On radio this morning, TheBlaze’s national security editor Buck Sexton spoke to a caller named Patrick from Texas about what the American response should be to the threat ISIS poses both at home and abroad. As a Marine Corps veteran who served in both Afghanistan and Iraq, Patrick believes the “only possible solution” is “putting boots back on the ground.”

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“I think the only possible solution to the issue in Iraq and Syria is putting boots back on the ground,” Patrick said. “I think the strategic air strikes that we’re doing – quote/unquote strategic air strikes that we’re doing now – will maybe serve the purpose of limiting ISIS or ISIL’s movement a little bit. But then again, you know, they’re just gonna pull back into the civilian population, where you can’t necessarily see how fast they’re metastasizing. The problem or threat could double before you know it.”

Buck also spent time in Iraq and Afghanistan as a CIA analyst, and he agreed that those who make the policy decisions in Washington D.C. don’t have the same intimate knowledge of the situation on the ground as someone who has actually served there.

“You speak about this… with the expertise of somebody [whose been] there. I think that’s lost on the some in the policy community now or the politicos who are pretending to know about this,” Buck explained. “At some point, you need guys to tell other guys to get out of the houses, to be policing the streets and making sure the bad guys can’t just hide among the civilian population. ISIS is not… driving around flying black flags and saying, ‘Hey, come blow us up’… At some point, you need more than that. Maybe the government in Baghdad and the Peshmerga can fill that void. But maybe not.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP