Seriously? Two major NFL announcers vow not to use the word ‘Redskins’ this season

The September 25 showdown between the Washington Redskins and New York Giants might end up getting as much attention for what is happening in the broadcast booth as what is happening on the field.

On Monday, CBS football analyst Phil Simms announced he is not planning to use the term ‘Redskins’ on air this year. The only problem? He is set to call the Thursday night Redskins/Giants game in September.

“My very first thought is it will be ‘Washington’ the whole game,” Simms told The Associated Press. “I never really thought about it, and then it came up and it made me think about it… There are a lot of things that can come up in a broadcast, and I am sensitive to this.”

Simms offers color commentary for CBS and his play-by-play counterpart, Jim Nantz, does not intend to follow his lead. According to the AP, Nantz said it is “not my job to take a stance.”

Over on NBC, Super Bowl-winning coach Tony Dungy is following Simms’ lead. Unlike Simms, however, Dungy will most likely not call a Redskins game this season.

“I will personally try not to use Redskins and refer to them as Washington,” Dungy told the AP in an email. “Personal opinion for me, not the network.”

The topic of the Redskins has come up many times over the last couple of months. In June, the United States Patent Office ruled the Washington Redskins federal trademarks for its name must be canceled because the moniker is “disparaging of Native Americans.” In interview with Glenn after the ruling, Redskins trademark attorney Bob Raskopf maintained the team’s ownership has no plans to cave to pressure.

On radio this morning, Pat, Stu, and Jeffy discussed the ramifications of Simms and Dungy’s decision. If this trend catches on, what does the future hold for teams like the Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, Golden State Warriors, Florida Seminoles, etc.?

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“This is getting absolutely absurd now,” Pat said.

Stu considered what the backlash would be if a reporter covering the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri got on the air and refused to refer to the Brown or the police by their names. Such action would not be tolerated, and yet CBS is seemingly looking the other way when it comes to the Redskins.

“If you had a reporter [covering] Michael Brown [who] said, ‘I’m not going to say the words Michael Brown. I’m just going to say the teen… [or] if you thought the police were wrong in this case and you said, ‘I’m not going to call them the police. I’m going to call them the oppressors,’” Stu said. “Wait a minute, that’s taking a stance in the middle of coverage. That’s not something you’re supposed to do.”

While Simms is at CBS in an analyst role that requires him to offer his opinion, Stu still thinks it sets a bad precedent.

“To Simms’ defense, he is the color commentator… so I honestly… don’t care. But it’s silly,” Stu said. “It is not a racist term. It was not formed that way. It was the first usage of the term was by Native Americans. The team itself did it to honor Native Americans for its own coach.”

Last fall, Glenn had his team put together a video that chronicles the history of the term Redskins and sheds some light on where public opinion really stands on the issue:

“If [the Redskins] cave, don’t think that’s the end of it,” Pat concluded. “They will go after every other name that can even be remotely offensive. “

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    • ConserveObserve

      eat me

    • 2011RedSox

      Sick Puppy!

  • landofaahs

    And I intend to not watch any football games anyway. Change the name to the Washington Foreskins. There are no shortage of them in DC.

    • Bat Masterson

      Football and professional sports distract the masses just like Roman gladiator games. When will doctors ,scientists and soldiers get the pay and respect they deserve rather than entitled parasites like career politicians,sports figures,entertainers and “news” personalities who stew fear and ignorance among the populace?

      • Crassus

        GMAFB. Most doctors I know make more than 100k a year and all they do is write pill prescriptions. You could train a monkey to do that.

        • Bat Masterson

          They might be able to pay off student loans someday. Send more money to Sarahpac and Beckistan. They’ll promise to bring back polio.

          • rightmostofthetime

            You win. Most moronic comment of the day.

        • AmericanEric

          Crassus your ignorance never ceases to amaze. Most physicians come out of school with between 200-300k in debt (medical school only) and spend at least 11 years post high school in upper level education. Almost all of that time is spent making next to zero money, working 80-100 hrs per week and giving millions of dollars in discounted or free care during the course of their training. But I guess that matters not to the likes of you because apparently a monkey can do what we do. And yes I am a physician and yes I take your ridiculous statement and uneducated position personally and find it offensive. Next time educate yourself a bit before opening your mouth.

          • Crassus

            If you were offended by my previous statement then good. You’re probably under investigation right now for writing fraudulent prescriptions to pill dealer and pill heads like half the physicians in my home county. BOHICA, Eric.

          • rightmostofthetime

            People like you create our current climate where decent doctors have difficulty meeting the pain needs of their patients. The vast majority of doctors are good people. Maybe after you’ve had seven major surgeries, as I have, you will appreciate pain management.

