Montel Williams fires off letter to Mexican officials asking for release of Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi

Over the last several months, Glenn and Montel Williams have spoken at length about the treatment of veterans in this country. A 22-year veteran himself, Williams has openly criticized the Obama Administration and the failure of the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs to adequately care for servicemen and women. Williams is back in the news today for a letter he sent to Mexican leaders last month regarding the imprisonment of Marine Corps Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.

Tahmooressi has been locked up in a Mexican prison for 157 days. He was arrested for weapons possession on March 31. Tahmorressi has maintained he took a wrong turn and crossed the southern border by mistake.

The 25-year-old decorated war veteran and Florida native was in the process of relocating to San Diego for treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. He had been in San Diego for 10 days when he ended up at the San Ysidro checkpoint. Tahmooressi faces a sentence of six to 21 years in a Mexican prison for carrying his registered AR-15 rifle, .45-caliber pistol, and 12-gauge pump shotgun in his car across the border.

Williams sent the letter to Mexico’s president, attorney general and ambassador to the U.S. on August 20. Though he initially intended to keep it private, Williams said he chose to release it on Thursday to coincide with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s (R) trip to Mexico.

“I understand New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is in Mexico for meetings with President Nieto, and that is why I am releasing this letter tonight,” Williams said in a statement. “I implore him to press for Andrew to be released on humanitarian grounds so that he may return to the United States to seek treatment.”

The contents of the letter primarily focus on Tahmooressi’s PTSD diagnosis and the lack of care he is receiving while in prison.

“I cannot emphasize enough the gravity of this situation given Sergeant Tahmooressi’s PTSD,” Williams wrote. “He has no mental health care whatsoever since the outset of his incarceration and being held in complete isolation only serves to amplify those symptoms.”

Editor’s Note: You can read the entire letter HERE.

As TheBlaze reports, Williams received a reply from the Minister for Press and Public Affairs informing him that his concerns would be “conveyed to the appropriate officials.” That letter also included several documents outlining Mexico’s case against the imprisoned Marine. Williams has since countered the ‘facts’ of the document in a follow-up letter.

“While I appreciate the Mexican Embassy’s ‘response’ it was non-responsive to the letter I sent. Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi suffers from severe PTSD – he has now been confined for more than 5 months,” Williams said in a statement. “The very nature of PTSD is that its severity often increases over time without treatment. The Mexican Government has provided no such treatment.”

On radio this morning, Glenn praised Williams decision to reach out directly to Mexican authorities. While the White House finally responded to a petition calling for Tahmooressi’s release by calling on Mexican authorities to handle the case “expeditiously,” they stopped short of demanding for his release.

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“You know what, maybe that’s what we should do get everybody in our audience to do. Forget about the White House,” Glenn said. “Why don’t we write the president of Mexico ourselves, as an audience, and just deluge the president of Mexico with, ‘Please, we’re helping your people. We’re feeding your people. What are you doing? Please.’”

  • Michael Ryan

    I have the solution!!! Get Montel to visit Mexico and CLAIM to be the President – it might work!! maybe we can get something done! after all, we already have an impersonator in the white house!

    • jcchampion

      LOL…. that wouldn’t be so funny if it weren’t true. and it might actually work.

  • landofaahs

    We would do more by boycotting everything Mexico. Money speaks louder than anything to these jerks.

    • Deeznuts

      Alright! I boycott illegal immigrants….and Corona? What else do we get from Mexico?

      • landofaahs

        Produce. How about many auto parts from supposed American companies.

      • The Man from Scene 24

        Lice, illicit drugs, gang members, disease, prostitutes, etc.

        • Deeznuts

          All right I’ll boycott Mexican prostitutes but I’m still watching latin porn!

  • jdavis27107

    I understand their rules and diplomacy but if they do not comply…..GO GET HIM!

    • joe

      There is no diplomacy he broke the law is that simple people

  • John Cole

    Addresses please

  • Molly Johnson

    I’ll do it…..Just need an address.

