Labor Day message from Glenn

Hello America,

Hard to believe it’s Labor Day already. I don’t know about you, but time seems to be moving in hyper-lapse speed – one little blink and summer is already in the rear view mirror. I know this weekend is generally reserved for kicking back and hanging with family, and I plan to do that. But I’m also gearing up because there is much work to do.

We start the new season of The Glenn Beck Program when I return tomorrow, and we have a ton of projects we’re hard at work on. Most of that work is focused on the path forward. In fact, you’ll see our first new project unveiled on Monday, September 8, when Dana moves to five nights a week as part of TheBlaze’s new fall lineup.

There is some serious heavy lifting to be done, and most of it will be in the form of coming to grips with the reality of how we must move forward. It is so tempting to fall into the old patterns that have gotten us nowhere. Sure, it feels pretty darn good to unleash on ridiculous progressive arguments – but that cannot be the only thing we offer. Yes, the truth must continue to be told. And, yes, that will sometimes take the form of picking apart the fatal flaws of progressivism. But is that enough? Is simply pointing out the log in another’s eye really going to rally people to our cause? We’ve tried that approach, and it’s only brought more division.

No conversion story – whether it be religious, political or otherwise – ever starts with it all began when I lost an argument. If you truly want to win hearts and minds, ‘winning’ the argument simply isn’t going to get the job done. We have to find a better approach, and that’s what I’m in the process of pinning down. I don’t know what it looks like exactly, but I have seen flashes of it. What I do know is that the common thread must be mercy. We will continue to demand justice and hold the corrupt accountable, but we must be quick to showmercy to those in need.

Mercy is more powerful than any verbal argument could ever be. Jesus himself made (obviously) many great and logical arguments. But he was also healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and comforting those in mourning. He did so many things like this, in fact, that if it had all been written down “the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.”

We are to teach the truth and correct principles, but we can’t do that at the expense of actually living out those principles. How do we live them out? Act justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly. What does that look like, exactly? Glad you ask. I saw the perfect example last weekend in Ferguson, Missouri with the local Tea Party there.

As angry protesters were busy looting and trashing local businesses, the St. Louis Tea Party staged a ‘BUYcott’ aimed at helping the businesses harmed by the violence. One local business owner was shocked to learn the people helping were from the Tea Party. Their genuine act of mercy and kindness shattered every myth this shop owner had ever heard about the so-called racist and heartless Tea Party. His heart was literally changed on the spot because everything he thought he knew was just proved wrong. That one act of mercy and kindness did more than a thousand of the best arguments ever could.

That is how we win – and I don’t mean ‘we’ as in ‘Republicans.’ I mean ‘we’ as in Americans, as humans.

That’s what we’ve been reduced to. We’re just pawns in their power game. We’ve all been duped to varying degrees – constantly drawn into false choices.

I refuse to be a pawn in the progressive game of the left – and especially of the right.

I refuse to be placed in a category and pitted against my neighbor.

I will demand justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with my God.

These are God’s values and the values I have been trying to follow since the day I first believed. I haven’t always been the best at putting them into practice, but it’s never too late to saddle up and try again. Following these values will not always make me popular, but I’m okay with that because popularity is a fruitless goal. If everyone always agrees with you, chances are you have never stated your true beliefs or, worse, you have violated them.

If pursuing this path causes me to lose whatever popularity I have, so be it. I’d rather lose everything and keep my soul than gain everything and lose it.

Although I’m confident I will stumble in this pursuit, I hope you will walk with me anyway. There is much work to do – many hands and feet are needed.

Enjoy this day of rest. I will see you tomorrow at 9am ET.

Laus Deo,


  • Guest

    As we celebrate this Labor Day holiday, we should pause and take notice of our president’s admonition: “You didn’t build that!”

  • DeclarationOfIndependence

    Great words of advice, Glenn. Thanks for sharing…

  • soybomb315

    “If you truly want to win hearts and minds, ‘winning’ the argument simply isn’t going to get the job done. We have to find a better approach, and that’s what I’m in the process of pinning down. I don’t know what it looks like exactly, but I have seen flashes of it.”

