Why does Glenn believe this strategy will win Hillary Clinton the White House?

Hillary Clinton has had a rough year. After bumbling through the nationwide book tour for her new memoir Hard Choices, Clinton has seen her approval rating dip to new lows. But that hasn’t quieted the 2016 rumors. On radio this morning, Glenn shared details of a conversation he had with a Democratic friend about the 2016 presidential election that has him convinced Clinton can take the White House.

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“I want to talk to you a little bit about the upcoming election. There was a friend who is a friend of Hillary’s people… They don’t know that we’re friends. And this friend was saying to me, you know, ‘Hillary is going to win.’ This is last week when I was on vacation,” Glenn said. “Then they explained what their friends of Hillary and the left told them… the strategy is. And when I heard the strategy, I did this, ‘Oh, my gosh. She’s going to win the presidency.’”

According to Glenn’s friend, Clinton’s aids are privy to the tactics the right will use to diminish her reputation – primarily, the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya. But, as Glenn explained, Clinton will utilize a much more conciliatory and optimistic approach that will draw on the work her husband did during his tenure in the White House.

“Here’s what Hillary is going to do,” Glenn said. “Do you remember when America was good? Do you remember when we had jobs, and we were building towards a brighter future, and things were really happening? During the Clinton Administration, we had it under control. Things were good… We’re going to do better. We’re going to replant our flag in the traditional things that you understand… We can talk about Ronald Reagan all we want, but nobody remembers Ronald Reagan. It was too long ago. We remember Ronald Reagan, but the Clinton years are the golden years.”

Glenn admitted he and Pat have had conversations about how they would “gladly take Bill Clinton right now” simply because things have gotten so out-of-control. While the Clinton presidency was not nearly as triumphant as history has remembered it, even Glenn said he remembers those years fondly.

While Pat agreed the yesteryear strategy is “viable,” Stu wasn’t so convinced.

“That is a horrific strategy,” Stu said bluntly. “There is a great-on-paper argument. But the issue with Hillary Clinton is: She could have done this in 2008 and was unable to do it.”

As Pat explained, Clinton will try to tout the supposed budget surplus her husband left office with and the burgeoning economy, but he believes those arguments could easily be torn apart by her opponent.

“She’ll remind us that the economy was supposedly great and ‘we left a surplus when we left office,’ which was all nonsense,” Pat said. “That’s what they’ll claim because they’ve claimed this for 15 years… [but] that surplus was gone. It was a surplus on paper. It was not a surplus in reality.”

“Do you just ignore the truth when they bring those arguments up,” Stu asked.

Ultimately, Glenn believes these are all technicalities that will do little to thwart the support this sort of approach will garner.

“That’s a technicality nobody is going to listen to,” Glenn concluded. [This] will work… While we’re talking about technicalities and the past, they’re going to be talking about a past that was brightly remembered. And they will talk about the America we will become… They absolutely have a vision, and they have a vision that Americans generally remember and are comfortable with and like.”

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  • Crassus

    Glenn Beck was the same guy who predicted that Mittenz would win the White House in a landslide. Remember that before you put any money on the Benghazi Babe in 2016.

    • AZWarrior

      He also predicted the Caliphate in the Middle East.

      • Cocheta BlackWolf

        So does the Bible, the rise of the final Beast empire. IF we survive the current muslim-in-chief, America needs to take the WH in 2016.

      • atl134

        Beck’s maps for the caliphate covered the entire Middle East and involves Sunni and Shi’a areas being united, something that really hasn’t existed for hundreds of years. This group of 25k ISIS wingnuts in the least desirable/populated areas of Syria and Iraq isn’t that. Things would have to get a whole lot worse for that prediction to be true.

      • soybomb315

        The caliphate existed long before Glenn Beck….How does one predict something that is already a historical fact?

        • Bob Kelley

          Exactly. Beck has been crowing about this supposed true prediction more than a pimple faced teenager,after his first kiss,claiming he’s no longer a virgin.
          No one cares because it is meaningless.
          He might as well have said :”I believe many marriages will end in divorce”.

        • AZWarrior

          Caliphate was done away with in about 1914 by Attaturk.

      • Shawn Cameron

        Just because some nut from ISIS declared a caliphate does not mean they are anywhere close to it.

        It’s no different than some nut declaring his yard a sovereign nation.

    • teapartyguardian

      Poor Glenn, like myself, didn’t take into account we were dealing with CHEATERS! The Fundamental Transformation of a country takes LIARS, CHEATERS and TRAITORS! It’s very hard to keep that in mind 24/7…

    • Shawn Cameron

      You mean he was wrong?????????
      But, but, but HE’S ALWAYS RIGHT! HE’S ALWAYS RIGHT!!

      Oh my God. What are we to do.
      (huddles into fetal position saying over and over to self)
      Glenn’s always right
      Glenn’s always right
      Glenn’s always right
      Glenn’s always right

  • Joseph Chatfield

    we need some one new is the only way we can fix our problems

  • Pachy Serrano

    Well . . . That’s a reality. Our years during Bill Clinton’s tenure were very prosperous and that’s a fact! He loves women (even those he should not have been with) but what man doesn’t? He screwed up there, but most Americans loved and still love the guy as a President. Minorities, young people, and even elder folks liked what he did during his 8 years. But Hillary has her followers too and the numbers are pretty descent. I think she would win if she decides to run, but who knows, politics are a crazy business these days . . . I do think GOP won’t be stupid enough to put a right-winger against Hillary, because they know better . . . It will be interesting!!

    • ladykrystyna

      People think he did a great job because they are ignorant. He road on the coattails of the dot com bubble that burst shortly before Bush taking office. There was no “surplus” it was all smoke and mirrors.

