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Glenn returns Tuesday, September 2nd with a new season of ‘The Glenn Beck Program’!

Broadcasting from Stage 19 at The Mercury Studios in Dallas, TX, Glenn will be joined by a live studio audience as he delivers news, information, and commentary unlike anyone else on TV.

There is a whole new look for TV and radio Tuesday. Back on Stage 19… Finally!” Glenn said. “New studio audience stows, back live with a ton to say and do Tuesday.”

“On TV, we will begin to teach history again and WHY our world looks the way it does along with all the things you expect.  Yes, there are even new chalkboards boards!”

But Glenn’s day starts at 9am ET with radio. Here is a sneak peek behind the doors of Stage 19:

“The Oval is gone and the temporary home for radio has been built.  This is what the American Dream Labs and Mercury Studios team sent me late last night as they began to set lights,” Glenn explained.

The new season of ‘The Glenn Beck Program’ will see Glenn not only discuss the news of the day, but tie it into history you’ve never heard before. You won’t just get the facts, you’ll see how it all connects as you join Glenn in search of the truth behind the news.

Don’t miss it! Sign up for TheBlaze TV and tune in at 5pm ET starting Tuesday, September 2nd!

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