Black guest stuns CNN anchor: Racism is ‘not a major problem’ in this country

If you have watched any of the mainstream media’s coverage of the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, you have probably heard the incident reduced to these terms: An unarmed black ‘teen’ was shot dead by white police officer. The racial narrative in this case – much like the Trayvon Martin case – is being further perpetuated by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

But there are some black voices speaking out against the perpetuation of this theme. During an appearance on CNN Wednesday, radio and television personality Larry Elder noticeably stunned anchor Brooke Baldwin when he frankly declared the media overstates the role of racism in this country.

ELDER: I think the media perceives racism to be a far bigger in America. That’s why we spend so much time on people like Donald Sterling, and Cliven Bundy, and before that it was Paul Ryan, who said some things that were racially intemperate. I think we’ve been training black people to think racism is a bigger deal. I think the reason the left wants that is because of votes and power.

I think we have been training black people to think that racism is a bigger deal. And I think the reason that the left wants that is because of votes and power. As long as black people believe that race and racism are the major problem in America, you have got that 95 percent monolithic black vote, without which the Democratic Party cannot survive.

So you have the Jesses and the Als and Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Harry Reid constantly bringing up race cards, talking about Republicans raging a war against black people and so forth. So black people have been trained. Surprise, surprise, people in Ferguson believe that the racist criminal justice system is oppressing them, because Barack Obama and Eric Holder have said statements that have given that impression.

Clearly taken aback by Elder’s sentiment, Baldwin doubled down, asking Elder if believes “racism is not a major problem in this country.”

“No, it is not a major problem in this country,” Elder confirmed. “We have a thriving black middle class. If black America were a country, Brooke, it would be the 15th wealthiest country in the world. For crying out loud, this is not your grandfather’s America. We ought not act like it is.”

Watch the segment below (applicable video begins around the 8:15 mark):

On radio this morning, Pat and Stu praised Elder for his willingness to break free of the talking points and paint a different picture of the black community in America.

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“That is a statistic I’m embarrassed I didn’t know,” Stu said. “Larry Elder has been a really strong voice for a long time on these issues. That’s an amazing statistic. I’ve never heard that.”

To Elder’s point, when you consider the opportunities available to the black community today that did not exist just a few decades ago, it is difficult to understand why the racial narrative continues to take hold.

“I don’t know where Brooke Baldwin lives, but, Brooke, this is a country, the one we live in, where we have an African-American president,” Pat concluded. “We have a black attorney general. We have black CEOs. It’s not perfect. But is race a major problem? It really is not.”

  • berne nightingale

    A well thought out argument like this should not stun the interviewer, is it the perception that if you are black, you must automatically fall for the perception management of those who use perceptions to keep or gain power?.Surely the mere fact that she was surprised, is a bit patronising, as if all blacks must share certain thought patterns–fed to them by some more prominent band wagon riders.

    • Gary-Jean Clark

      You’re absolutely correct, but frankly I find myself doing the the same thing…stereotyping. The image put forward by the “Media” meant as a monolithic rep, isn’t helped by black folks in general, who even more than whites buy into the medias’ narrative of “us vs them”.

  • Deeznuts

    I’ve been screaming this for years! The major thing holding black people down in todays world is black people.

    • frank907

      There you go again! Emotional people don’t like to be confused by facts. They know how they “feel” and have no interest in any reality other than the one that they imagine.

    • Shane

      Yes, 90% of black Americans are killed by —- other black Americans, mostly young black males. If blacks adopt the culture of successful Americans, they will succeed in our country.

      • Nate Woi

        they got there own culture that’s the problem

  • lshiflett

    Can’t you really see how impartial the host female is? LOL (Women who roll their eyes in response to whatever they disagree with make themselves look stupid. But…this woman doesn’t need the eyerolling to do that.)

    • Really?

      She has hardly a place in the discussion as a white person. What does her gender have to do with it? Don’t assign some stupid blonde tag to this woman because she remained cleanly uninvolved on a topic she has no expertise in. Now if the topic were womens pay, abortion, or white privledge I’m sure she would have had some input.

  • Jason Gary

    When “because racism” stops being an excuse, I can’t even imagine what a conversation with a liberal will sound like. I expect it will involve crickets and a gentle breeze.

    • Jack Bond

      They’ll find a way to single out and victimize some other group, like people with bushy eyebrows.

    • Jeff Schlagel

      Black people will truly never be free until they are free from themselves.

      • Shane

        It is the black sub-culture of failure that many blacks are part of that is responsible for the failure of so many black Americans to thrive in our country, not racism. Blacks are taught to resist authority, blame white racism for all your problems, and to hate the police. This is a prescription for failure.

    • Kev Buchs

      Never not as long as these people will cry about it. I refuse to believe that race is a issue. I don’t care if your black. white, Hispanic. Indian were all the same.

  • theRightway

    …”you raised the issue of absent black fathers” – CNN Anchor
    “I don’t see the point” – Mark Hill

    That’s the problem

    • Feet2Fire

      “None are so blind as those who WILL NOT SEE.”

  • Nunya bidness

    I love it when you all rally around a Tom so you can point your fingers and say he’s one of the good ones.

    • Its me, Bruce

      You really thrive on ignorance, don’t you?

    • TxFirefly

      And your comment is the exact racism that is the problem. If a black man does not fall in line, you slander him with racists rhetoric.

    • Nichole Harnish

      Yes! I love that too! Its so encouraging when you can listen A PERSON and think to yourself how they have so much of the common sense that other PEOPLE lack. It does feel good to be able to honestly encourage another HUMAN’s just such a shame that more PEOPLE out there don’t have the kind of common sense and honesty exhibited by this MAN.

    • Bryan Bell

      I love it when YOU rally around communist, socialist, marxist, left-wing, liberal, lying, cheating, low-life, self-centered politicians and charlatans to you can point your finger and say we’re all the bad ones.

    • Cathy Salazar

      Who do you suggest we “rally around”..I don’t see anybody else stepping up to the plate that’s not hiding behind hysteria, rumor, and the always unbiased media. Names?

    • ray

      and back at nunyas house, he has taken a break to make sure the cooking meth don’t burn down his moms house.

    • ray

      Btw how Is calling a black conservative an “uncle Tom? (you didn’t use the word uncle but it is obvious) and different then calling a black man the “N” word……… IT ISN’T. (therefore there is no available argument for you to prove you aren’t racist).

    • Connor Kenway

      I love it when a racist comes and calls other people race traitor. You know who else does that? The KKK wow it looks like you share the same mindset.

  • Joaquin Fuentes

    The welfare plantation is today’s form of slavery on today’s blacks. The left uses them for votes and to advance the diseased agenda. Don’t drink the Kool-aid minorities, have some tea!

  • Lee Culpepper

    “If the Ferguson protestors sincerely wanted to know who their worst enemies are, they would start by looking in the mirror”
    Read more:

    • oldgrapeape

      I have had a very Bright Pink Business size Card on my Bathroom mirror for many years that says; “I am looking Face to Face at my Problem”.

  • VB

    Larry Elder is awesome!

    • oldgrapeape

      God Bless him for seeking and speaking the undiluted Truth.

  • landofaahs

    We can’t have that kind of talk. After all, if race is not an issue, what will Sharpton and Jackson and the like do for a living if they can’t manufacture race hustling. What would the liberal media cover if not race BS? Maybe they would have to discuss the failed policies of the most corrupt administration and the most failed administration the is the Obama administration.

  • Bully Pulpit

    Glen host the debate among black scholars and community leaders. No body else will have the guts and YOU have the platform to make it happen in a national way.

    Let’s see this play out and fight about it if we had to. We won’t heal if we don’t lance this and it is pulsating now.

    • Peter Gibson

      Agreed 1000%.

      Glenn if you (by chance) are reading this, please, PLEASE, offer the real Black voices currently being hammered under this incessant Sharpton Shuffle a chance to have their voices heard and their message sent. You have A unique opportunity now, at a critical juncture. It WILL make a massive difference. It will be newsworthy enough that the major networks could not ignore it.

      Imagine Dr. Carson, Larry Elder, Mia Love, Allen West, Thomas Sowell, Alan Keyes, Tim Scott, and some ‘new school’ guys like Alfonzo Rachel, TJ Sotomayor, et al., . in a single studio at one time, debating any of the rank victim-hood pimps that might dare to show up.

      That said, I’d sincerely doubt anyone on the Left would actually chance such an encounter, as it would stand to out them as completely contrived hypocrites.

      Either way, if not a debate, then just by producing a show of that caliber of people, specifically to shine a light on an UBER necessary message? Glenn, it would be an instant victory for true conservatism and the cause of objectivity and truth. It would help America. Full stop. And it would establish The Blaze network as an honest conservative/Libertarian voice for Black culture as well, which is CRITICALLY important at this point in our history. And I’d suspect that all of the names I mentioned (and more) would jump at the chance to sit in a single room and discuss the real agenda behind America’s “racism” narrative – especially after this Ferguson media event. Even better with a studio audience involved.

      He!!, something like that should be a 90 minute ‘special’ presentation. Perhaps think about a show with it’s own daily or weekly time slot, with designated round tables and hosts, (much like the Real News format), strictly geared to the Black conservative voice. I’ve already tweeted you about Tommy Sotomayor (@TjSotomayor). He alone would be a great developing star for your network. Glenn, it would be a media event and a spring board for The Blaze. You guys would swallow CNN and MSNBC within a week if you pulled something like this off correctly.

      Now is the perfect time Glenn. Seize this opportunity and play a part in calling attention to the real bigotry found in Black culture. Jeez, talk about doing God’s work. That would be the literal definition of God’s work.

      • Bully Pulpit

        Add in all opposing positions too. The strong voices on the other side need to be a part of this lengthy discussion.
        A symposium of Black scholarly voices to air and hear the battle for their community and to find a rational solution that can be acted upon today.

        • Peter Gibson

          That would certainly be optimal for everyone involved. Problem being that there aren’t many Sharpton’s, Jacksons, or Marc Lamont Hill’s willing to engage in honest debate with Sowell, Carson, or even Alfonzo Rachel. Not without the insulation of CNN or MSNBC producers, time limits measured in seconds, and Uber sympathetic mediators. They absolutely understand how thoroughly they’d be trounced within any theater that calls for necessary objectivity and lengthy discussion.

          Such a debate would be an intellectual and moral exercise for Conservative Blacks, and they would bring no contrivances or fear of negative consequences to that table. For those on the left however, it’s quite literally a question of potentially losing their net value, their audience, and being uncovered as fraudulent. All of which comes with a great risk that they will lose intrinsic value to the media and political machines they depend on for their own relevance and financial survival.

