UPDATE: Radio host Mike Slater just took the Ice Bucket Challenge to an insane new level

UPDATE: As it turns out, Mike Slater was pulling a bit of a fast one on all of us – though his heart is in the right place. In a new video, Slater admits it was not boiling hot soup in the bucket he poured over his head on a sunny California beach earlier this week. Based on this new video, however, it seems like his challenge to the ISIS member who beheaded American journalist James Foley still stands.

Original story below:

“We’ve all heard the Ice Bucket Challenge. I think it’s time to kick it up a notch,” radio host Mike Slater says before unveiling his twist on the ice bucket challenge. It’s a “hot soup challenge”. Slater takes a steaming bucket of soup fresh off the stove, walks out of his apartment and down to the beach and issues a challenge.

“This goes to Jon Stewart, Rachel Maddow, and Michael Moore,” Slater says. On second thought, he adds: “No wait, this goes to the guy in the black hood from ISIS.”

And then he pours the bucket of steaming hot soup on his head!

Over email with GlennBeck.com, Slater explained, “We really value the effort to raise money for ALS research and don’t want to take anything away from that, but politically, we thought it would be good if our political attention was on the failed policy and result of the power vacuum in Iraq.” [sic]

Mike Slater hosts The Mike Slater Show on KFMB weekdays, and a weekend show on TheBlaze Radio Network.

  • Its me, Bruce


  • Dan Bucciarelli


  • http://www.thejournal-postman.blogspot.com/ the Sententious Vaunter


  • Guest

    Sad that he has to take something as positive as the ALS Ice bucket challenge and corrupt it with politics.

    • Clk

      Sad that so many are so enthralled and absorbed in the ice bucket challenge instead of real issues like the genocide in Iraq, Americans being beheaded, our border being invaded, and the many wars waging across the world today. But I guess dumping ice on your head to escape actually DONATING to a cause is so much more important………

      • Guest

        Ah blinders aren’t they wonderful. Have you seen the amount of money that has been donated to ALS because of this? Do you even care? Sorry but I much rather care about people I know and call friend than garbage in the middle east that was started by republicans more than a century ago. Quit trying to resolve issues you caused with the lives of our youth.

        • Its me, Bruce

          Clk caused these issues more than a century ago? Good to know!

  • Dave Mayhew

    This has to be the stupidest video I’ve seen yet. Some moron is going to try this and end up scalding themselves. Not something I’d have on my web site.

    • Clk

      Its called NATURAL SELECTION! If they are that stupid, then so be it……

  • nina

    he’s lost what little mind he had! Quick call the paramedics!

  • mawpuff

    Tell me that idiot really didn’t do that? That it was somehow a joke! Has to be a joke look at who he sent the challenge to…

  • Kel My

    This is so very stupid. Someone will wind up burning themselves. This takes away from the positive that has come from the ice bucket challenge and ALS awareness. STUPID!

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