At least 47 protesters were arrested in Ferguson, Missouri on Tuesday night and three handguns were seized, according to Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol. Despite the several dozen arrests, Tuesday proved to be a relatively calm for the embattled town that TheBlaze’s Dana Loesch has described as a “war zone.”

As The Hill reported, Johnson said the protest crowds were “smaller” and dissipated “earlier” on Tuesday despite the dozens of arrests. Furthermore, the Molotov cocktails and violence that plagued Monday night’s protests was nowhere to be found.

Hopefully, Tuesday represents a pivot point for the protests and riots that have raged on since the August 9 shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. But, as TheBlaze reports, new videos show radical communist revolutionaries from the likes of New York and Chicago have made their way to Ferguson to ratchet up rhetoric.

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“New problem – or maybe not so new – in Ferguson,” Pat said on radio this morning. “These communist, piece of crap agitators are trying to incite rioting, and are trying to fire up the crowd, and are trying to stoke the flames of hate and discontent to make this thing last longer.”

A video uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday shows Gregory Lee Johnson, a veteran member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, riling up a crowd in Ferguson.

Watch that video below (Content Warning: Strong language):

Johnson’s fellow Revolutionary Communist Party member Travis Morales has also been seen at the protests. St. Louis Alderman Antonio French uploaded a video that reportedly shows Morales arguing in the streets.

According to the Missouri Torch, the man speaking with Morales is Brother Anthony Shahid – a black community leader.

“You’re not gonna hurt our kids,” Shahid said.

“No, they’re hurting our kids,” Morales replies. “They’re hurting our kids, everyday.”

“So there’s your white communist agitator yelling into… a megaphone trying to get people fired up to continue the violence. Revolutionaries like [them] are trying to use chaos and unrest to further their own radical agenda,” Pat concluded. “They hate the United States of America. They hate capitalism. They’re training to bring about radical change. And this is the means with which they’re trying to do it. So you know, the people in Ferguson should be absolutely disgusted by what’s going on there.”

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