Today…Beck is back!

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Glenn returns Tuesday, September 2nd with a new season of ‘The Glenn Beck Program’!

Broadcasting from Stage 19 at The Mercury Studios in Dallas, TX, Glenn will be joined by a live studio audience as he delivers news, information, and commentary unlike anyone else on TV.

There is a whole new look for TV and radio Tuesday. Back on Stage 19… Finally!” Glenn said. “New studio audience stows, back live with a ton to say and do Tuesday.”

“On TV, we will begin to teach history again and WHY our world looks the way it does along with all the things you expect.  Yes, there are even new chalkboards boards!”

But Glenn’s day starts at 9am ET with radio. Here is a sneak peek behind the doors of Stage 19:

“The Oval is gone and the temporary home for radio has been built.  This is what the American Dream Labs and Mercury Studios team sent me late last night as they began to set lights,” Glenn explained.

The new season of ‘The Glenn Beck Program’ will see Glenn not only discuss the news of the day, but tie it into history you’ve never heard before. You won’t just get the facts, you’ll see how it all connects as you join Glenn in search of the truth behind the news.

Don’t miss it! Sign up for TheBlaze TV and tune in at 5pm ET starting Tuesday, September 2nd!

  • Yo Mamma

    This should be very exciting!

  • soybomb315

    all that time and money wasted on “the Oval”

    • On The Spot

      “The Oval” is not standing, but like anything in the TV/Movie business, it is likely in storage, and can be reassembled in a matter of hours. That money is not lost (and if I recall correctly, it was found in storage when they first moved into the Dallas studios, so the only money spent on it was updating it from the JFK era to the GWB era.

      The only thing it means for The Blaze viewers, there likely won’t be any new “Woodrow Wilson in Hell” segments on “The Wonderful World of Stu”.

      • soybomb315

        “”Woodrow Wilson in Hell” segments ”

        Wow. I had no idea. How blasphemous and low-brow is that… How does Beck allow such programming and then turn around and tell the rest of us that we are ‘too angry’ and ‘not compassionate enough’? The more i learn about what he is doing the more shocked i am.

        There is NOTHING funny about making light of someone’s soul being in hell…..That is the kind of antics the liberals at SNL do.

        • On The Spot

          “The Wonderful World of Stu” is a sketch comedy type show written/hosted by Glenn’s producer, Stu on Saturday Evenings. He has a number of parody characters, like impersonating the President’s Press Secretary, Garth Bunk (an over the top TV host that represents a melding of several hosts on another cable news network), and others. The “Woodrow Wilson…” bits had Stu, in makeup to appear like the former President, sitting in the Oval Office reading letters sent to him, and him offering Progressive type advise, much like an Ann Landers or Dear Abby.
          I think the point is, we need to be able to laugh at progressives, much like how SNL tends to lampoon conservatives. If you look at the history of SNL, I can recall times where they portrayed someone in hell, complete with another performer appearing as the devil, so what Stu is doing is fair game (and personally, it is funny)

          • soybomb315

            so is the premise of the skit involving Woodrow Wilson in hell, or not?

          • On The Spot

            First, let me lead with a correction, the official title of the skit “Letters to Woodrow in Hell”

            To answer your question, yes, it is Woodrow Wilson in Hell. Here’s a recent edition (so you can judge for yourself):


          • jim

            Which one ?the “spirit prison” hell or the “outer darkness” hell?
            (not sure if they are in ,on or out of Kolob though)

  • The Blue Tail Gadfly

    Re: “You won’t just get the facts, you’ll see how it all connects as you join Glenn in search of the truth behind the news.”

    We don’t have to wait for Glenn Beck, let’s make him proud and do it for ourselves.

    In case anyone hasn’t noticed, Glenn has formed a group of fellow charlatans in order to validate each other as credible authorities. They are false authorities projecting an agenda based on group think, not the Truth. BTW, the same can be said of the entire main stream media.

    Ask yourselves, why does Glenn to this day still promote the discredited David Barton as a credible historian? FWIW, David Barton is a self-declared historian so anyone who opens a history book could declare themselves one too.

    Look at the New Age books and authors Glenn promotes (as does Oprah Winfrey). For example, ‘The Circle Maker, Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dream and Greatest Fears’ by Pastor Mark Batterson. Where he claims drawing prayer circles amps the power of your prayers to God, which is really witchcraft.

    There is NOTHING in the Bible to validate such absurd claims and is a perversion of Christianity. Something Beck is notorious for doing, along with distorting history and current events to fit his bizarre worldview and agenda.

    By continuing to support Glenn Beck, you only enable him to lead more astray with his New Age Movement nonsense. Don’t worry about Glenn, he truly has his reward. Glenn has enough money to live in the lap of luxury for the rest of his life, and then some.

    • soybomb315

      And to top it off, his new jingo “mercy over justice” is complete psych-babble.

      • MB

        Caught that typo: jingle

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    • Type 53

      Nailed it.

  • C20

    Where has he been all this time?

    • jim


  • Sail Away

    Then as it was then again it will be you know the coarse may change sometimes but rivers always reach the sea .
    In other words agree or get lost , strange view of Christianity .
    That’s not the way I was taught ——– AND YOU ??
    I was taught to walk away NOT throw away .
    Something is going on around here .

  • Carol in MA

    Welcome back Glenn~* I hope you & your family had a very relaxing vacation, you deserve it~* I’ll be listening to your radio show on Tuesday…..don’t forget about STU’s CATCH, I want to hear all about it~*

  • Debbie

    Hey you idiots out there still support this MORON. Look at the signs he has around his studio!! You need to read more about the Freemasonry/Illuminati !! He is part of it!! Which is EVIL!!! Wake Up!!!

  • Crassus

    I suppose Glenn will want a medal for his return.

  • Debbie

    Glenn Beck 16th Degree Mason-1st Degree Shill

  • Debbie

    Glenn Beck is a Satanic Freemason – Puppet of the Government Controlled Media

    • Quest4Justice

      Debbie.. would that be Wasserman-Shults?: It fits her agenda.

  • Debbie

    Glenn Beck dons Freemasonic patch during broadcast

  • Debbie
  • Debbie
  • Debbie
  • TJ

    Lets hope they just put the Oval office in storage that if they have a bit it could be taken out and reused. Even if they did not use it much it was a fun background.

    • On The Spot

      I suspect it is back in Storage (which is where they found it when they moved to Texas) – Production companies tend to not “throw away” sets like that when they can be reused, only purpose built sets, or worn out sets are ever destroyed. That set could easily make a return at any time, with just a quick touch up of some paint and some dusting, it would be as good as new.

  • Debbie

    For Masons Everywhere

  • Debbie

    Glenn Beck’s Freemasonry/Skull and Bones emblems

    Glenn Beck Shouts-Out in Code to Somebody, But Who?

  • Debbie
  • Rick Rittel

    Didn’t know he was gone.

    • Debbie

      No it’s not trolls it’s people who are speaking their mine about the deceiver!! It’s call Freedom of Speech!! Wake up!!! You been had…..

    • Sunshine43

      It’s obvious you are unaware of anything……..DUH!

  • Minnesocold

    Nothing gets the troll’s nickers in a twist more than anything having to do with Glenn Beck! They just cannot wait to jump on this website and trash him. They really have nothing better to do. Poor, poor trolls. Now they will have to trash this post because they have nothing better to do. Poor, poor trolls. Trolls are self made victims. Yawn.

    Welcome back, Glenn! Looking forward to your new season!

    • CZ Mike

      Right on Minnescold! I concur

    • Sunshine43

      With you 100%! It continues to amaze that there are such vicious people who enjoy the nonstop dribbling and drooling! Must be horrible living in such nastiness and cruelty! As you say, poor, poor trolls!

  • painfullyhonest

    Wonder if the people posting harsh remarks would do so if they had to use their name to do so, like writing a letter to editor of a paper. I’d like to understand what you all get? Paid American dollars? Inflates your ego? Or you just have so much free time and you get your kicks out of being hateful – I think there’s enough hate going around without causing more. Just think your time could be used for something good.

    • Debbie

      Wake Up!!!

      • keith howard

        Debbie, honey, please get a life. Its a show

    • jim

      Yes there is an awful lot of hate going around on most the topics on this forum!
      (an extreme,xenophobic and almost genocidal hatred to boot)

  • IT 2 IT 678

    NOTE how things are, er, CON–verging
    ——————–even in the so-called REAL media.

    While BECK is, and has been, an ‘on board’
    franchise slum operator for some time – – –

    ——–ALEX JONES’s —-‘mysterious overlook’ of such
    —————–recent anniversaries and milestones as
    ————————–the martyrdom of RED CHINA set up
    ———————————whistleblower, JOHN BIRCH ( Aug. 25, 1945 )

    ———————–the ‘take out’ of RED CHINA handover whistleblower
    —————–Rep, LARRY McDONALD ( Sept 1, 1983 )

    ————————–and the recent milestone anniversaries
    ———————————–for the RED CHINA ‘unfriendly’
    ———————————————-KOREAN WAR.

    Further —we have NEVER heard him so much as once
    call out Hollywood for refusing to treat KOREA.
    Remember, this while they’re pumping out ad nauseum,
    anachronistic WWII retreads.

    JONES hasn’t said a thing!

    At this point in GLOBALIST—RED CHINA handover
    and OPEN globalist MAFIA USURPATION —how could ANY
    lucid commentator —MISS this?

    Further, he stepped past the recent ROBIN WILLIAMS misfortune
    with uncharacteristic ‘alacrity’.

    Likewise, the lack of any real quality follow up on the in our face
    snuff out of Rolling Stone REAL journalist MICHAEL HASTINGS.

    VERY troubling.

    VERY troubling indeed….

  • Debbie

    Boycott The Blaze TV and cancel your subscriptions!! You have been had….

  • Sunshine43

    Thank goodness he’s almost back! The withdrawal is serious!
    Anxious, but holding………tee hee!

  • jim

    Where has he been ?
    Kolob ?(a planet where a certain faith believes god lives)


    Nantucket!! Taking a well deserved vacation! He posted pictures on FB. It’s exciting that his new show starts Tuesday:-)

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