Is the White House’s Benghazi narrative falling apart?

As the fallout from Benghazi intensifies, Washington officials are continuing to hide information and are intentionally deceiving the public. In its latest update, For the Record follows up on the investigation of the government’s carefully crafted narrative surrounding Benghazi, which may very well be falling apart.

  • landofaahs

    Falling apart? It never was together in the first place.

    • Kent Walters

      It probably holds together well enough, though; I still know people who believe that the “hate speech” video was the cause.

  • BlueMN

    I’m sure they’re quaking in their boots after the Congressional report found there was no scandal. Seriously, read a newspaper or something.

    • TomTomA

      Hmmm, the report hasn’t been released yet, has it? Your “information” is based solely on the statement of a (surprise) Democrat member of the committee. You really should wait until you actually have some knowledge of something before you comment on it.

      • stpatwanabe

        they are DEMONcrats who own the media

      • BlueMN

        You’re probably right, the GOP is patiently sitting on this major scan(yawn).. scandal and will… will um… rnghr…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • canislupus

      If you rely on newspapers for factual information you are likely to remain forever misinformed.

      • stpatwanabe

        they see a picture and create a story and news anchors are teleprompter reading models who doesn’t know what they are reading just told to read it. and the spoiled-child Marxist-narcissist-celebrity-in-chief is the photo op actor puppet to Washington politician puppetmaster anti-Semetic-Nazi-Jew-George-Schwartz-Soros! the only school HUSSEIN-Obama graduated from was creating Acorn at 8yearold in terrorist professor Bill Ayers home! Bill Ayers is still bombing America with LyinKing islam-brotherhood anti-American terrorist Barry-Hussein-ObombA!

      • BlueMN

        I’ll try to get my news only from GBS, Fox and Breitbart from now on.

        • canislupus

          I suggest even more research than that. But it’s no secret to serious students of current events that the print media have covered for this president over and over again.

    • Connor Kenway

      Oh we did an that is why we know the white house is lying. I mean maybe if you would actually read or listen to people who do not think Obama is a god maybe you would know the truth.

    • Laurie Bluth

      If you are depending on lame stream media for your news, it’s no wonder you don’t have a clue!

  • Jayne Nielsen

    Benghazi’s cover-up is as true and valid as the IRS scandal. Oh…that’s right. That one is falling apart too! Surprise. Surprise.

    Corruption breeds corruption and that’s all this Administration is made up of.

    • Dawn Haley

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  • rank

    Not one smidgen of corruption, not one! How do you say…. S_ _ _ load!

    • stpatwanabe

      its all in the words pay attention to the words of the chosen one and distract from the actions. especially when they own the media . the Marxist-narcisisist-spoiledchild-in-chief always gets his way. first I say it then it is so the left is paving the way to make him god. or rather the twelvth iman! for their dream utopia NewWorldOrder. though they are so oblibious to the truth they do not realized their means to utopia is the end of the world! difference between Right and Left– Know Truth Know God No Truth No God!

    • deanbob

      Like the magician, watch only what he does – and very closely.

  • vadave

    Is the real reason for the cover-up that weapons transported through the Benghazi CIA compound from Libya to Turkey to Syria are now in the hands of ISIS/ISIL jihadist murderers? Ambassador Stevens met with a Turkish diplomat the day that the compound was attacked.

  • stpatwanabe

    its not falling apart because we still do not have access to the dictator-in-chief’s records! we know islam’s Hussein-Obama and blackpanther Holder erased the emails implicating them in the act of targeting conservative and teaparty! its all in their Lucifer’s playbook RulesForRadicals! demonize and destroy…

  • Connor Kenway

    Well as long as the liberal media keep playing we see nothing and hear nothing the truth is going to be lost.


    For her part, Hillary Clinton should be banned from running for president.

    • Laurie Bluth

      She should be banned from holding any office – period!


        I can see the ads against her now with her picture saying: What difference does it make? Also, with the long trail of mysteriously dead people The Clintons left in their wake should be enough.

    • tinwhistler

      Banned from America. Perhaps France will take her with John Kerry.

    • ReformSchool

      The prospect of Hillary Clinton being President is anything but ‘Hillarious!’ Should she be in jail? If it were you or me, we would be UNDER the jail!

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    The Committee needs to enlist the help of Egypt in digging up the Morsi connection where they will find ten times more co-operation and quite likely direct links to Obama in the plan for a staged abduction of the ambassador which led to his death.

  • Richard

    Sadly 4 Americans were SLAUGHTERED and Hillary as well as Obama and 1000’s watched on Live TV their Slaughter and the Army wouldn’t go in to help because Obama was to busy Campaigning What about the 6 navy Seals who lost their lives because of Joe Biden. This more than this it is about OBAMA being a TRAITOR to this Country as well as his Puppets in Washington and now the Idiot Jimmy Cater the so called Peanut Man is going to Headline Fundraiser for Hamas Front Group

    Read Latest Breaking News from

    It is time to put an END to this TREASONESS OBAMA and his Crooked PUPPETS in Washington And put the Country back into the hands of the AMERICAN PEOPLE not the 290,000 to 500,000 ILLEGALS that Obama is releasing into this COUNTRY Obama is past Impeachment it is trial for TREASON with the DEATH PENALTY Obama, We the People are tired of being the Nice Guy it is time to KICK your Butt and sentence you to DEATH or Prison until your DEATH YOU are a TRAITOR OBAMA

    • not a liberal

      Obama, his wife, and his entire Administration should be hung on the White House Lawn for all Americans to see. Obama was raised a muslim and a traitor and has remained true to his ideology. Traitors=DEATH


    sad part is someone out there knows the truth and is not telling it….if they came forward the people would support them and they would be protected well…

  • melhornh

    Hillary Clinton and Obama are criminals for covering up the Benghazi Scandal

  • queenslaby

    everyone that surrounds this Pres is a disgrace, he is so afraid of having anyone around him that can easily show him up, he just hired on Al Sharpton. I remember the day the new VA Administrator was introduced, that guy had such an impressive background, that Obama stumbled and couldn’t even look him in the eye, during the introduction, because he was so embarrassed that someone of better credentials than himself was coming on board! It wasn’t one of his chosen “czars” it was someone he was advised to bring in

  • Eurosunshine

    Within the first days I thought US weapons and supported groups must have been involved in the Benghazi attack therefore all the secrecy. They are trying to hide the trace of weapons used. The attackers knew well Stevens place, position, they knew there was no help coming. I don’t think they would go at such length to cover up only because four people were killed. The money will be traced

  • Sail Away

    If the masses mattered to these crooks then the truth would have never been so allusive would it .

  • oopso42

    We are not watching? This is an old brick the evil-one through at us among many others. The objective is to cause a tumult as an Islamic would call it. The bible calls it a tossing or turning. A new one comes about every three days. They also bounce of each other causing us to lose focus of the big problem. Wednesday a false peace fell over Israel at the same time the Ukraine was invaded and Russians are captured.

    Today the UN, EU, NATO and the US respond with rhetorical false witness. As we close out the 8th month 14th year of Ezekiel’s war we forget that Israel drew a Red line on Iran’s NUC program. Will the long holiday week end cover an action to remove this threat? Or will Putin gobble up the Ukraine and make it the 10th state in the confederation of the CIS again?

  • Jason Lewis

    2 years left. Nothing will be done.

  • ReformSchool

    So Benghazi hearings won’t meet until AFTER the 2014 elections. How convenient! Congress pretends to provide oversight but stalls until the next crises distract voters. Rule by Party (not the People’s representatives) gradually has stolen our government. In our brief, concise Constitution (the Supreme Law of Our Land) show us the words: Democrat – Republican – Party – Democracy. You cannot. They are not there. Why are we ruled by officials not provided for? These tyrants want a new constitutional convention to draft a new constitution? If they won’t obey the old constitution, why would they obey a new one?

    The Scholastic Aptitude Test national average score has fallen every year since 1963. The S.A.T. tests ability to think logically and critically, not one’s knowledge. None of us are born with the skill set needed for effective thinking. We must be trained to do so. Sometime after the establishment of the United Nations, United States’ public schools gradually replaced it with socialist indoctrination. Had the Environmental Protection Agency existed before the Second World War, the official language of the United States today would be German. Given the political power to muscle most manufacturing jobs out of the U.S.A. and public education dropping the ball to provide manufacturers a competent labor force, is it any wonder the only heavy manufacturing left in the U.S.A. is hydroelectric powered? will the last American Patriot please turn off the lights?

  • ace65

    The Administration Intelligence reports …….oxymoron.

  • Richard French

    Won’t see this on 20/20.

  • Herbert
  • Bat Masterson

    Has Mitt’s “october surprise” been revealed to the people?
    Who helped translate the youtube video to Arabic?
    Mitt failed where Nixon and Reagan succeeded.

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