          • Diane

            OMG, you are such a moron!

          • AmericanEric

            Again Crassus you only sink lower and lower in to your own ignorance. I am proud to say that no physician I have the pleasure of calling friend, nor myself are knowingly feeding the “pill dealers” or those who troll for easy scripts. In fact we make it a point to avoid this by checking the state controlled substance registry that tracks EVERY SINGLE controlled substance prescription, who gets it and where it’s filled and when. I am sorry that you seem to only know crooks and frauds and cheats in your circle of influence but I guess you are the company you keep.

          • Sunshine43

            AmericanEric… are spot on, but you are wasting your time on idiots like Trashsus!

          • AmericanEric

            Yes but remaining silent and simply letting filth sit only allows it to fester and become all the more putrid. I know I will never change the mind of a simpleton but that does not mean I should remain silent. Thank you for your comment and support Sunshine43

          • 2011RedSox

            You’ve got THAT right Eric. The only truth the covetous and class envious Crassi might inadvertently step into is if obummercare were to entrench itself. A government union of sub-par med-techs would be the result: their jobs secure, their skills low.. and their CASUALTIES high.
            “Free” state triage for ALL!
            also great for the Soylent GREEN Industry

          • Typerhaze

            @AmericanEric:disqus You are correct!! I have been studying to become a doctor in the future, be it as im only 20, I cant really afford school yet but I’d say im pretty good at it and i think it would be a viable career choice. And people who say all they do is write pill scripts are probably the people receiving the scripts. LOL!

        • manstrom

          Next time you are sick or injured, Crassus, go to your local zoo and let the monkeys treat you. Moron!

        • R.J. Brownlee

          This is from a moron who is jealous because he /she makes $3800 a year selling oranges on the corner.

          • MikeInMaine

            ^ for the win!!! Too funny!

        • MikeInMaine

          You are 100% correct about that part of the equation. Though there’s much more to it….. dumb-dumb

      • landofaahs

        When the scientists, doctors, and soldiers go on strike and say “You do it yourselves if you want it done”.

        • Bat Masterson

          If all professional sports players went on strike this world would only get better. We reward people that offer humanity nothing of value. When did it all start going wrong?

          • landofaahs

            People might be forced to look at the reality of our situation. Or they could just use any other diversion to bury their head in the sand or worse.

          • MikeInMaine

            You just bolstered my points above with your 2nd sentence.

          • landofaahs

            When? In my opinion 1965 and completed August 15, 1971.

          • jackw97224

            Oh, August 15, now there is a date to remember:

            Death of Credit

            August 15, 1788, 1932 and 1971 and 2014?

            August 15, 1788 is known as the day of “the Death of Credit.” The French government’s auction of bonds failed and a year later, August 14, 1789 the Bastille was stormed and the revolution, with tumbrils and a wooden scaffold with a knife terrible in history, began (Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities)

            August 15, 1929 the Fed raised interest rates to 6.5% (?) on its loans to ___?___ (not sure about the rate, date and to whom) and thereafter the stock market, Dow Jones industrial Average, peaked at 381.17 on September 3rd, marking the beginning of the Great Depression. The Dow Jones did not bottom until the summer of 1932 and
            did not recover its nominal 1932 peak (i.e. nominal means not adjusted for government sanctioned “legalized” plunder or inflation/counterfeiting), until November 1954. In fact one could argue that the Dow has never recovered its real value as it has never been able to compensate for the massive government/politician sanctioned looting via inflation.

            August 15, 1971Richard Nixon closed the “gold window” in effect announcing that the politicians of the US were caught in
            a gigantic counterfeiting scheme called Federal Reserve fiat currency creation,inflation, and in fact did not have the gold to back all those printed pieces of currency, i.e. the US Government/ politicians were criminals and their only
            way to save their sorry asses was to declare bankruptcy, refused to redeem their phony currency for the gold that they promised, much like FDR had confessed in 1933 when he used the excuse of a national emergency to force
            people to turn in their real money, gold coins (well not all, they were allowed in the plantation state to keep 100 “dollars” in gold coins, e.g. 5 each $20.00 gold coins as per his Executive Order 6102).

            August 14, 2014 The end of the London Silver Fix is

          • Bobby Lahiere

            Umm, only one problem, Einstein. The Bastille was stormed on JULY 14, 1789, not August.

          • the tuna

            seriously thatswhat you got, one month? what a loser.

          • Bobby Lahiere

            Well, since the storming of the Bastille occurred BEFORE what the author said occurred on August 14, insinuating that that event caused the storming of the Bastille, it shows that the author is an idiot.

