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Below is a transcript of this segment from Wednesday’s “Ask Glenn Anything” special:

I will tell you, go back and read the New Testament and read it and dismiss, say to yourself I’m going to read this for the very first time, and I’m going to just not pay attention to all of the miracle parts, I’m going to read this as if I don’t believe he is the son of God, that I am just looking at this group of people who are trying to find their way in a very tough time. And you read that, and it’s absolutely amazing. It is a book of revolution. And all of the answers are right there.

And Jesus is killed, he comes back, and I love this, in Acts 1 and 2, amazing, Jesus comes back, and he’s talking to him. And he’s like okay, Thomas, I know you doubt, go ahead, put your finger. And he does, so this miracle has happened, and then they say all right, so now we get him, now we go, now comes the revolution. How Jesus must have gone, “Oh my gosh, would you…no.” And what does he say?

Somebody who betrayed me, because Judas wanted revolution, he wanted it his way, just like Moses wanted it his way, so he went, and he killed the Egyptian. He wanted it his way. Jesus betrayed the revolution. He’s not going to take it by force. That’s not what we were looking for. So he betrays, so Jesus says no, guys, just get yourself together and appoint somebody else to replace that guy.

There’s 150 of them. So they do. He leaves, he says I’m going to send you the spirit, I’m going to send you something that will help you along your way. What does it say in Acts 1? It’s says they had all gathered themselves in one place, and they were of one accord. Then what happens? Once they’ve done that and they’re of one heart of one accord, they’re all peaceful, they all are just waiting for whatever it is to be given their instructions, then the spirit comes, and it’s like the sound of rushing wind.

The name of God, we would say it’s Yhwh, but the way it’s actually pronounced in Hebrew, it has no vowels. And so the real actual name of God, and if you’re Jewish, this is what you’re not supposed to say, is Yhwh. So it’s the breath of heaven. It sounds like rushing winds, Yhwh. And so they hear that, and what does it do? This is what we have to learn, it doesn’t change the people around.

If I were God, I would’ve done the opposite. This is why I’m not God. I would’ve done the opposite. I would’ve said, “Okay, good, you 12, everybody’s going to be able to understand you now, so just go out and tell them.” That’s not what happened. The spirit comes, and it changes the language of the apostles. So they’re not being translated. What’s happening is they’re actually speaking the language of other people. And so all the people are saying he’s speaking my language – critical, critical.

This is why I’m asking you to watch your language. We all have to watch our language, I, the most of all. I didn’t realize, I’m getting heat because people are saying, you know, “Why are you having friends who are liberal?” Are you kidding me? First of all, that’s a weird question. Second of all, I spent two hours with a guy last night who really doesn’t understand us. He really doesn’t understand us. And I talked to him for two hours, and I’m seeing the way he’s thinking. And we’re not that far apart.

Now, there are some that want to destroy America and everything else, but the most part, all of us are the same. We’re just speaking different language. And so if we can just learn to speak the language of others so we can get our point across to be understood, what happened? They start to speak another language, and they go from 150 to 5,000 to 100,000, that fast. We have to learn how to speak other people’s language, because we’re not that far apart. We really aren’t.

The average person, I’m not talking about the politicians and those who are, you know, conspiring. I’m talking about your neighbor, the ones that we no longer talk to. I read something today, a guy wrote and said to a liberal blog and said I can’t even talk to my father anymore, and he’s just ripping everything apart, he doesn’t understand that his politics are destroying us and destroying the country.

And here, I am happy to say, here’s what the liberal blogger wrote back, go back and read your letter to me and then go back and read it again and then go back and read it again. Did you notice you didn’t speak about your father as your dad? You’re only speaking about his politics. We’ve reduced ourselves to enemies. We don’t even see people anymore. We see your politics only. Once that happens, there’s no chance.

Go to Auschwitz, go see how close the churches are to Auschwitz, I mean, I’m not kidding you, right down the street. Now, how did you miss that? Answer, you didn’t. They weren’t people anymore. We have to see people not as enemies but as human beings that we just disagree with. That’s different than those who are actually plotting to destroy us.

  • fawnday

    Jesus was a revolutionary activist. Only in a completely different direction than what Judas and the Romans wanted. The miracles were part of that revolution. Maybe not the big, huge ones about healing people but the small one like feeding everyone with the small amount of bread and fish, stopping people from stoning some lady and the time he told someone else how her faith made her free after the person touched his robe. He knew all about how people’s mindsets and beliefs have the power to say what goes on in their lives. THAT was a completely revolutionary idea in those days just the same way it is these days.

    • Type 53

      I hate it when Jesus is passed off as “a revolutionary activist”. It’s so cheap. Don’t make him Abbie Hoffman. He is the Lord of all creation. He spoke and everything we know (and much more) came into being. He died a torturous death to free us from condemnation. Josef Stalin and Bernadine Dohrn are revolutionary activists. Leave Christ out of that.

      • fawnday

        Revolutionary activists can be peaceful, too. Why not read WHY he’s considered an activist. That means reading about what was going on in the churches at the time. Speaking to the average person was considered a revolutionary act.

        • Type 53

          I’m on my 4th read through the Bible (many more through the NT), and although that’s not much for my age, I’ll stand by it. I get my info there. Through Bible studies I’m quite acquainted with the churches of the time.

        • Yo Mamma

          Yeah, burning leaves, a metaphor for killing people, sure is peaceful. If the man god was peaceful, those believers for 2000 years sure have not been. I for one, have NEVER seen a Christian turn the other cheek. I think this should be more clearly demonstrated in public for all to see

          • Cartius

            Do you even understand what that statement means? Turn the other cheek? During the time Christ lived in, the Romans were in charge. They would backhand any Hebrew who was standing “In their way”. The term “Turn the other cheek” meant, that the Hebrew people should essentially say “Excuse me” and present their OTHER cheek to be slapped forehanded (A show of respect) rather than backhanded , showing disdain for the person because they were not Roman, but rather a lowly conquered peon. Most people, even priests and pastors, etc., get that WRONG today. They say it means you must be MEEK, rather than saying, “I’m strong, respect me properly”.

          • jim

            This peace loving Christian believes in EATING the “others” cheek not turning it !

            ‘Mad Dog’ the Christian cannibal pictured eating SECOND Muslim in as many weeks as Christians lynch and burn two Muslim men in Central African Republic


  • jim

    Hard to take a guy seriously when they belong to an organisation that believes that God lives on a planet named Kolob or on a planet near a star named Kolob.

    Or that its sacred scriptures were supposedly translated from”reform Egytian” (No scholars of Egyptology acknowledge the existence of either a “reformed Egyptian” language or a “reformed Egyptian”script )by looking into a hat, where a magic ‘peep stone’ was sitting. and lo and behold the English words appeared miraculously in the stone.

    Or- that God must be married. In fact, God might even have multiple wives.

    Then there is all that weird stuff about magic underwear-There’s a whole set of Magik underwear (they call them ‘temple garments”)
    I mean- Do people have several pairs and change them every day?
    Can you also wear gentile underwear?
    does the church make money selling them?

    • soybomb315

      Didnt the Mormon church ban black people from having positions within the church until the 1978? Didnt Joseph Smith say (or in the books he ‘found’) say that black skin was a curse while white skin was a blessing?…..In light of Beck’s recent PR campaign of ‘unity’, do those teachings of Joseph Smith sound like they are from God’s prophet?

      • Evolution_It’s a Theory

        Everything you have just spouted is incorrect, unfounded and/or taken extremely out of context. Please leave Mormon theology out of the discussion. Thanks,

        • soybomb315

          You say i am incorrect, so please correct me.

          And silencing me is not how you win on the issue of truth

          • Amy P

            I am interested in Truth…with a capital T. Mormonism for some can be a rich and rewarding spiritual experience. For others it can be terribly harmful. As with any experiences and/or beliefs in life, they are as individualized as the person experiencing them. What may be “salvation” to one person can be “hell” to another person.

            I find Mormonism fascinating. Not so much as a religion, but as piece of living history.

            This is an interesting read…from a former Mormon.


        • The Blue Tail Gadfly

          Re: “Please leave Mormon theology out of the discussion.”

          Then start by asking the Mormon Glenn Beck to stay out of Christian Theology.



    • SBook2515

      God made everything, so why couldn’t there be a planet near heaven where lives? The ‘peep stones’ you refer to are properly called the Urim and Thummin. They are also referred to in the Old Testament, and they did not go into the hat. We don’t know about the multiple wives suggestion. It is only a theory, it is not doctrine. There is no such thing as ‘magic underwear.’ No one in the church calls them that. They are called garments, and we wear them to remind ourselves of our personal commitment to God, just as a Christian might wear a cross or a Jewish person wears a yarmulke or a prayer shawl. (And don’t most people put on new underwear daily?)

      • jim

        Hmmm -one could make the same claims about Scientology or Harry potter or any other work of Fiction! after all Joseph Smith,s “reform Egyptian “turned out to be as bogus in the end,as the racist beliefs that led to-African,s being banned from Mormon priesthoods and temple rites (public protest grew to such an extent concerning this matter,that in 1978 -hey presto-a new Mormon revelation abruptly ended this ban)

        The teachings that brought about these racist practices have never been officially repudiated, nor removed from Mormon doctrine-neither has the belief that the shade of one’s skin color determines a person’s righteousness.

        And although the Mormon religion has been appearing to take strides (albeit belatedly) to include people of darker skin, -no renouncement of these doctrines have ever occurred -The doctrines are still in two of Mormonism’s “sacred” scriptures– The Book of Mormon, and The Pearl of Great Price.

        There are a whole litany of other absurdities that beggars belief also! -such as -The Garden of Eden was in Missouri when Adam and Eve were kicked out-or the claim that -you can also become a God/Goddess and are given powers to create your own worlds without number!

        • SBook2515

          Using a lame cartoon produced by a bunch of bigots as the basis to trash someone else’s beliefs? That’s pretty lame. I’m sure the KKK or Al Qaeda or Hamas have some cartoons available for so you can also trash Jewish people the next time you are in the mood.

          • jim

            I suppose being the fair minded person you are-you would feel the same outrage about other religions being put up for scrutiny also-I guess you would perish the thought that the same treatment be meted out to Islam for example or maybe Wicca even !
            Btw exactly what inaccuracies are in that animation about mormon beliefs?
            care to clarify !

          • SBook2515

            Yes, I would. I think it is a despicable act to lie about or distort and ridicule what another faith teaches. I know that other people have different religious beliefs than mine. I may not agree with their beliefs and they may not agree with mine, but I can respect that their beliefs are as important to them as what I believe is to me, and that they have as much right to believe what they choose as I do.

          • jim

            Reading through comments on this forum on many a topic-one comes away with the impression that that is really not the case with many of its denizens-there is outright racism and hatred let alone respect- meted out to the adherents of one religion in particular-and on a regular basis-with Glen Beck being particularly vociferous in that respect!

            For my part I put no stock in ANY of the organised religions-they are all but tools of social manipulation-the opium of the masses-and have been used to justify many an atrocity through the ages!

            Spirituality should be a personal thing ,not something that is at the behest of self serving religious hierarchy,s

          • SBook2515

            I agree with you that religion has been used (or as I see it, MIS-used) many times to justify atrocities. I have been on the receiving end of hatred because of my religion. That is why it is important to me that I not do the same thing to others. But religion has also inspired many to service and helping others, and encouraging them to at least try to become better people. That is what religion is supposed to do.

        • Bat Masterson

          The Rapture cometh. He’ll target commie hippies first. Sunday is AR-15 day.

