Buck Sexton: Obama’s new climate accord really a ploy to stall U.S. economy and redistribute wealth

As The New York Times exclusively reported on Tuesday, President Obama is once again looking to stretch the constitutional limits of his power by acting unilaterally to “forge a sweeping international climate change agreement to compel nations to cut their planet-warming fossil fuel emissions” ahead of the 2015 United Nations summit.

In an article entitled “Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty,” the Times admits Obama will have to exercise some serious legal gymnastics in order to circumvent Congress and the obvious noncompliance of Republicans in the Senate.

The Times reports:

In preparation for this agreement… negotiators are meeting with diplomats from other countries to broker a deal to commit some of the world’s largest economies to enact laws to reduce their carbon pollution. But under the Constitution, a president may enter into a legally binding treaty only if it is approved by a two-thirds majority of the Senate.

To sidestep that requirement, President Obama’s climate negotiators are devising what they call a “politically binding” deal that would “name and shame” countries into cutting their emissions. The deal is likely to face strong objections from Republicans on Capitol Hill and from poor countries around the world, but negotiators say it may be the only realistic path.


“There’s some legal and political magic to this,” said Jake Schmidt, an expert in global climate negotiations with the Natural Resources Defense Council, an advocacy group. “They’re trying to move this as far as possible without having to reach the 67-vote threshold” in the Senate.

Read the entire Times report HERE.

In an attempt to sidestep Congress, the Times says American negotiators are looking for a “hybrid agreement,” which would blend “legally binding conditions from an existing 1992 treaty” and “new voluntary pledges.” Such a mix would not require “a new vote of ratification.”

On radio this morning, TheBlaze’s Buck Sexton filled in for Glenn, and he explained why this latest power grab has ramifications far beyond the constitutionality of the action.

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“You may not care about what the U.N. is doing in terms of meddling in America,” Buck explained. “But if you care about your electricity bill, you care about regulations on your business, you care about how expensive gas is that goes into your car, you care about the products that you buy every day in the store that use gasoline as part of the manufacturing process… you would be affected by this.”

While countries like Russia and China will not take a ‘in good faith’ agreement seriously, the Obama Administration will regulate homes and businesses to comply with these standards, which will have a direct impact on the U.S. economy.

“You still would be affected by an international agreement that would have only the good faith parties enforcing upon themselves climate regulations that some U.N. bureaucrats are deciding is a good idea,” Buck said. “That will have an immediate impact upon the U.S. economy because we will take it seriously – or at least if President Obama and the Democrats have their way, we will take it seriously.”

Since there is very little doubt this agreement will have little impact on a global scale, Buck offered a different reasoning as to why the President is working so hard to negotiate this deal.

“The true environmentalist left just wants to use this kind of an agreement as a mechanism for the transfer of wealth… from us to other countries around the world. That’s what this is actually really about,” Buck concluded. “It’s about purifying America through the pain of a stalled economy. That will come from the restrictions we put upon ourselves because if we don’t, the planet is going to melt down… or whatever they’ve got to say.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • landofaahs

    It’s why if you have wealth you need to convert it to hard assets now and get them strategically placed around the world and away from the prying eyes and thieving fingers of the U.S. government. Look up the international man and you can get assistance. I do not work for them and I am busy enough the way it is. It is rewarding work. The economic noose is tightening and the dollar as the reserve currency is going soon. All hell will break loose and there will not be time to protect yourself once it comes down.

    • pfiffi43

      No matter what will happen to the common man, those in politics will be on top again trying to press blood our of a dried-up turnip.

      • landofaahs

        Ben Franklin once said “Two people can keep a secret as long as one of them is dead”. What the DC idiots don’t know don’t hurt ya.

    • BlueMN

      “It is rewarding work. ” So you’re a con artist! Go ahead lando, you can fleece these nutjobs for every penny for all I care.

      • landofaahs

        Con artist is what Obama is. He wants to take people’s money while I want to help people protect their assets. Social security is the biggest Ponzi scheme by the biggest con artists ever. But it’s like saying “Hi, I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”. I deliver on my promises and have never had any complaints. I control nothing of theirs and I just set things up for them.

  • Yo Mamma

    America has been behind on environmental concerns for many many years.