          Furthermore, I’d suggest that these lot of race-baiters will do nothing to confirm the Black conservative message with any honest, searching debate. Showing up at all would be absolutely counter-intuitive to their own narrative.

          In fact I believe Ben Carson recently challenged Sharpton to a debate on the very issue of Ferguson, and go figure, Sharpton declined faster than a speeding bullet. If I find a link to confirm that I’ll post it later.

      • Cartius

        You forgot to mention my HERO, Ken Hamblin, otherwise know as the Black Avenger. I believe he still lives in CO?

  • 1231726

    I don’t know where Larry gets his energy to confront the Professor Hill types daily. He is one brave dude and proud he is from L.A. Thomas Sowell & Larry Elder are my heroes.

    • Eagle Eye

      Mine as well. I grew up in LA as well.

      • mspatdev

        I also grew up in the L.A. area.

    • 013090

      A fellow number! Welcome, numerical brother!

  • Prophet George W Bush PBUH

    Larry Elder has brass balls.

  • James

    Noticed this at the end of the video. The gentleman on the right clearly and confidently states “an unarmed child with his hands in the air – who was killed – who was essentially executed.” (2:53) This confidence of course is in conflict with his later statement “We don’t know what happened! We do not know what happened Larry!” (12:12) in reference to the the Micheal Brown shooting. This shows how people can use unreliable preliminary information to manipulate and instill hate and fear in others, then hide behind uncertainty when it suits them.

    The rioting and protesting in Missouri is under false information. There are numerous claims that

    A). Brown was shot in the back while he was running away. this conflicts with the autopsy report which clearly shows he was only struck in the front. Below are sources which disprove that.

    B).He never fought with the officer, and instead was just walking along and was attacked without cause, and held his hands up saying “don’t shoot!” Below are sources which disprove that.

    And c). Which is the prevailing narrative by the police and corroborates the evidence, Brown attacked the police officer and was shot while “charging” towards the officer, thus implying self defense. Below are supporting sources.

    All of this goes to show you that news reports and false testimony can be deceiving. All that violence in Ferguson is being cause by an anti-cop mentality, propaganda, and those who would lie and ignore the truth to instill violence and chaos in our country. The evidence seems to show that the shooting was justified, and every person who rioted and looted is on the wrong side of the law, and on the wrong side of justice.

    • Charles

      ^ this. The lynch mob mentality going on with all this (which there is a sick irony to) is scary. The jump to conclusions was/is amazing. “Evidence, who needs that”. “Justice now” is not something our system does, but it does do justice with some time (with a high percentage). The “leaders” involved all around here have not left the best impression with me at all though. *Edit – Neither have the people themselves so much (until the last couple nights). Their notion of justice does not square with how the system works. Another example of the culture of instant gratification.

    • Feet2Fire

      Dorien Johnson, the “buddy” of the “Gentle Giant” who gave a bogus story of what happened has, it was recently reported, an arrest warrant out on him for theft and for lying to police.

      His gang-tats on his face and neck were all anybody had to see to know he was NOT TO BE TRUSTED! When will America wake up and stop pretending that the gansta lifestyle is healthy or desirable or in any way “artistic expression” or “authentic black culture”? The victim Mike Brown was also a budding “rap artist.” By the way, the “Hands up, Don’t shoot” chant at the Ferguson protests echo words to a rap by 2 Pac that’s been out there for a couple years. :-

    • Bingus Reevus

      Sorry, but if you can’t handle an unarmed suspect without shooting them, then you shouldn’t be a police officer. Our officers are trained in military fashion to think of any suspects as an immediate enemy. When you’re trained as a hammer every problem starts to look like a nail.

      You’re right that people shouldn’t cause more violence and turmoil over the issue, but also recognize that we’re living in a police state; If we let every police officer shoot their way through their problems with no repercussions it’ll only get worse.

  • Tom Stirling

    I bet Larry Elder will have a difficult time getting on CNN again…but I may be wrong..

  • mawpuff

    MLH and his looks of puzzlement get on my nerves. I would prefer if our race addressed black on black crime with the passion they do when a black is killed by a white. The media is also complicit in this area. They DO NOT report as heavily when a white person is killed by black people. Racism IS on the rise because this administration has made it an issue, a political excuse, at every turn.

    • Deeznuts

      Report as heavily? When do they ever report black on white crime?

      • oldgrapeape

        They DON’T and WON”T because they are Scared to. Most News seems to Happen in Black areas of a City, so they have to side with Blacks to be able to run freely among them to have a Story Right are Wrong. CNN’s Reporting of Truth and Real Facts are mostly wrong. In this case they have NO ONE Reporting that have ever been in a Real Street Fight are knows anything about Guns, Marital Arts, are Street Fighting. So they have no real idea of what, what is are isn’t, just give their own personal opinions and judgments.

      • mawpuff

        The only thing I have seen reported of late is “Knock Out” game. Other than that I cannot say they have reported much of anything. Like Michelle Obama, this is the first time in my life I am truly ASHAMED of my country and its leaders. It is particularly devastating because this was a historical milestone in US’ history:electing a black President. Although, I personally did not vote for him once he was elected I hoped for the best. And yet, we are miserably failing in every area under the sun. 2014 elections and 2016 elections cannot come quickly enough-I hope there will be something left to salvage!

        • Mike Knowlton

          I am ashamed, not of my country, but of the government we have elected.

    • yourpaled

      Of course, the media HAVE to be politically correct, don’t you know?

