‘It makes everyone weaker': The truth about Obama’s lack of strategy

Fitted in his best summer suit, President Obama stepped up to the podium on Thursday and offered a simple message about the United States’ strategy in dealing with ISIS: We don’t have one. Additionally, when pressed by reporters on whether he would seek congressional authorization before beginning airstrikes in Syria, Obama said he hasn’t gotten that far yet.

“We don’t have a strategy yet,” the President said. “I think what I’ve seen in some of the news reports suggests that folks are getting a little further ahead of where we’re at than we currently are. And I think that’s not just my assessment, but the assessment of our military, as well. We need to make sure that we’ve got clear plans, that we’re developing them.”

While the media coverage of the presser has largely focused on the President’s bizarre wardrobe choice, on radio this morning, KFMB’s Mike Slater filled in for Glenn and focused on the substance – or lack there of. Mike went all the way back to World War II to draw a comparison between Obama’s leadership style and the iconic words of General George Patton.

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While in England training the Third Army in preparation for the invasion of Normandy, Patton sent a letter to his son, who was studying at West Point. In the letter he wrote:

All men are timid on entering any fight. Whether it is the first or the last fight, all of us are timid. Cowards are those who let their timidity get the better of their manhood.

As Mike explained, Patton proceeded to tell the story of a man named Marshall Touraine, who fought under Louis XIV. While mounting a horse in one of the last battles he ever fought in, Touraine was approached by an aide who noticed something about the man.

“A man came over… and he said, ‘Monsieur, it amazing me that a man of your supposed courage should permit his knees to tremble as he walks out to mount,’” Mike explained. “And Touraine responds to this aide… ‘I admit my knees do tremble, but should they know where I shall this day take them, they would shake even more.’ He got on his horse and rode off to battle.”

In reference to that story, Patton wrote to his son: “Your knees may shake but they will always take you towards the enemy.”

“If I may, I think our president has shaky knees,” Mike said. “He’s hesitant. It is that hesitancy, that lack of conviction, that’s what makes us weak.”

While Mike was clear that he is not a war hawk, he was equally clear that once we choose to fight a war, we must win it.

“We haven’t decided to do that as a country for a long time – win, that is,” Mike said. “We haven’t decided to win. Then what emerges from that vacuum that we have created is the worst of the worst. People like ISIS emerge.”

Ultimately, when it comes to this President, Mike believes there is no strategy because there is no principle.

“Are we supposed to be surprised the president has no strategy for ISIS? The reason he doesn’t is because he has no principles,” Mike said. “What is the proper principle when it comes to war? It is simple. I know people will say it’s way too simplistic… [but] I think I have a very simple principle here that I think needs to be said on national radio across the entire country, and that is: Win.”

“This ‘community organizer in chief’ has weak knees, as Patton would say,” he continued. “In the end, all it does is make us everybody weaker. This is what it means to be a paper tiger… [but] it doesn’t have to be this way. Principle one: Fight a war to win or don’t fight.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • MB

    This article makes no sense.

    The quotes do not support the overarching theory.

    Please do better.

  • Pachy Serrano

    I can’t wait for 2016 elections to come. Its going to be fun seeing conservatives fighting each other, especially if a centrist Republican is the candidate and if they win, which I doubt, all these pundits will be without jobs ’cause Obama won’t be here anymore. They know they can’t go against Hillary like they have done with the current “centrist-left” chief. Politics will always be politics . . . Hilarious!!

    • pfiffi43

      It is sad not hilarious, Mr. Serrano.

      • Sail Away

        Its a her not a him .
        Either way she is just an agitator .

    • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

      You know what will be more funny watching you rock back and forth in the corner when your golden calf Hillary loses. All you have to do is remind people of the the job she did under Obama. Benghazi Russian reset button.

  • JLWright

    Proverbs 22:6 says “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. But if parents train up a child to believe ” God damn America” don’t be surprised if the parent and the public diagnose the child’s disfunction as unalterable persuasive development disorder is characterized by qualitative impairment in social interaction.

    • Yo Mamma

      Quote something useful from Torah

  • Yo Mamma

    Patton got into trouble for insulting an injured soldier in hospital.

    There are a lot of injured Americans from all your wars.

    You are addicted to war.

    Those wanting war are never those fighting wars.

    And your middle eastern policy is unhinged (as you say) because you have no clue as to who are the real players. Your bias and denials have lied to you. And your religions have all to do with it.

    There is no need to fight in the middle east – period

    And you’re worried about the southern border??? With all the illegal Catholics? Let THEM fight the Muslims. Have the illegal catholics fight the illegal muslims

    Oh you can only wish the Muslims move in on the southern border.

    Then maybe, only then, America will do something to stop the thousands of Catholics marching with them.

  • Landree

    More nonsense from the Beck team. Obama ran on following Bush’s withdrawal of troops from Iraq and building in Afghanistan. He very aggressively killed Al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which he took heat from the left for, and killed Bin Laden. He is drawing down in Afghanistan as planned. He wants to minimize troops in the middle east and not be the only country fighting terrorism as exemplified in his smartly assembled coalition forces in Lybia.

    Now, it’s quite clear that the US does have a plan. It’s obviously to help the Iraqi government and army take responsibility for its country while the US weakens ISIS through bombings and drone strikes. Obviously any lasting control of terrorism in Iraq must come from Iraq’s ability and willingness to stop it, NOT JUST THE US!

    • Lgbpop

      Wow. “He wants to minimize troops in the middle east” and whatever you said about Libya. You spelled it wrong, by the way. Not that that surprises me.

      Tell me how all of this man’s clueless decisions make us any more secure. He just admitted he has no clue what he’s doing. (Neither does Valerie Jarrett, this sock puppet’s handler.)

      Yup – he’s pulled troops out of the area. Look what’s going on there, after we left.

      You, sir, are an imbecile. I tried to find some grain of intelligence or truth in your comments. You left me no choice but to call you as I see you.

      You went to public schools, I bet.

      • Landree

        Obama has been extremely aggressive in killing Al Qaeda leaders with drone strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Do you think killing terrorist leaders is a bad decision? Obama made sure we weren’t the only one footing the bill in Libya. Another bad decision? Obama is forcing Iraq to stand up for itself. Do you think we should do it all for them?

        • Lgbpop

          So, there are fewer now than there were.

          No, I don’t think so. Therefore, you are making baseless claims.

          I like how Iraq is standing up for itself, with ISIS’s help.

          You are delusional.

          • Landree

            Notice the recent change in leadership in Iraq, which is a result of US diplomacy. Watch now how we continue to step up air and drone striking ISIS while helping build the Iraqi army. That’s a better strategy than borrowing more money from China to pay for another 10-year ground war in Iraq.

        • Today22011

          Extremely aggressive ?? Obama had to be persuaded by staff to give the OK to attack the Bin Laden compound in Pakistan. The same compound that the Pakistan gov. was aware existed.
          Agree the Iraq gov. must be forced to solve the religious division in their country.
          The religion that teaches children that to witness and kill those not Muslim is OK.

    • yourpaled

      BS! After so many years, so much money wasted and so many Americans killed in Iraq alone, is Iraq any better off today than they were before the whole thing started? Same applies to the others. Seems everywhere America interfered in the middle east, no improvement was realized. Because of America’s weakness, especially when Obama took office, we have the crises with ISIS, Ukraine etc etc.

      • Landree

        It would have been better for the US to have left Hussein in power and let him deal with the terrorists. The fact that we’re not going after Assad suggests we’ve learned that lesson.

        • Today22011

          Obama drew a red line in the sand — then moved the line back. Russia saw the opportunity to embarrass the US and took it.

  • landofaahs

    Obama finally admits he’s clueless. I would be embarrassed to be black or a democrat.

    • Pachy Serrano

      That’s why u talk so much crap ’cause you neither.

      • masseur1950

        mexicans are as gutless, clueless, worthless, hypocrite as the blacks in the democRAT leadership. mexicans are just another lighter color of black. Just look in the jails the highest numbers of representents of each race: blacks, then mexicans. Do not talk back when you are NOT EQUIPPED with the brains and mental attitude to do so.

      • landofaahs

        He said it bro, not me LOLOLOLOL How’s it feel? It’s funny on this end.

        • Sail Away

          Pachy is a she .

          • ken.

            trapped in a little boys body.

          • Sail Away

            But trapped in stupidity either way ; }

          • landofaahs

            Or Bi. Who knows on the net.

      • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

        Obama does not know what to do. Why is he golfing when the world is on fire if he knew what he was doing? See this is what happens when you see Obama as a god. You think everything he says is the word of god.

        • IdahoFireFlyer


      • IdahoFireFlyer

        Pachy, go back to your communist homeland of Cuba if you love progressivism so much

  • bill clinton

    Wish they’d just attack us and get it over with. “day light come, and we drop more bombs.”

  • CanadaGoose1

    Pericles: Those Who Can Truly Be Accounted Brave Are Those Who Best Know The Meaning Of What Is Sweet In Life And What Is Terrible, And Then Go Out,Un Deterred, To Meet What Is To Come.

    • IdahoFireFlyer

      Everything we need to know about responsibility and leadership can be found in his, “History of the Peloponnesian War.” You Sir are obviously a learned individual.

  • Pachy Serrano

    Nice suit Mr. President . . . U look in style!! At least we can say he knows how to dress. Am sure the cons are gonna hate me more now. Screw them!! . . . . They don’t pay my bills . . . I work hard for my money. Love America! best time of my life!!

    • Sunshine43

      You, sir, are an a$$!!!!! Your name is truly correct as you probably spend most of your time in a “packy”! You appear either drunk or stupid!

    • Today22011

      Best described as a “Empty Suit.”

  • masseur1950

    A Commander in Chief without balls, guts, spirit, strength, and no one to help him, cannot lead. A Commander in Chief who has NO knowledge of military aspects of war CANNOT LEAD the military. A Commander in Chief who is SCARED HAS TO BE TAKEN DOWN. The STUPIDITY of the democRATS, and the worthlessness of the Commander in Chief has placed the world in the position in which we are now:: no one at the helm, no fighter with a trained spirit, no leadership to follow, the world is taking advantage of the missing BALLS in the US. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER vote in an idiot who has NO MILITARY KNOWLEDGE. Kennedy showed us what a real DemocRAT leader was. Since then NO democRAT has held the helm with any superiority. clinton was and is as clueless as obama, with no balls either. And hillary clinton has shown in Benghazi, she is NOT WORTHY of the post of Commander in Chief. Thank you, democRATS, for the uselessness you show the world you have put the US in.

    • yourpaled

      The same can be said for the republicans. Reagan had no military experience other than in the movies. What about Nixon? Since WWII America took on a blanket of guilt about the A-bomb and any war it entered since then was purely POLITICAL with political correctness, while the enemy fought full bore to win! Even ISIS today is fighting to win their cause, however evil. America could destroy any enemy of innocent people, it has the power and equipment, but the political ill-will prevents proper results.

      • Bradley Kepler

        ahhh ‘Obama is innocent because of the Republican Presidents” pathetic drone

      • Crassus

        Wrong, Junior. Reagan and Nixon both served during WWII. Reagan in the Air Corps and Nixon in the Navy. Reagan was disqualified from combat duty due to a punctured ear drum and so never went overseas while Nixon served as a supply officer in the South Pacific. You might want to read a history book instead of Democrat propaganda.

        • Walter Mow

          Correct Crassus, these fools come among us on this site with their “revised history” and expect those of us who DO read the real history to listen to their harping. Well yourpaled, go peddle your brand of manure else where, it won’t wash HERE!!!

        • schmack_the_knife

          Disqualified from combat and supply officer… Sounds like both were highly qualified! Not saying they weren’t good leaders. Just that your point is pointless.

      • IdahoFireFlyer

        You are not MY pal ed. I don’t associate with morons.

    • soybomb315

      What is all this low-information talk about Obama not having strategy and not having ‘guts’ or whatever. Obama is a WARMONGER and is leading this country towards WORLD WAR…..And the people on the right STILL dont understand it.


  • pfiffi43

    How can a commander in chief admit to the world that he has no strategy? The enemy is listening and so is everyone else who now knows America is a lame horse!
    This president should have said:
    1. Anyone caught fighting for ISIS or any other terrorist group will lose his or her citizenship. As well will all relatives connected with these traitors and deported.
    2. Anyone in this country supporting terrorists will also lose their citizenship and will be deported.
    3. If terrorists plan or carry out an attack, we will find those behind the plan and
    also deport them and their relatives.
    4. Close all the mosques immediately if such an attack should occur.

    • thx1138v2

      ” The enemy is listening and so is everyone else who now knows America is a lame horse!”

      President Barack Hussein Obama knows that. That’s why he is saying it. He is following his strategy to empower the creation of a muslim caliphate. He simply doesn’t speak of it and, when asked, denies having a strategy.

      Wake up. Look at his actions, not his words. His words are to embolden the muslims in their quest for a caliphate. His inactions are actions as well. Just ask yourself who his inactions have benefitted.

      He has no need for your advice. His goal is not what you think it should be. Nor is it what is in the best interest of this country.

      • winniepoobear17

        Agreed. thx1138x2. He couldn’t even get elected legally. What makes us think he has this country’s best interest at heart? Nothing. And his wife/America hater is right there filling his head with ideas too. I pray every night for the leaders of this country but when they’re ruled by and follow evil, all men have free will to accept divine intervention or not. This so called president does not. So let’s pray for the next president, NOT Hilliary, to have some guts and stop these animals dead in their tracks.

  • Lgbpop

    OK, let’s get beyond the parsing and the BS and the spin. I rather suspected this administration was clueless; but when the executive himself admits it, and somehow thinks his lack of strategery and knowledge is a viable option to knowing what to do in a given situation – this is not encouraging. I bet this sends shivers of fear down the spines of our sworn enemies.

    I could do a better job than this mook. (Winnie was a third cousin….if nothing else, brass balls the size of church bells run in my family.)


    This man needs to be impeached and convicted for treason.

  • Sail Away

    Its only a kill or be killed attitude the populous will find out sooner or later , why the hell do you think they lie to us ?

  • thx1138v2

    You can only grasp President Barack Hussein Obama’s strategy by looking at his action vs his words. Yes, he has a strategy but he can’t enunciate it. Everything he has done in his presidency has emboldened islamists to establish a caliphate. From the cancelling of the eastern European missile defense system early in his presidency to the recent stating that he has no strategy, every thing he does either actively assists the establishment of a caliphate (supplying weapons to terrorists in Libya and Syria is but one example) or his inaction (not bombing ISIS and not imposing sanctions on Iran over nuclear weapons development) goads them on to expand their influence.

    • Dorothy

      thx1138v2..I agree, but I think he’s part of the terror….he wants America to be attacked ….he’s protecting them…Libya, Syria, and Isis…to establish a caliphate in America…he has 5 Muslim Brotherhood in Dept. of Homeland Security….policy making….MB is Hamas…they all work together..

      • thx1138v2

        Yes, indeed. But it’s not just America. Islam has always, since 630AD, been about total world domination. They want the entire world to be ruled by sharia law. In their view, only then will there be justice in the world.

        So America is a part of that, and a large part, since we were the world’s only hope against it when he took office. So taking down America is part of the plan toward world domination.

        Destroying the U.S. economy undermines our military because a strong economy is the very foundation of a strong military. The VA scandal undermines young Americans’ belief that if they join the military, they will be cared for and has had a devastating effect on enlistment. The Muslim Brotherhood has also been fundamental in changing the military training regarding Islam.

        Everything he does on the domestic front also is to weaken America and Americans’ beliefs in a just world.

        So it’s not just about a caliphate in America. A global caliphate is the goal. When you think about that for a moment, it means there will be nowhere to escape it. And that means to defeat it, it must be defeated everywhere. It cannot be contained. It must be destroyed.

        • Dorothy

          Yes, I agree. I lived in Jerusalem, Israel in 1988 (actually from 1987-1993) and Arab Palestinian/Muslims told me then that they had sleeper cells all over the world and they would just blend in with society, and get positions like on school boards and places of influence, they would dress like everyone else and when the time was right, they will rise up from all over the world for world Domination. The guys eyes lite up from the excitement of telling me it would be even bigger than the Ottoman Empire….This is happening. If America falls, where will anyone who wants to survive will go? No where? It’s what we see now with Isis and Obama…Nothing, just a few bombs here and there..as people die the most ruthless death,. I can’t imagine why newscasters and other in the know, don;t know or don;t talk about it…they just talk about his preference to “golf”….no one says he’s part of it…Thanks for sharing your wisdom and instights.

  • Cindy Young

    I honestly think he is a treasonous president waiting for the attack on america. He is pro isis because I believe he funded isis and armed them and trained them. I got a word from the spirit long before he was re elected saying that he would take second office to finish what he started. I didn’t understand when I received word but it is all starting to make sense now.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    We need a Patton and not Mister Magoo in the white house.

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    an American is beheaded and our leader has no strategy to avenge him, there are others being held expecting the same fate but Obama still has no strategy, what a man, what a man

  • Anti Fabian

    I would say that Mike Slater does not get that Obama is a Progressive and everything he does is very much calculated to bring this nation closer to the Progressive goal of totalitarianism. Obama is not just a bad democrat with no principles. He has plenty of principles in line with Progressivism. His mother was a communist, his father was an anti colonialist, his step father and grand parents were communists, and his closest mentor and also his shadow book writer were all communists, so is it any wonder that he does what he does in line with Progressive/Communist values? He is not weak kneed, he is anti-American freedom. His wife is no better. It is also pretty obvious that he is not in control. He is awaiting his orders from the powers that be behind the scenes.

    • PEPPERMINT2014

      I agree 100% . The only point I would add is the fact that Obama is a Muslim – maybe not in the religious sense – but culturally.
      All of that makes him even more dangerous . He’s like a perfect storm destroying everything on his path . The Puppeteers just pull the strings …..

  • Curt Stowell

    Obama has never done anything good for this country, but what can you expect from someone that is a homosexual, inbred, a Muslim and look at what he’s married to.

    • PeterMoss

      I’m no fan of Obumbler, but you’re an idiot Curt.

  • Cocheta

    “If you are going to use military force, then you ought to use overwhelming military force. Use too much and deliberately use too much; you’ll save lives, not only your own, but the enemy’s too.”

    Gen. Curtis LeMay

    Politically-Correct wars… We simply have forgotten how to crush our enemies into total submission.

  • Mary

    D’sousa quoted Obama you dope! Please, Glenn never put this man on us again. Dinesh didn’t say we had things to apologize for he said OBAMA thinks we do. Sheesh.

  • tonybigs

    This is THE strategy when the President (and others) believe that his own country is responsible for the world’s ills. The President and staff do not know the difference between right and wrong so EVERYTHING of substance is confusing. Add inexperience to that indecision and we have a President who is frozen under pressure and more than willing to do ANYTHING but make hard choices.

  • Dusty Bottoms

    The Duffer in Chief doesn’t have a strategy … or they don’t want to tell him about it because he’s the biggest security risk this country has?

  • ken.

    another obama lie! obama has a strategy of working with his muslim brothers, he’s just using the don’t have a strategy to hide the truth.

    • PeterMoss

      Is that it? Tell us what evidence you have that provided that amazing insight.

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  • Monte Montierth

    “Fight a war to win or don’t fight.” We fought to win WWII. The Korean Konflict was not fought to win but to hold. Viet Nam again we fought not to win. I won’t comment on the war on poverty, the war on drugs, or the cold war because these were not wars. The Afganistan and Iraq were wars that were won in the first month then converted to a reconstruction. We won the war and lost the reconstruction. We the People need a plan on what we are doing. The President is not able. Do we want to wipe out SISI then do that and go home. If we want Iraq to become a state then take it. United we Stand, but what do we want to accomplish?

  • JLWright

    Not to speak is to speak, Not to act is to act. Dietrick
    Bonhoffer. Not to have a strategy is to have a strategy. JL Wright

  • TheTruth

    Hope Beck enjoyed his vacation.

    • PeterMoss


  • IT 2 IT 678

    “THESE are NOT our representatives!
    ———–THIS is NOT our government!
    ——————-THIS is NOT a government at all!
    WE have to get OVER the ILLUSION
    ——————that we have a representative government.
    ———————————————–WE———-DO! ———-NOT!”
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    REAL media ‘Woman of the Decade’
    Informed Radio


  • therevolutionwas

    My knees “tremble” too. The enemy is indeed a big one. But I am convinced that the enemy causing trouble worldwide -the Military Industrial Complex can be defeated, along with the National Security State.

  • carmenccoronel

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  • Harr Driver

    What a mess.

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