Why Obama’s use of the term ISIL instead of ISIS is actually really important

ISIL. ISIS. IS. DAISH. You have probably heard each one of those acronyms at least once over the last several months as the media and politicians attempt to determine the best way to refer to the terror group that declared a caliphate spanning Syria and Iraq.

IS simply stands for the Islamic State, while ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. ISIL is the acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which seems remarkably similar to ISIS. The differentiation between the word ‘Syria’ and the word ‘Levant’ is actually quite significant, however, given the usage of the term by President Obama and his administration.

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“ISIS and ISIL. The President is making a big deal out of this is ISIL, right? The Administration wants to call it ISIL,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Stu, what’s the difference between ISIS and ISIL?”

“Interesting fact about the Levant,” Stu responded. “[It] encompasses parts of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and a place called Israel.”

Quartz has more on the distinction:

The group’s name in Arabic is al dawla al islamiyye f’il iraq w’al sham. The last word, sham, is the problematic one. It is used, in the phrase bilad al sham, to refer variously to: the contemporary Levant, a somewhat amorphous region sometimes understood to include Iraq, and sometimes not; to the historical region called al sham in classical Arabic but known to the ancient Greeks and other civilizations as “Syria” or a variant thereof, which is roughly contiguous with the Levant; and to a Syrian nationalist dream of a “Greater Syria,” a region of similar extent that includes Iraq. Sham is also a contemporary nickname for Damascus, the Syrian capital; but modern-day Syria is called suriya.


At Quartz we’ve chosen to render sham as “Levant” over “Syria,” on the grounds that while scholars of Middle Eastern history might recognize “Syria” to have a broader meaning, most of our readers will take it to mean modern-day Syria, i.e., suriya, not sham. And then, if you’re using “Levant,” you might as well as abbreviate it logically—so, ISIL.

“So the president has the most powerful microphone on the planet,” Glenn said. “The slightest thing from the president reverberates… We have been joking ISIS, ISIL, what’s the difference. You say tomato; I say tomato. It makes a big difference because of this: ISIL includes Levant, which includes the area we like to call Israel.”

Obama has come under fire for underestimating the threat of this “jayvee team” wreaking havoc across the Middle East and threatening the western way of life, and yet he continuously refers to them as ISIL.

“They changed their name because they started saying, ‘We are bigger than this. We are bigger than Iraq and Syria. We are Iraq, Syria, and Levant,’” Glenn said of the terror group. “I don’t know what that means, but, believe me, the President does… What that means is: They have designs that go from Iran through Egypt. There is no Israel.”

“So by the President saying ‘this is ISIL,’ he is sending the message: I know who you are. I know what lands you are planning to take,” he concluded. “The President knows who these guys are. [But] he’s not telling you who they are. He’s trying to downplay that they are putting together a caliphate from Egypt to Iran. It does not include Israel. Maybe we should have a real frank conversation about what’s really going on.”

  • Yo Mamma

    Glen, get hold of your travel agent, fly to Syria and do some REAL reporting.

    Novel idea?

    Why do I say this, you ask?

    Because GB is a reactionary. He is always reporting on old news, whatever already happened, a regurgitation of the same stuff, a cheap rip off and an after-the-facter.

    Glen can put his own head on the line and get some real news. Hey, the christian man god was not afraid to confront the evil in the temple, knowing it would cost him his life.

    I have been asked: Why not me?

    I have absolutely nothing to gain from a conversation with those that try to live a literal life of religion – nothing – They have their views, I have mine, and I don’t think anything of it, as much even if christians were impaling heads and burning those on the cross, for entertainment

    • Andrew Huovinen

      why dont we send Yo Mamma?

      • TTAS

        Yo Mamma has already made travel plans to go to Syria and join ISIL.

        • Know Really

          Yeah, he’s the muslim anti-defamation program all by himself.

      • Yo Mamma

        Start collecting in your churches, its going to be an expensive trip

        • Jeff Germann

          pay for your own damn trip.

          • Yo Mamma

            They offered, they pay or do you think they lied?


            A christian would NEVER lie

    • Michael P. Morgan

      I seem to have seen posts by Yo Mamma on several other web sites and find a similar point of view and tone. Really not quite sure what the issue is in terms of “real” reporting, but I’m sure that Yo Mamma will elucidate if encouraged. So, I will ask, what is your point?

