WATCH: Don Lemon proves he knows absolutely nothing about guns

Perhaps unsurprisingly, CNN’s Don Lemon proved just how ignorant many mainstream media anchors are when it comes to the actual difference between an automatic and semiautomatic weapon.

Reporting from Ferguson, Missouri, Lemon got into an exchange with conservative radio host Ben Ferguson. After listening to Lemon babble on and on about how he was able to buy an “automatic weapon” in just “20 minutes” in the aftermath of the 2012 movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, Ferguson decided to test Lemon’s knowledge.

Watch the exchange below:

“I have maybe shot a gun three, four times in my life — I don’t even live in Colorado. I think most people can go out and buy an automatic weapon,” Lemon added. “I don’t understand your argument there. It took me 20 minutes.”

That is when Ferguson stepped in and asked Lemon how he defines “automatic weapon.”

“For me, an automatic weapon is anything that you can shoot off a number of rounds very quickly. I was able to buy an AR-15 in 20 minutes,” Lemon said.

“With all due respect, you don’t know what you’re talking about,” Ferguson countered. “An automatic weapon is when you pull the trigger one time and it continually shoots off one after another, after another.”

Lemon was not impressed – saying Ferguson was “getting into semantics.”

“This is a guy who is on television speaking as a gun expert essentially, a guy who went and covered this,” Stu said on radio this morning. “And he went and bought these guns. You don’t know, at this point, the difference? Did you buy it legally because the gun you’re speaking of doesn’t do that?”

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  • G….h.i

    This is what happens when we have uneducated people in office.
    I bet a liberal would commit felons involving guns the day they decide to actually purchase a firearm due to having no knowledge of laws or even what type of fire arm they purchase.

    This incompetent self indulging air head probably never really took the time out to research firearm laws from his home state or where ever he resides.

    If you can’t distinguish an automatic from a semi automatic then you need to move aside and let the informed ones teach you a thing or two.

    This Obamabot rambles on about the second amendment yet his knowledge falls short of knowing state by state gun laws or even federal gun laws.

    This moron believes it’s simple to do away with AR style guns but fails to realize a gun is classified by how it functions.

    If they ban semiautomatic rifles then they would have to ban pistols and of course the 22lr rifle. They’ve lost their argument when Ted Cruz had to teach them about guns and types of guns that are legal in the Us currently.

    This just goes to show just how dumb the socialites are and they are too lazy and too far gone to have a conversation with that involves facts.

    Its obvious CNN and the rest of The liberal stream media would rather push a narrative than to actually learn and research facts before going on air.

    • wsbowles

      He was doing what Liberals normally do, which is to confuse the issue so they get what they want, which is ban on ALL weapons.

      • G….h.i

        I’d like to see them legally try to.

      • Swed.

        So lets Ban All libtards. They are a social disease killing the Body Politic.
        They are uniformly parasites and ignorant of any and all facts.
        They are one of the few things that America should have a complete ban on the other is islamists.

  • More4les

    Educated fool on display.

    • ♠InvidiaAbsit(The800LbGorilla)


      • jonsen

        indoctrinated fool is more like it.

        • Jim

          Common cored IMHO

    • Jeo Ten

      The definition of words and what the law says are not important to Don Lemon or Van Jones. It’s all about their feelings and convincing others their feelings are correct.

      They are unable to focus on the root cause because that means dealing with facts.

  • ♠InvidiaAbsit(The800LbGorilla)

    Are we supposed to be surprised that this guy (and it seems like most liberals today) don’t know the most basic definitions to words and concepts? I mean really? Are you at all surprised that we have to teach a liberal the difference between one thing verses another?

    • slk5

      words??? even though many act like one, they despise being called socialists!!!

      • ♠InvidiaAbsit(The800LbGorilla)

        Because they don’t know what it means…

        • BlueMN

          Do you know what irony means? I’ll bet you think Obama is a socialist.

          • ♠InvidiaAbsit(The800LbGorilla)

            Well, why don’t we take a look at his Political Compass and see where he falls?




            I do find it interesting how he has started to lean more right and more authoritarian in his second term, don’t you?

            That’s how I make determinations about people. I look for ways to measure according to standards that can be applied unequivocally. How do you do it?

            Now, to get back to your bet. You owe me because you lost that bet.

            What do you wan to talk about next Delta Bravo?

          • SRM29

            lol and he runs away…

    • sidewinderaz

      In essence don’t let your facts contradict my preconceived opinion.

  • nofearengineer

    If you’re going to ban something, shouldn’t you at least know what it is you’re banning? Sigh, they did pass the ACA, before they knew what was in it…

    • sunandfun

      And most still don’t know what’s in the ACA. The more you learn about it, the more you know how bad it is.

    • Chuck Finley

      Nah, you’ve clearly mistaken them for intellectuals. Them whuts has brains.

  • Michael Francis Gorski

    I don’t know why there aren’t cops with search warrants at that guys house after he, on live television, admitted to purchasing an “automatic” weapon!

  • jonsen

    ignorance is a leftist’s best friend.

  • jonsen

    CNN has low hiring standards these days.

    • Swed.

      I thought it was NO hiring Standard.

    • Kent Walters

      But its so hard for them to find intelligent, rational people… who also support their cause.

  • Connor Kenway

    What Don Lemon sees as a Fully Auto weapon.

    • ed_in_tx

      No, that one is the semi-auto which Lemon owns.

    • JMICHAEL270

      That’s what another liberal lunatic, the drunken Rosemary Lehmberg wanted to do to the camera person whilebeing filmed at the police station.

      • G….h.i


      • James

        Liberals are the most ignorant people right now they think Michael Brown was innocent I want all the republicans out there to tell these fools that Michael Brown is not innocent he is a criminal and the cop is a hero. These liberals think there so smart but there the cause of everything wrong. I want America back!!!!!!

    • Steve Harmon

      Perfect Connor, thanks.

    • landofaahs

      It’s a nail gun. It’s a nail gun. Quick!!! Someone get a board.

    • landofaahs

      Is the safety on?

    • landofaahs

      Is that gun registered?

    • landofaahs

      I feel safe knowing that gun is in the hands of a white person.

      • rascallyrabbit

        I HAVE the answer folks, and it is SO SIMPLE. Pass a law that says that Democrats and Progressives may NOT own or operate guns, period. The crime rate would fall to virtually zero. Think about it. And that should make the Democrats happy, right?

        • landofaahs

          I doubt it would work because democrats being the law breakers they are would break that law also. Someone even suggested giving democrats a lobotomy too but they’ve already had one. That’s what makes them democrats.

  • Connor Kenway
    • p51dmustang

      Thanks Connor for re-enforcing the “Lemmon factor”. Moms in everytown love lemmons and this organization is a Bloomberg funded propaganda site. These folks would not know “gun sense” if it jumped up and bit their rear ends. Yes, they have an agenda, no, they do not have any factual information. I do believe that Lemmon has a degree from this group, and teaches the class on automatic weapons…….or was it semi-automatic weapons????? Who cares, it’s just semantics!!