    This is at the heart of why Glenn Beck has fallen so far away from Liberty. Instead of searching for the truth and boldly proclaiming it, he is more interested in social media fads and popularity. It’s great that Glenn Beck constantly compares his actions to Jesus – but what about John the Baptist or ALL of God’s prophets? These were pure humans and they were disliked by most people of their day – do you suppose they told themselves that ‘winning the argument is not going to get the job done’????? Ever since Beck started his major media empire, his message has been tainted by the trappings of pride and paying all those bills.

    Beck says that being right is ‘not going to get the job done’….Interesting. Ron Paul was right on the issues – 100 times more than the next republican candidate. But was Beck helping or hurting Ron Paul? Nevertheless, because Ron Paul was right on the issues for DECADES – a whole generation of young people learned about liberty and the Constitution. Now there are brushfires of liberty happening in both major parties and even 3rd parties are getting unprecidented support. This happened because one man was more interested in being a good example and proclaiming the truth at all costs – and did not care about MSM or being loved by everyone…….So maybe Beck should worry about being right on the issues before playing the media games.

    • soybomb315

      For instance, if Beck wants to boldly proclaim truth and help save this country, he can watch the video below and reform his talking points….Or he can continue to call Obama ‘weak’ and bait the USA into another middle east war (and ultimately, fiscal and civil bankruptcy of this country)

    • G….h.i

      I completely agree you everything you just said.
      We are down to the wire and being right isn’t enough. Being right is vital and what we do with the truth matters now more than ever before.

      I’ve been on the fence with Glenn for a while now. His message is right but his approach is in my opinion questionable.

      I have to see something or hear something from Beck in order to completely cut him off.

      He is a Mormon and though I hear Beck talk about Jesus Christ I can’t seem to get comfortable with the Mormon religion because of its history.

      When I hear the word enlightened from glenn I know that word is used a lot in free masonry and we do know Jesus is the light of the world.

      However Satan can disguise himself as an angel of light. So we should be careful to not be deceived.

      Glenn Beck never talks about the antichrist and if he did he sure doesn’t now.

      We have no exits to get off of and Beck is trying to convince us they are.
      The word of God doesn’t return unto him void and his word is sharper than any two edged sword.

      Christ did say that he came as a sword to divide the hearts of man.
      You either love him and follow him or you serve mammon

      • G….h.i

        Look up Solomon’s key and you’ll discover what free masonry and their obsession with Kabbalah is all about.
        You’ll see that our monuments and landscapes point to a future leader that will conquer the world. He will destroy many and cause those rich and poor small and great to receive a mark.
        This rider on the white horse carries a bow. Solomon’s key points to orion where that constellation represents a man with a bow.

        It’s all Biblical and all very accurate. We have talks of the RFID chip that social media is starting to sale the idea of it to the public.

        Sounds just like the mark of the beast if you ask me. Out of chaos comes order. Well the signs are all there in front of us to see.

        The problem is that many can’t interpret the signs of the times.

        • soybomb315

          I too wonder what God has in store for this country. Historically, the most powerful nations in the world were foretold in the Bible – and they were not even christian. Never before have God’s people been given so much…I once heard a few messages about how we may be one of the beasts (land) spoken of in revelation. Or perhaps maybe we are the superpower that brings one-world-government….These things should not be taken lightly

          • G….h.i

            America is in a dangerous place with God.

        • Yo Mamma

          Let me ask you one question: What sign will you see to know this is your man?

          • G….h.i

            Which man?

          • Yo Mamma

            You wrote ….. “point to a future leader that will conquer the world. He will destroy many”

            I wrote “Let me ask you one question: What sign will you see to know this is your man?”