    • joe

      He is in tijuana come and get him if you can

  • BlueMN

    Why would Mexico care if his AR-15 is “registered” in California? They’re apparently illegal in Mexico. I feel bad for Tahmooressi because he’s not playing with a full deck, but he’s basically at the mercy Mexican justice system now.

    • Janean Guy

      Not playing wih a full deck? How did you come to that conclusion?

      • BlueMN

        I take it you didn’t read any of the article or even watch the video.

        “I cannot emphasize enough the gravity of this situation given Sergeant Tahmooressi’s PTSD,” Williams wrote. “He has no mental health care whatsoever since the outset of his incarceration and being held in complete isolation only serves to amplify those symptoms.”

        • Janean Guy

          Yes, I did read he article, and I’ve been aware of Sgt Tahmooressi’s condition fom the beginning of his incarceration. I lnow that he’d been being treated for PTSD. Howver other than Williams’ statement that the PTSD cpuld cause worse symptoms to manifest, as far as I know Tahmoressi has been and still is behaving and reacting quite rationally. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize what you were referring to and thought that you were implying something else.

  • Texmex32

    I say we trade Obaboon, Eric Assholder, Jesse Jackasson, Al Notsosharpton and Scary Reid for our Marine!

    • Fed Up!

      Best. Comment. Ever.

    • gmainco

      My only concern is if you send all of the above then I am sure the rest of the population of Mexico will come crashing across the border to get away from them. Also you forgot the scariest one of all Nancy (preparation H botox) Peeloser.

  • Connor Kenway

    Bring Tahmooressi home Mexico.

  • Yo Mamma

    Montel should stop those illegal catholics from entering

    ISIS will be disguising themselves as catholic children

    thanks America for this sad state of affairs

  • The Man from Scene 24

    Why hasn’t a company of volunteers made their way down there to TAKE him back? Mexico certainly has no problem with &%$ing with us, lets do the same to them.

    • joe

      O do that and see what happens

  • mikec711

    I applaud Mr. Williams for taking action. I do believe he should go down himself and force them into some uncomfortable ceremonial meetings and hand-shakes. Jesse Jackson succeeded decades ago w/a downed pilot, maybe Montel will succeed here and we will be sending someone of much higher character than would likely be found in most whiteHouse reps. Also, we should seriously start sending illegal immigrants back a thousand a day (just a drop in the bucket). And let them know we’ll go back to BHO’s no-border policy as soon as our Marine is delivered safe and sound to the United States. We can also send them 1,000 Guatemalans and at least 1,000 other Latin American illegals. This would take involvement from the placater in chief … so I guess it is just a pipe dream. But the pressure would work.

  • Sail Away

    This may sound crazy but pretty soon we the people will have to go get him .
    We need to start doing these things ourselves Mexico we are about to come and show you that we can do a lot more than our Gov’ just keep that in mind .
    Hell your people want out maybe we can get them there with us to show how much they hate you also
    Mexico is like a hot turd when they hit the cold water they run straight down the sewer just to get away Cowards !!!

    • joe

      Hhahaha idiot try it

  • russell zinter

    i say we cause an international incident, and send the marines to just get him

  • HoneyTree EvilEye

    It’s idiotic to believe the Mexico and it’s govt have ever been our ally, our friend, or had even a remote interest in helping us or being cooperative. Their mission is to “take back” what they believe is there’s, which is the majority of America because they believe false history. It’s also ridiculous to believe the president of Mexico is in charge of anything. I feel terrible for this soldier, hope at some point he gets to come home because anything else is an act of war in my mind. We’re going to have to battle Mexico at some point anyways, which is going to suck because all those “friendly” Mexicans you know will side with the country they feel allegiance to, which isn’t America. Probably could’ve figured that out yourself with the fact that they fly the Mexican flag, refuse to learn English, or assimilate in any way.

    • joe

      O my god you people are ignorant. He broke the law is that simple no guns are permitted. In mexico no exception.

  • Shawn Henderson

    is he active duty?

  • mnphouka

    Provide an address to send letter and I will start immediately. May not change things but then again it might.

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