          • jackw97224

            You are assuming that the Death of Credit, August 15, 1788, caused the Bastille issue. That was not the point, though it quite possibly is linked. The point was that the French offered bonds for sale and no one wanted them, i.e. the credit of the government was suspect and when credit is refused, governments quite often fail and indeed a year after the Death of Credit, the French Revolution commneced.

          • MikeInMaine

            haha. Good one Bill Parcells.

          • jackw97224

            Well, Bobby Lahiere, you didn’t read. August 15, 1788 was the date of the Death of Credit and a year later the French Revolution began. I didn’t say the Bastille was stromed in 1788! The point was that some interesting things happened on August 15 in 1788, 1929 and 1971. Reread landofaahs comment, he clearly states August 15, 1971!

          • Fiscalwatch

            Actually, very few folks would care.

          • Pat Pallsin

            It would definitely remove a share of the PC garbage we are bombarded with every day.

          • rightmostofthetime

            Maybe I’ll agree with you once Manning retires. In the meantime, I won’t be giving up my Broncos season tickets. It IS entertainment, after all.

          • MikeInMaine

            BOOOO!!! TomEffinBrady will kick his butt with an offense that doesn’t consist of ALL a bunch of nobodies… this year. AND a defense that isn’t all in the hospital too!! hehe

            This is one of those times when you’re WRONG!!! haha. Just razzin ya, brother. I got respect for Peyton. And they like each other HUGE.

          • G….h.i

            When people became obsessed with being rewarded. It’s better to give than it is to receive yet we are sold the same garbage wrapped in flashy covering.

            Idk if it’s a new video game or a new car or even a seasonal ball game. The end result is always the same. You get an update or you get points or a new story.

            It’s a repeated process that never ends. A full circle that continues to spin.

            In today’s world it’s always about quantity and collectivism and yet every single smartphone or iPhone all are the same with the same features.
            These products are nice but then you soon realize after you’ve bought an iPhone or smartphone that less than 6 months later that item is replaced by another version of what you’ve just bought.

          • G….h.i

            I used to love video games up until every new call of duty game is just another DLC.

            I used to love watching ball games up until I realized just how overly rewarded these people are.

            I used to love movies but now they’ve become so liberalized that I find myself wanting to throw up all over the screen.

          • MikeInMaine

            I’d suggest you watch DIFFERENT MOVIES. I don’t watch the “liberalized” ones and find a sh!t-ton of others to watch.

          • MikeInMaine


        • BigMG

          “panem et circenses”
          Bread (welfare) and Circuses (games)
          -Juvenal, 1st Century Roman Poet, Satirist, and Briefly Exiled for being a little too honest.

        • Randy

          Only problem with that is, if a soldier went on strike like that, he would be court martial-ed and thrown in jail. Nice try though.

          • landofaahs

            Don’t join or re-up. Nice try though.

      • Chris H. Borei

        Soldiers I would agree on, but doctors and scientist make good salaries. I would put teachers and firefighters on this list way before I put doctors and scientists.

        • Sunshine43

          Scientists make good salaries? Where you getting this garbage!?

          • MikeInMaine

            He’s talking about the ones who have given up their scientific credentials by selling out to the man-made global-warming hoax crowd. I mean, right??

        • James Farr

          Then pull your own teeth and heal yourself

      • jackw97224

        Bread and Circuses. Distractions to keep us from getting the root causes or send us off on tangents discussing symptoms.
        War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector
        enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today.
        ~ John F. Kennedy

      • MikeInMaine

        Apparently you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time? I LOOOVE the NFL season. I love my New England Patriots, and am frothing at the mouth for the regular season to begin. At the same time I am as astute to what’s up in our political world as anyone on the freakin planet. You speak for yourself, mmmK? Now I will agree with you that these people seem to be overpaid and far too many DUMB people put the athletes on a ludicrous pedestal, but those fools can’t be helped anyway. AND it is entertainment, and so the amount they are paid has NO/ZERO/ZIP relevance to other professions. If you can’t comprehend that FACT then I can’t help YOU.

    • Pat Pallsin

      Heck, change the names of the leagues, to: National Political Correctness Football League, NBAPC, MLBPC. They are all leftist, socialist losers.

      • landofaahs

        Would it be bad to pray for the destruction of the evil or would it be better to pray for it’s redemption? I still pray for redemption but at a certain point evil is beyond the grace God offers because of it’s continued rejection of the Comforter.