      • Know Really

        I got into it (in a funny way) with Yo mammy. Here’s the key: invite him to a pork BBQ dinner and see if he’ll join ya. :))))

      • Yo Mamma

        Its there if you read it

        10 Horrifying Tortures Of Early Christians

        What would you prefer? A slow agonizing death taking days, or a few minutes?

        Looking at these very creative ways christians made their captives die, makes muslims beheading look like mercy killings

        • Michael P. Morgan

          You are mindbogglingly and intellectually dishonest and not worth my time.

          • Know Really

            You have defined and witnessed the Muslim principle of taqqiya.

          • Yo Mamma

            If you had to choose beheading (Muslim way) or The Judas Cradle (christian way) which would you like best?

            “Closely related to impalement, this gruesome punishment entailed having the victim sit on the pyramid-shaped cradle, after which they would be forced down on it by ropes with the
            intent of stretching the victim’s orifice over a long period of time, slowly impaling them. To add to the overall humiliation, the victim was usually naked and the device was rarely washed. So if the torture did not kill you, the infection contracted from it would.”
            ref the website I mentioned earlier

          • TTAS

            Christians haven’t regressed back into the stone age like you Mussies have.

          • Yo Mamma

            The joke is on you if you think you or any other human has ‘advanced’ – Mankind has neither advanced nor regressed, we are the re-TARDS we have always been, without exception

          • Know Really

            Yo, I guess I’m just “sheltered,” but I never heard of this device. Please cite when it was last used and by whom.

          • Yo Mamma

            Catholic priests have modified the concept by using their male genitals to split the victim’s orifice over a long period of time,
            slowly impaling them

            This is happening today as we write to each other. Horrific

            By asking me to prove it, is just being silly

          • Know Really

            “This is happening today as we write to each other.”
            You saying so doesn’t make it so.
            Prove it.

          • TTAS

            Here ya go little fella. A bed partner for your fantasies.


          • Know Really

            oh, sure, uh huh, okay. I’m being silly.
            However, til you prove it, it never happened.
            From the description, sounds like one of those many many beneficial contributions to society that Islam is renowned for.

          • debbie

            He is talking about catholic priests molesting boys…duh. He is making fun of you. Get a clue.

          • Know Really

            Hey debbie. No sh*&, Sherlock. “Happening as we speak” I doubt.
            Next time you want to contribute, make sure it’s worth our time. I’ll cut you some slack since I see this is your very first comment. Hope you improve with time.

          • TTAS
          • TTAS

            Hey, have a ham sandwich on me. No charge.

          • Yo Mamma

            My favorite is Italian sausage, but don’t tell anyone, i am such a sinner :-(

          • landofaahs

            Except that now some of us are save. But we can through the help of the Holy Spirit do the will of our Father in heaven though not perfectly he works it to his perfect will.

          • TTAS


            Your rhetoric doesn’t even come close to what you stone age morons did.

          • landofaahs

            I prefer Jesus’ way. I KNOW that my redeemer lives.

        • cshook123


          • Yo Mamma

            18 comments?? and I get one – thrilled

        • Bill Hunter

          It says EARLY! This is 2014. Wake TF up!

        • Pamela Robison

          This entire article is about how Christians were killed; not how Christians killed others.

          • Yo Mamma

            Um, not really

            “Why Obama’s use of the term ISIL instead of ISIS is actually really important”

        • Susan Tynan

          Hopefully through education and an advanced society People have learned. Many things happened in historys past that do not apply in today’s American Society. That’s why History is so very important.. You learn from mistakes !

        • TTAS

          There you have it! His people are carrying out “mercy killings”!

          He’s happy being back into the stone age.


          Hundreds of millions killed in the name of ALLAH.

        • jesusknight

          These tortures were done TO Christians, not BY Christians.. try again..

        • landofaahs

          Socialist’s like Stalin Mao and Hitler killed about 200 million people. I hope that you paint socialism with the same broad brush for intellectual honesty’s sake.

    • Know Really

      Yo mamma. Having PORK for dinner. Come on over, Muslim. Let’s be friends.

    • Erez T

      Don’t you dare Glenn, we surely don’t want to see you in orange.
      Bad bad idea. Use the net and you’re hear it all without risking your life.