      • mspatdev

        I disagree with you. The media is not politically right, they are wrong, wrong. They wouldn’t know when anything is right as they are usually wrong. I have a lot of past experience with the so-called rag-T.V. media. I know you were joking, but I am not. obammy and upholder has made the blacks a racist issue. They needed all the ammunition they could come up with to have the races in America devided and what is much better then race. TO ALL OF YOU BLACKS OUT THERE. YOUR SO-CALLED PREZ IS NOT THE FIRST BLACK PREZ. How can he be that when he is a zebra? 50% White, 44% Arab and a measily 6% Egypitian/Kenya Black. Dr. Ben Carson is running for the Prez. of the USA and he is totally Black and he will be your first black president. He is honorable, truthful, honest, etc. If he makes a mistake he isn’t going to blame everyone around him like obammy does. He has been in the best schools of America, worked at very good job and has taken care of many people. What did obammy do, NOTHING, a community organizer. Stealing from people. He has paid millions of dollars to hide his past. Dr. Carson has opened his past up for the world to see. Obammy didn’t go to Columbia or Harvard. No one seen him or have heard his name. Aren’t you tired of having a liar as your prez. A gay person. He hasn’t told you Blacks anything, he has just pretended to be black so you would become Communist and that way OBAMMY WILL HAVE THE POWER OVER YOU. GET OFF YOUR DUFFS AND FIGHT FOR AMERICA.

        • mawpuff

          I’m not so sure he’s even pretended to be black. The most he’s actually said that could be construed as a reference to his his blackness is: my son would look like Trayvon. I’m not sure I have ever heard him say, I am a black man. My family gets a bit ticked at me when I make statements like he could just as easily put an X in the white block on an application. He can choose to be what he wants to be. When it is advantageous political to his platform of divide and conquer he alludes to his blackness while never really CLAIMING it! Additionally, the other side of that coin is…a WHOLE lot of white people (with extraordinary power) have supported his every move. He could not have accomplished all the damage he has inflicted on the US w/o the help of Pelosi, Reid, and other very rich and influential people.

  • Guest

    What makes me angry is that cops kill white unarmed people as well. I don’t believe this is a race issue, but a bulling police force issue that is abusing their power. Anytime a white man/woman is abused by the police force and even handicapped people, nothing is mentioned. We live in a time where we have a BLACK president that even white people voted for. The police force is what is the problem. They are acting more like a bunch of German Nazi’s rather that law enforcement that is suppose to protect and serve. Something needs to be done with the way the law enforcement handles cases. We are on our own actually.

    • berne nightingale

      Karen, you obviously know very little of certain countries which are police states and HOW the police act there. Not all policemen will be above board, but a sweeping statement like that is rubbish.Go and look what happen in a real police state.

      • Guest

        I am aware of police states, but the American police are going way overboard and the abuse of power is growing. There are very few good cops, and the bad cops make the good cops look bad, There is a major abuse of power which seems to be growing tremendously. Even the government is abusing their power as well. This is not about race to me…but abuse of power. Just making a statement, whether u think it is rubbish or not, it is what I see and believe.

        • berne nightingale

          I forgot to add, you do not know too much about how the German Nazi’s acted either.

          • Guest

            I know a lot about the German Nazi’s…I have done the historical research for many, many years. U just want to argue a point that is pointless. You don’t know what your talking about and are just making vain comments.

          • Guest

            i have to laugh at you now, Karin–claiming you have done research and making sweeping statements like that—I think I will move on to more intelligent conversation—You do not need me to point out how ludicrous you sound—if you had a research mentor–CHANGE HIM!!!

          • Guest

            perfectly stated, karin–your point is pointless!

        • Its me, Bruce

          Perception is so much more reliable than statistics.

          • Guest

            That is one thing that I do have…Perception. Facts, however, are just that …facts.

          • Its me, Bruce

            We’ll try not to confuse you with facts, then.

          • Guest

            Go for it.

        • OzCop

          Karen, less than one percent of cops are bad cops on average. You only read and hear about the bad cops, thus your perception that most are bad and only a few are good. I worked for a department of 400 plus cops, and during my 27 year career, I saw very few bad cops, and only a few that were criminally charged. Bad cops include those with bad attitudes, those who fail to help or assist public when necessary, and those who are negligent in the execution of their duties, and those who are criminally negligent…Some make mistakes, and sometimes they are deadly mistakes…it is up to the courts to determine criminality and act accordingly…Those are few and far between. That said, the evidence I have seen and heard regarding the Ferguson office does not fit on the criminal side of his actions…But, the investigation will determine that, and it will be up to the courts from there…Either way, those protesting will not accept anything other than criminal charges and a conviction, regardless of what the evidence shows…

          • Guest

            It is good to hear from someone that has experience of that which is a good cop and that which is a bad cop. I am not always apt to listen to media regarding any issue, because I do know that they put their own twist to things in order to influence the public. It is hard to watch bad cops abuse a system that they vowed to not abuse, but for those that are good cops, I applaud them. I am not advocating who is right or wrong relative to the Michael Brown case, but I am just stating that I get truly sick of every black person being attacked as being a racist issue. I don’t believe that is always the case. Not all shootings are criminal, but for those that are, something needs to be done to address the problem with cops that are abusing their power.

