Glenn talks to ‘Goodfella’s’ Ray Liotta about the rise of faith-based films

There has been a resurgence of faith-based films as of late that have done remarkably well at the box office. On radio this morning, actor Ray Liotta – of Goodfellas and Field of Dreams fame – joined Glenn to discuss his latest film, The Identical. The fictional premise of the film is loosely based on the life of Elvis Presley and what would have happened if his twin brother had survived.

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As reports have indicated, the 2014 summer box office season is largely being considered a failure. The numbers show this is the worst summer in eight years for Hollywood, as blockbusters like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Guardians of the Galaxy did not live up to expectation. Liotta had a theory as to why this summer was such a struggle.

“It’s the same thing over and over again. There’s just only so many ways to put a superhero. They bottle such a formula that I think people just get tired of it.”

With that in mind, Liotta is hopeful alternative types of film – like the more faith-based The Identical – can perform well enough for Hollywood studios to take notice.

“That’s why I hope this kicks in. Faith-based movies are the movies people are responding too,” he said. “I guess because of how crazy it is out there. You need something to hold onto to get you through it and kind of rationalize why it’s happening. So that’s… my theory on why these faith-based movies are working.”

The Identical is set during the Great Depression. A couple gives birth to twins, and, because of the economic climate, decide to give one of the boys up for adoption. Liotta plays the role of a pastor who adopts the child.

“I’m the pastor… and we take the kid,” Liotta explained. “And their kid grows up to be this huge rock ‘n’ roll guy. My guy is musically oriented. But because I’m a preacher, I want him to go into the family business… As far as I’m concerned, there’s no higher calling than spreading the Word of God.”

While Liotta admitted he does not watch the movies he stars in, he does consider this film to be the work he is most proud of because of the way he prepared for the role.

“I loved preaching. I’m more spiritual than religious, so I did a lot of homework. I watched a lot of Billy Graham from the beginning to the end,” Liotta said. I never really read the Bible, so I got into that. The Old Testament scared me. [God] had some things to say. He didn’t like stuff.”

“This is a beautiful sweet movie. It really is. The performances are really are top-notch, and I think people will respond to it,” he continued. “It doesn’t hit you over the head with the faith-based issues, although they’re definitely there. It’s also surrounded by music and [actor Blake Rayne’s] voice is just unbelievable. He’s great.”

The Identical hits theaters nationwide on Friday, September 5.

  • Yo Mamma

    Its all about making money christians.

    Not what your man god asked for, but hey, you lot find the stuff irresistible.

    You had the christian sex movies, how did that work out for you?
    You had the christian blood guts and gore movies, how did that work out for you?
    You had the christian religious movies, how did that work out for you?

    Oops, you’re just trying the religious movies now

    Tell me how it works out. Did your ivory towers get some more money from the pious few?

    So sad to see Joan passed away looking like she did. She was so pretty before all that work. I had hope someone could restore her back to the way she was – Too late now

    In the back of my mind I see these headlines “Joan Rivers jokes Obama is gay, first lady transgender”

    Who would want Joan dead?

    • Connor Kenway

      No it is about God and liberal like you who never open the Bible but yet pretends to believe would never understand this reality.

    • sylviacroft

      Yeah, Who?

      • Yo Mamma

        probably a disgruntled serious person that eats lots of pork

    • Philip Mcaleavey

      Yo Momma, clean up your act or would you like joining some Muslim Group praising Allah and then cutting off heads ? Many Christians practiced what they preach, do you besides criticizing them ?

  • cherylccampbell

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  • Pachy Serrano

    I believe this is just a “temporary” path of film production. Obviously, all the issues around the World and also here at home, play an important part of this “new religious film movement”. People seek movies that makes them feel well and has an “spiritual connection” to it. It will fade away like everything does, plus most Americans are Christians and like any business you have to offer things for them as well. I personally like some religious movies, because I grew up watching them. Nothing wrong with that . . .

