WATCH: Do you recognize the fan who made this ill-fated decision at Friday’s Toronto Blue Jays game?

If you have ever attended a baseball game, you know the one souvenir every fan wishes to go home with is not sold in the gift shops or concession stands. The chance to catch a foul ball or home run is one that requires the right seats and a whole lot of luck. Some fans will never go home with a game ball, others (like this guy) might snag a few. But everyone can appreciate the ‘whatever it takes’ mentality that overcomes those in the vicinity of a fly ball.

For those who watched or listen to the Glenn Beck Radio Program on Friday, you may have noticed Stu was not part of the broadcast. Pat and Jeffy explained Stu had already left for vacation. As it turns out that vacation included a pit stop in Toronto, so Stu could watch his beloved Toronto Blue Jays take on their division rival Tampa Bay Rays. The Blue Jays lost in an 8-0 blowout, but the video below shows it was Stu – not the players on the field – who ended up making the biggest headlines.

As you will notice, Stu reached over the stands to catch a foul ball hit by Blue Jays center fielder Colby Rasmus. At the same time, Rays first baseman James Loney slid toward the wall in an attempt to make the catch. Because MLB Rule 3.16 states “should a spectator reach out on the playing field side of such fence, railing or rope, and plainly prevent the fielder from catching the ball, then the batsman should be called out for the spectator’s interference,” Stu’s catch actually cost his team an out.

“It’s a nice baseball, and he’ll get to have it,” said one TV commentator, “but he’s probably going to lose that seat though.”

It is unclear if Stu and his seat mate – Mercury CEO Chris Balfe – lost their seats, but at least Stu has a really, really awesome (and tragic) memento to take away from an otherwise bleak game.

  • Jeff Rice

    No change in the outcome……
    Even bad press is good press, right?

  • Bob Young

    You guys at Mercury 1 live large.Nothing but the finest seats for the execs at Mercury uno.

    • DMI_Patriot

      So if you could afford to sit in the front in any event you loved you wouldn’t? You would sit in the nose bleeds? Keep trollin…

      • mamastitch

        And really, how much could that seat cost – It’s at a Blue Jay game for Pete’s sake!

    • Shemp

      Something dreadfully unfair about Capitalism isn’t there…and successful people being well paid…all those ball players should make the exact same wage too…right?

    • pdub001

      Because looking in the background there weren’t any other seats available, right? Looks like the Mercury 1 team was fairy lonely in Toronto.

    • AnthonyS

      Frequently members of the media are given free seats, even really good free seats, just because they are members of the media and they will write/talk about the game on their programs.

      And voila! That’s exactly what is happening here.

      Perhaps you might consider also getting a job with perks, rather than whining about those who don’t waste their time complaining?

      • soybomb315

        So basically you are saying Beck/Blaze is MSM?

        • Conservative4Ever

          Main Steam? Not a chance. Media, yes. But certainly not main steam. Nice try soy

          • soybomb315

            To follow on what antonyS was talking about, only MSM get those kind of free tickets to games

          • Conservative4Ever

            Anthony clearly stated “members of the media.” You said MSM which is Main Stream Media. Still, nice try

            You completely changed what he said

          • soybomb315

            They dont consider you “member of the media” unless you are MSM

          • Conservative4Ever

            Did you learn to lie with ease from your mother or your father?

      • bigyaz

        Real journalists pay for their own seats.

        • Sean

          Stu was not there as a journalist he was on vacation. Besides he’s NOT a sports journalist anyway…moot point.

          • bigyaz

            So he was on vacation but took free tickets. Slimeball.

          • soybomb315

            But if Team Obama took free things you know all the conservatives would be crying bloody murder….The politicing on the left and right is amazing….

          • Conservative4Ever

            Team Obama takes trips on our dime. Media is private. They didn’t use tax payer money.

            HUGE difference.

            Nice try, again.

    • BigSkyDan

      seriously… those seats probably cost 45.00 maybe 60.00 It’s not that much.

      • Bob Young

        Those seats at Yankee stadium (even though the team sucks this year), would cost a thousand.

        • Bob

          Well…they are ALL over-priced, if you ask me. 45 bucks to watch a baseball game?? Pathetic.

    • Dutch

      The execs also happen to be the men who started it from the ground up. Glenn left two separate and opposing TV networks to create a network funded solely by advertisers and subscribers. We understand that you libs love to hate personal wealth and those who create their own wealth, so feel free to continue contributing nothing while you stand in line at the soup kitchen receiving your meager hand outs and waiting to die. The life of a liberal must be a sad one.