    • Mar

      Editorial… meaning comment after the fact…. Understand who Glenn beck is and what he does… I appreciate Glen for hi research… Glen you’re doing a great job, thank you

    • Bill Hunter

      These Muslims always compare what their idiot brothers are doing now to what Christians did YEARS ago.

    • Bryun

      Please stop lumping all Christians under the flag of those who called themselves Christian for political gain. Just as ISIS does NOT represent all Muslims, the ones you refer to in your “news” about Christian tortures do NOT represent 99.999999999% of Christians or Christian beliefs. It seems you’re selectively quoting to prove a point…whatever that may be.

      • Yo Mamma

        what sect of christian are you? how do we identify you as being different than ‘the other’ christians’? what is your bible made up of? who is your god? do you ever punish heretics? what methods do you use?

    • Dewey

      shut up

    • Erick Robinson

      These arguments saying “If you want so and so to do it, you should do it yourself.” are dumb.

    • Paul_Xavier

      You cite the burnings and atrocities that the church committed. Those were victories, of Satan working within the church. It’s right to hate those things. Do you really believe that is all Christians are. Forget about Christians for a moment. Do you think Jesus would have burned those people. You admit that he was unafraid to enter the temple. You must have read something about him. So forget about Christians for awhile. There is nothing wrong with rejecting Christians. Many of us will be rejected by Christ himself. Many of us do not embrace Jesus, instead we embrace our churches, our religions, or our communities. So let’s forget about Christians. Who is the Man and God, Christ? What do you think of him?

      • Yo Mamma

        “Do you think Jesus would have burned those people?” You ask

        Yes, I say yes indeed

        You know the paragraph about following your man god and burning leaves? Ya?

        Burning leaves burning people whats the difference when it comes to crazy people

  • http://blog.cyberquill.com/ Cyberquill

    Bill Clinton says it all depends on what the definition of the word ISIS is.

    • Sara Ellis

      I wish I thought of this comment. Perfect.

      • OmaJohn

        I immediately wanted to type what Sara said, and then found she said it.

        I’m frustrated, squared.

        I guess if I can’t lead, I’ll follow. Well done, you two.

        • PeacefulEZfeeln

          Just lead from behind. Its the same thing according to this administration.

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          • Walker Johnson

            Use some of that money for a course in English grammar and spelling.

          • LepricahnsGold

            Not to mention punctuation (mainly apostrophes)

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          • singingeva

            I think the nutty grammar and spelling are supposed to be part of the appeal of the ad. You don’t have to have passed third grade to make millions on the internet.

          • Penelope Peace

            so…what were we talking about? A little ADHD?

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          • Marc E.

            Or to lead from behind.

          • Smiki

            then you must be filthy rich.

          • Sandy Carrington

            another moron chimes in…

          • Susan Unger

            I think it’s someone for whom English is a second language.

          • Penelope Peace


          • Sara

            Ha! Right?

          • http://twitter.com/rulken kenneth russell

            Kimberly; try to use a more appropriate place to advertise!

          • Mary

            . . . and to stay out of jail.

          • Charles- Sonny Hampton

            Probably because they don’t really have a good handle on the English language, this person is probably in some 3rd world country and commenting with an alias name, trying to scam some dumb American out of their money.

          • OnePolarBear

            I think gullible is better than dumb. White people in particular are extremely gullible while being quite smart in most things. Their big hearts and optimism plus gullibility, leads to many disasters.

          • Chezza Mp

            Ouch, really Mr PolarBear? & what evidence do you have to support your ‘intelligent’ statement (please note that was sarcasm on my part)

          • OnePolarBear

            Obama, two terms.

          • John Vanzyl

            good luck with that one.

          • zvkk2p

            Grow up!!

          • Tabykatt


          • ronsteward

            “…my friend’s brother…” ? “…uncle’s cousin…” ? Do you really expect me to believe anything you say? This is like the story told by my sister-in-law’s brother’s cousin’s nephew’s sister’s friend said…….lol

          • Daune Brown

            i did not see yours

          • Truthseeker

            Get out of here with that CRAP! Kimberly. You big stupid, if that was real you wouldn’t be out here telling people about it. Does George Soros come out and tell people how to make a whole bunch of money using their laptops? No he does not because that is not how it ;is done. You can’t fool us all Kimberly!

