Four years later: A look back at the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally

Four years ago today, several hundred thousand Americans descended on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to partake in the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally. Glenn was joined on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece, Alveda King, baseball great Albert Pujols, members of the Black Robe Regiment, and others for a remarkable day of family, faith, and hope.

1008020_03_08-471Photo Credit: George Lange/Lange Studio

Mike Opelka attended the Rally and the events leading up to it before he became an official member of TheBlaze team. Filling for Pat and Stu this afternoon, Mike reflected on the incredible energy and significance of the day – not just for him personally but for all those who attended. He also shared some of the behind-the-scenes moments he witnessed.

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  • TheSFFog

    ” Post a feel good story from a time when everyone liked me.” – Glenn “Teddy Bear” Beck

    • Type 53

      LOL! It is *so* transparent.

    • TheTruth


  • ryanomaniac

    I thought it was going to be a great day but was disappointed. Loved the huge crowd. That was awesome. The problem was that that was the time Beck turned. Right at that moment. Didn’t turn to liberalism. Didn’t turn progressive but Beck turned into a world whisperer with a soft attitude of grand enlightenment.
    When Beck was on HLN and Fox, in the beginning, he really grabbed a hold of people. His simple man ,who gets to be on TV and say all the stuff we’d like to say and do, attitude with some of the props and stuff was great and reached low info voters. I had a friend who wouldn’t watch anything to do with politics and never had but he’d watch Beck. He actually learned something but right after this rally is when the couches, spectacles and soft spoken Professor Beck came in. Beck blew it with that. He could’ve taught all those things in the same fun manner that he was doing to start off with. A lot of people, who wouldn’t normally pay attention because politics and history are boring, lost out on some interesting stuff. I say it with love but its the truth.

    • Clayton Call

      There’s definitely is some truth to that. But I think Glenn followed the transformation of us all. At first, it was politics that fired us up. We were pissed and angry and for good reason. Then it was learning about our nation’s founders and history, and understanding WHY we were so angry and pissed about what was going on. That naturally led us to a focus on God and spirituality. You can’t separate the two. This nation was founded by the hand of God. It’s the natural evolution that we needed to go through, and Glenn led us through it.

    • Caniac Steve Henderson

      that is the great part of all who were either there or got active with grassroots Tea party/9/12 project efforts..not everyone agreed all the time about all least the vast majority of people there as well as today do agree with the core principals that our federal government is too big,too wasteful, doesn’t give a rats booty about you or me unless we have a big fat check for their pacs between our teeth,to help keep them in power and control…if anything else..a vast majority of people learned,shared and understood that. And many re-learned how to be a person of character,honor & integrity…or is something like that also disappointing in your eyes ??

  • Yo Mamma

    I think Glenn that you just need that crowd to feel loved all over again.

    Surely, we as individuals can change the world’ but seriously

    do we need glenn telling us that?

    Watch Vlad change the world. There are no shortage of crazies changing the world – you know that

    Hey, should you do it again, remember to tell the 87% of folks there, that eating pork is a bad thing

    • jobird

      What is with you? For heavens sake and ours go post you drivel some where else.

      • Yo Mamma

        What is with you? Is your drivel superior to mine?

      • Yo Mamma

        jobird (check FB for real name) posted this: “I watched the show and typical of a muslim fanatic he would not answer if hamas were terrorist.DUH!! Israel has always been GOD’s chosen people/country.There has never been a country called Palestine.”


        The jews are not God Creator’s chosen

        The HEBREWS are you silly dim witted woman. So dimm witted you spew this tripe AND attach your FB account? Are you seriously coo koo

        • Daniel Singer

          Yo Mama – The Jews=The Hebrews!!! what’s your problem? So who’s the silly dim wit now?

          • Yo Mamma

            Jews are NOT The Hebrews

          • Daniel Singer

            Jews are absolutely without question Yomama’s Hebrews!

          • Yo Mamma

            The 3 religions that confuse you. Their holy scriptures that define their religion and god/s

            From the oldest:

            Hebrews = Torah (literal interpretation)
            Christians = Torah(stolen) + prophets + writings + gospels
            Jews = Torah(stolen) + prophets + writings + talmud

            Singer, a Hebrew is not a Jew and the Jews are not the inheritors of the Land of Israel. Only the literal follower of Torah, the common man is. The jews are nothing but ANOTHER occupying force in Israel.

            You should stop following your prophets/writings/talmud and make a decision. Either follow Islam or Literal Torah. Those are your 2 choices if you want to stay in the Land of Israel. Only Literal Torah under Priestly rule has God Creators blessing.

          • Daniel Singer

            you’ve just proved you know nothing! Who are you to say that Torah is only the literal interpretation?! The Torah (ten commandments) was given to moses together with many other teachings (40 days and nights) these were then passed down from generation to generation. yes, the talmud helps us understand all the rules and teachings even in the mishna and the talmud which expands on the mishna there are different ways and explanations, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Jews of today are the exact continuation of the Jews that came out of Egypt, the direct decendants of Jacob Issac and Abraham!

          • Yo Mamma

            The jews are no different than the christians and visa versa.

            You both stole Torah, not YOUR inheritance, and added your tribe laws to it.

            Your religion will not stay long in the Land because you are not the inheritors. But you are confused, I can tell. No worries to me mate. And those were HEBREWS that came out of Egypt, not jews. You jews like to forget that. Jews is from the common man JUDAH tribe, that God Creator designated as stone masons, not to MINISTER in the Land as your rabbis do. Incredible but not unbelievable how you hate God Creator for giving Torah to the Priests, the LEVITES and for them to minister in the Land. But you will no doubt learn this in time

          • Daniel Singer

            where do you get this stuff from??Our religion has been around longer than Yomama’s!! you can say that the Hebrews are not the Jews untill tomorrow it doesn’t make it right! It’s like saying Yomama knows what he’s talking about….say it a million times …doesn’t make it right. The only one confused here is you! must be all that low grade powder you’ve been sniffing…no other way to explain the complete “shtuyot” you’ve been writing here…. Yehudah and Levi are two of the twelve tribes and yes the priests come from the Levi tribe… how does that make the Jews of today not the direct decendants of the Jews that came out of Egypt. Many families can actually trace back to the original tribes most commonly the tribe of Levi…enough of your trible….meh

          • Yo Mamma

            “where do you get this stuff from?”

            Its in Torah sport

            You jews like your talmud, stick with it

            But know, you’re not chosen

  • Davey Monroe

    The day was Blessed by God and one I will remember forever. Anyone who witnessed the geese fly over,
    couldn’t deny the amazing symmetry of the flight path as well as perfect
    timing for a fly over in a no fly zone.

    • Yo Mamma

      I guess you and your man god had a private one on one and he told you that


      Maybe you can help me on this….
      Why do most convicted death-row inmates refuse to order pig for their last meal, to eat moments before dying?

      • Davey Monroe

        Its too bad Yo Mamma didn’t see it. No one needed to say It was good thing. It was self evident

        • Yo Mamma

          God Creator is in all nature, but not in your lives.

          You saw nature and you equate it to your life

          There is no correlation

          Seriously pretty formation of birds flying, as they usually do for time before mankind roamed the Americas

          But noooo

          Its a sign!

          You sound a lot like Constantine. Are you related? He also saw a sign in the sky and won the battle.

          In Torah, the generals will go to the High Priest to get a reading on the stones. For you its ducks. Smart

          • G….h.i

            Have you heard of the Solomon’s Key?
            I have and it points to Orion. Orion is a constellation that represents Esau who Muslims say Esau took the birth right from Isaac.

            Why would King Solomon create a diagram pointing to Esau? King Solomon dabbled in other religions and was the wisest person to have ever live besides Jesus Christ.
            Was Solomon pointing to the mahadi and the origins of the mahadi?

            We have monuments and landscapes all over the world pointing to Orion.
            The Vatican is known for idolatry. The popes hat is a shape of a fish and the fish represents Dagon.

            When you hear the term all roads lead to Rome that’s just a saying but in this case well all roads lead to Babel and Nimrod.

            Why am I saying all of this. Symbols and names were very significant back then and more back then than today for some reason.

            If zionists are around then they for some odd reason are obsessed with a constellation that represent a man with a bow.

            A mystery that I believe the Bible solves.

            The first horseman appears in verse 2:

            “I looked up and saw a white horse. Its rider carried a bow, and a crown was placed on his head. He rode out to win many battles and gain the victory” (Revelation 6:2).

            Throughout history, this has been properly interpreted as a passage referring to the Antichrist. But what does the symbolic language of this verse tell us about the man of perdition? Several things are immediately noticeable:

            1) He rides a white horse. This description is commonly used in Scripture to identify a conqueror. So, it is appropriate to view the Antichrist as a conqueror.

            2) A crown is placed on his head. The Antichrist is either the king of a nation or nations, or an elected or appointed head of state(s).

            3) He rides out to win many battles and gain victory. The Antichrist goes out into the world with every intention to conquer it.

            If we do have Zionist then they are looking to the wrong savior. Solomon was and still is a very controversial figure who knew more than you could’ve ever imagined.

