democracies, while stating that “we failed the republic”.

            It shows an extremely biased approach to your argument: that the governmental system of the US is infallible and if there is something wrong, it is the people’s fault, not the system.

            The only understanding that I see in your argument is the age-old “you don’t understand because you hate freedom” argument, albeit reworded as “..things Progressives hate is free choice…”. The same “you hate freedom” dogma is parodied and made fun of all over the world, even within your own country.

            I hope you have a little more in you than to improperly try to define the political leanings that I have. I assure you that your ignorant hatred of such political stances don’t grant you much in the way of understanding them.

            Example: simply saying “Person X is a terrorist” doesn’t make it true.

            But hey, what other system could you use? You could try the socialist democracies that I mentioned earlier. Believe it or not, those systems are far more self-sustaining than the patchy not-quite welfare-supporting system, and they’re far more difficult to hide corruption in.

            For the record, two things progressives hate are ignorance and arrogance. Progressives in my country are the reason that we have a constitution – and hilariously enough, progressives are the ones who wrote yours too.

          • JJHollywood

            idiot non-Americans follows their own media outlets (i.e. BBC) who in turn get their news from the LIBERAL NY Times.
            you people are sheep also

          • Jeff D

            You really have no idea where I got my information from because I didn’t state it, you just assumed.
            For all you know I got my information from reading books.

            Or are books a “liberal propaganda” too? Darn kids and their “reading”, these days!

          • Buddykin

            There were no such thing as progressives as we define them now at the time of the constitutional convention. They were historians determined to insure that the tyranny of the past did not take root in the United States of America for the sake of it’s future. Therefore they took great pains to draft a system that gave ultimate power and rights to the individual not the collective and definitely NOT to a central government. In our country it’s individuals who grant states the right to govern. The states then grant certain rights to the federal government for the protection of the individuals that ultimately hold the power. The socialist system deems individual rights as subservient to the good of the masses. If you feel that the rights of the collective are paramount then fine be a progressive socialist. We in America know that the rights of the people are paramount and ANY system that undermines those rights is doomed to exploitation by the few to the determent of the many. Got IT?

          • Jeff D

            You should read my other comments in this same thread of comments. One of them in particular cites a specific widespread example in which the US government enacted a set of laws which allowed the central government to undermine those rights of which you speak, and they did just that, hundreds of times.

            I’m sorry that everyone seems to be interpreting my use of the word “progressive” as “liberal”. I do recognize that the two often go hand in hand but I mean to use the word in its most literal sense – as the antonym of conservative.

            I am referring to the founding fathers of the United States as progressives because that’s exactly what they were interested in – they did not believe the system that they were under worked and that it held them back. Hence in the simplest of explanations; they formed their own government, a move that was progressive. They believed that the people should govern, an idea that was progressive. They believed that everyone should have the right to do whatever, that was progressive.

            Conservative ideas would have been to keep things as they were. The conservatives were the loyalists.

          • Buddykin

            So now you want your cake and eat it too

          • Jeff D

            You need to get over being offended by a word in the dictionary that holds no cultural power dynamic. It’s literally a description of political motivations and if you want to go ahead and believe that a bunch of guys who were fed up with their government ruling from across the sea and wanted to change the rules weren’t progressive then hey, I guess that’s why Glenn Beck is considered a legitimate news source.

          • Ken Reid

            Hope you and your ilk stay in YOUR COUNTRY!!!

        • JJHollywood

          not a black or white thing. He’s a THUG. If a Black cop shot a thug 6’4″ 300 lb white guy who was assaulting people, bum rushing a black cop, assaulting a black cop, assaulting a clerk, PUNCHING a black cop, trying to take a black cop’s gun—-I would support DEADLY FORCE AGAINST THE WHITE GUY…so stfu Jeff….

          • Jeff D

            I am sorry sir, but there is no proof to support or deny this account of events. The officer in question has since provided two very different accounts of the events – one in which an assault against him occurred (which he reported in a news conference on August 15th) and one in which one did not (which he told the New York Times on August 19th).

            In this case, neither report can be trusted. Why would the officer remember the same event in two entirely different ways?

            Edit: my mistake, it appears that the autopsy reports that he was shot at a distance. That doesn’t sound like a close-range assault to me.

        • Buddykin

          I’m sorry Jim D but you have absolutely no understanding of the US Constitution, the Values that it stands for, the arrogance of liberal professors, or the instruments of change built into our constitution. True genius is indeed very rare in the world. Arrogance not so much so. When the two are confused, or in your case not well understood, then a comment like yours is to be expected but never believed.

          • Jeff D

            “I’m sorry but you have no understanding of the US constitution” is a statement that holds no proof as to whether or not I understand it. Just because you do not agree with my conclusion does not mean that I don’t know what I’m talking about – it means that you and I have come to different possibilities of interpreting the same information.

            Until somebody can tell me why I’m wrong and not just, “no, you’re wrong”, I’m not going to shut up.

        • Ken Reid

          Ok MORON, don’t like our Constitution? Go start your own country! Most of us here wish that you would!!!

          • Jeff D

            I don’t think that the commenters on the Glenn Beck website are an accurate representation of the majority. I’ll pass, but thanks for the suggestion, buddeh.

    • ZombieReady

      They are easy to understand. This governor is a democrat, and depends on minority votes for power. They have no morals or conscience. If he doesn’t back the black mobs, he doesn’t get re elected. THis is why democrats , in my opinion are the scum of the earth.

  • A-Train

    pretty sure bro besmirched his own character there, moron.

    • Melinda

      Exactly. I just wish there was also video of the confrontation between the police officer and the thug. I am positive the story they are telling from the side of the two youths is NOT as it went down. They are just trying to cover their asses by saying they were attacked by the police officer. Act like a thug and ignore orders from a police officer and you WILL attract the attention of the police–in a bad way.

      • vtreenine

        Indeed, obey the law!

  • Banjoman

    What did you expect? It’s a democrat defending a democrat

    • Sheila Behrens

      And its a dumb ass talking, it doesn’t have anything to do with democrats you moron.