          • Richard

            you realize those messages are written by automated computer robots and not by real humans, and that the real humans are wondering why you are responding to it?

            Its a bit akin to having a conversation with.. i dunno.. a toaster? Its not really going to heed your advice.

          • Conserv8iveWoman

            The marketer has their name so now they can spam them?

          • lol fail

            Hey all sane people talk to their toasters their just not proud of it. You cant say you never asked it why it burnt your toast

          • Penelope Peace

            oh my gosh you guys are too funny.Again, what was the original post we were discussing ?

          • billsv

            Yep, this string of comments lost track a while back.

          • Neal Gaylor

            You mean my toaster hasn’t “really” been answering me???

          • Shawn Van

            No “Ozzy” it hasn’t! LOL

          • Toya

            Really? Awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!

          • Gina Hartsock-Pennington

            Oh Gosh so funny. but I do talk to my laptop and smart phone all the time. Guess why it s so funny to me.

          • Jeffrey Pfaff

            Kimberly is a computer program that randomly puts the same thing up in all these comments to news stories and social media lol

          • Daune Brown

            NOT u or your brother????uncles cousin—-brothers friend —-wow how could we fail????? lol lol

          • Lynne Holt Miller

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          • Ernesto Carlotti

            Why are all of your responding to a spambot? Strange.

          • Linda L Quist-Marks


          • cindy

            Linda, you did not have to watch the advertisement Food4Patriots put out. Neither here nor there, Food4Patriots is offering something to you and you family in case of an emergency, what has our own Government offered you, zero, nothing. Get a clue (: And God Love You.

          • Dylan Fairful

            Unless of course its the littlest toaster he could have a conversation

          • Toya

            More than I would get out my husband anyway and the toaster wouldn’t call me stupid.

          • Emily Wood

            How about you take your spam my post somewhere else, Kimberly Oliver? You’ve been flagged, you troll.

          • Glenn Pearson

            Wow Really? Its so awesome that you would come on this thread and post something completely off topic. It must be true! Where do I sign!?! :)

          • londonwalk

            You sign up at the same place, somewhere in a bank in Nigeria, that is waiting to release your millions once you send them a couple of thousand dollars.

          • RedFaced1

            Go on…..

          • Sandy Carrington

            we really know how you make that money Kimmy…..bad bad

          • pcantidote

            are these the jobs Obama has been promising?

          • craigaaaw

            Are you just trying to change the subject?

          • zvkk2p

            Seriously Kimberly, no one believes you!!! It’s not possible. You are being paid minimum wage to troll these boards and pretend that you People please quit liking these stupid posts!!!

          • Carol

            they’re their there

          • Caroline Mueller- Hurry

            Ouch! Good one PeacefulEZfeeln!!! I couldn’t agree more!

          • Marc E.

            His “leading from behind” statement simply portrays his sodomite tendencies. Watch your backside, unless your name happens to be “Reggie”.

          • http://mackers-world.com/ Macker

            in أوباما’s case, he’s not the Commander-in-Chief, but the Catamite-in-Chief!

          • smokehill

            Considering the super-gay-friendly Obama administration, “lead from behind” is definitely an appropriate term.
            Rather reminds one of the early English monarchs, like Edward II and James I. Both were notorious flamers, giving away lots of lands and titles to their preferred boy-toys. James I was so notorious that Sir Walter Raleigh publicly stated that “King Elizabeth was succeeded by Queen James.”
            Not saying that Fearless Leader is a pillow-biter … but a DNA test on those offspring might well reveal traces of turkey baster.

          • Cookie Vranish

            Now that is funny!!!

          • chopper

            Yeah, he is leading from behind Putin now, and we see who the real leader is!

          • Littleredengine

            He has to lead from behind, that’s where his head is.

        • Goingnowherefst

          that’s what she said….

        • Daune Brown


          • luvcats13

            Get your kid to show you how to turn off the caps lock key.

          • SoTiredOfPolitics

            Possibly he has a vision problem?

          • kdawg81

            Possibly he could make the font on his screen bigger??? Typing in all caps is just obnoxious.