      • Bob Young

        “you libs?” you talking to me? I dont think so. If you are you dont know me. I guess only Glenn can mock Jeffy, not that I mocked Jeffy,btw.

    • tim

      plenty of open seats which makes sitting wear you like fairly easy

    • arcnaver

      Who said he bought the seat? It could’ve been a gift.

    • JC in TN

      I agree. I’d love to be a Mercury 1 employee, too. Are they hiring truck drivers?

    • Bob Young

      To all my supporters, calm down! I was joking like Glenn does with Jeffy, Stu and the other guy, I think his name is Pat something. Im a big Glenn supporter 95% of the time.

    • Glennfriend67

      Dude, it doesn’t matter what kind of position you hold at The Blaze or Mercury One, if you wanted to go to a ball game Glenn would treat and would get good tickets for you. He’s always been kind and generous to EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. on his staff no matter their job title. Glenn is the kind of person who would give you the shirt off his back. The reason his network is so successful? Free Enterprise, dude. It’s what USED to make this country run so well until jerks like Wilson, Roosevelt and Obama took over. If Stu had a good time, even if he made a dopey mistake, that’s all that matters.

  • Shemp

    Always have to be the center of attention…don’t you Stu…

  • jonsen

    oh man, the player probably would have given him the ball anyway. nice catch though stu.

  • Whipsnard Q Bimblemann, III, E

    Chance to see your favorite MLB team: $$$$$$$
    1st base sideline front row seats: $$$$$$$
    Catching a pop fly and costing your team an out: Priceless

    • ucs75

      Meh…they lost 8-0. It’s not like that would have made any difference at all.

      • Carol James


        ✦✦✦ ✦✦�✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦

        • Rick Nofzinger

          What’s next, Stu? Are you going to rush onto the field and make a tackle during the next Eagles game? PLEASE?? Love you, Stu!!

        • zz383mero

          Please tell us more Carol???

          • James

            Why is it always someone’s best friend’s sister-in-law that makes all this money? Why isn’t it CAROL that’s living the good life now? OH-that’s right-she’d have to WORK for it. Doing THIS she can let her little automatic posting machine do the work while she gets high and watches TV.

          • Steven

            Carol, her best friend, the sister in law, etc are ALL the same person, and if they are making anything, it is from scamming anyone naive enough to try the website of the day.

          • Lenny Moorman

            I don’t like how you insinuate that getting high and watching tv is a bad thing.

    • The Buch

      If he didn’t catch it, Loney would have caught it and the batter would be out anyway.

      • ONTIME

        Com’on man!………..LOL

    • soybomb315

      Beck preaches all day long about ‘doing the right thing’ and ‘morals’….So is he reprimanding Stu for violating the rules of a gentleman’s game? If not, why not?

      Sort of like how a jury of their peers ruled overwhelmingly that Chris Kyle lied about Ventura and instead of considering the Kyle’s lie (which would even violates God’s law), Beck focused entirely on painting Ventura as some kind of widow-killer.

      • BenInNY

        You must be incredibly fun to hang out with.

        • soybomb315

          only if you consider consistency to be not fun

          • BenInNY

            Hold up, does that mean you’re saying you’re inconsistent?

            It has nothing to do with that anyway. Have you ever not nitpicked every tiny thing, whether they’re even related to politics or not?
            I imagine you avoiding Italian restaurants because Mussolini was the leader of the country within the last hundred years.

          • soybomb315

            interesting….I thought Beck was all about a moral high ground and application of simple principles….guess not.

            Hey – let’s all do whatever we feel like doing – yay – no rules!

          • BenInNY

            I’d love to follow you around for one day just so I could write down every tiny infraction (rolled through a stop sign at 9:32) and post the list on every story you comment on. Because, consistency.

        • ONTIME

          Why would you want to hang out with this con vo lute…?

        • asybot

          he doesn’t call him self a “bomb” for nothing.

      • Bob

        How did Stu “violate the rules of a gentleman’s game?” At least…how are you making the argument that the “rules” of the game did not prevail?

        Stu caught a foul ball. That’s all he did. In so doing, he denied a player from the other team from catching the ball for the out. There is a rule for that. That rule is called “fan interference.” That rule was invoked properly, and the batter was out. The rules of the game prevailed, Sir.

        I won’t address the Ventura/Kyle subject because I don’t have enough knowledge to speak on it. But I will say that the comparison between the two topics is a little fuzzy.

        • soybomb315

          It is also in accordance with the rules to be on government assistance, but that is vilified among conservatives…I am asking for consistency here

          • Candy

            So it would not upset you if I decided to quit my job and go on federal assistance even though I am completely capable of earning an income for myself? Nice! I wonder what you will do when the majority of Americans take that stand. It won’t be long, I think we are at the tipping point now based on the latest figure released.

          • Scott Heinig

            Whatever, troll.

          • Halintexas

            There is nothing wrong with being on government assistance if you truly need it. The people who abuse the program are the ones who are vilified.

          • soybomb315

            “There is nothing wrong with being on government assistance if you truly need it. The people who abuse the program are the ones who are vilified.”

            Correct, and there is nothing wrong with going to a baseball game, but if you interfere with the game, you are a selfish jerk. I dont see a whole lot of difference between what Stu did and those who run onto the field….But the same people here who probably would curse the latter are praising the former.

          • Halintexas

            I do believe that you are being more critical because it is Stu.

          • soybomb315

            “I do believe that you are being more critical because it is Stu.

            Well the reason it is discussed is because Beck spends hundreds of hours preaching to millions of listeners about how we have to do the ‘right thing’, ‘doing good for others’, and ‘lead by example’…And when Beck finds out that Stu did a selfish act, broke the rules of conduct of a spectator, and interfered with a professional game in play – they laugh about it…Wait, what about the selfish act in violation of the game? Shouldnt Beck be applying the same principles he preaches about – or is it all just a show?

          • asybot

            Soy the ball was out of the playing field and therefore a “FOUL” ball anybodies ball! (do you have any?)

      • selderane

        Beck should no more reprimand Stu for catching this ball than he should Pat for speeding. It’s not his place.

        Get some perspective.

        • MaureenF

          I think Stu is on his own personal time. Off the clock

        • soybomb315

          right, demand everyone act morally except his own staff

          • selderane

            Now this is a moral issue? Are you for real? He caught a stupid ball!

            Let’s find out Stu beats his wife or pimps women to local drug dealers because we ask Glenn to step in with the moral ban hammer, shall we?

            What Stu did had nothing to do with Glenn or Mercury Radio Arts. It was an issue to be addressed by the stadium and the stadium alone.

      • BlackBeaver

        Next time you might want to learn the rules before you comment. The fan catch as ruled an out. No harm done.

        As to Ventura v. Kyle, the dirtbag should never have brought the suit. Now that he’s won, he should demonstrate his magnanimity by not accepting any of the award. But he wont. That’s why he is a dirtbag.

      • Alan903

        No one needed to paint the pathetic ventura as a “widow-killer,” he did quite nicely by himself. The fact that Kyle was not there to defend himself only speaks volumes to the character of a person who would pursue a suit against an individual and then quickly redirect it to a surviving family member. But like most liberals, ole egotistical Jessie with his pathetic need to protect his appearance of long lost manliness, only further exposes any lack of it. It really is sad … as is your idiotic comment.

      • MaureenF

        So you do watch the Glenn Beck Program, Why is that?

        • Mark Pinnell

          Because hes not affraid to get passionate about the important issues and has good insights on a lot of things that I’m interested in like Freedom, Liberty the Constitution and complexities of nations. I only gloss over his headlines these days and investigate the good stuff.

      • Mark Pinnell

        Beck preaches strongly about the big issues and jokes about the small stuff. I bet they will have a good laugh like I am. Everyone wants to catch a ball at a game. Naughty boy Stu… helping your team lose. rofl. Now back to the real issues, the fight between good and evil starting with our own lives, families (teach your children), friends (Idolatry eg Baseball (if it’s not put behind more important issues – Stu’s doing a good job)), communities (Church), states (Common Core), country (the Government, Borders), world (UN, ISIS). Like Beck I struggle with a lot of this as we all do but at least my priorities are right.

        You have to weight the consequences. If the widow wasn’t insured it would have been outrageous and I doubt Ventura would have cared if she wasn’t insured. It seems he just had to be right which is dangerous.

        Don’t forget Beck’s in the entertainment industry. People like to squabble and gossip for fun.

      • Debra Oneil

        let me get this straight… you expect glenn beck.. to know something about sports? are you from colorado or something?

