Dan Rather: I would pay terrorists ransom money

In the aftermath of the beheading of American journalist James Foley, reports have emerged detailing the ransom requests ISIS made in the days and weeks leading up to the heinous execution. While the United States, in theory, does not negotiate with terrorists, former CBS anchor Dan Rather said he would be “looking to negotiate for ransom.”

During a wide-ranging interview on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Rather admitted the nonnegotiable stance makes sense in so far as it deters hostage taking in the first place, but that does not mean he is adverse to the practice.

“[W]hen it’s your son or daughter, when it’s someone in your organization you have worked with, it’s a whole different thing. And I can’t blame anyone for trying to ransom a journalist out,” Rather said. “If some member of our Dan Rather Reports team was kidnapped, I would be looking to negotiate for ransom. You can criticize me, if you want, damn me if you want, but the loyalty to our people who work with us and take these great chances engenders loyalty back.”

On radio this morning, Mike Broomhead filled in for Glenn and reacted to Rather’s comments. While Rather attempts to come across as “selfless” in his remarks, Mike believes he misses the point entirely.

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“Okay, what about the long-term consequences,” Mike ask. “[He is] trying to sound like he’s very selfless in what he’s saying… What about the message you are sending? What about the danger of down the road as these things escalate? We have already seen what happens when people perceive us as weak.”

When you consider the outcome of the Iran hostage crisis, Mike’s point becomes clearer. President Jimmy Carter’s Operation Eagle Claw failed to secure the release of the 52 hostages held at the U.S. embassy in Tehran in April 1980. Less than a year later, just moments into Ronald Reagan’s presidency, the hostages were released.

“If you remember, the day Ronald Reagan was inaugurated, they let those people go. That was not by accident. There was a reason why they taunted Carter, and there’s a reason they didn’t mess with Reagan,” Mike said. “Terrorists are nothing more than gang bangers… and if you negotiate with them while they are in a position of power, it emboldens them.”

“If Dan Rather can live with himself for saying that, that’s fine,” he continued. “But we either deal with the threat when it’s a threat, or we pass it off onto someone else all in the name of peace.”

  • landofaahs

    I’d “RATHER” not. It just encourages and rewards more kidnappings. Best to bomb them.

    • Carol James


      ✦✦✦ ✦✦�✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦

    • Yo Mamma

      I think you should consider beheading.

      IS has proven it far more fearful than any bombing you suggest.

      Only problem with your faint at heart christians, drones don’t behead -= lol

      • landofaahs

        Good. Then they don’t mind us bombing them.

      • Tim F

        How about shooting with pigs blood? Or beheading with the weapon covered in it? I bet that’d put the fear into them. 😀

        • Yo Mamma

          Yeah, pigs blood would do some damage for sure

          You could even control the world with pigs blood

          Save some next time you cook your pig

      • mnphouka

        I would have bombed them to hell 12 years ago. I am a Christian

        • Yo Mamma

          sure ur christian. don’t have to say, everyone knows

    • BlueMN
      • landofaahs

        Ronald Reagan was not perfect. The Brady bill is another example of where I disagreed with him. But for the most part I did agree with him.

    • Ferrari fan

      indeed, since ransoms is how they get a lot of their funding. especially from European countries.

  • soybomb315

    Ah, thank goodness there are alternative media outlets willing to ask the tough questions….


  • Elena

    Bullies only respond to their own blood on their own shirts, or the truly credible opportunity to taste their own blood.

  • Crassus

    I thought Dan Rather died from natural causes a long time ago. Or was that just his journalistic career?

    • Yo Mamma

      Sleeping with your wife is not a natural cause more like a mission

      • pfiffi43

        Sounds like the words of a male chauvinist!

        • Yo Mamma

          Sounds like pft

          You wrote something very racist
          “Most Jewish people I know are very smart”

          You must be DU ———————-MB

          pfiffi43 is even more du________MB is he replies back……….oh wait, he just did. Proof of dum____________Bness

          • pfiffi43

            And who cares what you think????

  • racindavid

    LMAO… isn’t this the guy who MADE UP stuff about GW ?? Why is he even relevant ?

    • SBook2515

      I also recall him telling O’Reilly that “…you can be an honest person and lie about any number of things.”

      • pfiffi43

        Spoken like a true liberal or Muslim for that matter. I wonder how he defines the word “honest” though?

        • SBook2515

          I think he was talking about Bill Clinton at the time, if that helps to put it into context. Dan insisted that Clinton was an honest person.