      And the man is a pervert. I wouldn’t let him near my dog, my fish or my 71 year old mother.

      Hillary is nothing but a wh—- for sticking around with him to use the name and prestige to try and go places. He basically cuckolded her in front of the entire country and despite her protestations otherwise, she stood by her man.

      Disgusting – both of them.

      But if that’s what America wants, then she should get it. Good and hard.

      Then maybe she’ll learn her lesson.

    • schmack_the_knife

      Yes, after Al Gore fathered The Internet in 1992, the economy soared. And for sure we can all be proud of the great president who lied under oath. Ted Cruz 2016.

  • landofaahs

    I would retort: Do you remember the tech bubble that would have brought this country down economically had they not had another bubble called housing to inflate. Let’s remember that Clinton had Bin Laden offered to him on a silver platter and turned it down. Had he took the offer, it’s doubtful 911 would have happened. We only had a balanced budget because Clinton was forced by a republican contract with America to cut spending. Of course Clinton gutted the military which had to be built back up by Bush. The temporary balanced budget only came about because there was unbelievable and unsustainable profits of the tech bubble.

    • LouInPA

      I agree, without a Tech bubble driving the markets crazy, Clinton had nothing.

    • Pachy Serrano

      U can say all that, but he was President for 8 years, which means the American electorate voted for him twice . . . He was very popular and the conservatives in Congress helped him with their non-sense hate against him. That happened with Obama and will happen with Hillary again. Americans don’t like “bullies” and “no sayers” and that’s all the conservative movement has . . . Plus, conservatives are awful with minorities, women, young voters. A very conservative President will win if all the folks I mention stay home on election day . . . if they go out YOU GUYS ARE IN BIG TROUBLE AGAIN!!

      • RickVB

        It’s good that you put “bullies” and “no sayers” in quotes, as those are labels promulgated by operatives like you and the MainStreamMedia machine that easily mislead the majority of uninformed boobs without any factual support. Congratulations, you and your kind have managed to destroy the entire fabric of America by creating a society of ignorant morons, and as a result your electoral success is guaranteed for the near future.
        HOWEVER, consider what will happen when the permanent underclass that you have created finally realizes that they don’t like the inescapable existence of Mcjobs and subsistence living that you have created for them, while watching you and your bureaucratic cronies in Washington fly around in private jets between taxpayer funded campaign dinners of Champaign and caviar and the golf course 270 days a year. I seem to recall something similar happened in France about 200 years ago… it didn’t turn out so well for Marie Antoinette, and it won’t turn out so well for Pachy Serrano and his brothers, either. And there won’t be any “conservatives” around to blame anymore…

      • teapartyguardian

        Owebama won the first time because he is half black and jaun mcamnesty was nearly the worst candidate ever to compete. Owebama stole the second election and 103% of Ohio’s vote proves it. Conservatives have NO problems with LEGAL immigrants and not one conservative has a record even close to bill’s abuse of women and GIRLS. Killary has a long list of NON-accomplishments and one terrible record of dead Americans from foreign embassies. America is beginning to realize owebama is a muslim who hates America and Congress is the only thing barely keeping him from becoming dictator. Face it, America is hanging on by a thread, and if democommies are not eliminated, it’s over as we have known it!

      • landofaahs

        They voted for Bush twice too. The bullies are the government types who use the IRS to go after their enemies. As Obama said.,”Take care of your friends and punish your enemies” and the conversation was U.S. politics not foreign governments. You really have to come to grips with the true haters which are the democrats. They hate children enough to promote abortion and they hate successful people and want onerous taxation on them. Of course democrats like Buffett don’t pay the taxes themselves. That’s for the people who don’t have tax attorneys combing through the tax code to find ways of paying little. I don’t blame them for not wanting to pay the high taxes, I just hate the fact they expect others to. By the way Buffett is against increasing the minimum wage.

    • Tim F

      9/11 might not have happened, but he also pointed out himself that there would’ve been some innocent blood on his hands had he given the order. It was a tough call to make.

      • pfiffi43

        As I remember, you can not defeat an enemy without having blood on your hands. It is either them or us and right now it is the “them” who are winning this war. They do not take prisoners and if they do they behead them.

        • Warren Child

          dude, no way are they winning.. no one will ever WIN the war on god.. or any other make believe fantasies people fight over. it is a pointless war that has been ragged since the dawn of man. America wanted out troops out, we trained their people to fight, anti terrorism, and they could not hack it.. If it were me, I would die before I let terrorists take my country back after being given all the support of america. That being said, not our fault they cannot keep their country under control. Or, on the flip side, the whole country was playing america to begin with and they just wanted more guns and vehicles to assault us with.

          In my opinion if we elect either democrats or republicans in for the next term america is going down hill, and has been for every single president for a very long time.

          • pfiffi43

            I hope, GOD will still be on our side, when all is said and done. At least I pray for that. But, the Muslims do their killing in the name of their god. They do not care how many parish as long as they reach their goal to convert everyone to Islam. If we do not want to fall prey to their ideology we must learn to fight by their ruthless playbook. No prisoners, because if they are set free they will have their revenge. To eradicate evil one must fight with all that one has. The Muslims only understand might. You can not hand them an olive branch because they will hack off your hand. They do not understand what freedom means. They are conditioned by the Mullahs to obey. It will take another 500 years or more until they have grown spiritually into a normal human being. The hate they feel toward us and other religions is put into their cradle, maybe even into their blood.
            America is going down hill because we keep electing leaders who have no inkling about world politics and history. Neither do they realize that only the strong will survive. It is in nature so and also on the human level. Politicians who are seen too timid will be overrun by those nations who are stronger. Rom did not only fall because of inner problems but also because Barbarians saw it weak and invaded. The last war we emerged as winners was the Second World War. It was not due to our brave soldiers that we lost the other wars but because of politics. If we feel the enemy is at our door we should have the courage to defeat the foe. The lack of leadership and the responsibility to protect the homeland at all cost is what will bring us to our knees. We need people in government who served this great nation in the military to evaluate the threat correctly and not community organizers, or dreamers.