  • Industry Important

    I blame the public school system. It is being taught that decisions are based on emotions, not data and certainly there is no inclination that data is even relevent to the ignorant, because if it was, Obama would not be president (data shows not qualified for president), Ferguson riots would not have occurred (the stealing, assault, and police officer assault occurred before the shooting), and Hamas (building terror tunnels and launching rockets into Israel) would have been destroyed years ago. The only way any ofthis makes sense is to understand that positions are taken based on emotion. Cater to the cry babies. Reward mediocrity, villainize success. This culture is sick.

    • sunandfun

      AMEN to that brother

  • LiveFree

    Liberal logic: Once proven wrong, double down on being wrong instead of admitting you were wrong.

    • Noneya Biness

      Liberal logic #2: the difference between a liberals ignorance and reality can be brushed off as “semantics”

      • Watch it

        Tell that to these morons here:
        You will find them to be one of the biggest collections of mentally deficient Liberals who can do nothing to address issues intelligently, so they trash Conservatives and their websites.

      • Sargonarhes

        They keep saying semantics, I do not think that word means what they think it means.

        • Chuck Finley

          I think he meant “semi” antic, as opposed to FULLY antic.

        • Chad3434

          Uh duh! Automatic, semi automatic. You go to jail or you don’t go to jail. Again duh.

        • geoffreybramhall

          Nice “Princes Bride” reference!

    • HouseofCards

      If you think only liberals or conservatives “double down” when they’re wrong, you’re not paying attention.

      • LiveFree

        Where did I say “only?” Now who’s not paying attention?

  • James LaBarre

    But it would be quite alright for Lemon to “get into semantics” if he needed it for **HIS** point…

  • Pete Bundy

    He has no idea what he is talking about and I don’t believe he has ever fired a rifle, pistol or even an arrow. Sure would like to see him with a black powder pistol-that would be a hoot.

  • slk5

    when you get a lemon, make lemonade!!!

  • OK_Bayou

    It WAS “automatic,” because it looked really scary.

    • G….h.i


    • Shawn Cameron

      Sad thing is your right. That’s all the Brady Bill was the “really scary gun ban”. That’s because most people that support gun control are just like Lemon, ignorant on the issue, and should be told so emphatically.

    • Kent Walters

      It automatically instills fear in clouded minds.

    • paulrph1

      It was automatic because they did not know what to do with it nor did they want to learn. If it is classified as automatic it can be removed by default.

  • MAA Oregon

    What… expect the people in the media who are ‘reporting’ about things happening to actual know any facts? What? That’s just ludicrious.

  • GrumpyCat

    That is not “knowing nothing”. That is knowing less than nothing.

    • Chad3434

      Maybe he be talking about a power glide. You know, where you can use the clutch or not use the clutch. But I don’t think they make power glide guns. LOL!

  • Oscar Pearson

    Liberal nutjob!

  • erickcartman

    Don Lemon knows nothing about most things he speaks of. Why are we shocked?

  • Paul Hausbeck

    The problem with Liberals is, the facts just get in the way!

    • LEL

      The real problem with Liberals is they continue to suck air, depleting the resource for normal people.

      • not a liberal


        • JMICHAEL270

          Too Good! LOL Still laughing!

          • Wizzardly

            a sorta-male version of pelosi

          • Chad3434

            Nah he looks better than Pelosi.

        • Noneya Biness

          Looks like the offspring of a rat AND a possum interracial one night stand. Who the hell is that ugly mo fo?

          • MikeInMaine

            You serious? Henry Waxman. I hope you’re just kidding though….

      • Watch it

        Stick some mole eradicating pellets up that snout!

    • sdgarman

      Damn it. John Adams hit it on the head when he said, “Facts are stubborn things”. I hate when that happens.

  • wsbowles

    Typical Liberal tactics – confuse the issue to the point that sounds like what they are arguing sounds good, but really is the means to further their destructive agenda. Next, either the MO legislature, or some MO Democrat congressman will introduce something like the “Ferguson Pro Gun Rights Bill” that again attempts to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

  • Swed.

    Send SWAT, oops they shot him for a remote control, bummer, how tragic.
    Won’t miss this ass clown.

  • Marcus

    For those of you that are viewing the Lemon, Ferguson debate on automatic v. semi automatic weapons, if the firing pin is adjusted, altered, or exchanged with a different type that is still compatible yet eliminates the weapon’s capability to limit rounds fired, then the weapon is immediately by definition an automatic weapon.

    • ed_in_tx

      It is not the firing pin which determines the ability of a weapon to be a machine gun (automatic weapon). Though I will admit that there are a few weapons which were never intended to be machine guns which lack a disconnector and when broken MIGHT fire until the ammo runs out.

    • G….h.i

      And we have federal laws that would put anyone in jail for a long time for doing such a thing.

      Trust me I know of a guy who did just that with his AK47. The dude was ratted out by one of his friends. He was raided the next day and served his time.

      The Feds was all over that like flies on $$$$. Believe it or not guns owners all over actually obeys the gun laws and they frown at those who break gun laws.

      I could also argue that banning guns would be no different from having no gun zones because the criminals (law breakers) would target those areas before messing with some one or area that is armed.

    • LiveNLetLive

      You can put yourself down as another movie expert (uknown drip under pressure).

      To make an AR-15 into a an automatic weapon takes a different fire control system.

      The select system in an AR has 2 settings, Semi-Auto and Safe. The Select Fire or automatics have at least three choices Safe, Semi-Auto, and Auto and some have fourth – Burst – selection.

      The internal pieces of the select system are different between the AR and M series weapons.

      A civilian can not legally possess the fire control mechanism for an automatic or select fire firearm that was manufactured after 1986.

      With a file you may be able to convert an AR into a runaway that fires the entire magazine, but that will be illegal as well as very impractical. You cannot create a select fire weapon that way. You either have a 1 trigger pull, one round, or a 1 trigger pull, 1 magazine load. Or if you are not careful in the “fix” closing the bolt on a live round may launch the entire magazine load.

      By the way, it is illegal to use a broken semi-auto in runaway mode.

      Legal possession of a pre-1986 automatic fire control system requires a federal tax stamp and a significant background check. It also comes with transportation and storage limitations.

  • Marcus

    This is common knowledge for a learned firearms owner or military personnel.

  • Xman3

    Liberals remind me of Obama and radical Muslims . . . you can’t believe anything they say, they deceive and lie.

  • Texasooner

    “Nobody is saying we should take away someone’s second amendment right, but we should examine it”…..typical lib trying to diffuse someone arguing FOR their second amendment rights….after all, who could possibly disagree with EXAMINING it….think Lemon will be happy if it is EXAMINED and no changes are made? No. He wants to effect gun control and won’t be happy until that happens.

    • nofearengineer

      If not to take it away, what other conceivable reason could there be for examining it?

    • Kent Walters

      True. He gets to pretend to stand on neutral ground, and facts to support his ‘position’ aren’t necessary.

  • nofearengineer

    You know…there is nothing wrong with actual ignorance. Until you pretend to know something anyway.

  • mudslide

    Most, if not all liberals, know nothing about weapons.

    They just don’t want others to have them because it exercises and expresses one of our Rights in America.

  • cobrasixfour

    Gentlemen, Ladies. We are dealing with morons here, act accordingly.

  • bobwms

    Lemon also said that his car is “automatic” as well, as when he pushes in the clutch, moves the shift lever into gear and then lets out on the clutch, the car drives “automatically”. Who knew?

  • wbedwards

    These Liberal CNN yoyos are dumber that a box of rocks and the self avowed Communist Van Jones thinks he knows everything about everything. My 5 year-old grandson knows more about semi-auto and automatic weapons than these two uninformed Liberal “Weapons Experts”…… They want to take guns away from law abiding gun owners rather than just declare they don’t know diddly A## squat about firearms…. Puhleese!!!!!

  • chucklinchuck

    CNN hires dummies who don’t know their ass from their elbow. They should pay him in “automatic” Monopoly money…

  • Doug Rowan

    OH but it’s ONLY semantics… wow, WHAT a moron. He has shown his true colors over the last year or so. To listen to him talk about guns is like having Kathy Lee Gifford tell you how to rebuild the motor in a 56 Chevy… #lemonsemantics

  • Jim Horn

    F***ing liberal demonstrating his willful ignorance. And, he is one of those who think’s he’s smart enough to tell the rest of us how to live.

    In his utopia, if anybody breaks into his home, he’ll likely shoot himself or someone other than the bad guy, and then whine about it.

  • freebird60

    It’s so difficult to listen to these commie liberals. I just have such a hard time with how they ignore their ignorance and try to make it sound like they’re right anyway. Seriously, they can talk circles around around a square for pete’s sake.

    • G….h.i

      It’s not about facts to the typical left winger. It’s about the argument and how to make that argument stick no matter if the argument they make is relevant or not to the current discussion. They know they can’t win off facts are in place so they try and change word meanings and redefine whatever the already defined by using communist style tactics to divert us away from the main subject.

      This is where liberal ideology gets scary and dangerous because if they can convince those who are uninformed and they can out argue not debate using facts but out argue the opposition then a lie become a truth to one that is ignorant of what ever that argument is about.

      The liberal elites are experts in deception and they see their own voters as assets instead of equals.

      The similarities between IsIs and a liberal is that they both know that chaos is the next best thing if they can’t gain complete control.

      I remember one of the last elections. I thought man if Obama wins and the Dems win again then that’s all she wrote. Grid lock is better than an absolute defeat. We can use tactics that are affective to hold the liberals back for so long but we need a plan and good ideas ourselves.

  • savage5333

    It is impossible to reason with statistics and facts to a Leftist Idealog. Their beliefs and convictions are not based on such. Most likely because they are a product of indoctrination and have been trained to believe what they believe as apposed to learn what they believe. It does not matter what is right or wrong based on fact, because they are trained to believe if a person disagrees with them for any reason, they are are either stupid, prejudice, or a hater. I know that I am giving them more credit than they deserve. They live in a world that is one dimention where analogy’s of the truth are not welcomed. We live in the time that Jesus described that ” evil will be looked upon as good and good as evil.” The same man said, ” The truth will set them free.”

    • RLJR1


  • RLJR1

    van jones got thrown out of the obama terrorist orginization for being an admitted communist and lemon he”s just an idiot commie wana beeeee C.N.N. SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN ALONG WITH M.S.N.B.C. AND THE RACIST SHARPTON

  • G_Bailey

    There’s a big part of me that would like to suppress the speech of the uninformed, illiterate, those who haven’t a clue or are not willing to get one, but I truly believe the First Amendment protects one’s right to express their own stupidity. If there was such a law however, maybe we could name it after him and call it the Lemon Law.

    • Kent Walters


  • RLJR1

    Like the bumper sticker says ‘YOU CANT FIX STUPID’

  • tinwhistler

    It was extra dangerous because the weapon was all black, and everyone knows the blacker, the more dangerous and the bigger the grip.

  • FriscoWalt

    The guy next to Bob Ferguson looked like a bobble head doll.

  • Bob

    Problem is, the only thing needing to be examined is the left’s idiotic pattern of blaming the tool and not the fool, and then lying about anything that will further their stand.

  • WrinkledThought

    This Don Lemon is the CNN poster boy for promoting a journalistic Lemon Law! He doesn’t even know about needing a FFL Class 3 license prior to purchasing an automatic firearm. They typically start at $10,000 and rapidly go higher with the average around $24,000 to purchase. What an analphabetic anthropomorphic simian Don Lemon has proven himself to be!


    Semi-automatic you CLOWN. God help all the people around this idiot if he has only shot a gun 3 or 4 times and has an automatic weapon. His theme song will probably be “Another One Bites The Dust”

  • a_goodtarheel1

    No offense Lemon and the idiot Vann Jones, but you are both idiots! Know what you’re talking about before you speak or bob your head in disgust at someone who does know what they are talking about.

  • Keli Grantham Steadham

    Semantics? Lol. It’s either automatic or it’s not, moron.

  • Rob

    Anyone making the argument that using a legal definition when attempting to use the law to remove rights is using Semantics needs to check what the law actually does.

  • LenYol

    Anyone know why Van Jones, a card carrying communist was sitting there with that grin on his face?

    • Watch it

      He was enjoying the warmth of his just peed in panties thinking “tee hee hee, nobody knows what I just did!!”

  • talljohn777

    The issue he has with the gun he supposedly purchased and for that matter any gun is that they fire bullets. It is that simple…

  • Gregg Weber

    Did that guy on the left say that he has an AR-15 that is set up as an “automatic weapon”? Does he have a license for such? Maybe the BATF should pay him a visit in the middle of the night being he is so armed.

    • WrinkledThought

      FFL Class 3 and he’ll be free…….if they do……..

  • Tantalus XVI
  • Mys77

    Sorry, but who watches CNN? Are they still on the air? And if they are, why?

    • Chad3434

      What is CNN?

  • Bill Norton

    In a discussion about guns and the 2nd amendment, don’t let yourself get pulled into ragging on a “stupid liberal” for not knowing the difference between automatic and semi-automatic. The argument is about our constitutional right to bear arms.

    • Garwoodv6


    • Chad3434

      Let’s all face it, when the sun goes out they will then take our guns. Liberals need to get use to that. It ant freaking going to happen so they need to give this a rest.

      • Bill Norton

        .223 vs

  • Mike Barnes

    Lemon flat out lied.

    • Garwoodv6

      Yes he lied… but the target audience mindlessly swallows it without question. While some know he is wrong, few will correct him because they are believing in the “greater good” i.e. “the end justifies the means”.

  • Allen A.

    The MSM doesn’t employ anyone who knows what they are talking about. That is why they so often blurt out lies and falsehoods without doing any fact checking at all. If that is your only source of information, you are a perfect Democrat voter: ignorant and clueless.