            You are confused with your own writing

          • G….h.i

            The Mahdi As World Ruler

            As we have seen from the Islamic traditions and Muslim scholars, the Mahdi, like the Antichrist, is also prophesied to be a political and military world leader unparalleled by any other throughout world history. The Mahdi is said to “fight against the forces of evil, lead a world revolution and set up a new world order based on justice, righteousness and virtue.” 1 At this time, according to Islamic tradition, the Mahdi is said to preside over the entire earth as the final Caliph of Islam. And of course as we saw in the last chapter, the Muslims will, “take the world administration in their hands and Islam will be victorious over all the religions.” Without question, Islam views the Mahdi as one whose rule will extend over all of the earth. Clearly then, we see that the Antichrist and the Mahdi are both described as being political and military leaders the likes of which the world has never before seen. While many powerful leaders have arisen throughout world history, the descriptions given concerning both the Antichrist and the Mahdi surpass any that have yet arisen. But the Mahdi and the Antichrist are both described as being more than merely political and military leaders. They are both viewed as being supreme religious leaders as well.

            The Antichrist As A Spiritual World Leader

            The Bible establishes the fact that the Antichrist will be a spiritual leader whose authority will be acknowledged worldwide. After examining the Antichrist’s role as a universal religious leader, many Bible prophecy teachers have talked about the coming of the “One World Religion” or “the false church” which the Antichrist will both create and enforce upon the entire earth. This concept of a coming dominant and demonically inspired world religion is partly arrived at due to the frequent references to worship that are associated with the Antichrist throughout Scripture. In the Book of Revelation we read that the Antichrist will both inspire and demand worship. This worship will be directed at both Satan, who is referred to as “the dragon” and the Antichrist who is referred to as “the beast”:

            Men worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, and they also worshiped the beast and asked, “Who is like the beast? Who can make war against him?”… All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast–all whose names have not been written in the book of life belonging to the Lamb that was slain from the creation of the world. Revelation 13:4,8

          • Yo Mamma

            I guess you need time to summarize your thoughts on the man Gab. You earn no points spewing regurgitated paragraphs

    • tonybigs

      Many “win” arguments with lies.
      Few win arguments with Truth.
      The dead win no arguments.

      How did death enter the world?
      “Winning” the argument with a lie.

      • Anne Lane

        Is this your own invention? It is marvelous writing. Thank you.

  • G….h.i
    • Yo Mamma

      I guess this is your plug. The biblehub. lol

      Be a christian but not really. You can have a flashy silver sports car convertible AND give away your riches to the poor

      You would be more convincing with a picture of a donkey, 2015 edition with gold plated hooves

  • Yo Mamma

    Ever studied your ‘G’ in your signature? It either means your extremely sexual or materialistic. Is Glenn Beck a sexual animal? Nah, not likely. Is Glenn Beck materialistic? Oh yes

    Glenn, when you want to fix ‘we’ start with ‘me’.

    “Loops in the lower zone indicate sex, physical activity and materialism.”
    Another is called the FELON’S CLAW :-)

    “We recognize that the felon’s claw is associated with guilt. This person has an unconscious need to feel guilty. It is a certainty that in one manner or another, he is going to create a situation whereby he gets disciplined for his actions.”

    There you are Glenn. You created the animal, the division in the country, and now you feel guilty about it.

    Look at your hook, the last letter of your signature and trace back how long you’ve been doing this.

    A start to remedying your problem is to change your signature, consciously and think why you have this problem…….

    “To maintain his need for punishment, he will engage in conducts that provoke, irritate, and infuriate in order to obtain the desired response of being disciplined. This may include, but is not limited to, lying, gossiping, and deliberate misconduct regarding company policies and theft. …….. argumentative and obstinate….talked and gossiped extensively, and was extremely stubbornly opinionated.” “Suffice it to say that what we have seen here is a strong warning that this person is trouble. If he isn’t causing trouble for himself, he will cause trouble for others. Will it be a surprise to anyone if he did find himself a resident of the penal system? No” handwritinguniversity …

    The challenge for Glenn is more of a personal one. Knowing he likes to cause trouble and be scolded for it, how can he move the class forward in a non-combative direction? IMO, its not in the cards. Glenn will likely throw more fuel in the fire and destruction will follow. Glenn will give himself severe lashes for causing it and many will perish

  • Bat Masterson

    Glenn’s fake faith continues as he urinates on Americans who work for a living.

    • BlueMN

      A “Labor Day message” without a single word about labor.

  • MT2463

    Wow! Someone asks us to bring our better selves to the game and start living as an example of what we want to see in othes and that brings out THESE comments? Handwritting analysis for goodness sakes? And what is so wrong with success, even materialistic success. It’s another example of what you can have when you focus on the right goals. And isn’t a great deal of his success spent to help others…through Mercury One, in sponsoring a network to share the “truth” or at least another viewpoint of the reality, by chosing to bring enlightenment-through guests, books, tours, shows in places where it might not otherwise be available?
    You not only dismiss the message but the messanger because of his “wealth”? Becauses he’s worked hard to earn money to do good things he doesn’t deserve to enjoy any of it? He’s not the Pope-oh wait, that guy lives in his own city!–though this one is trying to appear more of a pauper. Like every other American, he can do what he wants with his money. He’s not stealing it from anyone. Or taxing anyone for it. He puts forth works and people pay to enjoy them…Like all of us. is he better at it than me….YES!! Do I begrudge him for it…NEVER.
    I love listening to Glenn and his team. His religiousity turns me off at times, when I want to hear about God I generally go to church. But I don’t mind listening to the message repeated when it seem to apply to daily things and I certianly don’t believe that he is not a good Christian (even if he’s a Morman christian) just because he makes money and buys stuff. It really doesn’t matter what I think…God is his judge.
    I judge him for the shows he does, the books he writes and kindness he shows to others. I judge his intentions, opinions, and effects. All these things seem positive, patriotic, and informed. He challenges me to think for myself, act for myself, be a better person, to question, to disbelieve and hope. These are all good lessons whether the teacher is rich or poor, religious or godless, and maybe even if he’s a hypocrit. He has to live with those parts of himself. I have to live with what I do. Some of my best teachers have been horrible people–drunks, dope heads, audulters, godless. But from them I learned music, art, literature, Latin, and life. Yeah for me…and congrats to them.

    • Yo Mamma

      LOL, but the truth hurts don’t it. Handwritting analysis does not lie. Glenn has the FELONS HOOK and that is trouble, especially when so many actually take his advise.

      He likes to cause trouble and then is depressed about the trouble he caused. Its a never ending cycle until he stops causing trouble.

      What is a good christian? There is no such thing according to God Creator. A christian is one that hates God Creator, that worships other gods.

      ” He challenges me to think for myself, act for myself”
      How about

      “He challenges me to think for the people, act for people, and not for myself”

      The bible is all about relationships, not so much yourself.

    • G….h.i

      I have no problem with the rich or poor. I see people as they are and actions speak louder than words.

      I agree with his message and his giving. I don’t agree with his approach.
      We don’t have a reset button and no other exits to get off of. Beck is wasting his time reaching out to the left unless he’s prepared to give it all that he has to warn them about the future one world government and the beast as foretold in the scriptures who comes in the last days to deceive many.

      Believing that we can still fix this well the Bible says that satan is cast down in the later days and warns us of his wrath. We can’t hold these dark forces back and at some point these forces will become unbearable to handle.

      Glenn beck is not a preacher at all but he insist on sharing his faith so that puts him in a position to where he needs to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth God so help Glenn Beck.

      If Glenn starts veering off to the left then I’m done with him. Love is the message of Christ but truth is vital to our faith in Jesus.

      If this Antichrist figure said he could fix everything. Would Glenn Beck endorse him?

      • Yo Mamma

        Oh shut up with your man god love

  • Type 53

    More self-important, self-righteous drivel from Beck the Pious. Glenn, we get it — you’re humble and deeply principled. You don’t have to repackage the same message 3 times a week. It makes you seem less than humble and deeply principled.

    • soybomb315

      Right….A MSM charlatan would worry about the packaging. The rest of us are looking at the substance. Beck thinks the problem is his packaging – he thinks so highly of himself that he cannot imagine that he is acting a fool.

      • Type 53

        He’s had a lot of encouragement. He finds himself in the middle of a lot of undeserved attention and praise. He is a newbie to *any* cause, conservative, Christian, or otherwise. He claims libertarianism mostly because he doesn’t understand it, and because it’s an esoteric place to plant his flag in the eyes of his faithful — “Wow, that Beck — he just keeps going after The Truth™”. I actually think he fancies himself as some sort of large historical figure in keeping with the handful heroes he cites ad nauseam. I rail against him because I don’t want this shallow egotist presume to represent *anything* I believe. He’d get his clock cleaned in any legitimate forum.

  • shellymic

    Thank you for continuing to take a stand for that in which you believe, Glenn Beck. You are an amazing man who has proven he is capable of original thought and capable of change, and I proudly stand with you…since 2001.

    • Yo Mamma

      Is that an ISIS recruit with the handgun?

  • kdmcp472

    Love you Glenn Beck … you GET IT!

  • TheTruth

    “Mercy is more powerful than any verbal argument could ever be.” Then why is Beck fighting in court against someone who has the truth on their side???

    • Type 53

      I’d guess because Beck The Merciful stands to lose a lot of money and face for insisting that the kid was the “money man” without a shred of evidence. There’s no one in the world that enjoys hearing GB prattle on and than Glenn Beck.

  • MI Man

    When Glenn went to DC (honor ) I went to. I followed him to Israel (courage). I went to Dallas (love). I went to Salt Lake City (moon). I follow him for his principles not because I believe in 100% of what he says. Glenn believes that America is disappearing. So do I. He wants to revive America. So do I. He wants to help those who really need help. So do I. Glenn is a Mormon. I am not Glenn is very emotional. I am not. Glenn believes the country is polarized almost to the point of violence. If you look at history this is nothing new, it’s happened before. If we stay polarized we die. Lead on Glenn, there are millions of us with you.

  • Landree

    Keep the politics contentious and turn up the religion. That plan may make Glenn more money.

    • Yo Mamma

      But he is remorseful afterwards

      The ‘Felons claw’

    • schmack_the_knife

      Nobody cares what you think.

      • Landree

        Your reply tells me you care.

        • schmack_the_knife

          Guess again.

        • schmack_the_knife

          Wrong. I don’t.

        • schmack_the_knife

          I don’t care.

          • Landree

            Then why do you keep responding.

      • mickster99

        Nobody cares what you think.

  • Liberty For All

    I wish there was less “believing” and more “science” in Glenn’s analysis

    If all arguments are based on belief, then all arguments are equal.

    If all arguments are based on God, than not believing in God, has just kicked the foundation out from under all arguments.

    If arguments are based on the science of the law of nature, then they can be demonstrated, and proven, eliminating the option to believe in them or not.

    What’s missing in Glenn’s arguments, is science.

    Glenn, while you are very in tune with your sense of intuition, but the patterns and connections you’re sensing, is the logic and science of the universe. But from there, you skip to conclusions of belief, and pass up the opportunity to make clear the science.

    It’s there to be found. And it’s there to be demonstrated.

    While there may or not be a God, it makes no difference when it comes to the workings of the universe and natural law. The universe is the perfect machine. God’s choices have already been baked into the cake, and are what manifested the universe in the first place.

    Please make an effort to find the science. It’s there to be found.

  • Rick

    Gone for two weeks and with all that is happening in the world, you lead off with “naked photos of Jennifer Lawerence”?

    • soybomb315

      hey – its the ‘new glenn beck’

      • Rick

        wow…maybe I’ll just catch “The View” now for my news.

  • Smilingsam

    I find it interesting that the majority of the posts here are attacking Glenn for one reason or another. To be honest it confuses me. He does a message about trying to bring everyone together and it seems that everyone is upset that he’s not trying to tear everyone apart.
    His faith is mocked because it’s not your faith, his views are mocked because they aren’t your views. How is that any different from the people on the left who mock us for the exact same reasons?
    A nation divided cannot stand. Well let’s face it people; we are divided. If we want our great country to be great again we need to unite together around the things we have in common and then move from there.
    My opinion, if Glenn can legitimately start bringing people together from all walks of life and start having an honest conversation we will all be better for it. That we might remind the government that it is WE that are allowing them to govern for US. Alone we cannot do that, together we can.

  • landofaahs

    Winning the argument may not change minds but appeasement won’t either. A good dose of HARD reality will though. Those that cannot learn though, need to suffer the consequences of their own decisions and not foist them upon others.

  • landofaahs

    Free cell phones so the ‘Po foke can send and get free mammygrams

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