    Just one small example. Who goes blowing up islands inhabited by poor natives, with atomic bombs, then has the gal to say it liveable – America

    • poundsand

      You do realize your post is incoherent and poorly written? ….”than has the “gal??” do you mean gall? ….”to say it liveable??” Do you mean to say “to say it’s liveable??” How can anyone take your drivel seriously?

      • Yo Mamma

        You point exactly? I mean you were trying to make one, I have no idea what it is


        A rant

        • Troy Phillips

          Let me guess. You vote for a living.

          • Yo Mamma

            I guess your god let you down huh. Mine hasn’t

          • Troy Phillips

            Yea your right. Obama has been a disappointment to me. You are more than elated I’m sure. bye-bye moron.

          • Yo Mamma

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            And we can speak again ———-

          • Yo Mamma

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          • landofaahs

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          • Yo Mamma

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          • planeboy

            87% of America is white?

          • Yo Mamma

            whites were 69% of the population
            87% are christian

            you got me there. I am not perfect
            sorry if you felt misinformed and went into a financial venture of this and did poorly
            maybe i should have a disclaimer
            not to be considered accurate. don’t not use for a business venture until u have consulted your attorney


          • landofaahs

            He’s a democrat brain trust.

      • CatLadyHouston

        Typical getto language.

      • landofaahs

        He’s a goat breeding muslim. Heck no you can’t understand him. Just tell him that Mohammed was a child molester. That will get his goat.

    • dano

      Schooled much??

      • Yo Mamma

        Jewish much???


        • Curtis Hampton Robins

          racist much?

          • Yo Mamma

            Your words not mine

        • landofaahs

          Ask muslim restaurant owners in America what would happen if Jews did not come into their restaurants. Mohammed was a child molester.

      • landofaahs

        Schooled in a masque.

    • R.J. Brownlee

      You need to get back in school or take an on line course. Your language skills are nil. Now don’t go to K-Mart and get a Blue Light Special version, you know the cheapest one on the rack. A man is taken seriously if he can verbalise his thoughts. This ghetto verbiage or ebonics as it’s called will keep you in poverty. No one I know of in the business community will hire and advance someone who can’t communicate and/or direct other employees.

      • pfiffi43

        Sad thing is these people do not want to learn anything new. As long as Obama money is coming their way, they just regurgitate what they are spoon-fed from the top without comprehending what the subject is about.

      • landofaahs

        He Sheite or shittite

    • racindavid

      look everyone ! The community agitator troll called “yo mamma” finally got out of bed !

      • Yo Mamma

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        • landofaahs

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  • oompa

    “yo mamma”, Man made Global warming is a hoax. Taking hard earned tax money to re-distribute to third world countries in the name of Global warming is institutionalized theft, and nothing more. And I hope your sharing in your portion of guilt about blowing up those “poor natives”, which you seem so eager to lay at the feet of others.

    • pfiffi43

      It is a Hoax all right, but somebody must make a lot of money on this ill conceived, imbecilic swindle. It seems these dumb wits have nothing better to do than to think of one more thing to hurt the American people. The world is coming apart at the seams and they worry about global warming which is another lie because the earth is cooling for several years now.

    • Shane

      Obama intends to keep his promise to make Americans electricity bills skyrocket.

      • poundsand

        Obama on the 2008 campaign trail “under my policies energy prices will necessarily skyrocket…” What were people thinking when they voted for this??? Probably the non-thinking ones voted for him! :(

        • pfiffi43

          And the Republicans should play Obamas words before each election, maybe then people wake up!

        • Candy

          The ones that voted for him don’t pay for any energy. They live in inner cities, they have no car, they use buses to get around, and working taxpayers pay for their bus tickets and electric bills. Pretty easy to see why they don’t care. But what about the rest of the liberals that voted for this?

    • landofaahs

      Just keep telling him “Mohammed was a child molester”. It drives him crazier.

    • Krimsen King

      people used to say a round earth was a ‘hoax’ as well… a ‘crazy nutty left-wing theory’…. yeh, it’s probably flat.. I mean, nobody is falling off it, right…. haha good grief

  • poundsand

    Enemies, both foreign and domestic, have infiltrated our government, period.