  • Anita Kuhn Carria

    Do you think this “besmirches” Michael Brown? Do you think his friend is a credible witness? This is a tragic crime which led to another tragic crime. If we have learned anything it is our reaction says everything about how we perceive the situation and how our emotional state is affected by our perceptions. All of the events after the killing are in essence more reactions to reactions.

  • Dave

    I want to see blood test results from the bully. I’m betting he is high on something….

    • Edgar Riley

      I am thinking the same thing!

    • Thomas Reed

      The preliminary toxicology report stated he had marijuana in his system.

  • nmpher29

    If that is in fact Michael Brown in the convenience store video, then his character was already “besmirched”.

  • Keli Grantham Steadham

    The governor threw his own people under the bus for the sake of a thug and getting reelected. Smh. Pathetic.

    • Rudolf F. Borsics

      He is a “populist” politician caring about nothing but power. Such politician – if he finds he has cannibals in his electorate, – will promise them missionaries for dinner.

  • landofaahs

    Brown’s own actions besmirched his character. What little there is of it.

  • landofaahs

    It’s Bush’s fault.

  • Betty Sines

    How is it an attempt to “besmirch” him? It just shows what happened and it is what it is. It definitely shows what happened. IF Brown’s reputation is tarnished, it was done by Brown himself. Sad but true. The THIEF is NOT the victim

    • ross mcglockness

      isn’t it amazing? they act like this video is just a bunch of actors playing parts in a fictitious event.

  • 80’s Gal

    He had no character to begin with. The entitlement that he showed is the real problem. He was a bully and a thug. Bet he bullied a lot of people. How about some background on this bully?

    • Dwayne

      Have you noticed no news station has done a background story on Michael? Maybe because it paints a bad picture of him.

      • Virginia

        There is no new news there. The news is Racism! Pure and Simple. Just in time for elections and enough to get all the blacks in America active at the poles.

        • Shod Pell

          Sorry Virginia I disagree, it is just in time to get the entitlement blacks and low information voters active at the poles. There are many blacks with good common sense as well as educated blacks (college graduates) coming out and voicing their opinions. Saying how those protesting and rioting and looting are not helping anything, the investigation, their city, or their race. I really believe that your term ALL was a poor choice of words.

          • ombuendia01

            I say they should start rioting at the “South” pole!!!!

        • ombuendia01

          I say they should start with the “South” Pole.

      • yourpaled

        That would be besmirching his character, don’t you realize?

  • Bill Storm

    The video shows the characterof the person that went up against the police. He deffinately is a bully who takes what he wants. I would even go as far to say he was on something at the time.

  • R.J. Brownlee

    This Governor must be running for reelection the way he is down on the police involved. But this is a concerned democ-rat (rats run at the first sign of trouble and start making excuses). Brown was your typical ghetto thug as proved in the video. No big loss a hundred more will take his place.

  • Christopher Joseph Highe

    It’s not besmirching if it’s showing the truth of what the kid was doing. Sorry that it blows your “good little boy” image out of the water, but news flash! He wasn’t.

    • Shelley Davis

      It also puts light on what the officer was up against at the time he first encountered this young man. Not only had he just held up this store and strong armed it’s owner but he was very imposing in size. Until we have heard the whole story I don’t think we should rush to judgement that this was a racial shooting. We do not know what the officer who was involved saw or felt. Early on in the Treyvon Martin incident we heard Zimmerman’s side. Such a sad and tragic thing for all.

      • Krimsen King

        it doesn’t have to be a ‘racial shooting’ to be a RECKLESS and UNNECESSARY shooting… the officer’s ‘feelings’ should disqualify him from the police force if they caused the death of an unarmed teenager.

    • Krimsen King

      he didn’t have to be a ‘good little boy’ to be considered ‘innocent until proven guilty’… whatever he had done, he was unarmed, and should have been presumed innocent… judge dredd down there had NO right to execute him summarily.

      • Buddykin

        You are assuming that the officer executed him. Why? because the youth was black and the officer white? If so, then you are racist.

        • Krimsen King

          No assumption… the officer shot an unarmed 18-year old kid to death… that is an execution… it has nothing to do with skin color.

          • Buddykin

            And now we know that the unarmed kid attacked the officer and was shot in self defence. If you still think it’s an execution then you’re hopelessly lost

          • Krimsen King

            we know… yes, we know everything, don’t we… if you think you know this, you are arrogant… objective fact still remains… unarmed teenager shot to death by police officer… and it’s not just this once, either… it keeps happening all over the country, so u know… maybe that’s why ‘they’ are so upset… also, if you think that the only way a police officer can ‘defend himself’ against an unarmed teenager (no matter how large) is to shoot him to death, then you are extremely lost…

  • http://wjxt.com Assdan


  • jimnbubba

    Nixon must be up for re-election,but he’s white and the blacks won’t vote

  • Jon Rister

    the video took no actions, it only displays his. so lets say video shows him besmirching his own character.

  • Kelley Raunec

    He was a criminal. He acted like a criminal. He tangled with a police officer. Autopsy showed he was not shot in the back nor were his arms raised in surrender. Tragic but not the gunning down of an innocent. Enough said.

  • AsSeenOnTv

    The only thing I question is the timing of the release, not that it ‘WAS’ released. It does point out that Michael Brown Jr was not the ‘angel’ as his mother claimed.

    • ross mcglockness

      they never are.

    • http://spsrchaplain.org Ward Clinton

      His mother has probably been making excuses for his bad behavior for a long time. Therefore she enabled his misbehavior instead of correcting it.

  • That Guy

    This is stupid. This is more race baiting morons trying to make a martyr out of a common thug. I saw the video, the thug was in the wrong. In the end, he got what all of these sorry, worthless, stupid thugs should get. They only seem to understand violence and gunplay, well give it to them!

    • Krimsen King

      ‘this’ is very stupid indeed… yes, all ‘thugs’ only understand violence and gunplay…. even though this ‘thug’ was unarmed, and the violence seems to have started with the police officer, yes… all ‘thugs’ are the same and should be eliminated from society… yes, stupid indeed……..