    • Evolution_It’s a Theory

      Everything you have just spouted is incorrect, unfounded and/or taken extremely out of context. Please leave Mormon theology out of the discussion. Thank You,

      • jim

        Care to clarify exactly which parts are “incorrect” about Mormonism?And seeing as Mr Beck article concerns religion -of sorts.
        Don’t you think his personal beliefs have some bearing on the matter!

    • Bat Masterson

      I promised Mordor never to change my underoos.

  • Connor Kenway

    People turn on each other all the time. I only wish their was people on the other side that saw others as human beings at least in D.C..

  • soybomb315

    I dont even recognize this person anymore….Not only has he co-opted the liberty/conservative movement, now he is co-opting christianity with his own interpretations.

    Watch ALL of this sermon and then tell me if you think the same as you did before….

    • Type 53

      Not only has he co-opted the liberty/conservative movement, now he is co-opting christianity with his own interpretations.He has *tried* to co-opt it, with a little success. Most of us know better. I think the guy actually *believes* he’s some sort of sage or movement leader, despite the fact that he’s never had an original thought in his life. I suppose the fact that he’s being propped up by his church and Beckian faithful doesn’t inspire introspection on his part, but he is an inept lightweight on nearly everything he weighs in on. *Especially* theology, and and I really bristle at his attempts to pass himself off as a Christian.

    • Type 53

      Thumbs up for Chuck Baldwin.

  • pfiffi43

    Glenn, tell that to ISIS or to the Communists for that matter. Why should I change my tune, to please those who are out to destroy this nation? If you think a communist will sing with you Kumbaya you are mistaken. And I know I am not even close to agreeing with a left thinking person, never mind a Communist who is far, far left. I see them
    as persons all right, but with a brain deficit. They do no longer think for themselves.
    And now you come preaching that we should change, just so we can get along?

    • ken.

      most left thinking people are criminals, i don’t associate with criminals. the rest are sociopaths who think they are better then everyone else and should rule over us, i don’t associate with sociopaths.

      • Bat Masterson

        Aballish Kommon Kore!!
        Mine chillins will never be better than any1!

    • jim

      Its geopolitics at its dirtiest-but two things are certain:

      The U.S. armed Islamic jihadis in Syria, and their weapons ended up in the hands of ISIS;
      and Close allies of the U.S. have supported and trained the ISIS terrorists

      Why would the U.S. and its allies back ISIS, when they are barbarian Islamic terrorists? Well – assuming it’s true – oil and gas could be the explanation!

      After all, there is evidence that the U.S. and her allies have wanted to break up the nations of Iraq and Syria for decades along sectarian lines. And lo and behold -ISIS is doing exactly that !

      In any event – whether or not it’s true of ISIS – it’s well-documented that the U.S., Saudis and Israelis have been backing the world’s most dangerous and radical Muslim terrorists for decades.
      Anyone who looks at the battle against ISIS as a religious war is being played.

  • Type 53

    I lost my Reverend-Beck-Homespun-Theology-All- Over-The-Map decoder ring. Can anyone tell me what he *means* here?

    • JLWright

      Israel’s King Herod and the Roman Pontius Pilot didn’t know what Jesus meant from these words either, but the religious Sanhedrin did and freed Barabas from bearing Calvary’s Cross!

      • Type 53

        I guess I don’t know what you mean either. Are you presenting some sort of analogy?

    • Bat Masterson

      He inspired a few sovereign citizens and wants to backpedal a little.

  • landofaahs

    Explain Glenn the story of how Jesus praised the faith of the Centurion who’s servant was healed. A Centurion was charged to kill if necessary to maintain the peace. The Centurion gives the answer though. He is under Authority but is also gifted with authority. The greater authority of establishing order and justice. The constitution is the law and order authority we are under and that authority gives us certain rights in defense. I would only allow myself to be killed if it were in defense of the gospel ie Jesus Christ and my belief in him. All other forms of passivism is just being a victim of corruption and violence. Blessed are those who are persecuted for the sake of my name says the Lord. You are not blessed just because you are a victim of crime.

