Latest Operation Underground Railroad mission rescues 26 children from sex trafficking in the Dominican Republic

On Tuesday’s Glenn Beck Program, Tim Ballard, founder of Operation Underground Railroad, joined Glenn to discuss his organization’s latest rescue mission that saw 26 children rescued from a sex trafficking ring in the Dominican Republic. Author Cliff Graham, who accompanied Ballard and his team on the mission, also joined the program to share his experience and how he is working to raise money and awareness for OUR.

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You can learn more about Operation Underground Railroad HERE, and Cliff Graham’s ‘Abolitionist Bundle’ HERE.

  • Eric Waldron

    Great stuff!

  • Connor Kenway

    Great work guys.

  • Yo Mamma

    Prosecute the parents that allowed it to happen

  • Sail Away

    Brilliant work Gentlemen : Its great to see that my donations are being used, rather than taxed away.

  • Dale Nadeau

    I’m glad someone is out there saving these kids but it’s sad that there are so many sickos out there keeping this trade going. Great job guys. I wish there were more organizations like yours.

  • samfromhernando

    Nowhere was the Name of Jesus mentioned but most certainly his Power was the Power which motivates these people. Thank God that such men exist! You guys are wonderful and people everywhere will recognize this and appreciate you so much. God bless and protect all of you.

    • Yo Mamma

      What holy books define your god?

  • BlueMN

    26 Dominican children saved from bad guys is heroic but giving Central American children safe harbor from gangs and US backed death squads is bad. OK, just checking.

  • Carlos Manuel Aguilo

    I’m from the Dominican Republic, and I would just like to thank the effort of these people not only in exposing one the most horrible things that goes on down here, but actually doing something about it and helping. I’d like to thank you Glenn for airing on your show the result of this incredible effort, and thank your viewers who helped in any way they could to help these children find freedom.

    Thank you so very much !!

  • Dave

    There are a few efforts to combat Human Trafficking here in the United States and in Canada.

    Truckers Against Trafficking is one of the major groups.


  • IT 2 IT 89

    MEANWHILE- – –

    “{GE} FUKISHIMA is being left to BLEED
    basically to END fertility in the northern hemisphere.
    ——————-They [ ie GLOBAL MAFIA } want NO wild reprodiuction
    —————————————————————by the end of the decade.”
    Real doctor
    Informed Raio

    As GE FUKISHIMA reaches California, in this, the 11th HOUR,,,

  • Sydney Slaughter

    What an amazing story. Rescuing these young girls is now one step closer to end of sex slavery in our world. Spreading awareness about acts like this will open up the eyes to many others who don’t realize that this horrible industry does still exist.

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