        • Sunshine43


      • MikeInMaine

        Good freakin LAWD, what’s wrong up inside o’ you people’s heads??? Do you know ANYTHING about what you’re spewing outta your blow-holes???? The NFL has a TON of VERY conservative owners and players!!! Otherwise Dan Snyder wouldn’t be telling the wacko liberal morons to go pound sand!!!! And we wouldn’t have Mike Ditka telling them the same!!

        SOME of them are liberal idiot losers. SOME are not. JEBUS!!!

    • smitty1007

      How about the “Red Inks” – a lot of that in DC also.

      • landofaahs

        It has potential but I still want to stain the corruption of DC.

    • Retired Marine

      Semper Fi

  • Bat Masterson

    What we did to the First Nation Tribes is way past shameful. And Tea Party folks celebrate that a first nation mother is doing 10 years in prison for selling 33$ of marijuana. Small govt my ass!

    • DJ Zhuge Meng

      Don’t forget, what did they do to each other? They conquered, pillaged, and enslaved other weaker tribes as well. If one tribe liked the land of another tribe, did they make trade or play nice? No, most often they took by force. And scholars have shown that some of the tribes if not all of them, were not natives themselves, but migrated across the Behring Sea down through Alaska and Canada.

      • rightmostofthetime

        Michael Crichton wrote about the myth of the noble savage. Libs eat that up.

  • Jonny Reb.

    Phil Simms is a turd. Maybe he shouldn’t call nfl games if he’s so ashamed.

    • jackw97224

      Right Arm, Farm Out…terminate Simms.

    • mudslide

      He certainly had no objections when he was getting paid in the NFL!

    • MikeInMaine

      He SUCKS as an announcer, and he was only LUCKY to be a part of a team that was coached INCREDIBLY well, and had one of the best defenses of all time. Defenses win championships – as we just saw AGAIN this last February. Sims is a big-time GIRLY MAN.

  • Billy W

    I think Dungy is great but is wrong on this one for sure.

  • a_view_from_street_level

    what pansies these two are or they are the brainwashed liberals looking to be someone

  • rightmostofthetime

    Simms is the most obnoxious announcer in the NFL. He can’t shut up. So I’m wondering just how long his stand lasts as he strives to fill every spare second of air time with his drivel.

  • HenryFSU

    It’s Florida STATE, not Florida Seminoles.

  • Raphiki

    Speaking for large people – I object to the use of the term “Giants.” This is clearly defamatory and demeaning. I believe that in fairness they should announce the entire game without mentioning the name of either team!

    • Fiscalwatch

      I love it. Maybe the games should be without announcers of any sort. That would really be like “being there”.

      • rightmostofthetime

        Actually, they tried that a number of years ago. It was quite boring.

  • Fiscalwatch

    I hope they won’t use the moniker “Giants” either. As a small person, that offends me. It is probably better to use the names of the various towns–rather than nicknames of the teams. That would be much better, except for name Indianapolis–but I guess they could refer to that team as the “blue and whites”–uh oh–not white–need to be PC. Uh-Oh–Miami is also an Indian name. This is so confusing–I need a powder.

  • bobwms

    Just call them “Hatchet Heads”. Or maybe even “Native American Parasites”. And why do we need a “Bureau Of Indian Affairs”?

  • ogieyoungnhip25

    Perhaps these sports announcers think they are the only ones in our country with Freedom of Speech! Someone should disabuse them of this mistaken idea- maybe their bosses……..

  • Beam_Me_Up_Scotty_Now

    This is exactly how the government instigates “pretend” issues to keep a majority of the low information viewers focused on something completely absurd, so that they don’t get held accountable for Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the NSA spying on Americans, the IRS targeting conservatives, thousands of people invading our country from the South, tens of millions of Americans supposedly leaving the workforce so that the unemployment numbers don’t reflect the fact that our economy is tanking, high gas prices, high food prices and all of the “major failures” of state and federal governments.

    Anyone who is insulted by the use of the name Redskins by a professional sports team is really out of touch. The team was named in honor of the American Indians, not as a slur. Give me a break.

    So I guess we’ll next be focused on the #1 ranked Florida State Seminoles, the Cleveland Indians and the Central Michigan University Chippewas etc. etc. etc.

    This is just a bunch of crap……..get over it

    • rightmostofthetime

      “So I guess we’ll next be focused on the #1 ranked Florida State Seminoles, the Cleveland Indians and the Central Michigan University Chippewas etc. etc. etc.”

      Of COURSE those are next!

    • DJ Zhuge Meng

      And then after that, PETA or some other organization will go after those teams that have animal names; Miami Dolphins, Michigan, Wolverines, Seattle Seahawks.