    • CatLadyHouston

      Without one word of disapproval from the Republican RINOs…..they are a gutless bunch and they have all the power they need to stop this kind of crap out of Obama. But they are a feckless bunch of do nothings, from McConnell right on down the line. Worthless excuses for representation of their constituents. No wonder our Country is sliding into oblivion.

      • racindavid

        Yup… I feel like when we vote now the choice is between dumb … and dumber.

        • pfiffi43

          That is a good one!!!!

  • barbarakelly

    Here we go again, obama and his cronies, bleeding the American people again for his agenda on bringing down us to a 3rd world gov. You people who voted for this person will have a hard time when we go into the ditich. He is going to be laughing his head off because you won’t be getting any help from him. You’ll be own your own to survive.!!!! Good luck

    • pfiffi43

      You are right because he spent all his money on expensive real estate.
      Or he will move to Kenya and live the high life over there.

  • joshuasweet

    “a ploy to stall U.S. economy and redistribute wealth.” that is everything that Obama and the democrats have done since he took office

    • BlueMN

      He’s done a crappy job of it. Corporate profits are at all time highs and income inequality is still almost as high as it was under Dubya.

      • P_O_K

        @BlueMN: Did you say “Income Inequality”?
        What’s to be done about individual performance inequality?
        Why do people aspire to graduate college to better themselves?
        Why do some people seek doctorates if equality is what we need?
        What happened to individualism and uniqueness?
        You know, where the difference is YOU?
        Why haven’t you majored in economics to see how this works?

        You represent the lazy do-nothing have nots.
        You want others to do the work for you and give the spoils to you.
        You are jealous of those who have built part of the economy.
        You covet what is not yours because you are less than they.
        You think you should have as much as they because that’s equal.


        • BlueMN

          Let’s see…. Yes, it looks like I did say that!

          You’re kind of chatty, so pardon me if I clump some of your redundant questions into one lump and ignore your sillier questions.

          Addressing income inequality does not mean everyone earns exactly the same amount, it doesn’t even mean that to Utopian Marxists, and individuals remain individuals, always have, always will.

          I have a great job, I own my own house and pay taxes and couldn’t care less about other people’s “stuff.” Thanks for your concern.

          Here’s a good place for you to start:

          • planeboy

            The YouTube user politizane only has this one video on YouTube, with no other information about the author. Like the State Farm commercial, if it’s on the Internet, it must true, right? And you hinge your understanding of wealth equality on this? There is nothing stopping you from sharing YOUR wealth with others is there? Or do you have a problem with that?

          • BlueMN

            Doesn’t appear that you’ve shown any source for your “half the population is subsidized” figure. Where is it? Also look at “half of the wealth” and compare it to “half of the population.”

          • planeboy

            1. America is capitalist and greedy – yet half of the population is subsidized.

            2. Half of the population is subsidized – yet they think they are victims.

            3. They think they are victims – yet their representatives run the government.

            4. Their representatives run the government – yet the poor keep getting poorer.

            5. The poor keep getting poorer – yet they have things that people in other countries only dream about.

            6. They have things that people in other countries only dream about –

            yet they want America to be more like those other countries…….. H/T indy 1826

          • Krimsen King

            oh my, but I do love numbers… ok, let’s begin..
            1. NO… ALL of the population is ‘subsidized’ by ALL governance… we ALL NEED GOVERNMENT ACTION TO BE EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT, NOT NON-EXISTENT.
            2. HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT ‘HALF THE POPULATION THINKS’????? this would take incredibly intimate knowledge on a MASSIVE SCALE… or a great deal of arrogance 😉
            3. the massive amounts of money flowing through our elections CORRUPT ALL POLITICIANS REGARDLESS OF POLITICAL PARTY OR IDEOLOGY… so…. really only the very few, very wealthiest have representatives running the government…
            4. The poor don’t ‘keep’ getting poorer… sometimes they do better… more recently, when necessary programs that provide them opportunities are CUT RECKLESSLY in the name of ‘personal responsibility’, then yes… they do get poorer.
            5. American ‘poors’ don’t live in those ‘other countries’, so their poverty is NOT RELATABLE to theirs… and are you really suggesting that poor people aren’t quite poor enough to deserve help????? good nightners…..
            6. The ONLY people who want America to ‘be more like those other countries’ are the people who have MADE US more like them… the people who insist our corporate tax rate is not low enough because THOSE COUNTRIES have lower tax rates..
            7. Be careful of your partisan perceptions… they do draw you into darkness…. and people don’t see so good in the dark 😉