  • John Cole

    It was a reaction and not intentional. I hope he kept his seat!

    • Throwback

      It was a selfish act. Control yourself or get in the back row.

  • soybomb315

    Not very conservative of him to violate the conduct rules for spectators….But of course he will be congratulated for it among conservatives.

    • Conservative4Ever

      He caught it with conservative principals. He used two hands instead of one. He didn’t act like a liberal and expect another to catch it for him. A liberal expects the ball when they didn’t work for it.

      • soybomb315

        Also notice the reaction afterwards, as if the rules do not apply when it involves oneself…

        • rreactor

          Find something productive to do…

          • soybomb315

            Ah yes, the ‘get a job’ mentality…The dismissive mentality that conservatives sometimes make when faced with a viewpoint that they cant address

          • mikec711

            So a guy making a dumb decision to catch a ball that the opposition would have caught anyway, and having absolutely no difference in the game (did you miss the whole 8-0 loss thing?) is a national issue? It was dumb of Stu to do that … but I’m guessing you’re a closet conservative who got a letter from the IRS (now that IS a real issue) … so you figure by acting liberal, you can get out of it. It’s good idea, might work. If it doesn’t work, just tell them all the taxes were on your hard drive and it had unrecoverable error, and you had 6 backups, but all of them had unrecoverable errors as well.

          • soybomb315


            My comment was not that it should be a national issue…But since Beck thought it important enough to talk about and have on his website – i am wondering why he is not consistent in his rhetoric and reprimanding Stu for doing something selfish that is against the rules.

          • mikec711

            It was the wrong thing to do … in much the same way as staring at an amazingly attractive woman is the wrong thing to do … in the end, no blood no foul. And I think he enjoys making Stu look like an idiot as there is a certain competitiveness between all people.

          • despondent1

            It was funny, you freakin’ idiot! That’s why Beck posted it. If you can’t see the humor in it…the obvious screw-up on Stu’s part…hurting “his team”…if you can’t find the humor in that, you’re just another angry liberal moron!

          • rreactor

            Soybomb315, the duplicate use of “mentality” and the sloppy omission of the apostrophe in “can’t” simply reinforces the point that you might be better served doing something more productive like sharpening your posting skills or getting a real education, as opposed to that online degree from the University of MSNBC.

    • The Buch

      You aren’t required to know the MLB rulebook to buy a seat… That’s why the rule is there, if the umpires rule that he would have caught it anyway he’s out. That’s what happened.

      • soybomb315

        The “i didnt know but let’s pat each other on the back anyways” tactic….Interesting, I bet team obama does the same thing.

        • Zachari

          Obama IS required to know the rules of engagement. Stu wasn’t. You are comparing apples and oranges to fit your troll argument. It’s funny actually.

    • CatheS

      How can you not see that even Stu is abashed that he did such a thing? It was just an overzealous mistake – and one he won’t be living down anytime soon, I’m sure.

    • despondent1

      soybomb315, you are a typical liberal idiot.

      • soybomb315

        classic cognitive dissonance response

  • Compassionate_Dick

    I hate it when fans do that.

  • Patrick Hudson

    Those seats are $210/ game. The Trop has a similar section where the seats are about the same price. I had a freind who owned this eats and there is nothing like sitting there.

  • brent bacon

    He was on vacation, and you are blasting him for his seats?? I am sure he can afford them, Glenn Beck takes care of his people.

  • Sonya Combs

    Really?!? Who cares what the seats cost. That has nothing to do with the “funny thing that happened while on vacation”. Lighten up people and get a life , or how about getting a job so you too can go to a baseball game

  • Keith Heffernan

    LOL Jesus God almighty, Stu! what the hell is wrong with you?!

  • Crusty Buttocks

    Nice job, Stu Bartman.

  • Bob Stanley

    Stu can never tell Glenn off on the air about anything related to sports ever again…
    Seriously Stu? That’s like baseball 101?!?

  • Brittany Dodson

    Well we know what is going to lead in the show when they all get back.

  • Camille Margaret D’Esopo

    Cut out the political BS, ok! Back to baseball–sorry, Stu, I hate when fans do this.

  • Jason

    Stu- Canada’s Steve Bartman.

  • Throwback

    Try to control yourself. It’s just a baseball!

  • Lindsey S

    ok, why aren’t you sure if he later got removed from his seat…surely you have the ability to ask him.

  • Tom Musso

    Stu – tell them you work for MSNBC! Too funny, eh?