        • Tim F

          Don’t get me wrong, people will always die in war, but the fact that bin Laden was surrounded by a total of 300 innocent people was a hard call to make. We would’ve had to have been practically uber careful to have killed him.

      • landofaahs

        Sandy Burger said Clinton refused to take Bin Laden into custody because he did not think they had enough evidence to do it legally. Look up the interview if you don’t believe me,

    • BlueMN

      “I nearly got him. And I could have killed him, but I would have had to destroy a little town called Kandahar in Afghanistan and kill 300 innocent women and children, and then I would have been no better than him.

      “And so I didn’t do it.”

      Hardly a “silver platter.” Not everyone is as callous about killing innocent women and children as you and Bin Laden are.

      • Watch it

        What was his excuse for the other two times he was offered UBL ? He wouldn’t have necessarily had much collateral damage those times.

      • landofaahs

        Not according to Sandy Burgers interview. He was offered. Clinton did not think he had enough legal reason to take him. I don’t stand for abortion which kills little babies like you democrats do. Besides you never answered my question that if children invaded our country and used weapons to kill our people, would you just let them kill or would you take them out in order to protect U.S. citizens.

        • BlueMN

          Sandy Berger was the guy convicted of stealing classified documents, Sandy Burger is something Sheldon Plankton serves at the Chum Bucket.

          While we are all aware of your love for a microscopic clump of cells that are fetuses, not babies, it’s you’re lack of concern for actual babies, and their well-being that’s confusing.

          I usually ignore silly, ridiculous, pointless questions so that’s why I probably didn’t answer your question about a mythical child army. Maybe giving them pet unicorns and lollipops would persuade them to lay down their arms and play nice.

          • landofaahs

            Yes and he was a democrat who worked for Bill Clinton. He was the one Bill sent to destroy evidence after 911 that would implicate the Clinton administration for failures in taking serious the Bin Laden acts against the United States.
            On your other lying point. I do care for little babies. I just think government should not be involved in it because it’s run by crooks who wish to profit from the social programs and hire political cronies to run the programs. I want individuals to show their love for the babies and to give out of their Jesus filled heart not by force but out of something called “Love” not because I can use it to push a political agenda and use it to get re-elected.
            You still did not answer my question. If so-called children are invading America and killing people, are you saying we should just let them kill American citizens or are we compelled by justice to defend ourselves and take them out evewn if it means killing the. It’s an easy enough question to answer yes or no. I can offer a yes or no response to any question as long as I have the opportunity to add a qualifier.

          • BlueMN

            Yes and he’s a convicted felon to whom I give no credence.

            In other words “Go beg and hope some one helps you.”

            Just because it wasn’t the answer you were hoping for, doesn’t mean it wasn’t answered.

      • Golden

        Have there been any accounts backing up that representation? Remember ole Bill is smooth and can put on the spin like a second skin. Why are we believing ANYTHING that comes out of a Clinton mouth – liberal mouth for that matter. Billy’s success as a President came at the hands of a Republican controlled Congress, period. Without that fact, he’s just a dirty old man with a silver tongue. Lets keep the perspective.

      • landofaahs

        That did not stop Bill from bombing an aspirin factory. LOL

        • Shawn Cameron

          or Waco.

          • landofaahs


          • BlueMN

            Both of which I opposed and that still wouldn’t justify killing more innocent people.

          • landofaahs

            “Innocent” is the operative word. My definition being different than yours. People invading our country no matter what age who are destroying our economy, are not my definition of “Innocent” people.

          • BlueMN

            “My definition being different than yours.”
            Clearly, and that of most people too.

    • Shawn Cameron

      Was he “forced”? I mean by all rights he could have stomped and whined about Congress not just giving him his way like the spoiled child we have in the White House now. But unlike Obama, Clinton was not arrogant, he was WILLING to work with the other side.

      Hillary however, is extremely arrogant.

      • landofaahs

        Bill fought against the balanced budget proposal and once it passed and was a popular idea then he tried to take credit for it.

        • Shawn Cameron

          #1 rule of progressivism. Always take credit, Never accept responsibility.

          While Clinton exemplified the first half of that statement, Obama exemplifies the second half.

    • Watch it

      The only reason he was able to show a balanced budget or “surplus” was because he took the money from the Social Security Trust fund to do it.
      Also the economy was driven by the “dot com” industry, which didn’t last. And then of course what he did with banking, forcing them to write bad mortgages ended up causing the depression that followed his term.

    • Yo Mamma

      Your brain has a bubble

      • landofaahs

        Since you don’t even have a brain, bubbles are not a concern for you.

        • Yo Mamma

          Not original

          • landofaahs

            When it’s the truth it doesn’t have to be original. U so dumb U couldn’t pour water out of a boot if the directions how to do so were written on the heel. Is that original enough for you?

          • Yo Mamma

            You don’t know truth if it whacked you square on the nose

    • Bret McDanel

      the Clinton “Balanced Budget” was partially trickery. Social security surpluses were used to defer the problem until what turned out to be 2010 when Social Security started spending more than it received. Granted there has been a law for many decades requiring social security surpluses to buy treasury bonds and then congress has spent that money. Now that Social Security is spending more than it collects its cashing in those treasury bonds, with interest the government has to come up with money it really doesnt have so borrowing to pay for things it has already agreed to pay for or printing more money, or both.

      Most people think China is the largest US debt holder but they are only the largest *foreign* US debt holder holding about 6% of the US debt. 75% of the US debt is held domestically with Social Security being the #1 debt holder.

    • Bill

      Clinton and our government supported and used Bin Laden. We made him what he was. Of course Glenn won’t tell you these things.

  • sickboy81

    All media will help her GLEN B yes you too. keep up your good work

  • redpens

    She’s not Bill Clinton. She’s more like Obama’s third term

    • Pachy Serrano

      Can’t say that. She is not President yet. Its like saying Jeb Bush or any RHINO will be another GW again . . . We have to wait and see . . . And, if she wins, the conservatives will have to swallow another pill for at least 4 more years. Damn, that’s hard!!

    • soybomb315

      More like 5th term of GW Bush….

      • RichardandJan Bawol

        You’re an idiot. Plain and simple. Everything is Bushes fault!! You probably voted for Obummer both times!

        • Shawn Cameron

          Those who defend Bush have no right to criticize Obama.

          And vice versa of course.

          • ConservatismBackOnTrack

            At least Bush truly loves his country. Obama came in not proud of being an American because he despises America’s past and what we stand for. I don’t care what shape my country is in, I mean I care of it’s doing bad because I want it to do well, I love my country and I’m PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN NO MATTER WHAT!

          • soybomb315

            loving your country does not mean you are a good president

          • Shawn Cameron

            So as long as he placated the masses with all the right platitudes, said Jesus x number of times and ate apple pie in front of the cameras etc. makes it okay that he happily ushered in the largest blow to the Bill of Rights in history????

            “Loves his country”??? Really???

    • dginga

      Even if a Hillary Administration would be Bill Chapter 2, remember, Bill is the one who set in motion the housing bubble; Bill is the one who made the decisions that resulted in 9/11; Bill is the one who signed the Defense of Marriage Act that he now repudiates… Frankly, if she decides to run on being Bill’s 3rd and 4th terms, we can slam Bill with the truth of history. A lot of people didn’t want Al Gore because they had Clinton fatigue. I don’t really think the country has recovered from Clinton fatigue. They sure as heck don’t like HER, so maybe the only way she can get elected is if HE is the only one campaigning.

      • Golden

        Lets not forget about the North American Trade Agreement – the one that created so many jobs in the US …er…outside the US.

  • landofaahs

    You are assuming Glenn that 2 years from now the stock market will not have crashed and people see who resides in the White House. It’s the economy stupid.

    • DCBrough

      As long as the feds keep pumping money into it, I don’t see it crashing until they stop.

      • Keith

        $100.00 bills, making good fire starter in a few years…

      • landofaahs

        The returns are diminishing. The cheap money has been borrowed by CEO’s who have stock options. They bought them cheap and use the cheap borrowed money to buy back the company stock for the company at inflated prices which they are selling now at a record pace. They are hollowing out the substance. When the dump is complete it seems that would be the ripe time for a correction. The money was not used to expand or increase R&D.

  • NickySix

    Are those records or Doctor files? I think there might be a Final Countdown time vortex in the background.

    • NickySix

      Spinning the LPs, DaddyO . Pow! The future of Rock and Roll … Oh my god, warp warp warp…Its 1941, my modern aircraft carrier studio can stop the Pearl Harbor attacks! But…should we?

  • MistaB

    The Clintons put us in the position we are in right now!! If it wasn’t for REAGAN, the economy and success of the 90’s could never have happened. American businesses like IBM, Microsoft, Apple, and so many others, were able to invest in themselves and grow like never before! I was there and was able to ride the wave that Reagan created. Unfortunately, we are now dying a slow death in this miserable socialist nirvana created by the democrats.

    • Monet

      George Bush didn’t happen, then, right?

      • Todd Clemmer

        Go back and look at the unemployment numbers that include U6 genius. After 2006 you leftist owned it.

        • BlueMN

          Dubya was a commie?

  • STQ

    Don’t forget the Benghazi Investigation! Maybe…..???

    • Monet

      Perhaps if it actually went some where, that might help. So far, no arrests, no indictments, Congressional hearings just a bunch of hot air, the whole thing has become a national joke.

    • ThorsteinVeblen2012

      Forget Benghazi. Why did she and Obama decide to attack Libya in the first place?

      Libya like Iraq was a war of choice. Neither made the world safer.

    • BlueMN

      More like Benghazzzzzzzzzzzzzz amirite?

  • MarieC

    Not to mention the idiots that will vote for her JUST because she is a woman, idiots want to be a part of history…….

  • erickcartman

    Killery Klinton will not be president. I’m not sure she even runs. To implement this strategy means she has to throw Obama under the bus. Barry won’t have that and it would lead to a huge split in the Demoncrat party. In fact, I can see Barry’s people sabotaging Killery Ie.g. Chris “tingle” Matthews). Plus, by 2016, the world may be completely on fire and her fingerprints are on everything.

    • Monet

      Obama’s term will be over, he will be irrelevant,.

  • Davy Buck

    Senator Hillary, I knew your husband Bill. I recall when he was President. Senator, you’re no Bill Clinton.

  • ruburnt

    So..In other words…she’s planning on running on BILLS record….She has no new ideas of her own….

  • Mike Braun

    No one believes for a second that Hillary is Bills third term. Most millenials dont know enough about Bill’s presidency.

  • Tim McGregor

    I believe Hillary and Barack made a deal and she laid down and allowed Barack to win without the Clinton machine seeking to destroy him. The plan-IMHO- was for Barack to run as far left as possible and set the stage so Hillary would come right of him. This would appeal to the moderates using her husband’s presidency as a model and possibly WE would conclude she’s better than a marxist. Sly girl, that Hillary.