          • planeboy

            Where to start with such nonsense, I’ll address just a few of your points because I’m sure it’s a waste of time anyway. Start with #1. First off the taxpayers “subsidize” the government not the other way around, and we expect OUR money not to be wasted on foolish crony capitalist kick back politics. #2. It appears that over half the population voted for Obama, so intimate knowledge is not required. #3 Agreed. #4. Maybe we should have another Johnson “war on poverty” and spend trillions upon trillions more money and have no noticeable effect on the percentage of poor people. His program survives today because it was designed to buy votes and he himself said as much. When you rob Peter to pay Paul you can always count on Paul’s vote. #6 America has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world, maybe you noticed Obamas good buddy Buffet is moving a large percentage of his assets to Canada to…wait for it…save money!

          • Krimsen King

            Excellent response, thank you… and with NUMBERS even haha :)… very well… let’s begin again…
            1. In a freely and fairly elected democratic system (which we no longer have), the taxpayers ARE the government, so basically we all subsidize our collective needs like the Founders intended…
            2. You cannot discern what someone is thinking simply by their vote
            3. Well done :)
            4. We don’t need ‘another war on poverty’, we just must always be at war with it.. u know.. like ‘terrism’… haha… but you cannot judge a program’s effectiveness with simple percentages and quotas… as is argued by many a “conservative”, our ‘poors’ are not nearly as oppressed and suffering as those in the third world, so this ‘war’ must be doing something right… this ‘vote buying’ stuff is largely NONSENSE, unless you consider the MASSIVE donations our politicians receive and consider what the donors get for their money…
            5. oopsie 😉
            6. We DO NOT have ‘one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world’… in fact, we have among the LOWEST in the CIVILIZED WESTERN WORLD… we CANNOT and SHOULD NOT EVER be trying to compete in tax rates or ANYTHING ELSE for that matter with brutal third-world oligarchies… u see, in those systems (like ours now), the very few, very wealthy control ALL ASPECTS of society, so they can set their tax rates at whatever ridiculous level they want because they have NO CONCERN FOR THE WELL-BEING OF THEIR CITIZENS..
            7. Well done, again… thank you for your more thoughtful response, planeboy :)

          • planeboy

            First thing in the morning here so to keep from wasting anymore time just a few “highlights”…First off we were never designed as a “democracy”, as soon as you throw in “collective needs” I know your liberal professors have done their due diligence in shaping you into the “collective” thought process. People who have money can move about freely in most cases, why do you think Buffet chooses to move his? If you have a 100 businesses that pay a little less it’s better than having 10 who pay a lot more and in the end you collect more in taxes, see how that works? I doubt it. I wonder how many more jobs are created from a 100 companies as opposed to 10? Things will never change for you as long as you see the wealth creators as something to harvest……”Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look on it as a cow they can milk. Not enough people see it as a healthy horse, pulling a sturdy wagon.”
            -Winston Churchill