    • Garwoodv6

      No smarter than their audience, and confident ebough to ignorantly parrot whatever they are given to repeat…

  • Kent Walters

    I have to wonder if Mr. Lemon passed a background check, and where it was that he bought this gun “in 20 minutes.”

  • Rick M.

    I have a friend who can shoot off a wrist wrap sling shot with steel balls, rapidly into firearm test Gel almost as deep as a 38 and you don’t need a permit for this weapon, so I don’t even follow his point. He’s hunted with this, it can kill, so do we ban everything that can hurt us? What’s next? Cars, Bikes, Walking-you could trip! Almost everything can be a weapon in the right, or wrong hands, and just as lethal as a gun. According to him we should just stay indoors, be quiet, and survive.

  • Sevenmag

    Lemon is CNN’s gun idiot and Bill O’Reilly is FOX’s. The king of bad manners was discussing, what he referred to as, “heavy weapons”, after the tragedy at Sandy Hook. His concern was why people needed “heavy weapons”, like an AK-15 or an AR-47. Yup. A real genius. At a minimum, heavy weapons are, generally crew served. That is, they require more than one person to operate. Even light machine guns, like the SAW (squad automatic weapon) are not considered as “heavy weapons”. Finally, someone informed Mr. Pleasant that what he should have said was AK-47 and AR-15. His response was a shrug and, “I don’t know much about it”. If you don’t know much about it, then shut your big mouth, and get someone who can talk, intelligently, about weaponry. It’s people like O’Reilly and Lemon who perpetuate the anti gun mentality. I have been buying guns for the better part of 50 years, and have yet to see a fully automatic weapon for sale to the general public. A very expensive license is required to purchase full autos. I stopped watching O’Reilly after his rant on “heavy weapons”. That, and his incomparible abitliy to be rude to his guests, turned me off. His head is so big, I’m surprised he can walk through a door without slamming it on the jams. I, now, watch Meghan Kelly and Sean Hanity. O’Reilly—–get a life.


    Don Lemon is stupid like the rest of the demonrats. No matter how they explain and come up with flowery words. He ought to be in a BIG WHITE BUILDING WITH BARS( MENTAL INSTITUTION) ! SUBHUMAN PINKO COMMIE F@G !

  • Barry Friedrichs

    I would venture to say the LEO/BATFE might not be doing their job if Don Lemon was able to buy a semi-automatic firearm in 20 minutes here in Colorado. Even before the new laws went into effect on July 1, 2013, if you were buying a firearm from a licensed firearm dealer (FFL), you could not buy one in Colorado if you were not a citizen of Colorado. So where did he go to purchase the supposed firearm? Did he go find a junky on the corner of Colfax and buy it out of a trunk of a car, so that he could prove his point? I would like to see more information before I would start to believe Mr. Lemon. I would also agree that Mr. Lemon does not know what he speaks of. A fully automatic weapon is a machine gun. A semi-auto has to have the trigger pulled each time a projectile (the bullet) is to be fired. In doing so, you have spent shell casings ejected from the firearm. If the firearm in question was a revolver, then the spent brass would stay in the cylinder until manually ejected.

    • Chad3434

      He can not and I can not purchase a hand gun in a state where I do not live.

  • Sargonarhes

    Liberals claim semantics when you hit them with facts of the definition of what semi-auto and fully automatic means. What it comes down to is them trying to change the definition of those words. This MUST be challenged at every use of the word automatic and semi-automatic where weapons are concerned. Because if they think they can get every one to accept THEIR definition, they’ll have won the debate. And this definition is NOT OPEN for debate, as it has been established for many decades at this point.

  • MaverickCoast

    Lemon is a fully automatic idiot!

  • Steve Harmon

    Oh, come on, why let the truth get in the way of poor little Donnie’s Lyin’ Liberal Lemming rant.

  • rob

    STUPID stupid stupid negroe!

  • ReaperHD

    Ignorance is 99.9% of being a Progressive Liberal Democrat and the .1% left is but whole. And it all adds up to being a waste of good skin.

  • reggiec

    kind of like the California politician that claims a AR15 can shoot 30 rounds in half a second.

  • Erin R MD

    Whatever. The reporter had an agenda. He was editorializing, not reporting. Hopefully his audience could tell the difference,

    • Ariviste

      They can’t. Not his audience.

  • David Johnson

    Wow a Class C License in 20 minutes guess its nice to have a lover in the white house!!!!

  • historianMI

    This Lemon shows us that a TV guy doesn’t have to be informed, merely verbose and loud.. May I say, He seems to be a real “lemon” when it comes to intelligent discussion….

  • lemondrop1

    only the finest at CNN!!

  • Brain_Matters

    Intellect is wasted on Liberals, they have no idea how to use it responsibly.

    • Tuci78

      “Liberals…have no idea how to use [intellect] responsibly.”

      How can they ever learn how to use a quality – reasoned intellect – which they by definition have never had?

      Heck, the “Liberal” fascisti don’t want intellect. Conscientious and honest intelligence disqualifies anyone from membership in the “Liberal” cult.

      • Chad3434

        I feel sorry for them. If the conservatives and the liberals ever really do get into it how can the liberals expect to defend them selves if they can not understand the difference between automatic and semi automatic. Let’s see here Andy do I push this little lever down or do I just leave it where it is. In the mean time he done got a bullet through the head. Oh well.

  • Maurice Trevor Andrews

    Semantics??? Really!?!?!? What a pompous stuffed shirt dumb ass!!! Even Vann Jones was smart enough to STFU during that exchange!!!!

  • huy ton

    This idiot is the “respected” anchorman of the CNN. Why don’t they just report the news instead of making an “ass” out of themselves.

  • Wolf

    You can buy a full auto. The tool simply has to have been built before the 1986 gun ban. Not the 20’s. A back ground check and 6 or more months of waiting. Plus a $200 tax stamp.

  • Doug Altman

    if he has an automatic AR15 I think the BATF should be notified so he can go to jail for 20 years!

  • jmac67

    The only weapon that libs are dangerous with are their mouths.

  • mavidal

    In the words of a famous actor, “What a maroon!”

  • Tuci78

    Jeez, the law is “a matter of semantics” (they write statutes and issue case law using words, right?).

    The American “Liberal” fascist. The hideous arrogance of willful ignorance.

  • Bob Young

    who is don lemon, and why should I care what he thinks?

    • Tuci78

      who is don lemon, and why should I care what he thinks?

      Well, there’s Don Lemon in the video clip, appearing on CNN.

      Which tells you who he is and that he doesn’t think.

      That’d make it impossible for him to work for CNN, wouldn’t it?

  • Jim_Macklin

    I’m old and not as fast as I was fifty years ago, but I cab fire 20-25 shots in 1 minutes with a Marlin 336 44 Magnum lever action. With a more recent 38 Special Cowboy Action tuned lever action. Or perhaps somebody should show them the shooting skills of Jerry Miculek
    Years ago a crazy man shot about30 kids at a school in Stockton, CA. Because he was using a military derived “assault rifle” he only killed five. Had he been armed with a single shot shotgun and used sporting ammo, he would likely have killed them all.

