WATCH: The touching moment a mother with Alzheimer’s recognizes her daughter

On Friday, Georgia resident Kelly Gunderson posted a video to YouTube titled “Gods Gift.” The 90-second video, featuring Gunderson’s 87-year-old mother, has since been viewed some 2.6 million times. In the touching clip, Gunderson’s mother, who has Alzheimer’s, seemingly remembers her daughter – “even if it was for just a moment.”

Gunderson told she wasn’t expecting the video to become such a viral sensation, but she believes people have responded so positively “because people relate to it.” In a comment on her YouTube page, Gunderson thanked viewers for their “nice comments,” and explained the moment was particular moving because she is an identical twin.

“God gave me a moment with my mother remembering who I was… which doesn’t happen often,” Gunderson wrote. “Lots of time I am a cousin.”


  • Vienta76

    I needed a tear jerker this morning, thanks for sharing, I can’t imagine how special that moment was for Kelly.

  • alvin691

    Someday we will figure out what causes Alzheimer’s.

    • oopso42

      A lack of vitamin D-2 or D-3. May this be of some help?

      • Betty Hiland

        I think unrefined coconut oil and magnesium footbaths too.Also there is a lot of talk on how statins cause brain problems to say the least.

  • Obola


  • Mr_Bob_Colorado

    I just wish Beck’s web programmers would stop with the pop-up ads it is driving me away from his site.

    • Tyler Albies

      Depending upon your web browser, you can set up pop up blockers and ad disablers. I was having the same problem as you. I primarily use google chrome. They’re really easy you just click install under the apps and it blocks pop ups on websites, ads on youtube, a bunch of stuff. It really helped take the annoyance out of the internet.

      • SickOf BeingCoddled

        thank you. i have chrome too can you be a little more specific about how to do the block. thanks.

        • Jim rustle

          Go to google and type this exactly: “Adblock for Chrome”, minus the quotes. The first result will be an app store page from google for chrome, click that. A window will pop up and in the corner it will say “Add to Chrome” or something along those lines. Everything else will happen automatically, Chrome will restart, and you won’t see ads anywhere. Not even on facebook, or the paid search results on Google when you search. It’s very liberating, and it doesn’t exclude anything you don’t want it to.

    • Winstonboy

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    • C0zmo

      I wish I could upvote this 1,000 times. The pop-ups here and The Blaze get very old.

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      It’s the year 2014. It’s time you learned about browser extensions called “Adblockers”. I haven’t seen an ad on the internet in a few years. Try googling your browser’s name + “adblocker”.

      You’re welcome.

    • SickOf BeingCoddled

      I wish all this could be presented with no cost to Glenn, but web sites and research and broadcasts are expensive. Taking himself down to poverty will not lift one of us out of poverty and we would also lose the great wonderful gift that he does give us every day by his hard work and love of the country.

    • SGO

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    • Zeesizzle

      But you’re totally cool with him using click bate to drive traffic to his website?

    • Debra Renftle

      you and me both

    • August West

      As annoying as the ads can be, the fact we can view this stuff for free doesn’t mean it is free to produce (these websites). Ads help pay the people who keep this site going- it’s a give and take.

      But like others have said, there are ad-blockers you can get or set up.

      Great video- both of my grandmothers had this disease…but there was always moments of joy.

  • Yo Mamma

    Everyone needs a mamma

    Have a great day!

    From Yo Mamma

    • racindavid

      Yo Mamma we don’t agree on much…

      But on this we do.

  • Kevin Daley

    This would have been a great video if it wouldn’t have been for the stupid Chili’s advertisement replaying all the way through it. enough ads already.

    • bekalynn60

      AdBlock…for free :)


    awww…so sweet. :)

  • msjoeshmoe

    This was so beautiful. Thank you Kelly for sharing this precious moment.

    • picKthis1

      Priceless indeed!

  • OU8121ST .


  • Dan Ackermann

    I don’t know about anyone else, but it sure made me cry! In a good way though!

  • Becky U

    Words cannot express what this video does for those of us without our mothers. You have brought mine back to me if even for a moment through watching yours. I treasure this .

  • Betty Hiland

    I’ve heard unrefined coconut oil can help with Alzheimer’s. several spoonfuls a day.

  • Happy Catz

    So touching…

  • ppeebles

    I loved this. My dad had Alzheimers and at the end he didn’t know my name. But I know he knew I was familiar to him.

  • IT 2 IT 89

    FIGHT ALzheimer’s!
    ————— —-STOP watching mind control, mind numbing,
    ————————————————————HD TAVISTOCK ‘T’ —-‘V’.

    And then DEAL with the microwave furnace of TOXIC frequencies
    in your homes and dwellings.

  • PeterMoss

    It wasn’t the supernatural that gave her a moment of clarity and when Alzheimer’s is cured we’ll have science to thank.


    Such a special moment…..too few in the world of Alzheimer’s. We must cherish every one.

  • Pamela May Zarzeck

    I’ve worked with many Alzheimer’s patients, it’s such a cruel disease. This is a beautiful video and I’m so happy for you to have such a treasure. You have a beautiful mama :)

  • Gail Trainor Guthrie

    This is a very special video. God opened a brief window in time for this mother and daughter to be able to show love for one another.

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