  • NMCO

    I think that’s a pretty good strategy. So, Republicans/Conservatives, why not try the same strategy first? Beat her to the punch. Flood the airwaves with it. Each an every possible candidate and talking head, starting with you, Glenn Beck. Pass the word. What does she mean “Nobody remembers the Reagan years”? Let’s make sure anyone with a brain, a radio, a TV, PC etc, is either educated or reeducated. Remember how that idiot Carter couldn’t solve the hostage crisis, and a few words from Reagan during his campaign, and the day after he’s elected the hostages a re set free. Remind people of THAT!
    All I want in 2016 is (now don’t laugh) someone HONEST. I don’t care what color, age, sex, they are. That definitely lets Hillary out. She can’t win with her strategy if it’s been heard over and over coming from the right. She’ll look like the phony she is.

    • soybomb315

      how about we focus on issues instead of identity politics.

      • Monte Montierth

        Liberals don’t deal in facts.

  • AgileBulletDodger

    I agree with redpens – she’s not Bill Clinton, those were fundamentally very different times politically, economically and socially and we had much more freedom than we do now. Gold was hovering around the low $300’s, frequent IPO’s gave way to day-trading, Fannie May and Freddie Mac were well on their way to the financial collapse we saw in the mid-2000’s. If anyone has a brain to think, the economic melt down of the last 14 years was a direct result of the rampant disregard for ethics in business and everyone had a “get all you can, can all you get, sit on the lid and poison the rest” mentality which is not sustainable.

    We are only kidding ourselves if we believe for a minute, that another Clinton in office (particularly someone as wretched and devious as Hillary) will bring us back to the good-ole days ’cause it aint going to happen!!

  • AsSeenOnTv

    Yep and look what happened after the artificially supported Clinton bubble burst..

    • Monet

      George Bush happened.

  • 13citizen13

    I’ve noticed, reading through the comments, that she’s expected to run on Bill’s record, not her own. There is nothing in her past that she can tout as an accomplishment. That alone is something to attack. She did, however, state on TV during the campaign that she was a progressive. That clip needs to be run over and over while the term progressive is defined for the audience. Young people are finding out what big government/progressivism is and they don’t like it.

  • soybomb315

    Beck once again not following his own advice….

    Hillary Clinton is just a distraction. How many years did Beck spend telling his listeners to “WATCH THE OTHER HAND”. Hillary will not be the democratic nominee – she is too aged and not liberal enough for the democratic base. Most likely, they are using Hillary to distract the conservative MSM while they build the foundation for a real liberal.

    • Steve

      This is very possible. Elizabeth Warren, anyone? She’s who we need to be scared of, not Hillary. I don’t like Hillary but could tolerate her. Warren even makes Obama look tame.

      • Slayer88

        Hillary wrote her thesis on Saul Alinsky, so not liberal enough doesn’t fly.

      • soybomb315

        She is who i have been saying for a long time….With the impending economic downturn, it would play right into her hands

  • Redduke

    I’m not sure that’s an issue. Under Clinton President and Democrat Congress wages increased Only 2.62% Clinton President and Republican Congress it was 4.49%. If GOP wins Congress I’m not sure how she would work with the GOP. Certainly much better than Obama’s 1.11% growth in income.

  • Steve

    Hillary is a very far cry from what I’d like to see in the White House (Personally I think Romney is spot-on as far as what we need to get ourselves back to the good old days), and she may be a liberal, but if she wins I won’t be way too sad. Say what you want about her, but you can tell by the look in her eyes and her demeanor that she absolutely loves America. She has a different vision for it than most of us who post on this site do, but there’s not a doubt in my mind that she loves America.

    You can’t say that about the guy who currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or the rest of his team, other than maybe Chuck Hagel. Obama WANTS us to fail.

    I don’t want her to win, but the silver lining in all of this is that assuming Hillary wins the nomination, and presidency, we get a substantial upgrade.

    • soybomb315

      “Personally I think Romney is spot-on as far as what we need to get ourselves back to the good old days”

      What exactly is that – more Romneycare and GW Bush foreign policy?

      • Steve

        Romneycare absolutely failed. No doubt about that. On the other hand though, it’s not as big of a failure as Obamacare has been and will continue to be. Romneycare was worth trying solely because it was done at the state level, where everything was more controllable – as all healthcare should be administered. Federal programs fail because it’s impossible to forecast and control a program that effects 315 million people. Aside from the massive redistribution of wealth, the biggest problem with Obamacare and any other federal program is that it’s too much to handle. Split it up into much smaller sectors and it instantly becomes easier to control.

        To use an analogy, think about an assembly line – do they build the whole car at once, or do they build it piece by piece with each person on the line having a certain role in building the car? Trying to build an entire car in one sitting would be a quality control nightmare. Breaking everything into little pieces makes everything easier.

        As far as foreign policy goes, GWB’s problem is that he didn’t go hard enough with our initial push in Iraq. The war in Iraq may or may not have been unnecessary, but the fact is we went in half-assed – you can’t do anything half assed. We did not strike hard enough. I’m just as tired of the war as the next guy, and even when news broke about ISIS advancing, I took a “let’s just hold back and see what they’re really up to over there” outlook because at that time it was just muslims killing muslims. As sickening as it was to watch, I felt like it wasn’t our business. After Foley got beheaded (and now this new guy today), that ALL changed. Their rhetoric and threats towards us has gotten more severe, and I truly believe that if we don’t bring the war to them, it’s just a matter of time before they bring the war to us. Here. On American soil. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not sit with our heads in the sand and wait for them to bring the war here. Sadly, all that it takes to start a war is for one side to hate another enough to attack it. If the other side does nothing, they’re just playing right into their hands. These guys are serious and it’s about time everyone wakes up and realizes such.

        Mitt was right about ISIS. He was right about Russia. The dude knows business. His economic policy is sound. He’s had two “warm up” campaigns, and they always say the third time is the charm. I’m not saying he’s perfect, but the rest of the potential GOP field is basically a joke with the exception of Carson – who I believe would be an EXCELLENT VP pick for Romney in order to prime Carson for a presidential run the next go-around.

        • soybomb315

          It’s what i thought…You rationalize Romneycare because it was the same policy except done at the only level Romney was able to do it. And you say GW should have spent even more US lives and money in Iraq….You are seriously advocating RINO Romney again.

          I think we are done here

  • Ginger Lage

    And who are they putting out there for us? Romney? Jeb? Really? They are going to pick our side again guys and they will loose again. Who do we have that can run and win? Who? Woman against woman, hillary and _____? Palin? She won’t run and after what they’ve done to her sad to say she wouldn’t win. I love Palin, I support her, she’s who I voted for in 2008 not mccain. Governor Perry? I like the guy, but, he’s like, milk toast.

  • Roe Delaquila

    And we had a republican house and senate so Clinton had no choise but to go along to get along he was much smarter than obama

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Liberals hate Hillary and will not vote for her.

    She will have a difficult time in the primaries despite all the hype.

    They tried to shove her down the public’s throat in 2008 and they weren’t buying it.

    Hillary is Henry Kissinger in a pant suit. She’s never seen a war she couldn’t vote for.

    There is nothing progressive or liberal about her except her own rhetoric and the media on either side playing her as either the savior or a curse. She’s a fraud.

    • BlueMN

      She’s basically a conservative Democrat. I think there are enough of those DLC types to give Hillary a decent shot, but she’s not my 3rd or even 4th choice. “Henry Kissinger in a pant suit” is pretty apt.

  • Pete Holland

    The Clinton years would not have been the Clinton years without Newt. Or with out a further extension of the community reinvestment act (part of the reason for the housing bubble).
    I heard a wealthy man today talking about Thad Cochran (I live in MS) getting the Farm Bill passed. All he was concerned with was what he could get for free. I was wondering how we were going to pay for it?
    Our electorate has become “what’s in it for me” and those that don’t know history. We are on the path of self-destruction and I know of no way to stop the train wreck. Our leadership is nonexistent. Our elected officials start running for reelection on election night.
    God help us!

    • Monte Montierth

      You said the solution: Leadership. We NEED a leader, a strong leader. I see very few possibles. Maybe two. Lets see how they mature in the next two years.

  • henricksays

    Hillary taking the White House while the Republicans control the Senate and Congress? Hmmm…looks interesting, triangulation part 2.

  • Sylvia

    Correct that too many don’t remember the Reagan years. Now, people will believe Clinton (we?) left a “surplus”, whether in reality or on paper, because so few remember & so many will believe without bothering to check the facts!

  • Lee Shoemaker

    Does any body care that Hillary had already drawn up Divorce papers against Bill when he was asked to run for president and they promised her political power if she didn’t divorce him. So they made her Senator to a state she had never lived in, then appointed her to a job were people were killed because she didn’t know what she was doing or even pay attention, has most likely not full filled wifely obligation since she lived in Arkansas, and now you talk of making her pres. Bill was a good pres. but Hillary is , well I don’t say words like that.

    • soybomb315

      No, i dont care about marital status. Next.

  • Anti Fabian

    Life in Costa Rica looks more and more appealing every day!

  • http://www.mrchrisg.com/ mrchrisg.com

    Research how many political enemies died “mysteriously” under The Clintons.

  • Brenda Sue Lewis-Sullivan

    Do you also remember that it was the Clinton Admin. that brought down Frannie Mae and Freddie Mac by allowing anyone to get a mortgage. Look it up, Economics 101!!

  • Ed Bartolini

    Too scary to consider. Remember Hillarycare? Good news is Hillary ain’t what she used to be.

  • RichardandJan Bawol

    People need to remember Benghazi and her comment about “what difference does it make anyway”. She’s a liar and I wouldn’t trust her for nothing. Plus the fact that as Secretary of State, she accomplished nothing!!

  • rosalinddunlap

    I think Gleen has ,lost faith in the AMERICAN PEOPLE, I THINK SHE COULD CoULD PASS OUT IN A pOOL AND NO ONE WOULD SAVE HER, THE PEOPLE ARE WISER THAN HE THINKS, OBAMA BILL AND HILLARY WILL TRY TO GET FRAUD INVolved on election day., OBAMA AND HOLDER WILL BE IN THAT WITH ACORN AND THe BLAC k PANTHERS AND DUMBOS off THE STREET PAying PEOpLE TO VOTE , OBAMA WANTS TO BE SEC.OF STATE, TO BE ABLE TO GO TO ALL THE MUSLIM COUNTRY, LIKE the in the dark of night, he is free to travel every where the terrorists are.they are going to try it all, 0 but voter I.d. needs to happen, that bunch will not want it

  • glorious victory

    People need to “shoe” and “shun” Hillary Clinton. Any time she is around she needs to be ignored or a shoe thrown at her.

  • Brad Barefoot

    Not gonna happen “GB” at all. Why? Because there are too many like my son who remembers how his father’s an grand father’s business went all to hades all due to NAFTA. And Clinton’s NAFTA is why we’re in the fix we’re in right now. Clnton’s NAFTA killed manufacturing, and cheap heath care. How? Manufacturing plants had group health care rates, which for us who bought our own private insurance could at very affordable rate. When those jobs left, so’d the cheap healthcare rates. One Bill Clinton fiasco affected the other.

  • Bat Masterson

    “Men’s rights activists like to pretend that their small movement is on the verge of transforming the world. But it’s clear their cries of rage are the last gasps of men furious that the world has changed underneath them.”

  • ctmom

    Another American was beheaded. Which golf course did Obama go to??

  • Free Don

    Glen, Stu, Pat: you give too much intellectual capacity to the 18-35 crowd! The mantra repeated and repeated and repeated is what progressives will use and it will result in a win unfortunately. ” We have never had a woman president before so let’s vote Hillary” I posted this idea on fb a couple months ago and they sensored it.

  • 12Howdy34

    If we remember the reason there was a balanced budget was because Republicans in the House and Senate threatened to shut down the government if Clinton did not make some minor efforts to balance the budget. Clinton was intent on spending, taxation, and debt increases. Clinton, however, compromised and won political points. He partly balanced the budget by efforts to decimate and destroy the United States Military and our ability to defend ourselves. The media used the battle to smear the Republican Party and Republican politicians as selfish, haters or the poor and misfortunate, stingy, uncaring, idiotic, idealogues, and so on, and the media beatified Saint Clinton for balancing the budget… even though neither Clinton nor the media seemed to want a balanced budget. However, they used this battle for the survival of the United States to make buffoons and selfish cold hearted idiots out of Republicans and respectable saints out of Democrats… and so while the Republicans achieved a fiscal victory, the Democrats reaped a Public Relations bonanza based on lies and deception. And so it continues. Hillary could get elected on a lie.

  • TheRajLOSAngeles

    Any viable political party with a simple vision and the ability to walk and chew gum at at the same time would NOT fear Hillary Clinton.

    Unfortunately, the DC/Beltway Republican RINOs are not that party……. they fear EVERYTHING.

    Stop worrying about Hillary Clinton, she’s TOAST!!!!

  • Dude67

    The only problem with her strategy is that even during the economic boom that occurred during the 90’s, people still couldn’t stand Hillary. Even Democrats couldn’t stand her.

    • RandiJ

      Hillary will run and vin! Just like blacks voted for Obama because he is black(sort of), many women will vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. You will see.

  • CongressWorksForUs

    The only issue with this is the assumption Hillary will actually run.

    She gave the best indication yet (or at least her surrogates did) when the reminded people that it’s not a 4 year term, but an 8 year term (for all intents and purposes) and that she’d be 74 when she left office. More specifically she’d be 70 during re-election.

    She wont run. And sadly if she did, some young whipper-snapper Democrat will pummel her on her age during the primary, the same way they pummelled her on her gender the last time around…

  • jessedisqus

    Being married to the president is basically being president already. She should not be able to run for president

  • beerman42

    And this and 40 cents will get you a cup of coffee some were.

    • Sharon Piwko

      40 cent for a cup of coffee? Maybe in Brazil. lol

  • Tom Martin

    From my research it seems apparent that the Clinton years were so good in large part because Fanny & Freddie were making subprime loans so much so that FHA was no longer good enough at 3.5% down to make loans and they were out of the picture as too conservative. When housing booms so does the economy but this was in my view the actual cause of the housing bubble of less than a decade later. Is there a reason no one talks about this? I would say Clinton had a balanced budget and a booming economy at the expense of the economy during the housing bubble burst of 2006-2008 and beyond. It is his legacy that we are still reeling from that catastrophic policy of loose credit. Was that his creation or did he simply benefit from it? If anyone on Glenn’s staff sees this, it would be worth a little time to do more research into this. Seems like a huge story that needs to be brought to light.

  • Sharon Piwko

    I would agree if our security was not at issue. If the biggest problem we have is the financial crisis & Unemployment, she would win. Bill was a sissy when it came to foreign affairs and Hillary is a nightmare… simply shrugging “what does it matter now?” after Benghazi. Now we have ISIS beheading Americans & threatening America further… Mexico has carte blanche with them practically handing out EBT cards upon arrival & I’m sure, registering them to vote if they’re old enough. Simply trying to sell America that good times will roll with her in office… that’s gonna be a hard sell. Of course, like Romney said.. 47% are going to vote Dem because they rely on the government but with Obama increasing that number, it come down to how getting more Republicans to the polls.

  • icunn4ed

    then she should be reminded of 3 things….#1 we had it great in the 90’s because of Bill Gates…not Bill Clinton…everything was ebusines .com and we was exploding because of it….# 2 another reason we had it great was because Republicans took over senate and congress and Newt did a fantastic job …. #3 She although has the same lusts as Slick Willy….she is not slick willy…so if we want what we had in the 90’s maybe we should let Newt run on the democrat side… what a genius IDEA!!!!!!! Get Newt, or someone we can trust to switch sides run as a democrat then in Jan 1st switch back to republican…and say hehehe…. who’s slick now!!!!

  • Mike D

    So, I guess it is easier to set yourself up for what you don’t want to happen rather than realize the world is a different place than it was 6 years ago let alone 20 years ago. Many voting Americans don’t even remember when Bill Clinton was President and they realize their personal world and the country is not going the w
    ay they want, Hillary will not be ale to articulate a plan to restore America to the place we want it to be. She will be to old, out of touch, mistake prone and simply not capable. Hillary will not be the next President.

  • Shawn Cameron

    Prior to the 08 election that’s all people could talk about was Hillary being a shoe in as the next President. Then, seemingly out of nowhere came Obama to usurp her.

    History repeats itself…… My fear, Elizabeth Warren..

    • soybomb315

      Let the record show that you, me, and a couple others saw through the MSM headfake and called the Elizabeth Warren candidacy before it was even announced. Seems like common sense to me. And if we talked into a microphone for hours everyday like Glenn Beck, we could pat ourselves on the back and talk for years about how we called it.