            I’m not saying the Jews are evil at all but I know some that for some reason want to throw their own under the bus.
            George Soros falls into that category.

          • Yo Mamma

            “Have you heard of the Solomon’s Key” no, I read the sacred documents of religions, because no matter what their pious followers say, its all written down in B&W – Its quite clean to me

      • conservativechick

        I feel sorry for you. What a pathetically sad life you must have.

        • Yo Mamma

          And thats how you ask me for help

    • jobird

      I did and my grown children.They were humoring me by going to the rally and
      were just taken back by so many people there.The geese flying over head was the icing on the gathering.I do believe God’s hand was there to lift us and
      and for We the People to never give up. I love my TEA.

      • Yo Mamma

        Pure drivel

        • jobird

          What a sad person you are “yo mamma”!

          • Yo Mamma

            What a caring person you are to notice

    • soybomb315

      From what i read on this comment board, it seems flying geese were the highlight of the event….

  • stpatwanabe

    the only problem on that day was I nearly faintly from the heat! but nothing would keep me away from restoring our country to a place of honor! the people there on Glenn’s side of America really did put the KIND back in ManKind! Thanks Glenn keep up the good work or rather keep Up The God Work!! time to reunite! maybe on your new movie studio to spread God’s Word to All People including the admins sheelpe of obamazombies!

  • ken.

    then just after, al sharpton held his counter rally and when al was done he did a media interview and sharpton said ” i am going to have to talk to the minority gang leaders to counter the right wing movement “. the minority gangs weren’t big enough to do the job then, but now with obama’s open borders, they are! along with terrorist groups they will bring violence against us, the next war will be fought here in america and nothing we do or don’t do can stop it. they are waiting and building up here while our military is overseas fighting a useless battle, with little military resources here at home we will be in trouble. glenn, deal with it!

  • Connor Kenway

    Four year later and liberals still hate reality.

    • BlueMN

      But at least we know it when we see it.

      • G….h.i

        You have selective perception just like selective hearing now don’t ya.

  • sam

    Is there a video of that day i would a copy please let me know@

  • Indian Soul

    That was an incredible gathering and incredible day. It was worth every penny it took to get there. The Geese Fly Over was truly amazing. I remember tears streaming down my cheeks. Thank you Glenn Beck.

    • Dawn Haley

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  • joejohey

    I think there’s a bunch of liberals here posing as once upon a time supporters of Beck. Don’t be fooled.

    • The Blue Tail Gadfly

      I think there’s a bunch of people employed by Glenn Beck posting here as well. Don’t be fooled by them either.

  • not a liberal

    My husband and I attended. It was a very moving experience. Everyone you talked with felt like they were life long friends. Funny stories, did not even have to ask for help; if someone overhead you they offered their help. It was history in the making, but it was more than that, it was truly divine intervention and I am so blessed for my husband and myself to have experienced it.

  • Larry Pollock

    My wife and I attended Restoring Honor and The 9/12 Rally and were blown away by the crowd and how far back we were from the stage. Looking over Glenn’s shoulder we were about seventy five yards past the first huge screen on the right under the trees. Thank God for the trees as we would have been cooked if we had to stand in the sun. It was an amazing day, one that changed our lives for the better in so many ways emotionally and spiritually.
    We do need to get the base fired up again to insure we take back the Senate to lesson Obama’s chances of further destroying this Great Nation!

    • Minnesocold

      We were in that general vicinity too! Amazing Grace at the end was so moving.

  • soybomb315

    I had plans to go but they fell through. I am glad i didnt go because ever since then Glenn Beck has been all about himself and left the battlefield of ideas/liberty. He represents a shell of his liberty self that he once was.

  • Mark Hamel

    I never got to see it. I got home from work that day, I was so excited to see it, and I almost cried when they aired a rerun that day at 2:00. then i saw the very end of it on c-span. is it online anywhere? I still would love to see it

  • IT 2 IT 001

    ARMINIAN HERESY tent show blows its TOP.

    NO MORE —-and FAR LESS.

    “The morbid gregariousness of Americans
    ———————————will be their DOWNFALL.”
    Informed Radio

    In this, the 11th hour of now OPEN globalist MAFIA USURPATION.

    KEEP reachin’ for those ‘feel good’ milk and cookies!

    LOOK at where it’s taken America these past decades!


    MAYBE ELLEN’s got that PIZZA? – – -SO GIT!

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  • linda

    It fulfilled the ‘you are not alone’ assurance, Glenn was spreading to all that cared enough to listen and act…

  • timber guy

    That was a memorable event, to put it mildly. So sad that the national media did not learn anything from it and share it with the nation!!!!

  • IT 2 IT 678



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