  • ryanomaniac

    Blacks in Ferguson and the rest of the clowns don’t want the narrative changed. How dare the police department release a video of poor Michael robbing a store. Race hustlers and a lot of blacks want it both ways. They say they want transparency from the police….except when it goes against them. Just spoiled children who want their way.

  • jonsen

    oh come on, he was just stealing and pushing people around. nothing to see here.

  • tomelora

    Just like Tyrone ,the news media only show Brown as a graduating student and not the criminal he was.

    • Today22011

      School yard bully too ?? Wouldn’t be surprised.

  • SAWB

    So this governor has no problem with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the families lawyer, etc. “truely” besmirching the police and this officer with their false accusations ???

  • jonsen

    the video shows his mindset at the time of the incident. It’s absolutely relevant.

  • Margaret Lauer

    Of course it’s relevant. The dude besmirched his own character with his behavior. Do these people always think they shouldn’t be responsible for their actions?

  • habalady

    Calling Officer Wilson a murderer without the facts is besmirching. Showing a thief plying his trade is reality.

  • jonsen

    if people were brave enough, I bet hundreds could come forward and testify to the character of this guy. Looks like he was well practiced at bullying.

  • Oliver Douglas

    Eventually to be released, officer Wilson suffered some type of blowout to his eye socket from Brown assaulting him.

  • sayitisntsoh

    Weren’t they asking for the video to be released before they released it?

  • http://VaGunForum.net Virginia Gun Owners Forum

    Seems to me like he besmirched himself.

  • belief101

    As Rush said; the cop may not have known about this incident, but “the gentle giant” did and could explain his reaction to the cop. It very much is relevant and the governor is being sucked in to the radicals and race baiters who want to set the (wrong) narrative. Why wouldn’t this video be important?

  • Kevin Frith

    lets see he robs a store so he didn’t besmirched himself? Seriously the governor heeds to buy a clue.

  • Dwayne

    Don’t liberals ever stand up for the truth?

    • jonsen

      the truth is what they wish it to be.

    • arnie

      Hell no…..never happen!

  • jonsen

    What about the character of the cop? He is presumed innocent until proven guilty, yet his character has been drug through the coals and he’ll never be able to be a cop in that town, or any other town again.

  • fewafewa

    they had freedom of information act requests to release it… so they didn’t really have a choice either way

  • mccky

    How do you besmirtch the reputation of a thug?

  • MerlePearl

    Good grief, Gov! Michael Brown “besmirched” himself by his thievery and bully behavior.

  • Dwayne

    It’s as if they showed a video of a bank robber in action and asked people to call in to the police station if they recognized the bank robber. Then the bank robber’s parents go on tv and say that video besmirches their kids reputation. That is some really stupid parents, because that is admitting their kid is the one in the video….and they know it.

    • http://spsrchaplain.org Ward Clinton

      Good and accurate observation Dwayne.

  • Angie Fredricks

    Jay Nixon you are a buffoon. Good grief!

  • Stop Commenting

    One thing seems pretty clear, had he not robbed the store, he’d still be alive today.

    • vadave

      And here’s where this behavior and mentality begins. If my mother saw a video of me stealing and then physically bullying some poor store clerk just trying to make a living and find out that I tried to wrestle a police officer for his gun then she’d say that I was not taught to behave like that at home and that I got what I deseved. No matter how much she loved me as her little boy she would never excuse my behavior or consider me a victim.

  • Donna Daggett Logan

    Has anyone interviewed the store clerk or the other folks in the store at the time the cigars were taken?

  • ServosT

    Hey, who among us haven’t committed a strong arm robbery of a store for a box of cheap cigars? And then afterward stroll mindlessly down the middle of a street and moments later confront a cop violently? Probably everyone in the world. He was a good kid, I know, because I saw his high school graduation picture and he was going to college.

    • http://rightontheleftcoast.wordpress.com/ missplace

      I know, right? If were all shot for some high spirited shoving of police officers then our country would be a depopulated waste land.

      • ServosT

        I don’t know whats up with those cops in STL, but cops down here in Texas love, love, love it when we try to grab their guns. Its kind of a game we have with them….keeps them on their toes.

        • jonsen

          Heck, where I’m from we don’t even have a police dept. People just run around taking whatever they want from whoever they want.

          • ServosT

            Thats the government’s job…taking whatever it wants from whoever they want.

    • vadave

      Allegedly going to college! Just like all “good, fun-loving kids” who steal cigars, shove poor, hard-working store clerks around by the throat and wrestle policemen for their weapons because they were accused of jaywalking.

    • elevenoclock

      Bill Ayers went to college. And bill was a wonderful person.

    • Roberta Ramirez

      He had marijuana in his system….

    • Today22011

      What college ??
      Wouldn’t think he could qualify or write a credible entrance paper.

  • 4violet2

    The only one who is responsible or has created a problem for Michael Brown is himself. This video shows exactly ‘who’ Michael Brown was, his values and his personality which might have been the reason he has been shot and killed. It also shows the intent and personality of his ‘friend’ Mr. Johnson and how he appears to have memory issues along with the intentional lack of integrity and honor not to mention how to tell the truth no matter what the situation.

  • Christine Potter James

    Everyone keeps referring to this thug as a KID…He was 18 and adult. If his parents had done a better job installing morals and values in him….There would not have been a robbery, shooting or riots. It appears the ones with no jobs to be in bed early so they can go to work are screaming the loudest and tearing up the city that feeds them with welfare. I say throw them all in jail if they break curfew, and use their bond money to fix what they’ve torn up. Do not pass go or collect any welfare if your busted for protesting. That would stop this madness.

    • Wayne Force

      I’m surprised they are not showing pictures of him when he was 12. Just like they did with that Trayvon punk.

  • Cee Hep

    Real the video right away withhold the cop name for days, sound more like setting the table for injustice. If Michael Brown was out on bail for robbery will not justify being killed in cold blood or why a experience officer felt it took 6 shots to stop him. People no one is without sin who are we to judge, we weren’t there and to many stories out here to call the truth. hopefully the grand jury will hear facts.

    • elevenoclock

      That’s mind boggling, six shots to bring down Brown. You’d think after the first shot he would have gotten face down on the ground. He had to be on more than weed, sounds like PCP. I doubt that revelation will come to light.

      • Cee Hep

        And 5 shots for a an with a knife that may have had mental issues.

  • James Powers

    This guy ( Nixon) is a fool.

  • Kev Buchs

    Excuse me did you say Tarnish him? Hey Governor are you kidding me? Stupid is as Stupid does. The punk did this to himself. No one told him to rob a store, no one told him to charge the police officer. Gees dude how did you make it this far in life?

    • jonsen

      he’s a leftist. I think that clears it up.

  • FriscoWalt

    How about establishing state of mind.

  • ucs75

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means…

    The words you should have used are illustrated, exposed, or portrayed.

    • Aaron

      Upvote just for the Princess Bride reference.

      • elevenoclock


  • vadave

    The video didn’t besmirch Michael Brown’s character. It displayed for the world a lack of character and his penchant towards criminality, intimidation, anti-social behavior and thuggery.

  • anAmericanMom

    Michael Brown besmirched himself. Too bad you didn’t spend more and invest more into him and keeping him away from bad influences. Instead you are stuck with a funeral bill

    You are just besmirched that it takes away from your good boy narrative.

  • bobwms

    When folks have an agenda, the last thing they want is the truth or the facts.

  • taxeye

    How in hell do you besmirch the character of a person caught bare-faced, stealing, (not shoplifting) and assaulting (not pushing) the clerk. A few minutes later he was shot to death during a confrontation with a police officer.
    I watched the self besmirching on the video before the shooting.

  • worldscam

    Release of Jay Nixon’s moronic comments besmirch his character too. Now everyone knows he’s a complete idiot just like they know Michael Brown was a punk criminal.

  • WhighamMom

    He besmirched himself by committing a crime, roughing up the clerk. He also has done this before so this is no angel, this man made some bad choices.

  • RMK

    Must have a lot of white guilt going on Governor. Defending the punk because he’s black? How in the hell is showing that video besmirching the thugs character? He has no character to besmirch. Incredible.

  • John

    “attempt to besmirch the victim” and guess what, it WORKED. The truth has a funny way of working.

  • aqua71755

    Michael Brown is the one who BESMIRCHED his own character by robbing the store and then fighting with the police officer who eventually had to defend himself. These are the things that most politicians don’t know the difference, because they rob or lie to the people all the time and think nothing of it. Just listen to our lire in chief, he lies every time he opens his mouth.

  • antilib

    I can’t wait to vote you out of office. How stupid can you be. The jerk on the video besmirched himself. It’s just proof. Oh yeah. Dems can’t handle the truth.

  • John Goulet

    Character is defined by how you act even when you think no one is watching!! The thug in the video showing his lack of character. Should the police not release the video to try and catch the perp. What about the store owners rights.

  • Wulf

    Only a horrible person would dare besmirch a guy who just committed robbery and assault. Most robbers have impeccable moral character

  • Ferrari fan

    right and no one tried to besmirch the officer as being racist at all… stupid people…

  • bmain19

    The guy didn’t need help besmirching his character.

  • geena

    You bet it besmirched his character. It demonstrated that he is indifferent to robbery and doing the wrong thing. How many other times has he done that, too, b/c he obviously did not mind pushing the employee out of his way and walking out of the store w/o a care in the world.

    Here it was I gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was walking along minding his own business and this cop harassed him and all he did was surrender…but this video changes a lot of things about my opinion of Michael Brown.

    Too bad he did not know that the wages of sin is death. Not saying that he deserved to be shot for stealing, but God says thieves will have their part in the Lake of Fire. In other words, God hates theft.

  • Rudolf F. Borsics

    For a rational, logical person it is impossible to understand a liberal. The liberal, in the best country that was the USA was since the Declaration Of Independence always the enabler of evil, because the malcontents, socialists, feminist lesbians, communists, gay activists with gay marriage, boyscouts etc. are destroyers, and liberals support all of them undermining the moral strength of the nation.
    In an evil country the people are justly unsatisfied, – rightly so – and the liberals would champion the their cause, wanting to have freedom, but those dictators will not let them undermine the government. In a dictatorship, “malcontents” dissidens go into mass graves and labor camps along with them are the liberals, who are executed first.

    Behind the iron curtain to be a “dissident” – Politically Incorrect – was a felony. We do not have that yet. YET. What we have are is a diminishing % of citizens with a strong belief in the Constitution of the USA who are willing to sacrifice for it. Talk to some of these “millenium” “entitlement” children coming out of the Universities, high schools, and you see…

  • Enrique4

    You have to recognize that that these are the folks that elected Nixon. It has been kind of humorous watching Nixon stuttering through his local St. Louis interviews. They still will not answer why they allowed looting to proceed right in front of police. This is the Keystone Kops in real time.

  • W Mark Broughton

    if the store clerk would’ve shot him all would be OK.

  • sp2580

    What??? Besmirched???? Excuse me, the video exposed his character. How disappointing the video did not support their narrative. Stinking lying Marxists.

  • Jerry Pevehouse

    Clearly this young thug had no respect for law and order. I’m so tired of thugs getting their hands slapped and fed/housed on our tax dollar. I guess he can smoke the cigars where he is now. Shame these thugs have no ambition except to take from others.

  • Jarrod Loonie

    Mob rule! He dare not upset the mob. This problem will continue within the black community. There are black communities that operate fantastic. There are black owned businesses in those areas, and violence isn’t like what it is in Ferguson. I wonder why? Oh, its because the elders and parents in the community don’t stand for it. Where were Brown’s parents? They didn’t know where he was. This isn’t some simple case of stolen goods. The kid stole the goods in front of the clerks face, and then pushed him away, almost saying “what are you going to do?” Every lib in the nation is saying that the poor kid died for a box of cigars. You know what? We need that type of mindset in America. The values of when you take something that isn’t yours you will pay for it dearly. Kids these days have no fear. They don’t fear getting a spanking at school, they don’t fear their parents because they can’t abuse them, and they know out in the open that other people in the neighborhood can’t touch them or they will be prosecuted. This is getting insane. We will see what happens when the true information about the case comes out. No more stories of lies and other accounts from bystanders.

  • PaC SGM (R)

    Hell yes it is relevant. Fact is the cop might not have known what had happened at the store but the “Kid” sure did and he didn’t know what the Officer knew or didn’t know, which would have effected how he conducted himself with the officer.

  • GumaJ

    I sure hope that the officer in this incident understands that so many of us are behind him. I don’t know what else we can do to show support, but I am open to any suggestions or requests from the family. Perhaps an adventurous reporter could inquire and let the nation know. I feel helpless and frustrated…can’t even imagine how horrible this is for the officer, his family and his precinct. Unfortunately, I am not living in Missouri or I would head up the next campaign to make sure this Nixon guy didn’t stand a chance of winning an election.

  • donnieg

    that video shows the real Michael Brown you bunch of idiots not the one the media is spoon feeding you. No wonder the DOJ didn’t want it released, it kinked up their agenda. Obama and Holder couldn’t get as much mileage out of it when Michael kinda incrimminated his own self. Its a shame the police officer has been put through all this for doing his job when as of now there is no evidence to show anything other than that.

  • 1231726

    the Governor Nixon is a confused PC idiot

  • bdsconserv

    really? what astounding nonsense! mike brown ” besmirched” his own ‘ character’! the world has gone mad.

  • 1231726

    If you think this guy is a jerk, wait til Holder hits the scene with his obsolete/obscure ‘activism’.

  • streekyd

    He is a thief, a thug and a bully. AND he attacked a cop after this! Bum rushed him was the quote.

    What about Officer Darren Wilsons Eye socket being blown out?


  • Michael White

    The truth is he was not a boy. He was a 6ft4 300 pound criminal who robbed a store then assaulted the owner, who was engaged by a police officer getting the description firing Mr Brown. He then assaulted the officer provoking the officer to engage in lethal force. Plain and simple. If the black community really wants justice for all, they will have to come to the realization that how you feel is not how we convict a person of a crime, but by the evidence. The evidence seems clear to me no matter how sad it is for anyone to posse their life so young. His actions and those of the looters and rioting non peaceful protesters are only showing America their ignorance and criminality. Stop blaming people for your downfall. We have a back President. Black millionaires. Black police, Black business owners. Black Senators. The only person holding you back is you. Be a hero. Insipire your fellow man. Go to school. Create opportunities for others in your home town. Be an upstanding citizen, not a strong armed thug unwilling to pay for your cigar so you can roll a blunt. Lets wait for toxicology to come back, then see the evidence in its entire compass. I feel bad for his folks. No parent should posse there child before they die. Its unbearable I am sure. We must confront this with honesty and truth.

  • Lucy Farrah DeMonique

    Jay Nixon needs to go!


    You can tell he gov’s a Dem!

  • ChrisLong1980

    But MSNBC told me that he was a gentle giant!?!?!

  • Cindy Perry Faircloth

    Michael Brown “BESMIRCHED” himself when he COMMITED A CRIME!!! The fact that he was at least TWICE the size of the clerk shows he is an arrogant bully who thinks he should just be able to TAKE what he wants “what are you going to do about it” attitude. $50.00 convenience store or $1,000,000.00 Bank robbery…IT IS A CRIME!!! If he lunged at the officer wrestling the gun then unfortunately his death was the result of HIS ACTIONS!!! Plain & simple!!! I am quite sure his parents were upset by the video of their son commiting a crime prior to his death, but it does not change the facts.

  • DJ

    Nixon’s primary responsibility, according to the Missouri Constitution, is to be the “Conservator of the Peace”, to protect the citizens of Missouri.

    He has abandoned the residents of Ferguson and north St. Louis County to the terroristic, insurgent occupation of outside organizers, instigators, and terrorists. He has pandered to the lynch mob mindset that’s prevalent there, and the Missourians who live there are hostage in their own homes, afraid to go out. School has been cancelled because of safety concerns. Shopkeepers are afraid and they are losing their businesses to criminal mobsters. Officers are being pelted with bricks and molotov cocktails. Demonstrators–perhaps rioters, perhaps not–are being shot by rioters.

    Nixon should be working hard to protect the residents and restore the peace. Instead, he has effectively neutered and/or overridden local law enforcement. He put a traffic cop, Captain Ron Johnson, in charge of a riot.

    Johnson crossed the line, also pandering to the mob, apologizing for wearing the MSHP uniform, chastising the press for asking him about riot contingency plans instead of “painting these people in a good light”, posing with thugs throwing signs, etc.

    Johnson lied to the press and the public: that first night when he was in charge, the media all reported what a cookies-and-flowers peace fest it was. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was up there in the area–the riot started again, tear gas was used, a building was torched, two officers were hurt by thrown bricks, someone was shot (and not by the police), Ferguson residents were beat up by mobsters.

    Now as to the timing of the release of the tape, and this is important and not being reported: Chief Jackson had numerous FOIA requests for that from the media. He sat on them as long as he could. He waited a little longer to release it so that he could meet with Michael Brown’s family and let them have some time to deal with it. The release was delayed one more day as a result. He described Michael Brown’s mother to me as a rock, a sweet woman whose heart would be further broken by this tape. He released the officer’s name at the same time, assuming the simultaneous release would be somehow enlightening and mitigating. Instead, “governor” Nixon, pandering to the insurgents and the race-baiters–perhaps because of his desire to be the next vice-president, perhaps because he is simply incompetent in a crisis–threw Chief Jackson so far under the bus, he almost came out the other side.

    Captain Johnson decried the taped robbery as “unrelated” the stop that precipitated the shooting. This from an officer in an agency which has had troopers killed, who thought they were just making a traffic stop of suspects who, in turn, thought they were being arrested for violent felonies. Suspect mindset affects police contacts whether the cops know about it or not, and if Johnson were competent, he’d know it.

