It all started at 7am on Wednesday, when a woman pulled up to the drive-through of a St. Petersburg, Florida Starbucks and asked to pay for the order of the person behind her. Over the course of the next 12 hours, nearly 400 other people did the same.

“We have been talking about some of the madness going on, so let me tell you a nice story,” Pat said on radio this morning. “This is a really good story from the day before yesterday. “

According to the Tampa Bay Times, once the first woman paid for her iced coffee and the caramel macchiato of the patron behind her, employees at the Starbucks began keep a tally. As of 1:30pm, 260 people had chosen to pay it forward.

One customer told the Times he had visited the Starbucks early in the day but returned later to see if the trend had continued. When he learned it had, he ordered a second chai tea and paid for the person behind him.

The remarkable feat finally ended around 6pm when a woman pulled up and ordered a regular coffee. The person working the drive-through window asked the women if she would like to continue the chain by paying for the person behind her, but she refused. The employee told the Times he did not think the woman understood the concept.

“I think it’s amazing it took 400 people to make that happen,” Pat concluded.

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