  • Ariviste

    What a Dumbo. Why do these nuts try to talk about guns when they are totally ignorant about them?

  • TalofofoTom1

    once again a policy pundit who doesn’t know a mark-19 from a marks-a lot .

  • Yo Mamma

    The bible and the gun

    The bible and the gun

    The bible and the gun

    How many nations stole land from natives using The bible and the gun

    Onward Christian soldiers….

    • G….h.i

      Coming from one who incites racism and violence by supporting criminals like Obama.

      • Yo Mamma

        You must be a white male

        • ali

          You must be PPD – which has nothing to do with either gender or skin pigmentation. 1st hint: personality. 2nd hint: disorder. 3rd hint: quick – look behind you…

          • Yo Mamma

            You wrote “In northern California I lived in a home surrounded by orchards and beautiful golden hills” are you gay?

    • clbrown

      Okay, I have to say this…

      “The Koran and the Sword, the Koran and the Sword, The Koran and the Sword…”

      “How many nations stole land from natives, slaughtered the natives, and forced the survivors to convert, using The Koran and the Sword?”

      “Onward Jihadi Soldiers of the Caliphate.”

      Hmmm… which one is more relevant (and more accurate, for that matter) these days?

      • Yo Mamma

        I don’t have to say this because it obvious

        Having lived in the company of both Christians and Muslims I can tell you this.


        On the other hand, there are very few Christians I know that haven’t tried their hand, a little manipulation, some deviousness, sly tactic, to try and convert me to THEIR religion

        So be happy. The world is reacting to your pushiness. Your pushiness to to convert everything moving and your blatant refusal to respect people’s right, sovereignty and dignity to have a religion of their choosing.

        You are no superior than a cloud of locusts devouring every green leaf standing in the field until it a decaying strip of sand. And even on that sand, you will build another ivory tower the poor will pay for.

        Be happy

        • ali

          Reposting the whine? Poor baby.

          • Yo Mamma

            Start picking a country to move to if you don’t like diversity

          • clbrown

            Who said anything about “not liking diversity.”

            Of course, our bodies are very “diverse,” with many, many types of tissue, many types of cells, all working together in a complex structure.

            We even allow, gladly, certain “separate” life which is not technically part of our body… such as “probiotic bacteria”… without which our lives would be far less comfortable.

            But disease organisms? Separate life which injures us? That, we do not tolerate. Nor should we.

            And when a part of our body goes awry… when cells become cancerous… we do not “tolerate” that either.

            A nation is just the same. All citizens are “cells” in the body of our nation. Some foreign residents, who contribute to our societal health, are always welcome as well.

            Yes, we all LOVE diversity…

            But when a foreign resident does not contribute to our societal health, or does harm to that societal health… or when a “cell” in our national “body” becomes harmful to our societal health, and starts spreading like a cancer throughout our “body”…

            No, that is not “diversity,” and no, we don’t “like” that.

          • Yo Mamma

            What have you done to prevent the thousand of illegal catholics entering the country illegally? You being a christian should know right from wrong

          • clbrown

            I do know right from wrong. And I oppose the “open borders” policy being actively promoted by the current administration.

            But what (other than ignorant racist assumptions) leads you to conclude that all, most, or even “a large number” of those illegally crossing our undefended border are “Catholics?”

            I’m sure some are. Some may be “real believing catholics,” but I’d wager that the majority of the gang-bangers crossing have no concern for God whatsoever.

            Of course, it’s quite obvious that you don’t, either. You think “god” is just a bludgeon you can use when you “engage Christians in battle.”

            But this is not the case. God is real, and I suspect He is not going to be pleased with your tone. And at some point, not too far from now, you’ll have to stand before Him and account for your own behavior.

            Right now, you don’t believe in God, so you feel no “risk” from treating God as a “fictional argumentation tool.” Nobody who actually believes would be so flippant about God, after all.

          • Yo Mamma

            ” what (other than ignorant racist assumptions) leads you to conclude
            that all, most, or even “a large number” of those illegally crossing our
            undefended border are “Catholics?””


            OMG as in oh my gosh, you’re supposed to be a smarty pants brown boy

            Look it up on what bush calls the internets

            80% of southern american countries are catholic by religion, which includes MEXICO

            do u want to say that just the 20% of non-catholics are crossing?

            I expect more from you brown eye

    • ali

      By all means give us your breakdown on nations – how they formed – who killed whom – their belief systems and please, include their music. Such great anticipation – it forces the impatient up on tippy toe.

  • landofaahs

    The lemonicks don’t believe in a set definition of words. Whatever they decide it means is what they go by because they can lie easier that way and get by with the low information viewer. What “automatic means to me”. But he is an automatic liar because he shoots off several lies in a quick manner.

  • Chad3434

    There is stupid and then there is this guy. Way above stupid.

  • Take 2

    Did you know a bullet turns into a gas when shot. That’s why they are hot at impact. Thrust x friction over / distance = amount of heat at explosion. A fast cut spit ball drops; of course, they were outlawed too.

  • Ron Campbell

    there isn’t a need to examine my second amendment right… look at what it says… enough examination done at that point. the moment they come for my gun is the moment a few of them and I pass on into that great unknown.

  • Barry Hill

    The 1934 gun control act established the NFA (national firearms act) registry of all Machine guns, and short barreled rifles and shotguns, At the time of the passing of the legislation a tax of 200 dollars per gun was instituted, this was an effective 100% tax on the then price of a new Thompson Submachine gun.

  • blackwingA520

    “No ones trying to take away your Second Amendment rights!” But they will try anyway,

  • hockeynut43

    Should have asked him what a class 3 license was, and what is the down side of having one. You might want to fact check the date for when full automatic weapons were banned. I believe it was some time after WWII..

    • sidewinderaz

      Actually it was before WWII. I believe it was the Gun Control Act of 1934 and then again in 1986 it was expanded even further prohibiting sale of fully automatic firearms manufactured after 1986.

  • Krimsen King

    yes, it is fun to make don lemon look silly… and so easy too… but he’s not the one writing (or not writing) necessary gun laws… the right to bear arms was conceived at a time when the deadliest weapons required great skill to barely kill one person at a time… now we have all kinds of sophisticated weapons that are very easily used with no skill to kill many people at a time… whether you call them ‘automatic’ or ‘semi-automatic’ or whatever classification you come up with, the point remains that extremely dangerous weapons are often far too easy to come by… so…. yeh, good point, guys… don lemon is clueless….. eyeroll

    • clbrown

      These are not examples of “whatever you want to call them.” THESE ARE SPECIFIC WORDS WITH SPECIFIC, MEANINGFUL, TECHNICAL DEFINITIONS.

      What you just did is equivalent to saying “well, I have a pair of roller skates, which are the same thing as a car, because both can move people around and both have four wheels.”