  • Average Joe

    Steve Bartman???

  • Stacey

    Nice work, Stu!

  • Bob Young

    cant believe the announcers were talking about stu being escorted from the stadium for doing a very natural thing.

    • soybomb315

      Should the rules not be enforced just because it was ‘your guy’ doing it?

      This mentality is a microcosm of how things are not much different when democrats are in power versus republicans

      • Bob Young

        are there rules to not try to catch a ball coming your way> Should you just sit there and allow the ball to bean you in the head? What if the fielder’s glove redirected the ball, and it shot into Stu’s eye? Stu was merely ensuring his own safety and that of those around him.

  • Oscar Pearson

    He should have known better!

  • david bird

    They were losing so badly….Stu helped end the misery.

    • AmericanIrish

      At the time it happened, it was a 1-0 ballgame

  • Fellow Baseball Lover

    Let’s leave politics out of this – it was an instinctive move and will give him something to tell his grandkids some day (along with video no doubt)- hope you had a great day at the ballpark, Stu and that you have an equally enjoyable vacation

  • Gerry L

    Wait a minute. I thought Stu called in sick?

  • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    Beuller? Beuller?

  • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    Hey, if a player can rob a hitter of a home run by reaching OVER the fence, then turnabout is fair play.

  • bobclaville

    Makes no difference whether HE caught it, or the player. The SAME result took place. It was still an OUT, and Stu just did what the player wanted to do. Do they provide CHEESE with all the WHINE?

    It’s a GAME. Not a life and death situation. Why punish Stu? He was sitting in a seat SOMEBODY PAID FOR.

  • Sail Away

    Thank God this didn’t happen in Californication he would have gotten a beating like no other .
    Nice catch Steve : )

  • dennis reilly

    nice catch

  • Cathy Stansell


  • Candy

    All the talk about the price of the tickets. Really? He’s on vacation. At least he didn’t ask the taxpayers to pay for it.

  • SlippySlope

    The important question here is did MLB in force its own rule and remove Stu from his seat (and the game)?

  • Kerry Brown

    That was awesome!

  • Truth Happens

    Super snag! [[Not a Jays fan.]]

  • Edward Hodkinson

    Way to get the reference to John 3;16 into the game, without a sign! Coincidence?
    I think not

  • Dave G

    Seems like a stupid play to me!

  • Shawnie5

    Oh my goodness! Stu is on vaca, at his favorite team, he knew immediately what he did – watch his expression. Let him be!

  • Sargonarhes

    Why would any one want to spend their vacation watching millionaires play a kids game?

    • Conservative4Ever

      Why would anyone comment on something professional baseball relegated if you don’t like professional baseball?

  • MaureenF

    This is the funniest ever. This is Stu at his best…
    Hope you didn’t lose your seat. Update us when you all get back from vacation.

  • MaureenF

    Lighten Up Everyone, if you know Stu can you not see the humor in this??
    I think he is one of the smartest and funniest people and makes me laugh every time I watch him, and when Pat and Glenn get going it is hilarious. I grew up with 3 brothers and they were the family entertainment. It was Great.
    Thanks Stu.
    PS Sorry about the BJ’s Loss

  • David E Henry

    8-0 GREAT GAME………. GO RAYS! U.S.A.

  • Debra Oneil

    great catch stu (cough, pid, cough) so, since you are into stats…did you bet on the other team? well, on the up side… at least jeffy will get a break for a while.

  • kmh620

    That’s funny! Guess Stu was in The Wonderful World of Stu at the time!

  • RRobertsn

    Clearly Stu has a great fielding percentage but can he hit the curve ball?

  • chip griffin

    it is about the fans, folks, watch them play for themselves, they just might change what they feel is important! without the fan? what? wake the f up people!!!

  • william baker

    baseball has become as exciting as golf or any female sporting event…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • asybot

    That has to be a million in one happening (if not more) Stu at a baseball game cheering on his Jays, then catching a baseball ( which was an amazing feat on it’s own) and costing them a out and on TV to boot (he MUST be living right or maybe not). boo Steve!

  • Reconmarine7

    Glenn, Stu and Pat take more vacations than Obama.

    • Bob

      1. No, thy don’t.
      an 2…. WE don’t pay for their vacations!

  • Gary Marchlewicz

    Dumb ass…lol sorry… have to say it like it is. I’d hear the same if I did the same. somebody has to give you crap

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