  • Connor Kenway

    You see Noah is doing so badly in selling. It is funny I want to Wal Mart one day to pick up God is not Dead and it was sold out but right next to that movie three stacks of Noah and not a single one sold. People are hungry for true faith based movies and not liberal propaganda.

    • BlueMN

      Noah global box office sales $369M
      Marine Todd.. I mean, God is not Dead global box office $62M

    • Yo Mamma

      Noah movie was sad attempt at telling a Torah event – Monsters, seriously, made of rock??

  • tonybigs

    Hang on Jesse Garon!

  • fawnday

    Mr. Liotta is right. People want faith-based films. But faith-based also means movies that make people feel good. Doesn’t have to be any movies talking about religion. The Identical does both. That’s what the trailer shows anyway. In fact, seeing as Elvis was both into rock AND gospel music(his gospel albums made just as much money as any of the others plus his back-up singers during the fifties and early 60s really were a gospel group) he probably would love this film. Maybe even want to play himself seeing as it’s an Elvis movie but with a real storyline the way only just a handful of his were.

  • Jeff Lambeau
    • BlueMN

      Ouch! Poor Ray!

  • DixieAngel_76

    I think it’s a great idea. I’ve often wondered how different things might have turned out for Elvis and his family, had his brother Jessee lived. I think their whole family was just tragically bogged down by the sadness of losing one of their own. Anyway, it’s an intriguing idea for a movie. I plan to see it.

  • IT 2 IT 89

    Franchise slum Hollywood is NOWHERE.

    The gangster thing was rolled out right on cue
    as the NIXON—-MAO handover op kicked off in 1972.
    Endlessly driven ever since, the mafia ‘vision’ accomlimated
    you to being run by PSYCHOPATHS and to stand down thru
    decades upon decades of OPEN TREASON.

    ARMINIAN HERETIC ‘feel good’ faith based generics
    —————————————-WILL NOT WASH!

    Those in search of an inspiring film as RED CHINA handover
    consolidates and FINAL EXTERMINIST EUGENICS are uncloaked
    will seek out KUROSAWA';s 1952 masterpiece ‘IKIRU’.

    Theme park franchise slum lord STEVEN SPIELBERG
    even claims it’s his favorite film.


  • BlueMN

    “I’m the pastor… and we take the kid,” Liotta explained. “And their kid grows up to be this huge rock ‘n’ roll guy. My guy is musically oriented. But because I’m a preacher, I want him to go into the family business… As far as I’m concerned, there’s no higher calling than spreading the Word of God.”

    In other words, a Christian version of “The Jazz Singer.”

  • Jeaninne Hozian

    I don’t know but maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t buy anything Ray Liotta was saying. This was just another attempt to put cash in his pocket. He’s an actor,not a bad one, but nonetheless, an actor. The Hollywood industry is just exploiting the “Christian Message movies” right now because it’s popular. Don’t get me wrong, it is refreshing to have an opportunity to go see a movie without sexual content and the like, but it still is, what it is. People seeking real truth that will bring peace to our world should look to Christ and themselves and change. Whether all you non-believers, believe it or not, we all have an aching desire for God, and until we truly find Him, humble ourselves, we will never really have true peace. And with all the other amazing people and issues going on today, I am not interested in hearing from Ray Liotta! Just my two cents!!

  • Yo Mamma

    The movie The Giver, ends with the household singing christmas carols. The book, which was far better, had no reference to christmas carols. So once again, the christians try forcing their beliefs on others, while being utterly confused themselves – Nice job

  • Kent Cleek

    please do not reply to Yo Mamma, it only encourages him. He has inflammatory replies for every article on Glenn/s site.

  • Jack Adams

    I was quite surprised at how level-headed and down-to-earth Ray Liotta really is!! I had a completely different “mindset” about him – based on all his prior movies, until I listened to this interview!!

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