      You can easily see how nonsensical that statement is. The problem is, YOUR position (which seems to be the same as that of Lemon, your first phrase, above, notwithstanding) is equally nonsensical.

      When people refuse to acknowledge that specific words have specific meanings… when they ignore actual LANGUAGE in favor of “an agenda” or just “my feelings” or whatever… they ultimately only make themselves look, well, like fools.

      An automatic weapon fires continuously as long as the trigger is held, and as long as there is ammunition in the weapon. This is a SPECIFIC, MECHANICAL, TECHNICAL TERM.

      A semi-automatic weapon fires one round per trigger pull, again, as long as there is ammunition in the weapon.

      Most automatic weapons can be set to fire in semi-automatic mode. No semi-automatic weapon can be set to fire in fully-automatic mode. This is because of, again, the legal recognition of the MEANINGFUL TECHNICAL TERMS used.

      An semi-automatic weapon… such as a civilian AR-15… is no different, functionally, in this regard from an M1911 handgun. And, other than the force required to pull the trigger, not dramatically different than a double-action revolver.

      Unless you’re suggesting that only flintlocks should be legal, this is EXACTLY the argument lemon, and then you, seem to be making. Of course, this is utter nonsense.

      In reality, the goal is to “progressively” remove weapons from the hands of civilians, so that only the government has access to weaponry. WE ALL KNOW THAT. You might as well admit that this is what you want as well.

      And if we lived in a society where there was an utterly benign, perfectly moral person who had absolute, unquestionable power over everyone’s lives, this might actually work.

      So… let’s just go with this. I get it… you think that you have a “dear leader” who is “on your side” right now and thus “should have that level of authority.” But unless you’re going to argue that he should be made “emperor for life” and then some technique discovered to ensure that he lives forever… you surely recognize that SOMEONE else will someday hold that power, and it’s highly likely that the person holding that power will be someone who you may not feel as much “compatriotism” with as you do with “dear leader Obama.”

      So… would you want, say, Sarah Palin to have absolute control over every element of your life, and be the sole person in the world with authority to use force, with nobody entitled to stand against her in any way, or to resist at any level?

      Somehow, I think you might not like that. But hey, maybe I’m wrong…

      • Krimsen King

        hahahaha no, sorry friend… I was in no way re-defining or un-defining anything… I was in no way ignoring the actual definitions of words… and I have no ‘agenda’ or ‘side’ or hahahaha ‘dear leader’… you must try to understand that just because you believe you disagree with someone, this does not mean they are on some opposing ‘side’… and this issue has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PRESIDENCY… and really.. some day you must recognize that there are more than two perspectives to humanity.. more than two ‘sides’ to any issue and far more than two solutions to any problem… You are very much equating sane, reasonable and strict gun laws to ‘removing weapons from the hands of civilians’… and THIS is utter nonsense… OBVIOUSLY, we CANNOT and SHOULD NOT make military-grade weapons easily accessible to civilians… the right to bear arms (really the right to self defense) DOES NOT EQUATE to some imagined right to own any weapon made… and that’s what you and your ‘side’ (also the ‘side’ of massive weapons and defense manufacturing lobbies) are equating… THIS is the nonsense your partisan perceptions don’t allow you to see… so, yeh… you’re extremely wrong… :)

        • mkkms

          Military grade weapons are not accessible to civilians and this is the argument that separates stupid people from smart people!

          • Krimsen King

            hahahahaha yes…. you so smart… they so stupid….. good grief, WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET REASONABLE, SANE RESTRICTIONS ON DEADLY WEAPONS???

          • clbrown

            We already have “sane restrictions on deadly weapons.”

            You don’t want that. You want “all weapons out of the hands of anyone but me and those who are my personal heroes.”

            This is due to your unreasonable and unsupportable belief that you’re somehow “smarter, better, and more enlightened” than those “ijits” who “cling to their God and guns.”

            No, the reason that we are permitted to be armed is quite simple. It’s because the founders of this nation understood how tyrants seize, and maintain, control over subjugated populations. So they wrote a Constitution which, as the “employee handbook” for our EMPLOYEES WITHIN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, tells them the few things which they’re permitted to do, thus prohibiting them from doing other things, and explicitly prohibits certain especially egregious tactics.

            That’s why the Bill of Rights was written, in fact. to explicitly prohibit the people working within the government of the United States of America from ever using any of the tactics which all tyrants use to maintain control over their people.

            The 1st Amendment was written to ensure that the people have the right to peaceably resist the government, and to prevent the government from establishing any “official belief system” or from in any way discouraging people from holding whatever belief system they see fit.

            The 2nd Amendment was written, as was so clearly stated by the very authors of the Constitution, “in case the 1st Amendment fails.” It was written because the founders knew that tyrants prefer a population which cannot resist. They said so, openly and clearly, and it’s a TOTAL LIE to claim otherwise… no matter how vociferously you may insist otherwise.

            The rest of the Bill of Rights was to further establish the limitations on specific, especially egregious behaviors used by tyrannies against their people which the Founders were very familiar with… and to ensure that the States would retain the majority of political power with them, with only very limited political power consolidated in the hands of the Federal bureaucracy.

            But those who want to become tyrants keep trying to change this… by “ignoring” elements, by “reading in” things which are not there, or by actual revision in some cases. Yes, they did successfully diminish states rights by changing the means by which Senators were selected… originally, they were sent to the Senate by the state governments, not by popular election, and they were expected to represent the state, not to directly represent the populace. The House of Representatives was set up to be the “popularly elected” portion of the legislature… and both houses were intended to “check and balance” against each other, as well as (together) checking and balancing the other two branches of the Federal bureaucracy.

            Yes, you are arguing the “pro-Tyranny” side of the argument, and the vast majority of us know it. Which is why you never just come out and say what you really mean, and instead couch your argument in “weasle words” like “common sense gun control” and so forth.

            There’s nothing “common sense” about what you’re promoting… except that “common sense” tells us that only those who seek to diminish the freedom of the populace, and consolidate that power into the hands of the ruling class “elites,” truly support you. You can only “win” through deceit. And the people you’re trying to deceive are a lot smarter, overall, than you give them credit for being.

            Please, stick around and keep on arguing, though… I LOVE how you provide the opportunity to use you as an object lesson. I couldn’t have invented a better “case study” if I’d set out to do so!