    • JLWright

      Well said!

  • It 2 it 567


    “The LOVE of MONEY
    ——————–is the —ROOT—–
    —————————————of –ALLLL– EVIIL.”

    Note that’s NOT even SATAN? – – – but MONEY.

    Note, it’s NOT even IDOLATRY – – – but MONEY.

    Note that’s not some –but absolutely ALLLL EVIL,

    Note too that distinction, it’s NOT gold and silver and jewels
    and palaces – – -it’s the LOVE of the abstract —-of numbers,
    numbers worship and ‘MAGI–ICK’- – – -MONEY.

    ‘MON’ —KNEE.

    ‘MON’ is ancient script for SLAVE.

    The LOVE of ‘MON’—KNEE – – -and NUMBERS ‘MAGI’- – – -ICK.

    Numbers worship and magic as a system of CONTROL
    —DESTRCTION of CREATION and ‘NEW’ creation
    ———————————————————–THEIR creation.

    In short, we’re dealing with ACTUARIAL PSYCHOPATHS.

    TAKE HEED- – –

    “Understand science, ALL science,
    —————–is nothing more than a [ numbers based ]
    ————————-technique of the timagination
    ——————-employed to resurrect a
    ——————————————–mythological system.”
    Oxford PHD
    Researcher/ writer/ scholar/ historian
    Informed Radio

    ——————————-And UNDERSTAND too,
    ——————————————-ALLL —-‘PSY- – -ANTS’
    —————————is FUNDED and DIRECTED
    —————————————unto predetermined aims and ends.

    The —-LOVE—— of ‘MON’—KNEE.

    Cease from your franchise slum formulas, ‘DISS—tractions’ and reductions.

    LET the scales FALL from your eyes!

    DO NOT BE- – – – ‘DE—SEE–‘EVE’–d’!

  • ken.

    now we have to watch our language, what a load of p.c. crap!

  • 2 IT too

    “The power of INERTIA is TRULY terrifying.”
    Russian theologian
    Petrograd, Russia 1917
    ( eve of the globalist bankster instigated ‘BULL–SHOVE–ICK’ coup )

    LOOK at what’s unfolding over RED CHINA handover
    —————————–GUTTED and DEBASED
    ———————–POST AMERICA!

    Franchise slum ‘calm–place—n’ see’
    ————–and business as ‘use you ALLL’
    —————————- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -WILL NOT WASH!

  • Bat Masterson


  • Amy P

    I have been curious about Glenn’s tone change over the past couple of months. Not that I disagree with his direction, but was unclear why the change… Perhaps Glenn can elaborate on his efforts to partner with CNN.

  • Adam Jenson

    More rubbish from Glenn. When Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to bow to the king of Babylon were they revolting? Did they want it their way? In the book of Ester was it wrong for the Jews, when faced with destruction, as it says in 8:11 “The king’s edict granted the Jews in every city the right to assemble and protect themselves; to destroy, kill and annihilate the armed men of any nationality or province who might attack them”

    Luke 11:21 “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are safe;“

    Luke 22:36 “Then He said to them, “But now, he who has a money bag, let him take it, and likewise a knapsack; and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one”

    Nehemiah 4:14 “Don’t be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your families, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.”

    I’m not calling for violence or a revolution but if the enemy brings violence to our door there is no measure to how fast and hard we will put them down.

    • jim

      Would you extend that same right and philosophy to a people that have been forcefully dispossessed of their homes and lands and then herded into huge open air prison camps to eke out a meager existence as refugees in a country that they had been born and lived in for generations-also ?

      • Adam Jenson

        Depends. Do these people have as part of their charter the goal of killing every member of a certain race of people? Do these people shoot rockets at their neighbors and hide weapons under hospitals hoping they will get pictures of dead children? Were these people offered a peace treaty multiple times where they could have gotten more then 90% of what they were demanding but turned it down every time?

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