    The mainstream media have created an artificial reality here that is mind-boggling in its vastness and falseness. In the last 24 hours, 78 rioters were arrested. Only 4 were Ferguson residents. Peaceful protests have been allowed. Chief Jackson, in years past, in conversations with me not related to his job, has made a big deal out of citizens’ right to redress their grievances to government.

    What’s going on there is much bigger. There is a bigger agenda at play. It’s pretty damned scary. And Jay Nixon has failed miserably in his responsibility to peaceful, fearful citizens. Or perhaps he has just refused to do his job, preferring to pander to a mob with more cojones than he. Maybe he’s just scared. Either way, because of his divisive and inflammatory rhetoric and failure to gain control, I would not be surprised if the residents of Ferguson take up arms to get their city back, and I will be truly disappointed if Nixon is not impeached over this.

    • Richard Staccone

      DJ, good post, he needs to resign. The reason this terrorism and lawlessness has continued for 10 days is because everybody has failed to meet it head on and arrest and jail the criminals in the streets. He also needs to shut up if he is not going to address this issue properly, he is a coward afraid to do his job.

  • http://www.mrchrisg.com/ mrchrisg.com

    Cops are allowing looters to continue…so much for law & order!

  • tobyfan672

    He wasn’t “executed”. Don’t be ridiculous.

  • Michael Bednarz

    It threatens to

  • Lisa Cook

    ITs showing the events leading up to the street incidents and lived moments away; (his street) the chain of events – cause and effect of

  • poodycats

    Shot down in his own street….but no mention that he was stealing from his community’s merchants…..

  • NMx

    Impeach that phoney….the truth is never bad… a decent cop is being prosecuted in the media and they pretend it was some young, innocent kid, when in reality it was a creep…. criminal thg

  • Dave

    Mo Gov is a POS

  • beeta

    Lets make this thug look good and degrade the Police officer who was defending himself. Officers have the right to defend themselves if feel threatened.. This thug got what he deserved.

  • beeta

    The blacks are protesting again tonight.. They need to stop giving them attention.. These blacks love the attention. It takes 5 blacks to make up a total IQ of 100. When they open their mouth their lack of education screams out at you.. This will go on as long as they give them attention.. Take their food stamps and make them go to work.. They might be to tired to get out and cost the taxpayers all this money in security. .and looting.. Blacks are the only people that loot. They just look for a chance to loot.
    Brown got what he was asking for!

  • Chip

    He besmirched his race as are the besmirching rioters!

  • traceydavidb

    It hasn’t been established that Brown was a victim of anything.

  • In_the_OC

    Wasn’t there a better choice the Republicans could have made to run for the governor’s office than this guy? Sheesh!

  • Arnold Young

    He had character?

  • Chrissy Cavalieri

    What an idiot!

  • jimhenry

    It’s incredible how ignorant these people can be.

  • Today22011

    Does Gov. J. Nixon need a dictionary to understand the definition of “besmirch” ??

    • RJ

      he used is correctly…

  • bapdco

    Missouri surely has a governor with no common sense. It appears the only exercise he gets is jumping to conclusions (as so many around this country have done). New information is coming forth everyday that is detracting from the mainstream media’s attempt to try & convict the police officer. It is foolish to rush to judgement when so much is still unknown. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson didn’t waste a moment in getting to Ferguson to stir the pot either.

  • Greg Trujillo

    Just another A** kissing politician. This creep shows his character by stealing from the store owner. Then he attacks a cop. He reaped what he sowed.

  • moracle

    The video clearly shows that Brown has a violent, criminal nature, and those who find it offensive, saying it besmirched his character have it wrong, it didn’t besmirch his character, it revealed his character for the whole world to see in a non-contestable manner.

  • David Marshall

    I believe it shows the enormous, intimidating size of Michael Brown, (6’4 and at least 300 pounds) it also shows his physically violent behavior toward the clerk as well as his intimidation toward the clerk as he admonishes the clerk for trying to stop him from leaving the store. Yes he is a teenager, but clearly, this is a big man. He is no “Gentle Giant” as he has been described. Secondly, the main witness the media and the locals are hearing what allegedly happened from is his partner in the crime at the liquor store. Really, how much credibility can you place on his statement that they were just walking down the middle of the street, the policeman, pulls over, reaches out the window and grabs brown by the throat…he is 6’4 and 300 pounds, not an easy task to do and then the police officer allegedly tries to bring him into the patrol truck through the window, come on now, is that even possible let alone not a very smart offensive move by the officer. There is no way one would pull a man that size into your car on top of you. Think about it. Now lastly, this co-criminal alleges that they started running and the officer shot Brown as he was running away. Also, Brown allegedly went to his knees raised his hands into the air and the police officer shot him several more times. Does that even make any sense? Autopsies show no gunshot wounds to Brown’s back. I believe that the real facts will finally come out, however, I also believe that should it exonerate the officer, the community will not accept it.

  • http://batman-news.com It 2 it 567

    NIXON —MAO handover TREASON 1972

    ————-‘NICK’s ON!’ —NOW – – – -POST America takedown 2014……

    WHY is everyone SO afraid to use the term TREASON?

    WHY are TRAITORS still AT LARGE? –STILL at the HELM?

    WHY are we STILL patronizing franchise slum mind control?

  • Thomas Reed

    It is very relevant since it goes to show the state of mind on Brown at the time of the stop. He had just committed a felony and did not want to be arrested for it just days before school started. If he was arrested he would lose his government education grants and or loans.

  • Marcus Criswell

    Commited quite a few crimes within 10 minutes…. yeah this kid was defintly going somewhere in life. I agree if this video was a month old or older its not relevant evidence. However if he really did do this 10 minutes before bieng shot, the kid has no one to blame but himself for his own stupidity. Assaulting a cop in any fashion gets you in big trouble, but man-handling the officer and not expecting him to use lethal force to save his own life clearly makes that person an idiot in my book.

    is it sad the kid did something dumb that cost him his life? Yes it is, but this is why there are other body parts such as the legs and feets the officer could have shot to incapacitate the young man. He used over excessive force that resulted in Browns death. I know its hard to think about those other spots with a large people charginv you and adrenaline pumping, but some reasoning should have been used. Should the cop recieve a reward for what he did? No because the boy was of a minimal threat level, meaning the boy charging at him the officer couldve got back in the damn car n locked it. So many scenarios, but sadly the officer chose the most obvious one to end the problem once and for all. He shouldnt be treated like a hero, but nor should he be treated like a villain.

    • WBHobbs

      He’s a 290 pound man. He beat the cop severely enough to creak his skull. That alone is sufficient reason for the office to fear for his life. That’s no “boy” by the way. He fought with the officer over his gun proving his intent to take that sidearm. The officer did shoot him in the arm as Brown charged at him. He shot him 5 times, yet Brown continued to charge. The 6th shot stopped him. Minimal threat… not at all.

      How long did the officer have to get in the car and hide? How far away was the car?

      The officer did the right thing.

  • Lisa Quick Metts

    Total lack of Leadership. Unable to calm his citizens, he has sold out the officer. No “innocent until proven guilty” recognized here – mob rule, and hard-armed by the joker in the White House and his lawless attorney general. Better cling to your guns and Bibles citizens of the “Show-Me” State. If the officer is railroaded, as it appears he is about to be by your “gov” and “Fast and Furious” Holder hey- free TVs $300 “tennis” for all!!!! Stand up for Justice and a FULL/IMPARTIAL investigation!

  • ReformSchool

    Is Ferguson the last precedent needed for the N.W.O. to invoke martial law under the draconian U.S.A. Patriot Acts to finish dismantling our Constitutional republic?

    The Bible warns us to beware of what our eyes see and ears hear, lest we forget what He taught us. All that glitters is not gold. Much of what we are being shown may be ‘sleight-of-mind.’ On the CBS News ‘Face the Nation’ newsclip, octogenarian reporter Bob Schiefer duly bows and grovels to Obama’s man-on-the-scene, Gov. Jay Nixon, D., MO. How coincidental is it that the Nixon playbook has been central to the Obama administration since 2008.

    It appears the Governor is a political animal who has gotten where he is by his ability to define reality to those denied critical thinking ability by the indoctrination scheme Missouri passes off as public education. The Lib-tards have invaded the asylum and are ruling it. Never forget: The Missouri National Guard deployment is Martial Law operating under the supervision of the Missouri State Police. And who commands the Missouri State Police? Governor Nixon. Who was the last Nixon to redefine reality for the masses? Correct. You get a gold star. Plus special red, white and blue padding for the rubber room that is your cell.

    Are you one of the oddballs with critical thinking skills and the cognizant abilities it usually generates? You are in for a rough time. 1984 passed by 30 years ago. Welcome to the Brave New World:

    Christians and Jews to the Left. Muslims to the Right. Communists on top. Everyone else below. Have your Dhimmi Tax stamp ready.

    • WBHobbs

      No. It’s not that big of a deal.

  • OK_Bayou

    Michael Brown “besmirched” his own character with his behavior in the convenience store.
    The video was just the “messenger.” Don’t blame the messenger.

  • Dr Clifford Brickman

    Of course state-of-mind counts .. even w/ de Keystone cops .. de Keystone ex-atty-general Govenator .. hahaha :-(

  • Rod Norman

    Hell yeah go around shoving around smaller people and stealing stuff. Thug 4 life!

  • HomeAgain

    The governor’s character was besmirched by his own remarks. Brown’s character was besmirched by his own actions. Blame the guy in the mirror, it is called responsibility.

  • Rick Westover
  • mac

    How much would anyone want to bet that if a video of the police officer were released, cropping it down to just show the officer shooting his pistol (nothing else), they would love it and you wouldn’t be ale to turn on ANY channel on the TV with out seeing it run over and over ad over (including the cartoon network). CNN would probably even break away from the coverage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, to play it 2 or 3 times.

  • gavinwca

    How do you besmirch the reputation of a robbery suspect when you have pictures of him robbing the store. This Governor is an idiot, that caters to thieves, looters and robbers. The governors plan of protecting looters does not work just adds to the troubles. When you advertise that you are not going to punish looters and robbers you get more looters and robbers. This governor had better find someone who knows how to handle the criminal element, put them in charge and get out of the way. Only then will this situation end.

  • james c

    But But But he was going to college!

  • busnrete8

    Is Nixon tipping the scales like obama says he won’t? Ooops, obama already did. Have we forgotten the cigars that were stolen? I have the answer to this and I wasn’t even there. obama created an arrogance in the black community as soon as he was elected. Brown felt like he was being imposed on when he was asked first to move from the middle of the street. Brown didn’t know the policeman had no knowledge of the cigar theft. Now Ferguson is dealing with al sharpton who is doing nothing but stoking the flames and filling his own cash register! Brown brought down his own character.

  • thedogwalker

    This video shows exactly the character of Michael Brown, a hulking thug who intimidated anyone who got in his way.

  • DO’Riley

    It gives you the state of mind of Brown when confronted shortly afterwards by police officer again he probably tried to intimidate his confronter like he did with the store clerk ! Very relevant!

  • JLWright

    State of mind:

    “The dilemma of Hamlet the Prince and Man” is “to disentangle himself from
    the temptation to wreak justice for the wrong reason and in evil passion, and to do what he must do at last for the pure sake of justice. From that dilemma of hurt feelings and right actions, he ultimately emerges, solving the problem by attaining a proper forgiving (peaceful and unbiased) state of mind.” Hamlet knew the difference between a howl and a handsaw.

  • URKiddinMee

    First, one has to have some degree of “character” to besmirch. This strong arm, cop beating robber had none.

  • JJHollywood

    outrage over seeing the truth? the guy was a thug

  • Tara Brooke

    their Governor is a coward and is bowing down to the racist elite and probably in fear of his political career … he is stupid

  • Brenda Golden

    You have to have some character first. And that goes for the Gov. too. The video showed him to be a criminal, thug, and a bully. It is sad that MO has an oboma puppet for a gov.