  • Melissa Anderson
    • tonybigs

      Like It! Those “redskins” can play the “russets”.

    • MikeInMaine

      That’s friggin hilarious!!

  • smitty1007

    It’s all part of the grand Communist plot! “A house
    divided cannot stand” Abe Lincoln and Matthew 12:25

  • 2011RedSox

    Personally our entire language should be truncated to grunts and groans so as to avoid all controversy and hurt feelings. Well, perhaps an occasional list of government accepted abbreviations, say like LGBT, you know for
    Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon and Tomato sandwiches!
    (were that true…)

  • John_P_Hurabiell

    What asses.

  • Pat Pallsin

    Very surprised Tony Dungy would fall for this nonsense. Good thing they aren’t working a Red Mesa (Arizona) High School Redskins’ game down here on the reservation this season!

    • rightmostofthetime

      Dungy’s trying to atone for his comments on Michael Sam. Thou shalt not offend the liberal sports media.

  • Wes

    What about the Minnesota Twins? How dare they exploit twins in such a way. They are people just like us… but they have an exact copy. This is horrible and must be stopped.

    Also.. the Chicago Bears.. I mean.. I have seen some Bears lately and they have seemed really depressed.

    .. and don’t even get me started on the Packers ( lots of issues there…)

    • Cheryl

      OK it’s one thing to talk about the Twins, and you forgot (purposely) Vikings, and Bears but don’t start on the PACK!!!! JK there will always be rivairly amongst all of them, that’s what makes great football, not the F**n announcers…..

      • rightmostofthetime

        I’m pretty sure you missed the joke.

  • antilib

    CBS, if this is what you have to offer for a color analyst I will not be watching any games he covers. This is ridiculous.

  • 88Inator

    Why Phil Simms is a commentator boggles the mind to begin with… no less his two cents about the REDSKINS… Hey Phil… have a drink, place some bets and shut your mouth you POS!

    • rightmostofthetime

      He’s the number one color guy for CBS. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why.

  • Michael David Davis

    utter horseshit

  • 2011RedSox

    …and what about the New York Stankees.
    Oh, sorry, only we Red Sox fans use such nomenclature!

  • Jr1776

    Hell the word Washington is more offensive to me.

  • chrisE

    I’m a very tall man, a giant. I would also like to see the New York Giants change there name because it’s offensive to me and people like me……haha

    • Ellwood

      I too am a man of large stature and I stand with you, hopefully on something really sturdy, in calling for “The New York Team”, well, one of the New York teams to change their offensive moniker.

  • SMW

    landofaahs – 100% totally right-on! Washington (Moscow West) Foreskins!!!! gee I wonder what the helmet design will look like!?

    • Hugh Jass

      like this…

    • Hugh Jass

      or like this…


    What if Simms has to say that a producer of Redskin potatoes is a sponsoring a segment of his show?

  • Fifth_Disciple

    Simms, Dungy? I thought those guy’s had died!

  • Tom woods

    I think they should eliminate Washington and call them Redskins Who the hell has any pride left in Washington anyway.

  • Tom woods

    I think they should just call them the redskins, who the heck has any pride left in Washington anyway???

    • slk5

      washington is offensive!!!

  • usmadgirl

    I wake up every day hoping things won’t get any more absurd but here you go!

  • Chiefbuck

    Phil may want to consider swapping games with someone less sensitive. I previously had a great deal of respect for Simms. I have been gradually losing interest in pro sports, basketball was the first casualty, then baseball, now football. Watching football was serious stuff, at deer camp it was a must. Now 2-3 guys watching it, the others playing cards. I wanted to see if it was just me, but most of my buddies have all lost interest. I may however start following the Redskins.

    • rightmostofthetime

      Before you waste time on the Redskins, take a look at them coming on the field last night with their hands up, in “solidarity” with Mike Brown.

    • slk5

      for me it was baseball, then pro basketball!!!

  • Joe

    I’m a life long GIANTS fan and Phil is one of my favorites, but I must say that I’m ashamed of him for caving to political correctness. What a crock of Shimst.

    • slk5

      i’m the same as you!!! first game i watched was the ’58 championship game!!!

  • ATrober

    Well, I’m not using the name “Phil” nor “Dungy” anymore.

  • ken harris

    just another reason i’ve turned off professional football. i’m sick of this political correctness. at least nantz is a stand up guy and won’t bow to pressure.

  • slk5

    simms is a whiteskin, dungy is a brownskin!!! how offended are they now???

  • doug

    just doing it to draw attention to themselves, simms an ex giant has been calling them redskins for many a year. hypocrite PC dolt.

  • Robear223

    I guess my New Orleans Saints will be next in this BS since “saints” don’t officially exist in the Muslim world. They might get offended. Phil Simms is a spineless, politically correct idiot and I will not watch a game if he is a part of it.

    I have just adopted the REDSKINS as my second favorite NFL team. Will now go buy some Redskin stuff.

  • chucklinchuck

    From now on I’m going to call him just “Phil.” I’m not going to ever use the word “Simms” again. It must be racist and offensive to someone, somewhere. So there, Phil!

  • rightmostofthetime

    Someone help me here. I’m getting all of my comments “marked as spam.” Can other commenters do this? If so, how do I stop it?

  • jak

    In always liked Phil Simms. Now that I’ve found out he’s one of the PC idiots, I consider him a complete jerk. A go along to get along phony.

  • stuckinIL4now

    My team doesn’t play the Redskins in the regular season so I don’t have to bother avoiding these media morons. The NoFunLeague needs to wake up and recognize who its true supporters are or, as Rush has forewarned, it’ll be history soon enough.

  • bressler


  • Thunderthud

    No one has objected to my photo and username. Could it be because I normally only post on conservative websites? I am part Cherokee, BTW.

  • olhg1

    I, too, thought that not using “Redskins” was stupid, until I learned that “Redskins” was not a derogatory term, but came from a time when white men who fought the Indians and scalped them as a reprisal, called the acquired scalps “Redskins.” This appalls me, and now I’m all for changing that name. I do not consider “Braves,” “Indians,” “Warriors” offensive.

  • B Van Sant

    Good. After the ‘Skins second team pretty much SALUTED the violence in Ferguson? RIP THAT NAME AWAY! I don’t want my GREAT GRANDMOTHER who was full blooded CHEROKEE to be remembered in a way that promotes and celebrates racists and violence.

    • Rayne Summers

      Yeah, except it doesn’t.

  • Bud

    These yo yo’s need to grow up and quit acting like kids out looking for a little publicity, it’s getting pretty childish!!!!

  • rcaston

    Fire the bums. They get paid to announce games, nothing more. Enough said.


    What we need is a team called “The Pale Faces.”

  • Myles Standish

    I, for one, no longer watch professional sports. I have consistently found them to be a bunch of overpaid prima donnas who have no loyalty to their team, city or fans — just the highest bidder.

  • mudslide

    aaaaaaaaaand the pussification of America continues

  • Myles Standish

    As we all know, multi-zillion dollar sports franchises always make it a point to select a name for their team based upon how much they disrespect said name, and how much disrespect and ridicule it will bring their team. No team has ever selected a name out of respect or pride for said name or entity. Why on earth would they do something like that?? The selection criteria is always focused on just one thing — how stupid and impotent it will make the team look and sound. We do all know that, right? Of course we do.

    I hope P.C. pussy-willow Phil Simms is proud of himself. His determination is appeasing the five activists who made an issue out of this matter for self gain and recognition. They represent no one but themselves and the other P.C. mental midgets who are always on the look-out for something to be offended by, no matter how completely idiotic or wrong-headed it might be.


    Dungy is a pencil neck geek.

  • Doncharles715

    Good for you Jim and Phil you can go to hell you dumb fool. And to think I once has respect for you as the Giants QB.

  • box-bb-car

    There are a couple of solutions to this whole controversy.
    1 – change the symbol of the team to be a red potato and keep the name
    2 – have the new symbol be a group of one black/brown guy, one oriental, one Indian and one caucasian, and name the team the Washington Four Skins. The mascot can be a politician

    • Bill McClure


  • Bill McClure

    Make sure you don’t say “Browns,” “Packers,” “Vikings,” “Steelers,” “Texans,” “Saints,” “Titans,” “Buccaneers,” “Cowboys,” “Giants,” “Patriots,” “Chiefs,” or “Raiders” either…as ALL of these team names could be offensive to people. GET OVER YOURSELF!

  • Jean Erwin Gailey


  • Tom Boggs

    Maybe viewers should boycott TV games using announcers who want to politicize the game!

  • Ron Krandle

    Well to be fair, I never mention the word “Simms” when talking about great Quarterbacks who have played the game.

  • Will McDonald

    Simms is a big ego from Morehead. Fire him so we don’t have to listen to his drivel.

    • toomuchsense

      Simms ego is maintained by his masters. The ESPN leadership.

  • FowlBawl

    i will not be able to hear if mr. simms lives up to his promise not to utter the vile team name in washington as i will not be listening to his stellar commentary this season.

  • swampbuggys

    Put a picture of “Redskin” Liz Warren on the helmet and the liberals will never mention it again.