          • Krimsen King

            IT’S NOT ‘SOMETHING TO HARVEST’… THEY ARE NOT ‘WEALTH CREATORS’… AND I AM ANYTHING BUT ‘LIBERAL’… good grief, just because someone’s political perspective is different from yours, this DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE ON SOME OPPOSING ‘SIDE’… the basic OBJECTIVE FACT of the matter is this: for about half a century now, the wealthiest 1% in this country have been paying themselves EXPONENTIALLY MORE, while EVERYONE ELSE has been MORE productive, working MORE hours and earning LESS slowly but surely… these people who earn LESS despite working MORE also pay TWICE THE PERCENTAGE IN TAX as those sanctified ‘wealth creators’ of yours.. THIS IS THE MASSIVE INEQUITY THAT CORRUPTS AND DEGRADES OUR SOCIETY… and yes, we were once a relatively freely and fairly elected democratic system, despite technically being a republic, but we are NO LONGER THAT COUNTRY… now, because of ‘free market solutions’ that shipped our entire manufacturing sector to third world slave labor markets, and corrupt ‘supreme’ court decisions that diminish the voice of WE THE PEOPLE to virtually nothing, now.. WE ARE TECHNICALLY AN OLIGARCHY.. u know, that brutal and corrupt system practiced ALL OVER THE THIRD WORLD, where the very few, very wealthy control ALL ASPECTS OF SOCIETY… u see, when you equate money to speech, you give ALL the power of VOICE to those who already have the most powerful voices… so, well done… you’ve allowed this ridiculous political/religious cult to blind you to the real corruption in our system… you failed to see that the MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MONEY FLOWING THROUGH OUR ELECTORAL SYSTEM HAVE CORRUPTED ALL OUR POLITICIANS, REGARDLESS OF POLITICAL PARTY OR IDEOLOGY… you have served your oligarchs well… now bow to your new overlords, serf… bow to your sacred ‘job creators’ and ‘corporate innovators’… bow to your new oligarchs.

          • planeboy

            Haven’t even made it though my first cup of coffee yet this morning but I’ll let you just dissect this….The latest data show that a big portion of the federal income tax burden is shoul­dered by a small group of the very richest Americans. The wealthiest 1 percent of the population earn 19 per­cent of the income but pay 37 percent of the income tax. The top 10 percent pay 68 percent of the tab. Meanwhile, the bottom 50 percent—those below the median income level—now earn 13 percent of the income but pay just 3 percent of the taxes. These are proportions of the income tax alone and don’t include payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare….How much more do you want from them? Do you work for someone who has less money than you? Do you think it’s possible manufacturing is leaving because of high corporate tax rates and excessive regulation? Do you think with all the screams for a “living wage”, raising the minimum wage by the politicians is because they care about the little guy or are they looking at more money in TAXES they can collect on those HIGHER wages? And just on a side note I bow to NO man…

          • Krimsen King

            haha I’m under no illusions about the motives of our politicians… but when it comes to practical policy action, the minimum wage is a NECESSITY for millions of Americans… yes, we could keep it well below a ‘living wage’ and let the oligarchs decide what our slave wages should be, or we could decide we want to live in a civilization, with minimum standards for our workers and employers…. hmmm oh that’s right, we’ve already decided on oligarchy.. the point is moot 😉

          • Krimsen King

            also… manufacturing has ALREADY LEFT because there will always be cheaper, slave labor markets to exploit if they are given the chance… the ‘free market’ doesn’t have just every solution to every problem…

        • SuperTech86

          So basically you don’t understand one thing about the effects of financializiation and disinvestment on labors share of the national income.

    • George

      Don’t forget the ever “bi-partisan” RINO’s.

    • SuperTech86

      So you’ve been in a coma since the 1980’s? What exactly do you think neo-liberal economic policy that was enacted by both Reagan and Thatcher was?

  • taxeye

    Other than an arrogance cell, Does Obama have any other cells inside that swelled head of his?

  • dhd123

    The ONLY climate change that exists is winter, spring, summer and fall. It is a scheme cooked up for profit.

  • spinolio

    Climate Change is real! It’s been happening off and on for 11.000 + years.

    • Curtis Hampton Robins

      Climate change has been happening for BILLIONS of years Liberals just want to make money off of it, and Obama wants to bring America to it’s knees.

      • spinolio

        Yeah, I just like jerking them around.

    • racindavid

      It’s called “weather”….

    • pfiffi43

      You are absolutely right. This earth has been going through periods of warm and cold weather for 2.5 billion years, if we can believe scientists. Maybe even longer, since science is not an absolute, if we find new evidence from the geological record. Another thing, if China and Russia do not want to change their ways this stupid idea is all for naught.

  • jonsen

    There will be no limit to the extortion power of the WH once they get their way on this. This is serious.

  • Joe Licari

    Another smoke screen by Obummer to divert attention from all of his screw ups. Does he really believe that Russia or China will take this seriously? Putin will probably encourage more carbon emissions just to rub it into Obummer’s face what a paper tiger the U.S. has become under Obummer’s “leadership”. Excuse the use of the word leadership because we all know POTUS doesn’t know what the word means-unless he’s first off on the tee at the golf course.

