Earlier this summer, Glenn had a bit of fun at his floor crew’s expense, when they dressed up to go see the latest blockbuster iteration of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But apparently Glenn employs a large contingent of Power Ranger fans as well. On radio this morning, Glenn explained the video evidence he came across that he will never be able to unsee.

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“I just saw our crew on video – something I can’t unsee – from this weekend at the House of Blues with the Graceland Ninjas. They were the Power Rangers on stage,” Glenn said. “I’ve always felt like the geek and the outcast in the room, until I see my [employees] dressed as Power Rangers.”

While it remained unclear how they made it up onstage with Graceland Ninjas, those in full Power Ranger regalia included several of Glenn’s producers and crewmembers.

“Is this something you’re all proud of,” Glenn joked. “It’s a sickness.”

Watch the video evidence below… if you dare: