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Glenn returned to TV Monday night with a powerful opening monologue dedicated to the escalating threat of ISIS. Just hours after a new video showed a second American journalist being beheaded, Glenn caught audiences up on the latest news from the Islamic State before explaining why people needed to start having real conversations about what is happening.

“How do we despite our differences come together on something this big, this profound? We have to find a way. We can’t afford to raise a generation of Americans blind to the dangers of radical Islam,” Glenn said.

He compared the Islamic extremists to the Nazi’s in World War 2 Germany. Not all of the Germans joined up, but the world recognized those that did as evil and were not afraid to confront it.

Glenn criticized media networks for not showing the destruction caused by the radical Islam on 9/11, as most broadcasters have to get special permission to use that footage.

“How can we expect our kids to be prepared for what’s coming if we ourselves don’t know the truth and then we don’t tell them the truth,” Glenn said.

Later in the show, Rep. Michele Bachmann joined Glenn in studio to discuss the threat that ISIS presents to the United States. She specifically criticized the administration’s response, claiming that the ISIS forces only have about 12,000 people and America is simply not showing up for the fight.

“They won’t be defeated by being invited to the diplomacy table,” Rep. Bachmann said. “They’re at war with us. And they’re engaged in the war.”

“We need to address what the threat is and face it head on,” she added.

Rep. Bachmann warned that there are more Americans being held as hostages, and more could end up in the same position as James Foley and Steven Sotloff.