      • Shawn Cameron

        And if we wound up being wrong about it we could crow extra loud about the one or two things we called right and even pretend some of the things we were wrong about have come true when in actuality they’re nowhere near close. The drones who follow us would never know the difference. Because they think themselves so important as to be “in on” all the hysteria um I meant “inside knowledge” we’re sharing.

        Yeah I get it too.

  • pfiffi43

    Clinton’s smoke and mirror days should be exposed. Unfortunately, people are so bad off they will clutch at straws!

  • constancecroyce

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  • skg

    Hillary is not as likeable as bill it will depend if someone calls her to the carpet. it also it depends if she can win the dems nomination which is not a lock since Obama does not like the Clintons. i think she will have to do alot of bailing and throw Obama under the bus without sounding racist

  • ron

    Why doesn’t anyone expose Hillary and bill for there roles in walmart and free trade with china, Remember the questionable campaign contributions ? That is where all the American jobs went and the short boom was the companys selling out to china and the cheap goods flooding our market

  • Jeff

    Dont forget they drained the national strategic oil reserve too

  • tonybigs

    Hillary who? The only thing she brought to America was four dead bodies and an overpaid ex-NBC employee.

  • shi_ton

    she will win because it is ‘fixed’, Obama was put in to screw up the country and to create GREAT racial division, when the turmoil over runs the country and martial law is not working, then the UN will step in and the Christians will be blamed just like the Jews were in Germany, welcome the beast!

  • schmack_the_knife

    I love this catchy tune. Still relevant today. http://youtu.be/76Piz991rdk

  • Andy Whitten

    “I knew Bill Clinton, as a Congressman/Senator, I worked to compromise with Bill Clinton when he was in the Oval Office. Hillary, you are no Bill Clinton.”

  • Macdoodle

    Hillary will be the end of America as we know it.The fall of the Roman Empire.

  • Yo Mamma

    I, as a lesbian, think Hillary is quite sexy

  • Kozmo

    Repeal of Glass-Stegall, Passage of NAFTA costing millions of decent-paying manufacturing jobs, Mismanaged strategy against terrorism led to 9/11, Whitewater, FBI files on political enemies, Hillarycare…. There is more than enough to counter the false narrative of the good old Clinton days!

  • w2lucky

    I agree that Hillary will win the next election, but we disagree on why. I discuss politics with my college kids often to try and get a sense of what kids are “seeing” and liking within the political realm. They claim (and I agree) that most GOP candidates are stuffy rich white guys that make people want to vote for anyone but them regardless of the platform. It’s a typical case of voting for the lesser of two evils. Obama won the last two elections this way (yes, Romney looks like a stuffy rich white guy) and Hillary will win this next election without even opening her mouth if she wants to. The GOP refuses to identify and put forth a progressive smart and “attractive” candidate. Paul, Cruz, and company are more of the same with the same approach. Whether we like it or not, the Latino and Asian populations in this country are growing, as the black and white populations are decreasing. A Latino candidate is not a bad thing. Or else Hillary wins hands down. GOP needs to wake up and give us a candidate that our kids think is worth voting for.

  • Nunya bidness

    At least Glenn knows you Tea Baggers are F’d.

  • http://www.liberallyconservative.com/ Don Anastas

    Just produce some nice Monica Lewinsky, Jennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey ads. You know, the “Golden Years.”

  • Donna Hinnen

    Our government teaches lawlessness by practicing it themselves. Now they’re trying teach Christians not to practice Christianity.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    Well I would be shocked if Hillary did not run. I think Conservatives should run on this before she does.

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    The economy wasn’t great during the Clinton years. We still had extreme national debt. Just because they managed a surplus for 1 year, doesn’t mean anything. The national debt still went up during that administration, which is what counts.

  • oopso42

    If she wins. “In her heart she boasts, ‘I sit enthroned as queen. I am not a widow; I will never mourn.’” In the 12th month 16th year of Ezekiel’s war.

  • robynznest

    Glenn…GOD ALMIGHTY is STILL sitting on His Throne!! Hillary can’t do squat without HIS approval and trust me….HE DOES NOT approve of her. He has a “DAVID” in the wings who like young King David , is being anointed for this position of power!! This person will be a person who prays and listens to the voice and will of God.

  • Anonyy

    Love you Glenn, but hope that we get a republican. Had enough of the democrats.

  • James Crockett

    Well if one thing is clear, it’s that the ideology of liberalism is an ideology of nonsense.

  • Bill

    Glenn Beck is a big supporter of big government. Look at the guys he supports for President and the ones he ridicules.
    Glenn supports people that are no different from Obama. He tries to bash and call crazy people that don’t believe the government and love freedom and liberty.

  • Robert Starkand

    Remember Bill Clinton set the groundwork for 9/11 when he didn’t get Bin Laden. He also set up the housing bubble by coercing banks into giving subprime mortgages to people who could not possibly pay them off and then he created the secret mortgage securities market where there was no one watching the store. Hillary was responsible for Hillary Care and of course there is the vivid picture of her kissing Mrs. Arafat after Mrs.Arafat went on a rant against Israel. Ted Cruz will tear her apart and no one is going to forget what she did the last six years. The surplus was all about gimmicks and no true spending cuts. The two things that Bill Clinton did right was maintain a strong dollar and reform welfare. The former on the advise of Alan Greenspan and the latter by the urging of Newt Gingrich. There’s a lot of vulnerability there. I just hope we can nominate the candidate who can best take advantage of it, Ted Cruz.

  • Michael Ryan

    Killary lied, SEALS DIED.. she cannot escape her Benghazi failure.

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