    • jonsen

      actually, what Putin will do is go “yeah yeah, I’ll sign anything you want me to sign, then turn around and do whatever he wants anyway. Only the U.S. will use it to extort more money out of those Americans unlucky enough to still have a job.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    Well who needs to follow the Constitution when their is an agenda to press down people’s throats.

  • Sail Away

    SUPRISE !! We are all getting B.S. again .
    America Bad Obama Good Crap don’t stink either

  • gussy258

    This is the pay off to his friend Tom Steyer who has given a ton on $$$ to him and the Dem party.

  • ireAmerica

    That old parable “The Emperor’s New Clothes” applies here.

    As long as we comply with Prince Barry’s capricious law enforcement, executive orders, commands and edicts – as long as we comply, we have a monarch.

    When we force Obama to comply with the boundaries of his limited role, when we prosecute his illegitimate rule-making, when we refuse to comply – THEN we will see that Prince Barry has NO power, and that we are actually FREE.

  • Julie Church

    With every thing that is going on in the world, it’s unbelievable that this idiot makes “global warming” his priority. Nothing has been done about the treatment of our veterans. The IRS scandal is still being drug on, does anyone remember Benghazi? An American journalist was beheaded, another threatened, and lets not forget ISIS has confirmed their plan to hang their filthy flag over our White House. Obama and his administration has over stepped their bounds so many times. Its pathetic. The EPA has already destroyed thousands of jobs in WV, VA and KY, with their insane regulations and mandates. It’s as if this idiot just tripped into our White House and has yet to figure out that he is the president of this country. It’s disgraceful. Welfare and unemployment are through the roof. Thousands of illegals being given FREE everything at our expense. While LEGAL American citizens are losing their jobs at his hands.

  • Brontefan

    Quite clearly..he is the president of DESTRUCTION and is doing all he can to bring down the USA.

    • poundsand

      The human wrecking ball.

  • Chito

    “redistribute wealth”, what wealth are this Dems talking about? We have a 17.5 trillion debt and counting. We can’t even fund the gov’t expenditures with the taxes collected. What a mess.

  • Take 2

    Global Order is ramping up with the use of the abandoned islamist child.

  • Sharon K Miles

    Well, one think for sure, he doesn’t give a damn about the economy, jobs or the working class.

  • $31210912

    Ah, no. We are sovereign and will not be slave to UN mandates.

  • user598487

    Former U. S. President Thomas Jefferson kept records of wind, precipitation and temperature at his home in Monticello, Virginia from 1776 to 1818. He was intent upon collecting data (even ordering James Madison continue to collect it when he was travelling) to derive new weather theories, as he felt meteorology was one of the least-advanced sciences during his lifetime.

    Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia I, vol.3 (Correspondence 1780-1782) (paragraph 1205):

    “A change in our climate however is taking place very sensibly. Both heats and colds are becoming much more moderate within the memory even of the middle-aged. Snows are less frequent and less deep. They do not often lie, below the mountains, more than one, two, or three days, and very rarely a week. They are remembered to have been formerly frequent, deep, and of long continuance.

    The elderly inform me the earth used to be covered with snow about three months in every year. The rivers, which then seldom failed to freeze over in the course of the winter, scarcely ever do so now. This change has produced an unfortunate fluctuation between heat and cold, in the spring of the year, which is very fatal to fruits. From the year 1741 to 1769, an interval of twenty-eight years, there was no instance of fruit killed by the frost in the neighbourhood of Monticello. An intense cold, produced by constant snows, kept the buds locked up till the sun could obtain, in the spring of the year, so fixed an ascendency as to dissolve those snows, and protect the buds, during their development, from every danger of returning cold.”

    “The accumulated snows of the winter remaining to be dissolved all together in the spring, produced those overflowings of our rivers, so frequent then, and so rare now.”

    From Newsmax.com:

    In a letter to Philadelphia physician and professor Nathaniel Chapman dated Dec. 11, 1809, nine months after he left the presidency, Jefferson wrote:

    “The change which has taken place in our climate is one of those facts which all men of years are sensible of and yet none can prove by regular evidence. They can only appeal to each other’s general observation for the fact.”