  • Karl Spencer

    Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me. Stupid liberals! Simms played for the Giants. Isn’t that a slur against large people. You can’t have a logical argument with liberals because they are insane!

    • Michael Superczynski

      The NY Giants name is a slur against big people. Oh the horror! :)

  • Michael Superczynski

    Before long we won’t be able to refer to our country as America the Beautiful as some dumb blonde might be offended.

  • Charles Singleman

    Guess I won’t watch Monday Night Employment Distraction. I’m there’s something more entertaining on.

  • Craig Stump Sledge

    Simms is the worst commentator in the NFL.

    • toomuchsense

      But he is one of the best suck ups.

  • Bill Cavin

    Fire them both, your announcers not politicians, journalists,

  • Bill Cavin

    ok, if all the Indian references are bad, then why is no one saying anything about the Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Chief, Chicago Blackhawks. Change one you gotta change all, right?

    • tonybigs

      And that’s for Native Americans (add The Florida Seminoles). Perhaps certain Americans are offended by “Yankee”. Our Norse friends may not like the use of “Vikings”. Those involved in gold mining may detest the fast and loose use of “49’ers”. Don’t get me started with the use of “Cowboys” — just how many of them have worked cattle? Bird lovers might be offended with the array of and depiction of raptors.

      • Sherry

        FSU has the blessing of the Seminole tribe…they love that the team has their name and uses Chief Osceola as their mascot. It will never change.

      • toomuchsense

        The 49’s raped the countryside, razing and destoying the habitat to get at a little yellow rock.
        Phil Simms is weak, morally immature, weaked backboned, self lover, who ignores the plight of the earth. By worshiping those that rape the land for yellow rocks, then celebrate those actions by naming a team after them. The 49ers use a name of shame.
        But where is little corrupt Phil Simms? He’s out celebrating those that raped the land, and those that celebrate those acts.
        Phil Simms is morally weak, suck up to the NFL and ESPN structure.

  • Shemp

    This is a small part of 0bama’s Fundamentally transformed PC Progressive American Utopia…how you liking it? And don’t forget no more using the word “bossy” either!

  • Dave Bellewood

    Dallas Cowboys, might offend some real cowboys. Buccaneers? Sure some modern day pirates don’t like that. Giants, fee fi fo fum this is sure to offend someone. VIKINGS!! Now you playing with my ancestry………. :(

  • whatsthatagain

    Do ya ‘spoze Phil will call the other team the NY Very Large People?

    • stuckinIL4now

      How ’bout Army Insects? = GI Ants

  • karlmalone

    I totally agree with Simms. ‘Redskins’ is very offensive name. Also, he shouldn’t call a Browns game because of vulgarity and common decency, and don’t even get me started on the Packers.

    • Jim Gunslinger

      Hardy har har, especially the Packers.

  • the tuna

    this sounds like some wimpering crap beck would do

  • lark2

    Who are we insulting by the use of the name, Cleveland Indians…they are not indians. How about the Atlanta Braves. They are not Braves. INDIANA? INDIANAPOLIS? SEMINOLES? Evidently, Phil Simms doesn’t have a brain of his own. He only mimics what the idiots say.

    • toomuchsense

      You are correct. Phil Simms mimics what the organization allows. Phil Simms has only one conviction. Suck up what ever is needed by the NFL and ESPN organizations leaders, to keep his job.
      With Phil Simms, you don’t get a REAL man. You get a sell-out. You get someone that is ONLY about himself.

  • bapdco

    Neither Simms nor Dungy should be announcing ANYTHING anymore since it’s obvious they’ve suffered serious mental setbacks.


    Once enough Redskins fans lite him up Phil will be right back to pleasing the public…Hammer Phil and his unenlightened bud and show no mercy….

  • Sherry

    FSU has the blessing of the Seminole tribe, so their name will never change…rightfully so.

  • ReformSchool

    Were spectator sports to suddenly disappear (especially professional sports) might Americans revert to using their heads for something beside hat racks? Many of those with critical thinking skills (wherever they may be hiding) would agree that obsession with spectator sports is a leading cause of overweight couch potatoes living vicariously through their sports idols.

  • Michael Thompson

    Nantz: “Not my job to take a stance.” So maybe he should not take a stance on endorsing Titleist golf balls, the Greenbrier resort and various non-golf enterprises.

  • Herbert Edmonds

    HELL, Washington is the most offensive part of their name !! they should drop THAT part of their name. And boldly be proud of displaying the Redskin part !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Colin Duhe’

    Well Phil, I’m part Indian (very little but still) and as long as you don’t call the Redskins,the Redskins, I’ll call for your termination.

