Joe Biden rebrands himself ‘Middle Class Joe’, angles for 2016 in Labor Day speech

While President Obama was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin talking about the minimum wage at an A.F.L.-C.I.O. festival, Vice President Joe Biden was in Detroit, Michigan speaking to local union members and seemingly gearing up for a 2016 presidential run. On radio this morning, Glenn, Pat, and Stu broke down “Middle Class Joe’s” questionable strategy.

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“Biden has just come out with his strategy,” Glenn said. “And, of course, because we’re talking about… Joe Biden it’s a genius strategy.”

As the Associated Press reported, Biden took a populist tone in his speech saying workers aren’t looking for a handout but a “chance.” He proceeded to brand himself a champion for the middle class.

BIDEN: You notice they always refer to me in the press as ‘Middle Class Joe,’ and my colleagues can tell you, in Washington that’s not viewed as a compliment. That means you’re not sophisticated. Okay?

When I get asked by the press: Why am I always talking about middle class? Why am I not talking about poor people or good, wealthy people? Well, let me tell you: If the middle class is doing fine, everybody does fine. The wealthy – the wealthy get very wealthy. The poor – they have a way up.

But here’s the most important thing people are only now beginning to focus on. And, I mean not just progressives, not just Democrats, but everybody is starting to get it here and around the world, that the middle class is the reason why America, unlike any other nation in the 20th century into the 21st century, has been so stable economically, politically, and socially.

In case you were wondering, a quick Google search will shed some light on the root of the “Middle Class Joe” moniker. It was Biden himself who coined the term. In several stories, CNN has written something along the lines of “he often dubbed himself ‘Middle Class Joe.’” CBS News has also attributed the phrase to Biden.

“This is the arrogance now of these guys. He’s been in this Administration so as long that that if you just say it, people believe it’s true,” Glenn said. “Nobody is calling you that.”

While Glenn heard traces of former President Ronald Reagan throughout the speech, he believes Biden misses the main point about the middle class that has made America unique. Instead of striving be in the middle class, Americans always sought to attain more. But Biden doesn’t seem to understand that.

“We’ve always been a middle class country. We were mainly middle class,” Glenn said. “That is what’s kept us stable for so long. You have a way to get rich. You have a way to escape poverty.”

“Never has it been the idea that you want to get to the middle class,” Stu concluded. “Like, my goal is to eliminate the way that the middle class lives now and make them live better.”

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  • landofaahs

    So Joe Biden who is a multi, multi millionaire is middle class? So Obama wants to tax the middle class I guess. Lets see. Joe is worth multi million of dollars but the family who makes 200 thousand dollars are millionaires and billionaires. Amazingly stupid are the democrats who buy that Serrano(see urban dictionary). If our nation is that stupid, it should fall.

  • fawnday

    If his way of being middle class is what President Obama means by getting into the middle class then it’s gonna be fun being that wealthy.

  • Ryan Ward 2013. Just saying. He’s still a gun grabbing idiot.


    Biden is like a crazy uncle that’s the “Black Sheep” of the family.

  • BlueMN

    Ronnie “Bonzo” Reagan’s voodoo economics destroyed the middle class in this country. The “trickle down” theory (money always trickles up) and other myths need to die before we will have a middle class again.

    • landofaahs

      How can that be when Clinton came after him and the democrats brag how good average Americans had it then? How’s that trickle down economics via the federal government working for ya? Oh if you work for government or have government contracts or on welfare, then maybe.

    • kanakattack

      What on earth are you talking about??? What “voodoo economics” are you referring to exactly? Free markets are the ONLY solution to helping every single person in this country. And a true free market system is only possible in a society where everyone pays the same taxes and government has no control of private business in any way. That environment hasn’t existed for over 150 years.

    • PaC SGM (R)

      You’re from MN we already know which way you lean commie.

    • Connor Kenway

      Jimmy Carter unemployment rate 7.7%

      Reagan unemployment rate 5.4%

      Obama’s unemployment rate 6.10%

      I know math is hard for liberals seeing how the Middle class grew under Reagan and shrunk by half under Obama but according to your logic It is Reagan’s Economics that screwed us not liberal. which in reality is what is the problem liberal economics. It is liberal Economics that chased Berger King to Canda. It is liberal Economics the reason why the so called recovery is acting like a borken car. I do not know if you notice Reagan is dead and Obama is President and this is not the 80s still?

      • Barnara Apon

        Having run a business under Carter And Reagan…Carter almost took me down…The Reagan years was a time of growth and a great feeling of well being….Under Obama…nothing feels good…hope has changed to despair.. Nothing out there is good….I wonder if some of these people were even alive or old enough if they were alive to know …about living in those days! Do they know because they lived it, or just repeating what they have heard? I don’t think anyone that lived thru the Carter days could compare Reagan to Carter or Obama.

    • ReformSchool

      Of those who ever watched Delaware Senator Joe Biden condut hearings of the Senate Insurance Committee on C-Span (insurance capital Connecticut notwithstanding, why are America’s largest corporations all chartered in tiny Delaware?) who will remember how badly Joe Biden screwed policyholders?

  • constancecroyce

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  • IT 2 IT 89

    CFR ‘Cosby Show’ FAKE OUT ‘BAR–Rockefeller’ OBAMA

    CFR ‘Father KNOWS Best’ Jo —‘Bide ’em along— normalcy bias BIDEN.

    11th hour of CFR —-RED CHINA handover TREASON
    ————and OPEN globalist MAFIA USURPATION
    ——————————————— – – – – -unto ‘YOU–GEN- – – -NIX!’


  • Hal Burton

    The destructive forces that impel Obama are the same destructive forces that impelled his marxist, socialist, and communist ancestors.

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