    • OzCop

      Karen, that’s an extremely broad brush you are painting with. Not all police shootings of “unamed citizens” regardless of color is crminal. You have to put the facts in perspective. Anyone who thinks this “child” didn’t put himself in a position that could cost him his life is sadly mistaken…These types of scenarios play out much more often than one would think, but media only jumps on those they wish to sensationize…particularly if it involves a white cop and a black perp…

      • Guest

        I agree that not all “unamed citizens” regardless of color are criminal. However the police force in various media accounts are very abusive. I just have a problem with the fact that one black person gets it and all hell breaks loose. We are living in a different era. A white person gets shot unjustly and nothing is mentioned, but a black man/woman is attacked and it is racist. That is all that I am stating here. And for those that may think that I may be racist, they are deadly wrong. I grew up in the ghetto, got out and go a nursing degree and have 2 black grandsons. It is the fact that race is always mentioned in a time when black people are thriving tremendously.

        • OzCop

          You didn’t cite what I posted…I said not “all police shootings” are criminal, regardless of color of victim. I do agree with the remainder of your statement. When the situation is reversed, little is said about it. I commend you for getting yourself out of an environment that could have led to a different outcome in your life. I too grew up, not in the ghetto, but in a quite poor environmet. Those with the will to improve themselves and their lot in life can generally do it if they try. Kudos to you…

  • J.t. Coleman


    • Ashley

      THANK YOU! YES! HELLLLLLLOOOOO!!!!! I keep wanting to scream…”HE’S NOT A CHILD!!!!!”

      • Balder The Brave

        It’s the same as calling him a “boy”. He is a man.

    • Balder The Brave

      I have not heard if Michael Brown has a police record of any kind? I have seen the video of him allegedly stealing the cigars but is their any other criminal behavior in his past. If there is it will come out during the grand jury but we may not hear about it.

    • mspatdev

      Besides that, the police department had gotten a call that there was a robbery going on. The 18 year old was in the middle of all of it. Where did all of the looters come from. Did they come from around St. Louis are futher away?The looters and the rough necks came to stir up problems, take things that they didn’t pay for. What did the people in the town of Ferguson do to their own people. They were probably sent by obammy since he likes to stir things up. Look who he sent, upholder. He is to protect all people in the USA and not the black people in a certain town. I guess his son has gotten in trouble again. The parents have no say about their son that was stealing. You haven’t kept an eye on your son. You let him go wild. This is your fault to.

    • Bingus Reevus

      Yeah, but if our officers were trained in and practiced say, non-lethal hand to hand combat, instead of the recent “shoot whatever we find mildly troublesome” style, then height and weight would be no issue. Alternatively, if the police officer had opted in for taser usage, as they all should, it also would not have been an issue. A police officer should be able to handle an unarmed suspect without killing them. If they can’t then they shouldn’t be an officer.

      • scamp

        Bingus, An Officer of the law should not have to learn ‘hand to hand’ combat!!!! Good God, you must think we’re in a third world country! In a man that big a taser would’ve just pissed him off! You don’t seem to be thinking clearly……

  • Cee Hep

    Larry a black man that does see or feel the issue

  • Jack Bond

    Racism is a problem, but it’s not coming from police or the general populace. It’s coming from the media and from politicians who are using it as a weapon.

  • Megan Durham

    The real problem we have is journalists have no integrity anymore, they don’t even try to get the full story before reporting. This shooting should ever have been Headline news, I’m sorry but stories like these should only be reported after the initial investigation as done.

  • ray

    IF you stop the 98 percent that elder was talking about (even cut 40 percent into them types of killings) the 2 percent they speak of will go down, shoot the percentage could actually go up but the actual numbers WOULD go down.

  • user598487

    Obama is a opportunistic clown who uses the same sheep minded black people he professes to care so much about. If he cared so much, he’d tell them the truth; get an education, use your money for the betterment of your family and communities, stop having babies you can’t and don’t want to care for and, for Christ’s sake, STOP KILLING EACH OTHER! But doing that would mean putting responsibility back in the hands of those same people he calls “victims!” BUT he and other Democrats like him would never do that because that would mean the end of their parasitic, mooching careers

    • jonsen

      personal responsibility has no place in a leftist world. It’s why they can’t imagine people responsibly owning guns.

    • mspatdev

      obammy wants them to be sheeps so that he can have the POWER over them and he can tell them what to do. That is why they get freebies and anything he gives them. He wants them into his communist agenda. When he has the POWER OVER ALL, they will start to work as the communist did. If they don’t, they have the Fema Camps for them to be killed in.

  • cassie

    Mr Hill kept calling Michal Brown a “child ” really!? Last time I checked you are no longer a minor, or as Hill calls him a child, when you turn 18.

  • Alexander

    He called Mike Brown a “kid child”. So are we allowing “kid children” to be able to vote and be tried as an ADULT.
    Mike Brown was 18 years old.
    I don’t know about you or whoever is reading this, but I ceased to be a “child” when I was 13, as I reached a stage called “adolescence”. Let alone, when I reached 17, I could take most adults in a fight because of my athletic abilities in wrestling and martial arts.
    Anyone telling you Mike Brown was a “kid child” is trying to sell you something other than the truth.

  • Connor Kenway

    That is because liberals are fighting so hard to push us back to the 1960s when it comes to race relations.

  • Kimberly Mabe

    “Unarmed child”…He was 18 and made a choice to use bodily force to intimidate a police officer. There is a price to pay for assault-like behavior toward a cop…white, black, green, it doesn’t matter.

  • jonsen

    My wife tells me the story of a watching a shoplifter get caught in a store with her two young children. the shoplifter was black, and as she was being held for the police to come she preached to her children that this is how it is to be black. No mention of this is how it is to be a shoplifter.

  • Jo Montana


  • Nunya bidness

    Just saying.

    • superllama

      he was only there long enough for the forensics people to do their jobs.


    Blacks in Chicago must be really racist against each other. They had like 83 shootings this month!

  • Jeo Ten

    Professor Hill talks a good game, but like a poor marksman, keeps missing the target. He continues to focus on the symptoms of the problem, not the root cause of the problem. Focusing on the symptoms is easy work … solving the problem is hard.

  • sisti

    It’s actually a very interesting discussion, and Larry Elder has very solid points, but was kinda just giving the same talking points. The truth is he’s completely right and there needs to be a genuine change in how black neighborhoods operate. There needs to be a genuine change in how cops abuse their power and get away with that.
    Bottom line, don’t just care about one issue, and buy into this whole “your either republican or democrat” bs. None of us can solve the world’s problems, but we can change one person’s day, and we have NO EXCUSE to not try to do something positive.

  • Wulf

    Any country where Mark Lamont Hill can be a professor has a pretty crappy “education” system.

  • RLJR1


  • not a liberal

    First, I love how the left all read their memo on what “key” words to drown in, over and over and over. One of the key words being “child” . Hill, and others, “an unarmed black child”. First and foremost, he was not a child, eighteen years of age is an adult. He may not have had a weapon in his hand, however, this young man used his size as his weapon. That was demonstrated approx. 10 minutes before his encounter with Officer Wilson. It is possible to maim or kill a person with your hands, especially when you vastly outweigh your opponent. I believe the facts of this Michael Brown’s history; how he behaved in school; how he behaved on the street; how he treated his peers; his arrest record, if any; whatever his short eighteen years will show, I believe are going to show he was a bully in every since of the word and by his actions. Just from the short depictions I have seen, I would say he was impressed with gang bangers, being a tough ass, using his size to intimidate all people. The young man had more evil driving him then he had good. Brown was destined for prison and, Lord only knows how many people he had already maimed or killed, or how many he was destined to kill or maim. He probably had a minute amount of good, but I believe he was not one to be brought back, so to say. Sad he had to die the way he did, however, he chose to die this way because of the choices he made. He had an ego as big as he was; he enjoyed scaring people; and he thought he could go up against the police and because of all of the PC crap, the police would be afraid to act. Well, he wasn’t too bright, was he? My daddy’s favorite saying was “IF YOU’RE GONNA BE DUMB, YOU BETTER BE TOUGH.” A firearm is an equalizer when up against a person 4 times your size. Michael Brown got what he asked for.

  • Isle of Palms. John

    It’s interesting to note that if blacks did not vote as a “monolith” the Democrat Party would cease to exist. WOW. This exposes the faux racism practiced by the mainstream media as well as those relying on the Democrat Party to stay in power. Now we are getting at the root of media and politicians actions. Great insight.

  • longduckdong2

    I remember quite vividly that Bill O Reilly tried to open up the discussion on ‘Race in America” after the Treyvon Martin incident.
    It seems that no one in the black community (or precious few) were interested or willing to engage in THAT discussion.
    It’s much easier to blame all social ills that the black community is facing on ‘RACISM’, rather than take responsibility for their actions. It’s nothing more than a ‘cop out’.
    Lamont Williams is much happier in extracting as much from society as he possibly can by supporting and encouraging the RACIST viewpoint, as are
    Barrack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpdum, Jesse Jackson, and the rest of the ‘Race Baiters’.

  • JAS

    WTF! I’m a white man and I have been on the receiving end of racism from blacks my entire life. Born poor, raised poor, and lived poor throughout my childhood. All clothes from goodwill. My brother and I were repeatedly attacked as kids living in an all black neighborhood projects. Most of the time, my only meal was a government subsidized lunch at school. My mother was totally disabled. She received disability, not welfare. In the 70s, disability didn’t pay like it does now. Do you know what it is like to starve? I do.
    Tired so tired of the whining by people who would claim they are discriminated against and how they turn issues around and put the blame on others for their own ineptness. So far, according to reports, the police officer was first attacked by Brown. The police officer then defended himself. Why isn’t mainstream reporting that? Why isn’t mainstream reporting that there are just as many white people being shot by police too? This county has more than bent over backwards to accommodate every color, race, religion, culture, etc. Where is the debate against the Black Panthers, NAACP, ACORN, etc. that are pro racist?

    • scamp

      God Bless you JAS…We too suffered in our early years of marriage and raising children. Back in the 70’s, if you were married, you could not receive any government help at all. And it was so shameful to even ask for help….there was a stigma to it back then. We were a small family, my husband worked like a dog every day for hardly any pay and because I had a ‘man’ in the home I couldn’t get help to feed my 2 babies. That worker actually told me to leave my husband and she could help me….Thank God we had our families close by! Sorry for the rant but I won’t ever forget that. I share your frustration…..

  • Mike Barnes

    “I think we have been training black people to think that racism is a bigger deal. And I think the reason that the left wants that is because of votes and power. As long as black people believe that race and racism are the major problem in America, you have got that 95 percent monolithic black vote, without which the Democratic Party cannot survive.”

    Been listening to Elder’s radio show for years. Wish he’d run for POTUS.

  • oldgrapeape

    Things today are NO DIFFERENT than they were when are after Martin Luther King’s days. Blacks and Mexican youth I Lived across the Fence from, went to School with, did Business with, Night Club with, and ran around on the Streets of North Wichita, Kansas with, HAVE NOT Changed in Mind Set. My Wife a Care-Taker for over 30-yrs. had to QUIT her Job she loved taking care of the Very Handicap because of Blacks, mainly young Pal Grant Receiving, Non-Working but getting paid to talk on her Cell Phone, Play Games on Computer, and Watch Black TV shows while my wife had to take care of those Handicap People and do the daily Cleaning. That young College going Black Women who was also working for Volunteers of America in Murfreesboro Tennessee.. DID NOT like Whites and raved on that Daily, yet my wife couldn’t say a thing back to her without it being a Big Deal and my wife getting wrote-up. One young Black Women even went so far as to say things were going to Change when Obama became President, because then Blacks would be in Charge and would put Whites to Pulling the Wagon while Blacks would be Driving. She said Whites would then be treated like Blacks have been and are being treated”. I guess that means we Whites can sign-up for all the Lay around Home receiving Free Bees and have time to prowl the Streets and Blame Blacks while we Riot, Rob and Burn and Destroy Blacks Business, etc. I mean Ignorance is Ignorance, but then CNN will be on the side of Whites as they are Blacks now. Oh well, CNN has ALWAYS been Wrong with their Reporting of things like this, they always go with the Numbers instead of just Reporting without Personal their Reports and Show Host’s Opinions.

    • Watch it

      ” Blacks would be in Charge and would put Whites to Pulling the Wagon while Blacks would be Driving.”

      I guess she doesn’t know how that worked out in Africa.

  • Mike Barnes

    Hill is a committed marxist, btw.

  • oldgrapeape

    CNN is now trying to stir the Pot with the St. Louis Shooting of a Armed Black Man. But look and see where that man’s body behind the curtains where he is laying after he was Shot and Killed. It is almost where the one Officer was standing, to close for comfort for anyone trying to Protect their own Life from an assailant with are without a Weapon. If a Person is within 10-feet of you, they are far to close, just One Quick Step away from a Power Hit are Kick to your Belly are Chest. That area is yours for reasons of Self Defense, anyone who is a Fighter are Marital Arts person enters in that area are distance from you is a major threat to you.

  • 013090

    “Black guest stuns CNN anchor”

    She did have a funny look on her face, but she certainly didn’t look anything close to ‘stunned’. Why must so many stories on the Blaze have over-sensationalized headlines?


    The Sage from South Central is always entertaining. He’s been running a Libertarian talk show in LA for a long time. CNN should have done research before bringing him on the air. Maybe then they wouldn’t have been stunned. He is one of the best talk show host I’ve ever heard.

  • faxxmaxx

    How would Sharpton and Jackson keep making their millions if they stopped the racist rants? If you listened to Sharpton’s latest speech, he reverts back to being a reverend and starts building up the crowd to a frenzy. Sort of like when Obama was crowned and the blacks cried out Obammma. He sure broke their bubble. Now it’s the Hispanics turn. They too will realize they’re being used for votes and then discarded. It’s the democrats way, and it works every time.

    • Alex Amerling

      Poor whites always the victims right? I am a white man and I find your use of the “white people are the true victims of the blacks” excuse stupid, asinine and insane. You are a klansman aren’t you?

  • yourpaled

    Yes, it all plays out as he says. Welfare, civil rights activists, giving guys like Sharpton a news spot on national TV etc. Then, the dems spend all that time condemning republicans for the whole mess.

  • Alberto Medrano

    “When a White Cop Harms a Black Man” – A Christian Response

  • Edward Mor

    Reality is if those folks looting had great jobs this would
    not have happen end conversation

  • Mike

    He is not black anymore he’ll be labeled as uncle tom.

  • savage5333

    People such as Mark Hill make their living instigating racial unrest. Much like what Obama did as a community organizer and of course as “President.” Once again Leftists cannot handle a conversation that involves the facts supported by statistics. My concern is for the policeman that is being railroaded. The “Black Child” was man enough to shatter the policemen’s eye socket and rob a convenient store by force. And because Brown had black skin the cop should not have protect himself?

  • pcantidote

    I disagree. Racism is alive and well in the form of a bunch of rich white democrats holding back blacks with welfare to keep them poor and voting for them.

    • mspatdev

      OR rich black democrats holding the whites back with their welfare to keep them poor so that they will vote for demo’s. It works both ways. obammy and the demo’s wants everyone poor so they can HAVE THE POWER OVER ALL PEOPLE and then he will totally destroy AMERICA. WAKE-UP PEOPLE OR YOU AIN’T GOING TO HAVE NOTHING AT ALL. NOTHING WILL BUY YOU FOOD. NOTHING WILL GIVE YOU SATISFACTION FOR A JOB WELL DONE. HE HAS SO MUCH HATE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT THE LEBERALS WON’T HAVE ANYTHING AS OBAMMY WILL TAKE FROM YOU. YOU DID HIS DIRTY WORK AND NOW HE HAS IT ALL TO HIMSELF. This is what you call being very selfish.

  • AbbyG

    Media stories: Racism or not; wherever hatred and division act out, cameras move in.

  • =MK=Blade

    John 13:34-35

    A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

  • dwsmokin

    I would think that having a freely elected black President, as well as black heads of DHS, AG, and assorted other departments would vindicate Mr. Elder’s opinion.