          • Krimsen King

            you assume far too much… somehow, you believe you know everything I ‘want’ from my simple suggestion that we have stricter regulations on gun ownership… you must try to understand that everyone you believe you disagree with is not on some opposing ‘side’.. you must eventually come to see that there are far more than two perspectives to humanity, more than two ‘sides’ to any issue, and far more than two solutions to any problem.. somehow, you’ve come to believe that only you and your fellow cult members have a true understanding of ‘the Constitution’ or ‘the American Way’… obviously, you do not.. there are literally MILLIONS of your fellow Americans who have just as fine and clear an understanding as you, and perhaps even more millions with a better, more complex understanding of it… if you still don’t believe me, go back and look at your ‘response’ to my comment… EVERY SINGLE ONE of your arguments was against something I NEVER SAID… careful your partisan delusions, friend… they draw you into darkness… and people don’t see so good in the dark 😉

      • Krimsen King

        it is amusing how afraid so many of you are of this ‘progressive agenda’… you know, the nice thing about this ‘progressivism’ is how it is so very slow to ‘progress’…. just look at voting rights… women didn’t even get the right to vote until 1920… and minorities were still institutionally segregated and discriminated against until the 60’s… see, it’s not ‘insidious’ and ‘devious’… it is ridiculously slow, so that (in a freely and fairly elected democratic system) WE THE PEOPLE NEED NOT FEAR THEM.. you see, in a freely and fairly elected democratic system (like we used to have before we became this disgusting oligarchy), WE THE PEOPLE could completely halt this ‘progressive agenda’, AS WE HAVE OVER THE PAST 50 YEARS… yes, we stopped it, and we can reverse it or change it or WHATEVER WE THE PEOPLE CHOOSE… if anything, it has been so-called ‘conservative’ policies that seem completely absolute and inflexible… tax cuts that were designed to expire and somehow never do… OUTSOURCING policies that gut our manufacturing sector… oh yeah.. and REASONABLE gun control laws that NEVER GET WRITTEN… why does no one remember THE AMERICAN WAY??? You know…. civil debate, discussion, cooperation…. this is how we used to decide public policy… when we were still a civilized country…

  • Robert L. Rice

    NOPE.that pointed finger gun,is what obozo and school teachers thinks is a real gun

  • mkkms

    Obviously the guy has no idea what he’s talking about and should do some research before debating the issue! Semantics has nothing to do with it! Automatic weapons are completely different than semi automatics and this clown is trying to appear intelligent!

  • Tomon

    It would Appear the the ATF need to pay Don a visit cause he is admitting to owning a fully automatic weapon and state he could go out and harm somebody. That is more the the Branch Davidians or the family at Ruby Ridge did. With all the Liberal crazies out there (mass shootings in gun free zones) this should be looked into.

  • Marcus


    • Yo Mamma

      get a life, you’re mr nobody, an anonymous blend of gobbledee goo

      • clbrown

        Translation: “Yo Mamma” is incapable of understanding what you said, and doesn’t care anyway, because it fails to feed “Yo Mamma’s” narrative.

        • Yo Mamma

          clbrown, trolling me, making your belated comments does nothing to improve your image

          Yet another anonymous blend of gobbledee goo

          • clbrown

            Trolling you? You mean “reading over the comments on this article and responding where it’s appropriate?”

            And “belated?” It would only seem that way to someone who is a paid-poster and has moved on to his next “assignment.” Your post was three days ago. Granted, to a paid-poster, this is a distraction from your latest “assigned duty” postings… which is amusing to me… but c’mon now, YM, you’re being too transparent.

            And finally… “Yet another anonymous blend of gobbledee goo?” Other than stringing together a few words you think make you seem ‘smart”… but only make you look foolish… what do you think that comment says about you? Hmmm?

          • Yo Mamma

            You like to write.

            A LOT

            I hope you have a writing job, probably for CNN where you can actually get PAID for writing your drivel

  • Yo Mamma

    I don’t have to say this because it obvious

    Having lived in the company of both Christians and Muslims I can tell you this.


    the other hand, there are very few Christians I know that haven’t tried
    their hand, a little manipulation, some deviousness, sly tactic, to try
    and convert me to THEIR religion

    So be happy. The world is
    reacting to your pushiness. Your pushiness to to convert everything
    moving and your blatant refusal to respect people’s right, sovereignty
    and dignity to have a religion of their choosing.

    You are no superior than a cloud of locusts devouring every green leaf standing in the field until its a decaying strip of sand. And even on that sand, you will build another ivory tower the poor will pay for.

    Be happy :-) or :-(

    • clbrown

      “A Muslim never tried to convert you to their religion.”

      So, either (a) you’re already a Muslim yourself, or (b) you’ve never spent any time around Muslims, or (c) you’re of Jewish descent (and the Koran tells them that Jews are only suitable for slaughter, after all).

      But please, by all means, tell us… where have you “lived in the company of both Muslims and Christians.”

      I’ll bet that (if you’re not lying) this wasn’t anywhere in Africa, Indonesia, or the Middle East… and for that matter, almost certainly not in Paris, London, or any of the other places where “Sharia zones” have been established.

      Am I wrong? If so, by all means… share your details.

      • Yo Mamma

        I guess the truth really does offend some people

        • clbrown

          Apparently so, as having the truth about your trolling commentary pointed out certain does seem to offend YOU.

          I said… “Am I wrong? If so, please share your details.”

          It is not lost on me that you purposefully chose not to do so, and instead used a “distract and deflect” dodge to do so.

          I’m not “offended” by you. I’m not even annoyed by you. I LIKE having people like you around, to serve as object-lessons and example to be shown to others.

          • Yo Mamma

            Why are you (aggressively and in a hostile fashion) challenging “Me myself and I” in this way?

            You’re an admitted christian. You have stated this unless you’re a Muslim lying.

            So tell me christian, when last did you turn the other cheek?

            Once you have admitted this, tell me when last you ate pork?

            Once you have admitted this, tell me when last you read from your stolen copy of Torah?

            Yes, we’re just getting started

          • clbrown

            Oh, I’ve ticked off “yo mama” now, haven’t I? He’s borrowing lines from a response in an entirely different discussion, meaning he’s chosen to go read through my “Disqus” post history, not just sticking to this thread. He sees me as a threat to his “narrative.”


            (“Me, Myself and I” Is the screen name of a poster in another
            thread… clearly “Yo Mamma” was too lazy to read CONTEXT, though… and assumes I was “talking about myself”)

            You see the aggressive tone he brings up. But I’ll play along, because it’s fun to watch him go on about this.

            The “turn the other cheek” line is him attempting to tell me that I need to be passive and allow others to ride roughshod over both me and those around me, without comment. This of course has NOTHING to do with the actual point Jesus was making, but it’s popular among non-Christians attempting to manipulate Christians. It’s almost universal as a “winning argument” (as they imagine it) from those who lack any real understanding of Christianity.

            I did a pork roast (in a slow-cooker with a Korean braising sauce) about two weeks ago and ate it over several days. And it was GOOD, too. And I had a pepperoni-dressed pizza just a couple of days ago.

            As for a “stolen copy of the Torah,” I’m still trying to figure out what this bozo is trying to say here? I’m not a Jew, nor am I a Muslim. I have a number of copies of the bible in various translations, in digital form, and I do have a copy of the Torah among these, as well as the two most accepted English translations of the Koran, and two compilations of what are the most “accepted” of the Hadith. I own a copy of Karl Marx’s seminal work, and two of Alinsky’s best known works. And I have an extensive collection of the works of C. S. Lewis, with Mere Christianity, The Great Divorce, and The Screwtape Letters being my personal favorites from among them. I have an EXTENSIVE library, both printed and digital in nature.