    “I remember that when I was a small boy, say sixty years ago, snows were frequent and deep in every winter, to my knee very often, to my waist sometimes, and that they covered the earth long. And I remember while yet young to have heard from very old men that in their youth the winters had been still colder, with deeper and longer snows. In the year 1772, thirty-seven years ago, we had a snow two feet deep in the Champain parts of this state, and three feet in the counties next below the mountains . . .”

    “While I lived at Washington, I kept a Diary, and by recurring to that I observe that from the winter of 1802-03 to that of 1808-09 inclusive, the average fall of snow of the seven winters was only 14½ inches, and that the ground was covered but sixteen days in each winter on average of the whole. The maximum in any one winter during that period was 21 inches fall, and 34 days on the ground, the minimum was 4½ inches fall and two days on the ground . . .”

    “Williams in his history of Vermont has an essay on the change in the climate of Europe, Asia and Africa.”

    It’s clear, then, that the earth was warming during Jefferson’s time. It’s also clear that the climate change could not be attributed to man’s activities!

  • poundsand

    Google and read UN global warming 1982. This scam, wealth redistribution and shakedown has been occurring in various forms for over 30 years and then some. Evidently the scammers and charlatans don’t think people can remember back that far. I recall in the 1970’s we were all supposed to get worked up over the coming “ice age.” Give it up lefties, we’re on to you and you have zero credibility.

  • 7tom7

    To me obama is doing every thing to weaken the western free world , obama could of stare down Russian aggresstilve behavior in Ukraine and that will eventurally expands to Nato countries that will be far more costly war to defend our allies and more costly U.S troops livesor we be finding that U.S will be standing alone !!! Our President could of station 5 generation F22 jets fighters in Poland to face Russian 3 generation jet fighters Russian would stand to lose their entire airforce which be too costly and our fighter bases be protected by Patriot anti- missiles system. The F22 stealth jets would eliminate Russian anti-aircraft batties and Russian aircraft leave open sky for our F15,F16,F18,A10 to pound Russian troops concentrations and column of Russian tanks this would of prevent Russian incursion and a major war . Now if we do anything it will look like the U.S raising the anti and escalating the chance of all out war when it all of this could of been prevented Hey obama play some more golf !!!!!!!!!!!!????? We could of had a simple face off where Russian would back down because it had a completely losing hand !! During a exercise two stealth F22 raptors 5th generation face 18 4th generation F18 hornets , this exercise the whole flight of 18 of F18 hornets were down to none of F22 !!! I say restore our plan radar and ICBM defense in Poland , it only take one missile with electric magnetic pulse bomb in a sneak attack and our country economic be cripple for years !!

    • 7tom7

      Because of you obama Europe is facing a far most costly war and if U.S go to the aid of Europe will be very costly now to route out the Russian ground troops , or U.S do nothing we being stand alone and no ally will trust us again with obama at the helm !!!! Russian Putin is playing obama like a fiddle or obama make himself look incompetent to let the communist and radicals Muslims make their chess moves to bring down U.S and the free western world !!! We could avoid this whole looming of approaching crisis major war if obama was on the free world side and not playing golf !! I believe Russia would of back down with losing it air force completely and leaving their ground forces completely expose to air attacks !! It would be our 4th and 5th generation jets fighters against Russian 3rd generation jets fighters !!

  • IT 2 IT 678

    ‘GLOW BULL’ mafia are keen to the ITs
    getting WISE to RED CHINA handover TREASON
    —to say nothing of unfolding EXTERMINIST EUGENICS.

    ‘CLIMB IT’ change concerns are the result.

    ‘SO—SHELL’ — – – –‘DUH! —OUR!!!!—-WIN!–ism’
    ——————————-again operating under the moral alibi of
    —————— ‘SO —-SHELL’ – – – -‘JUST IS’.

    AGAIN, for those just joining us,
    ————is DEVIANT economy and culture
    ———————unto DEPRAVED economy and culture
    ——————————unto EUGENICS
    —————-‘M’ PYRE
    ————————–and EXTERMINISM.


    It’s what’s called an ‘ARK—KEY—TYPE’.

    Sort of like HEAVEN and HELL and ETERNITY itself.

    But DON’T believe us!


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