President Obama spoke to an audience of veterans at the American Legion’s national conventional on Tuesday about the state of the military and the ‘accomplishments’ of his administration. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the crowd was less than enthusiastic. As the Daily Mail described, the President was on the receiving end of “awkward silences where White House speechwriters expected ovations.”

The Right Pundit compiled a video highlighting several moments in which the so-called applause lines did not go over particularly well:

The mix of long pauses, polite golf claps, and outright silence is obviously not the type of reception a president wishes to receive from any audience – especially veterans – but given the bungled foreign policy of this Administration and the ongoing VA scandal, it really doesn’t come as a surprise.

As TheBlaze’s Buck Sexton explained on radio this morning, this response is really indicative of the President’s handling of national security issues these last six years.

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“Can we just notice that the President… doesn’t stop for applause, he waits for applause? He actually assumes applause is coming,” Buck concluded. “But that is I think indicative of the broader perception of how President Obama has been handling national security issues – not just now but for six years. Understand that this is the culmination.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP