The truth about political witch hunts in Wisconsin and beyond

A Federal Judge has ruled that the investigation against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) was an illegal and vicious political attack. For The Record continues to investigate how Democrats are targeting conservative groups by using the legal system for political retribution.

  • poundsand

    Democrats/leftists/communists have no compunction about abusing the legal system to achieve their ends. People who behave like this have only their agenda in mind; not the good of the country. Their actions are bereft of a moral compass and their march to a perceived state-run utopia will continue as to them it is a religion.

    • Pachy Serrano

      That means Republicans, right wingers, corporate fascists never did nothing wrong ah? . . . Wow! what kind of Kool-Aid you drinking, bro??

      • Tyson Litz

        You argue like a 5 year old. “Why can’t I have a cookie? Johnny already took a cookie! It’s not fair!”
        This article is about LibDems abusing the legal system, for political retribution, in Wisconsin.
        Where is your ConRepub example, eh there Straw Man???

        • Pachy Serrano

          Look at you trying to sound educated, but u obviously lack education and also respect for others. That’s why conservatives will not, I repeat, will not win general elections again. When u are confronted with reality, you attack people instead of look it up . . . Its call Google, brotha!!

          • yourpaled

            And you think that Google is the utmost authority? I guess you believe everything you hear from CNN or MSNBC too?

      • Connor Kenway

        Wow so you are saying it is ok for people to use the IRS and the power of the government to crack down on people because they have a D in front of their name instead of an R? And you claim we are drinking the Kool Aid? Give me a break child like mind.

      • Kurt Van Luven

        We need to throw out all the crooks, no matter who. As for using government force to punish enemies, UNACCEPTABLE!

  • landofaahs

    Just like Tom Delay being ruined when he was declared innocent. The same with Perry. I think every democrat should be charged with treason. Scott Walker for president. Get rid of the communist corrupt and criminal unions and the demoncrats they support.

    • Pachy Serrano

      Are you gonna cry for Tom and Rick? Yes you! The one who calls people names, but am sure u living in nutshell paradise full of only right-wingers. Get out and explore the World, you might learn something, brotha!!

    • Pachy Serrano

      By the way . . . I do like Scott Walker. He’s not as uneducated as you are. But, if he goes against Hillary it will be pretty hard for him to make noise. When he reach out to other democrats, Latinos, and blacks . . . then we talk. Right now its too early to win and too late not to do some outreach. Good luck though.

      • Noelani Lois

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      • landofaahs

        Gee, I guess my years at MIT count for nothing. Oh well, I didn’t pay for it. It was free. Anyway, He should not reach out to blacks, or women, or apostates, or martians. He should talk to ALL the people. He just is not a socialist like you pieces of human garbage. But I need no luck because I have things well in hand. I won’t suffer the ill’s of Obama’s failed economy. I’ve made other provisions as most democrat leaders and Obama himself.

    • BlueMN

      That’s pretty funny when your side is talking about impeaching Obama for imaginary crimes (treason even, if you listen to the nuttiest of the nutty here) and John Bohner is abusing the legal system as we speak.

      • landofaahs

        I don’t want Obama impeached even though he is guilty of treason. I believe that the idiots who voted for him should suffer the full effects of his failed policies. I want those who voted for him to suffer with his presence until his term is over. That is the only way to teach idiot democrats a lesson.

  • BlueMN

    “Minnesota Liberalism Trounces Wisconsin Conservatism”

    “After four years, the results of the side-by-side political experiment is in. MN is kicking WI arse.”

    “According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Minnesota’s unemployment rate is at 4.5 percent vs. 5.8 percent for Wisconsin.”

    “While both states always rank high in K-12 education since 2009, research from the National Center for Education and Statistics shows significant improvements in 4th grade math and reading in the Yale graduate’s [Dayton] state while Wisconsin, under the college drop-out’s [Walker] leadership, has remained flat (WI had a 20 year uptrend in math scores come to a halt).”

    You can read the rest at Daily Kos

    Sorry ‘Sconies, you have nice state otherwise! We were stuck with Pawlenty, things will get better for you too!

    • Vicki

      You are speaking only of education and based on what standards? Are they even comparable? Is it Common Core? How does MN compare to WI from a fiscal perspective?

  • Vicki

    Cannot wait for this season For the Record.

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