  • Bob

    Since when is stealing punishable by death. Oh yea he smoked weed.

    • WBHobbs

      I think his problems just started with the robbery and assault (along with several other felonies that he committed in recent history). What got him killed though was attacking a police officer, beating him in the face with enough force to crack his skull, attempting to take the officers gun, then charging at the officer – attempting to tackle that officer in what looked like another attempt to take the gun. That will get you shot.

      • Bob

        Really and you saw this? I heard from at least two witnesses that Brown turned to face the officer with his hands raised in surrender. I hope that your family member is never shot dead by a cop not fit for the job.

        • nrgxmsn

          You HEARD! Were you there? How do you know at this point who is lying and who is telling the truth? Have you choose to believe anyone and everyone who is agianst the cop? The officer has his eye socket crushed (BROKEN) from Brown’s weapon of choice His fists so if his hands were raised it was to destroy the face of the officer. You’ve got to change the channel more often and listen to other new stations because your news is totally one-sided.

          • Bob

            No I was not there but I read and heard witnesses interviewed. As for who is telling the truth, time will tell. How do you know the cop’s orbit is fractured. Oh you heard it. Yea I did too. I read a fair amount.

  • vtreenine

    When you steal there are consequences. If he would not have stolen the cigars there would not have been an incident.

    • Bob

      Well that statement is just false. The shooter cop did not even know that Brown may have been involved in the robbery when he gunned the kid down. Get a hold of the facts before you spout off. Are you a Christian?

      • chumba1

        The reason the officer started to get out of his vehicle is because he noticed the cigars.

        • Bob

          Where is that from?

          • nrgxmsn

            I saw that on the news myself. Will that fact make a difference in your opinion or have you already judged the officer without all the facts and witnesse’s stepping forth?

      • Allen Bercowetz

        On the other hand;;; Brown DID NOT know that the cop was not aware of the cigar robbery and may have thought the cop was there because of the the cigar box robbery. Brown was not going to jail for the robbery, instead he decided to make his get away by beating in the cop’s face. Thankfully Brown’s decision was his last decision.

      • nrgxmsn

        Are you a satan worshipper?

        • Bob

          I am not. Are you a Christian? I am a Christian.

        • Bob

          You are a born again Christian. That is wonderful. I wish we had more people who accepted Christ as their personal savior. But please brother remember the teachings of Jesus, especially now. Here are some of my favorite sections:

          Love your enemies; pray for those who persecute you; do good to those
          who hate you. If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him
          something to drink. Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good
          (Rom. 12:17-21). Do not return evil for evil, or insult for insult. Return a
          blessing instead.

          Get rid of all bitterness, all passion and anger, harsh words, slander
          and malice of every kind. In place of these, be kind to one another,
          compassionate, and mutually forgiving, just as God has forgiven you. Do
          nothing to sadden the Holy Spirit with whom you will be sealed for your day
          of redemption (Eph. 4:29-32).

          Rather, encourage one another. Live in
          harmony and peace with one another, and the God of love and peace will be
          with you (2 Cor. 13:11). All of you should be like-minded, sympathetic, loving
          toward one another, kindly disposed, and humble (1 Pet. 3:8).

          Jesus said to His disciples:
          You shall love your neighbor as yourself.
          If anyone says, ‘I love God,’ yet hates his brother, he is a
          liar. One who has no love for his brother whom he sees cannot love God
          whom he does not see.

        • Bob

          Are you unable to reply when shown the truth of Jesus. Do you feel more comfortable not responding? Do you choose to hate. Do not fear, Jesus still loves you. But there will be a day when you will be judged. When your comments will be examined. Open your heart man. Growing up black in America has its unique challenges. What seems so easy to you and me may not be for a black man. Until you walk a mile in another man’s shoes it is impossible to understand.

      • vtreenine

        I just happen to have common sense.

  • ZombieReady

    Missouri, your Governor makes you a laughingstock.

  • nrgxmsn

    Their Governor needs to be removed right now. So Mr. Governor you would rather besmirch your police officer who had his eye socket crushed and destroyed by this angry thug? You prefer to suppress and hide evidence, WHY, so you can join Eric Holder in proscecuting this officer in the court of public opinion. He was only doing his duty he did not break any laws. The store video reveals the spirit Michael Brown was in just before he carried out his next threat against the police officer by punching him out with his weapon of choice his fists. Never before in my life have I seen such corruptionin in our government and most of it is coming from the Godless liberal democrats who have no Higher Power in their conscience to answer too and thus can lie through their teeth for personal and party political gain.

  • William M Durham

    This so called lawyer now the governor is out of his mind. He has convicted a police officer before the evidence is even in. Even in the military this is called undue command influence of a case and would lead to almost a guaranteed complete change of venue, completely out of state, because the idiot is the governor of a complete state an his comments could influence any junior selected because the “governor” said he was guilty. This man, who is supposed to be a highly experienced prosecutor before he became the governor is either deliberately giving the police officer a free pass or is the stupidest man alive. But what he has shown in his decisions and talk about the incident, I would bet he is just an over matched idiot, caught in a situation far to big and complicated for his weak political mind to handle. He will end up causing more problems than he helps with his stupidity. Even myself with my limited knowledge of the law know that he has polluted the juror pool beyond repair and any defense attorney worth a rotten egg will have a field day with this idiots screw up. You aint seen riots till you see the ones that happen if this idiot completely blows any chance of prosecuting the office.

  • Li Tyler

    Yes! It speaks to character!

  • Bill

    what a scumbag this Governor is, with him leading the state you all are doomed
    40 FBI agents investigating this, 0 sent to Benghazi.
    Way to back your law officers, if I were on your detail protecting you I would ask to be reassigned. I couldn’t stop someone wanting to harm you.


    Had the kid not been such a thug, nothing would have happened. As it was, the video appears to indict him clearly as a strong arm robber. The broken eye socket he gave officer Wilson while beating on him and trying to steal his weapon, nearly killed him. That’s why he got shot. Chalk up another lost pawn in the war against the family. No matter, the ghettos are turning out thugs faster than the cops can arrest them.

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