            But of course I have no “stolen copy of the Torah,” and I can’t begin to imagine what our friend here is trying to infer by saying that. I can only assume that he THINKS he’s being “witty” and “tricky” and “irritating” and whatever else he thinks will “help him win” here… but in reality, he’s only proving how utterly disconnected from reason and logic he actually is.

            It’s always fun to watch psychotics, like our friend here, go over the top. You can tell who they really fear, because they go into a rage (the only CERTAIN part from above is that the post was written in a rage) and they start actiing as if in an actual war (I have no need to go read his history on Disqus, because I see him as no threat whatsoever, but clearly he feels the need to “study his enemy” and is doing so with frenzied gusto).

            Yes, “Yo Mamma,” let’s play.

          • Yo Mamma

            Read the front of your stolen Torah

            Who is the eternal inheritor?


            Does it mention YOU?


            So you have in your possession a sacred text given as an eternal inheritance to the Hebrew

            It was stolen from them and placed in front of your christian bible, not to obey, but as a war trophy

            get it

            When last did you atone to a Hebrew Priest?
            Why not?

          • clbrown

            Wow, our psychotic little friend here is in a serious rage, isn’t he?

            You really have to wonder what point he THINKS he’s making?

            But what’s important is this… he’s making it clear through his language that “Jews” are “THEM” (so he can’t be a Jew) and that “Christians” are “YOU” (so he is not a Christian).

            No Hindu would take this approach, nor would any Sikh, nor would a Buddhist.

            He might be a Satanist, or a “secular humanist” (which, remember, is a religion just like any other), or most likely of all (since this is what brought him to his rage) he’s a Muslim.

            In any of the above cases, he’s under the direction of the same power, though, so it hardly matters WHY he’s in that power’s service, does it?

          • Yo Mamma

            You can try to divert christian, but that LAW in front of your bible, the stolen LAW, is going to hold you accountable.

            See being that you have this stolen copy of the LAW because you are NOT and inheritor that makes you a thief

            See what happens to thieves?

          • clbrown

            And there he goes, after I pointed out the “divert, distract and deflect” technique used by him and his pals, he thinks he’s “turning it around on me” (as another “winning argument” in his mind).

            I’m not “diverting” at all, though, I’m simply refusing to allow HIM to divert the discussion and HIM to refuse to answer questions. He’s frustrated that I’m not “following his lead,” you see… because that’s what (in his fevered fantasy of how this is “supposed to go,” that’s exactly what would be happening).

            He’s not a Jew. He’s made that very clear already. So, he doesn’t believe in Jewish beliefs. He, personally, doesn’t care about “the LAW” he’s referencing at all, nor does he have the slightest understanding of how Christians view our relationship with Jews and Judaism.

            But… I’m waiting on him to tell me “what happens to thieves.” Is he going to offer to cut off my hand?

          • Yo Mamma

            Brown, are you perhaps writing to your millions of imaginary friends? Do you suffer from delusions of grandeur?

            Do your best son is all I say

            Even though you are a thief
            Even though you are not a bloodline Priest, of the Levites

            Even after all that…
            You have a copy of Torah
            Now all you need do is try interpret it
            Which, I am told is quite a challenge

            So when you ask me a question like
            “But… I’m waiting on him to tell me “what happens to thieves.” Is he going to offer to cut off my hand?”
            This being your best attempt at asking for an interpretation, MY INTERPRETATION of the law, let me say this…..

            You are a thief
            You do not follow strict and Literal Torah
            Which labels you a heathen

            And I do not minister to heathens that are thieves

          • Yo Mamma

            But to the believers, and being it is the Sabbath Day I read you this…..

            5:20 And the LORD spoke unto Moses saying: 5:21 If any one sin and commit a trespass against the LORD and deal falsely with his neighbour in a matter of deposit or of pledge or of robbery or have oppressed his neighbour; 5:22 or have found that which was lost and deal falsely therein and swear to a lie; in any of all these that a man doeth sinning therein; 5:23 then it shall be if he hath sinned and is guilty that he shall restore that which he took by robbery or the thing which he hath gotten by oppression or the deposit which was deposited with him or the lost thing which he found 5:24 or any thing about which he hath sworn falsely he shall even restore it in full and shall add the fifth part more thereto; unto him to whom it appertaineth shall he give it in the day of his being guilty.

            “the thing which he hath gotten by oppression” HMMMMM

            What is that?

            Its Torah. You christians and Jews took it from the Hebrew Priest and oppressed them into submission
            Its stolen under the worst of circumstances

    • ali

      This is also obvious – people have a great many opinions about a great many things and express them through various manners of personality and presentation and with various degrees of conviction. If that reality in your mind constitutes a blatant disrespect for you, your personal ‘sovereignty’ or dignity to choose, is perceived by you as a form of pushiness, manipulation or deception – it’s just your own bias showing through. I hope that didn’t make you cry.

      • Yo Mamma

        Crying is a good thing. You mention crying a lot in your posts, as if its a bad thing. Tell you what. Something gets in your eye baby, you’re going to cry, yeah, like a baby

        I guess something happened to you that you cried and felt so bad, that now you think the rest of humanity shares your perverted perception handed to you by your genetically challenged father that told you

        “Son, don’t cry. Only wimps, babies and women cry.”

        I hope this is therapeutic for you and you can now stop the psychiatric help at $300 and hour

  • Katness Everdean

    A brief audio introduction to Obama’s weird opinions on the 2nd Amendment:

  • It 2 it 567

    Globalist MAFIA —FULLY ACHIEVED their RED CHINA handover op.
    They even got YOU to underwrite it!

    Before the stupid ITs knew what hit ’em —they were pre-emptively
    criminalized. A typical ploy by the PSYCHOPATHS. You know,
    accusing others of what you yourself are perpetrating.

    We are now living in –their– system,
    ——————————–a PSYCHOPATHIC system
    ———————–with a PSYCHOPATHIC culture.

    THINK the Pavlovian franchise slum grid.

    A system designed, managed, directed and RUN by PSYCHOPATHS.

    PSYCHOPATHY is KEY to seeing what’s underway.

    VICTIMS are ripe pickin’s for PSYCHOPATHY.

    Look at almost ANY of your franchise slum ‘eye con’ faves!

    MEANWHILE- – – –


    POST America is now undergoing shutdown and controlled demolition.!

    Media franchise slums never DID save you –or even much warn you.

    They NEVER will.

    In fact, it’s innate in the set up —–that they CAN’T.

    What comes of being drawn off by people who don’t know you.
    ———————by people ‘who care’,
    —————————by people who aren’t even really there.

    “Understand, CON–ology demands
    —————————-the COMPLETE participation
    ——————————————of the VICTIM.”
    Informed Radio


    This IS the 11th hour….

  • Softie

    Yet another example of the mayhem and murder offered by Obama’s sons:

  • Steven Brock

    probably why she left your co-workers since what she makes is so much more then what you and your co-worker make at Mcdonalds lol

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