          • pfiffi43

            Oh, really? Remember the words: “I did not have sex with that woman?”

          • SBook2515

            I remember…but apparently Dan did not.

  • R.J. Brownlee


  • pfiffi43

    You are dealing with mad dogs, not with people. As soon as you pay for one kidnapped person, they will try to get 100 more so they can rake in the money.

  • Diana Mills

    I stopped watching what Dan had to say a long time ago.

  • http://www.mrchrisg.com/ mrchrisg.com

    I would deal with Islamic Terrorist. For instance: Every American you kill, we will urinate on, defecate on, and then burn 1000 Qur’ans.

    • Yo Mamma

      Suggesting someone deface a bible is criminal

      • Michael Harkov

        A Qur’an is not a bible.

        • Yo Mamma

          Go with that one sparky

  • Jeff Card

    Rather and others that support negotiations with terrorist lack an understanding of sacrifice. The kind of sacrifice our soldiers exhibit when fighting the enemy, when they would rather be beheaded then to give the enemy any kind of ransom or anything they can proclaim as a victory.

    A solider understands that death is a risk they take as part of their duty in the cause for freedom. Everyone, including reporters or volunteer aids should understand when they put themse in the middle of a war zone they can likely die and they should all have the attitude of the soldier, rather die then give in to the demands of the enemy.

    Our country desperately needs heroes who are willing to die for the greater good. That is what made our country great, the brave sacrifices of our forefathers. We also desperately need support from citizens at home to respect and value the sacrifices made for them instead of a bleeding heart response to give in when the going gets tough.

    • Joseph Hamilton

      Honestly, I’m for bringing our troops home from all foreign
      countries. Haven’t we given the ungrateful enough of our
      dwindling bounty?

  • Yo Mamma

    I like Dan Rather. He has a soothing voice and is soft on the eyes

  • Guest

    Tough to call. I know that if you pay it encourages them to kidnap more often. However, God forbid something like that happen to one of my kids, I would want to pay the ransom. It is best to exterminate these creatures before they have the opportunity to do more.

    • Yo Mamma

      What you got against creatures? You feel inferior of them? Intimidated? Creatures scary to you?

      • Joseph Hamilton

        You are one confusing “mamma”, Mamma. Did you
        have a bad day, or what?

      • spikebu

        Where I come from, creatures are fun. Bring on something else. We’re getting kinda bored.

        • Yo Mamma

          “creatures are fun”

          Had head lice before?

  • masseur1950

    Thank GOD, rather is not in power. To pay ransom calls on more abductions. Look at the pirates of Somalia: they received money, and they kept on ransoming. It took many Ex-Special Forces contractors, as well as French and English Special Forces embarked on those vessels to STOP the hijackings. Yes, lives are at risk. Yes, some lives will be lost. It is better to lose a few for the cessation of the hostilities. It is worth it to lose a few for the whole to be safe. I would volunteer to be one of the killed for the better of the whole. I will always volunteer when I can to save the younger ones. I think those of us who have experience, are older, ( over 50), and can handle themselves well in difficult conditions should volunteer. And the PTB should take us. There are many of us “old farts” who can handle many things as well or better than the young. Our lives have been full, well lived, with joy, results and children. Let’s take care of those new lives and take care of business the way we did, and still can.

  • ridgemeister

    About 210 years ago, the United States took exception to this practice, resulting in the Tripolitan War….

  • garysvent

    By all means, Rather. Let’s pay them with YOUR money.

    • Joseph Hamilton

      I’d be for that.

    • CORMAC___NJ

      It would still encourage them to kidnap others. Eventually Rather would run out of money, or generosity. Only then, there would be even MORE hostages.

      • garysvent

        You don’t need to take my comment literally — I was only pointing out that idiots like Rather are always ready to spend Other People’s Money to advance their deluded notions of a sane response to a kidnapping.

        The mayor of Paris paid Vikings not to attack Paris; they took the money, and then attacked anyway. Leave it to the French to give us history lessons in stupid, from which Rather apparently learned.

  • Kaiser

    I heard either Tom Brokaw or Rather Dan say that ” Unless you were in the military, you can’t talk about it”. My question is, was either one of these idiots in the military? No? Then they can’t talk about it! Are they women? Then they can’t talk about women issues, and so on and so forth with all subjects.
    Rush played it today on the radio.

    • Bob2002

      It was Rather who said this, but I am sure Brokaw feels the same way.