  • sgtshel

    Total B-ll S-it!

  • Siggy Martin

    Tony Dungy has BEEN a moron … Simms, I “thought”, had some intelligence … obviously NOT … who cares what they think, anyway …. the team used the term “Redskins” to HONOR the native American character and determination … PERIOD!!!!! Wanted their team to be just like them!!! Morons can twist that around very easily … !!!

    • toomuchsense

      Simms loves himself too much.
      Beware, when someone, anyone, thinks too highly of themself.
      Simms is classic example of a SELL OUT. Simms will do what it takes, to remain within the group. His backbone is as strong as those he covents allows it to be.

  • MistaB

    Hey Phil, don’t be such a P-ssy!

  • toomuchsense

    Who cares. The NFL is full of thugs. With an outnumbered percentage of decent individuals within the mix. Used to be a BIG fan of the NFL. Haven’t for a few years.
    The NFL leaders would rather have an abuser, drug user, bad guy, than a decent human being on the team.
    Just look at all the rap sheets representing the NFL. Then multipled by a minimum of three. That’s being more than generous. That’s a large number of bad characters in one single league. But the NFL, ESPN, would rather have the bad guys than decent players in the league.
    Facts are facts.

  • sludog

    Sounds like Jim Nantz is the only one of the three that has any sense.

  • Defins

    Doesn’t CBS pay Simms ? I’m pretty sure that if CBS told him to call them the Redskins he would. CBS is caving also. I guess this Native American High School has no problem with it.

  • james c

    Liberalism at its best.

  • zyggy

    Next, baseball ” Indians” cleveland also stupid name?.what is what bothers them about Redskins, the color or the skin?.then the White socks?.refernce to ” black ” ?
    The ” patriots ” against the Crows. ( about color again?
    What kind of stuoid sickness has reached USA?..

  • Ray Lennon

    More PC crap from the media. Simms….who cares? Shut up and do your job.

  • Patrick stoner

    I am just not going to listen to the guys. I will listen to the local guys on the radio. Problem solved.

  • R.J. Brownlee

    I have come to the conclusion that all “professional sports” are just a means to get people on the couch. The main focus is to hold your attention while commercials and sales videos use subliminal forms of hypnosis. So the consumer will purchase said items of which are the leading cause of obesity. Another words free your mind and your ass will follow.

  • Joshua4jehovah

    This has no ramifications for those other teams listed as they are not named after someone’s skin color nor do they depict a character as their logo. Their maybe something to be said about the Cleveland Indians but that is not a derogatory term where as redskins is just like black skin would be.

  • Larry Ward

    I personally think the term “Giants” is an offensive word. Tall people or people over the size of an average American are offended i.e. gentle giant. This must stop. I think we should just number the teams the way they finished last year and then nobody gets their feelings hurt.

  • Mike Knowlton

    Politically Correct iswhat you go to when you are pandring to eeryone who is thin skinned and looking desperately for a reason to cry about how offended they are. Want offended? I am seriously offended by a gang of goons in DC who write laws then decidethey don’t need to go by them. I am offended by people who take advantage of the freedoms paid for by men nd women who served in the military, and usethose freedoms to slander and belittle those military people. I coud go on, but please add your own “offended by.”

  • wispi

    If you don’t like the name then get another job. Redskins are Redskins, get over it!!!

  • Ncrdbl1

    Fire them both

  • URKiddinMee

    Political correctness run amok . . . some MORE!

  • Thunderthud

    Did you hear about Red Mesa High School in Arizona. It’s on the big reservation and nearly 100% Navajo. Will they have to change their nickname from “Redskins?”

  • Matt

    I am waiting when we won’t use the term “Saints” for New Orleans. After all, that celebrates Christianity, right?

  • radical_too

    I detest listening to Phil Simms as a commentator and have always felt he is worst one out there.

  • MikeInMaine

    Well screw these IDIOTS!! We fortunately have the GREAT analyst/ former coach and TE Mike Ditka, who just went on a GARGANTUAN rant about these liberal IDIOTS who are screwing up EVERYTHING in our nation with their ridiculous political correctness, and he is going to use the term forever – hopefully, as he hopes Dan Snyder NEVER caves to these PUNKS!!

    Read it here:

  • Michael Scamacca

    Dungy & Simms should not do any games. If they want to take a political stand they are in the wrong venue. Run for office.

  • Alan C Rohner

    No NFL will be seen nor played on TV in my house.

  • Jorge Gonzalez-Mora

    Easy, take both idiots out of the Redskins games

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