  • Joan Fisher

    Until Blacks stop believing they are victims and start changing themselves, their attitudes, their mind-set and their desires for education, racism and blaming of the White man will continue to exist. You can live in poverty and still have self-respect, faith, dignity and self-esteem that propels you in life. Most Blacks living in socio/economically depressed areas of the country turn to violence, gangs and rely on government programs simply out of a sense of entitlement and no respect for themselves and/or others. It’s much more difficult to commit yourself to working hard to earn things in life vs. taking them freely and willingly. The breakdown of the Black family is an issue, but it is also the respect for oneself and the desire to be greater than you ever thought possible that is lacking in Black America. The White Man is considered the Superior race as even touted here and the strives made during the Civil Rights movement have been squandered by Black leaders and politicians who exploit them and use them as pawns and victims. Truly tragic but perceptions, images and change won’t come without Blacks condemning what’s happening in their communities. Many can’t read or write or speak proper English -and if we think it the fault of our educators try teaching kids that don’t want to learn and cause chronic disruption in class and have no respect for their teachers and administrators. Many in communities like Ferguson unfortunately don’t value the free education they are afforded in America. If you look at the difference between children wanting and fighting for an education in third world countries it is staggering how well they do in their pursuits and their desires to succeed despite their hopelessness and poverty. Poverty is not an excuse for bad behavior and for not taking every opportunity afforded to you in granting free educations to every American citizen!

    • Alex Amerling

      Some of you whites are playing the reverse racism victim card as well.

  • landofaahs

    It is to the people who make their living off the promotion of it.

  • Feet2Fire

    People who support Officer Darren Wilson are leaving their porch light on,
    using a BLUE LIGHTBULB. This is catching on all across USA. (Some are a
    little worried that the blue light might be an invitation for
    vandalism/looting by the Bad Guys, but others feel it’s worth the risk
    to support the officer, who is “innocent until proven guilty.”)

  • Lee Mays

    1st video the gentleman on the right was the most informative in my view. 2nd video also very good, tho i don’t know much of Brooke. Finally the police need to step it down with the assaults, from shoot to kill to the abuse citizens are put through. If we are to take guns away from anyone it should be the police, since that will never happen they flat out need more intelligent cops on the beat.

  • Michelle

    I just have one question I’d like to know if anyone knows the answer to. The man that is in interviews with the kids mother, what is his name? I have not heard it or read it. They don’t say he’s the father. I may be wrong on that. But has anyone heard him introduced by name? Why I wonder? He’s got the exact beard as a Muslim man wears. Again why do I wonder or what differences it makes? In the mob (not crowd) behind a CNN reporter is a huge white sign being held up saying, “ISIS is here”. They moved with the reporter to keep it in view of the camera.

  • William Miner

    I love the way he kept calling a violent criminal an unarmed child

  • Josehine Mumford

    I found that the racist card is used when someone has an agenda for themselves. I learned that an ass is an ass no matter what ethnic background they are from.

  • Kev Buchs

    So sick of this? It’s always about race. Tell you what get a life. The facts will speak for itself then what will you cry about?

  • Shane

    You can be sure that “black Activist Holder” will make sure that white cop who killed the Big Brother will be put on trial. Holders said that he is on the side of the people of Ferguson, which means he is not on the side of the police.

  • Ed

    The problem is that there’s just TOO MUCH media “coverage”…and not enough news REPORTING. There are too many so called news “talk shows” that need to fill all those hours on cable, so they beat the story to death trying to drum up conversation points, and of course, present all those “expert” commentators who are obviously selected by the host to support THEIR point of view. Ironically, they say…” we need to get ALL the facts”…and demand a complete “investigation”…yet…they’ve already formed opinions and selectively report those “facts” that support how they think. And the public blindly follows what they hear from these supposed “journalists”…….

  • D.C. Dave

    Wow… Larry Elder just told it like it is!

  • Ann’onymous

    I wonder how strong the economy of white America would be by comparison?

  • guest

    I agree with Larry… Brooke Baldwin, Don Lemon both have great jobs and lives yet they never stop complaining and stereotyping. They need to stop with the negativity. Confidence is the defining factor of everyone regardless of color. Color defines no one. You are who you think you are and how you behave. People like you if you like yourself and are confident and happy. Black America is very successful in all varieties of media, banking, the stock market, lawyers, doctors, sports, entertainment..and oh yes politics. Baldwin might want to acknowledge the President of the United States.

  • Mike Knowlton

    Racism in this country will never go away as long as politicians and manipulators like Obama and Sharpton can continue to make hay out of it.

  • It 2 it 567

    ——–Well, NOT YET, but give the USURY funded,
    TAX FREE forces of the global MAFIA agenda time!

    Give ’em time!

    Give ’em time! – – -in this, the 11th hour of RED CHINA handover
    ————and POST American globalist MAFIA USURPATION.

    KEEP thronging those franchise slums!

    SPORTS —-PORN n’ WAMPUM! – – – – -GIT!

  • LC

    Hmm Lets see. A policeman was shot and killed by a black man in Rochester NY and there wasn’t one protestor, no one rioting the streets and breaking into businesses that had nothing to do with the shooting. Where were all the reporters on CNN and the other news stations. Where were all the supporters of this white family? It’s a shame.

  • Bijou Bijou

    Ben carson – 2016

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