  • elevenoclock

    It seems that when liberals get old they actually get dumber. Reid, Pelosi, Rather, Carter… When conservatives get older they spell better.

    • spikebu

      And our vocabulary continues to grow.

  • independent thinker

    The obama administration does not believe in negotiating a release for money they just release known terrorist 5 for one.

    • Bob2002

      Yea, release 5 terrorists for one Muslim deserter who will not be punished because Obama does not want him hurt. I predict Bergdahl will be free and discharged from the Army by christmas.

      • spikebu

        And now he’s inviting them back across the border. I think it’s a Triple Crown!

  • tinwhistler

    And who cares what this senile loser thinks? I think Dan and his liberal friends should give all of their money to a hostage fund to pay ransom for Americans who go into places where they know they may be caught and beheaded, but go anyway. I might even go over and see if I can catch some journalists or missionaries and collect the ransoms from Dan. Somehow, these blowhards always think it is OK to spend taxpayer dollars to do what they want, while they hoard their wealth.

    • Bob2002

      You just described all Democrats.

      • CORMAC___NJ

        And sadly, many Republicans…

  • Bob2002

    Dan Rather has lost it. By paying ransom, you are inviting more kidnapping. Rather is too old to be doing anything about broadcasting. This ultra liberal, who trys to make news instead of report it, needs to retire and enjoy all the money he has made over the years. He is an idiot.

  • smokehill2

    No surprise,coming from an amoral political pimp like Rather.

    He probably still thinks he was “doing God’s work” by passing off obviously faked documents to attack President Bush.

    It must really annoy him to be as much a laughingstock as Jimmy Carter.

  • spikebu

    First video, two wieners disguised as Men. Second video, a Man.

  • http://batman-news.com It 2 it 567

    Remember, Rather ‘perception maged’ us through decades
    of broad daylight globalist MAFIA —-RED CHINA handover TREASON.

    Realize Rather worked, and works, for TAVISTOCK mind control ‘medea’.

    Know that Rather is CFR global mafia agenda ‘on board’.

    Be aware, we’re dealing with just the latest leg of
    globalist MAFIA conjured, armed and massively funded ‘terror’.

    Understand, POST America’s under OPEN globalist MAFIA USURPATION.

    • CORMAC___NJ

      He’s a Commie and a traitor. Got it.

  • Patriot Bob

    Any member of the media the terrorists can keep. Media are the enemy of the American people. Attorneys are next.

  • Vonnie Wilford

    Poor Dan – he was always on the wrong side…..

  • Tim F

    This man clearly doesn’t understand whom we’re dealing with.

  • RagsOnYouSchwags

    cnn is irrelevant, dan rather even more so. your time is over dan, enjoy your senility and final approach to the grave, mmkay?

  • 7tom7

    What worse is that obama administration is giving details of the fail rescue attempt which should be secret to be use again not revealing tactics and how the target area was found for the next rescue and to protect our rescue troops !! This like during Iraq War we found a way to find the location of hostage by video and a big mouth congressman blab it to our enemy , so they change the way they distributed the hostage video by internet that filter out the location clue , so now instead going over the airways broadcasting firsts ,they send it over internet first !! Thanks obama for helping our enemies again by releasing information that should remain secret of the fail rescue attempt !!!!!!!!

  • https://twitter.com/JK11165 John Kissel

    I hate to say it but …It will be the Insurance companies that will stop the news companies from sending reporters over there & then the only news we will get from the New Ottoman Empire will be from the Islamists . But First the reporters will be easy picking for the Jihadists emboldened by our Pres. & his weakness(or rather his intentional & seemingly less concerned about secret assistance to these monsters)

  • http://crazyladyadvicecolumn.weebly.com TheCrazyLady3

    I’d Rather DAN RATHER’D be a ransom

  • Rick

    My loved ones already know, if I were ever a hostage, in any type of hostage situation, take aim and shoot right through me, to kill the kidnappers and/or terrorists! Don’t dare give them the satisfaction! Kill them DEAD! And me too, lol! My faith is strong enough to know never to be scared of death! Especially if my death includes the death of evil people as well!

  • ked5

    go ahead dan. pay the ransom. let them know they get what they want and they know they can do it again and again and again . . . .
    this is why liberals are weak.

  • http://batman-news.com It 2 it 567

    And about that 4 decades ON
    —————————GLOBALIST—RED CHINA handover
    —————————————-POST America shutdown
    —————————–OPEN globalist MAFIA USURPATION op?

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