A simple question asked in an AskReddit forum on Tuesday quickly went viral as respondents pondered: What is a completely rational sentence you could speak today, that if you said 20 years ago, people would think you were insane? The post quickly garnered more than 3,000 responses ranging from technology to politics to culture. On radio this morning, Pat and Stu ran through the list and came up with some of their own.

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“You think about the changes that ever taken place if society over the last 10 years or 15 years or certainly the last 20 years,” Pat said. “I think it was 1994 when the station that we worked at started to get the Internet. And then you think how fast things have evolved since then. It’s unbelievable.”

Below are a few responses that made the “top 200 comments”:

“Hang on. I’m going to Google it.”

“My internet is down so I cant watch TV.”

“I can’t wait for Disney to finish making the next Avengers and Star Wars movies!”

“I have 2,000 followers!”

“Yelp says to try the gluten-free bison burger with kale and quinoa.”

“That gas station is cheaper at $3.79!”

“I’ll just take a picture with my phone real quick!”

When you consider how much has changed in the last five, 10, 15, 20 years, one can only imagine how different the world will be 20 years from now.

“So think of how it’s changed in the last 15 years,” Pat said. “How much more should we expect in the next 15 years.”

“Now all these things are building on top of each other,” Stu concluded. “Once you get going, the speed increases more quickly than before. The advancements happen faster… I mean it’s incredible. And where we’ll be in 10, 15, 20 years is something we can’t comprehend.”