          • Penelope Peace

            LMAO your all adhd !!Look something shiny…

          • BeanerECMO

            I know it’s a joke. And, I laughed. However, ADD, ADHD; we all have it at some level; except that today’s doctors and parents are too willing to prescribe drugs. Have you ever let your mind wander; i.e., lose focus, gather wool, day dream? The parents, doctors and teachers will leap on those occurrences and call it ADD. Then they tell the kid they’re special, and enable the so-called ADD to worsen. And, the kid (as well as the parents, because it provides a false excuse for unacceptable behavior) wears it as a badge of honor, not realizing (as, the doctors, parents and teachers don’t either) that badge is a brand and people will see it as a reason to ‘shun’ that person and not allow them to realize their full potential. This is really off topic – I must have ADD; I lost focus. 😉

          • Penelope Peace

            I’m sorry but you are mis informed about ADHD. I used to feel the same as you till my son started to become uncontrollable, even stabbing me with his pencil, and taking my chair out from under me, He would do before thinking about the consequences. Long story short after researching the problem I discovered something that disturbed me to my very core, the prisons are full of people who have ADHD, untreated. Although my son has not found a medication that doesn’t give him bad side effects he has found relief in knowing what “it” is because he blamed himself and hated being this way. Now he has more confidence at 20 yrs old but sadly has had trouble holding a job because of this problem.

          • BeanerECMO

            No, I’m not misinformed. I had/have ADHD. I never took medication. What I did learn to do was focus and channel, and that’s what I am teaching the kids in an everyday after school program where I tutor in math, government, English (both as first & second language), penmanship (as well as creative writing) & speech therapy (very basic) that is supplemented with a class of Tae Kwon Do afterward. It is discipline and focus. It aided me well through my 70 years. Yes, it’s a young avatar; it was taken after a jungle venture in the 70’s. I had a 26 year career in the Navy; both enlisted (6 years) and commissioned (20 years). It takes dedication on the part of the parent/guardian; but most of all, it takes the child. But id the child doesn’t have the dedication on the part of the parent/guardian, it’s a real challenge for those who have them for 6 hours a day along with 30 other students with varying degrees of ADD/ADHD. And, because they don’t have the time to devote, they send them to the school therapist, who then sends them to an MD and drugs are always prescribed.

          • Mary

            Dad cuffed us upside the head if we started acting up. You learn discipline fast that way.

          • BeanerECMO

            I was lucky it was just a cuff. Neither parent nor teachers believed in “spare the rod, spoil the child.” And, just like a donkey, you focused after that ‘attention’ up side the head.

          • Caroline Mueller- Hurry

            I just want to say thank you for your service to our country

          • Kirk Bianchi

            Please contact me. Perhaps you can help me with my son, 8 years old, adhd… kirk at bianchi design dot com

          • Mary Aldridge

            Back in the 80’s I read a book about ADD and ADHD because my stepson had ADHD, it was written by a Dr I had seen in a talk show. He said that it was caused by all the artificial stuff in our food. It causes a chemical imbalance in their brain. Very informative..I . I don’t use artificial anything and my kids didn’t grow up on it. I put my stepson on a diet and the change was amazing..then his mom would take him and it would start over again..drove me crazy. His dad and I split up and the kid wound up dropping out of school in the 10th grade. Artificial stuff is really bad for people…the Dr also said that the prisons are full of people with ADD and ADHD, and most of the ones he tested had a chemical imbalance

          • Gina Hartsock-Pennington


          • jere Lull

            ADD/ADHD is NO joke and would be no excuse for posting when you have nothing to say

          • BeanerECMO

            Apparently, more than you had to say.

          • herself311

            How about sending Obama to ISIS and we get a new leader that will lead.

          • Jiub

            This argument is tired and goes to show how uninformed you are. Stop being willfully obtuse.

          • Lorne Focht

            Plot Twist- He IS the secret leader of ISIS! He’s just a really smart muslim who got where he is!
            _ –
            O O

          • Toya

            HMMMMMMMMMMM! I believe it.

          • Carol Davenport

            Send his whole Family

        • rjstange

          Brain Williams actually thought of it first.

      • Me Again

        it is funny

      • queensrealm

        me too that was good…

    • Me Again

      Bill Clinton and his old lady are part of this, he was to be the person but was shut down by Gingrich and the Congress during his presidency. Hillary is the same animal as Obama, she will accelerate what Obama has started, that is y Soros is backing Clnton

      • Michael Hammond

        I think you missed the joke … in his questioning on the stand about Monica Lewinski, he asked the lawyer to define the word “is” …. so with “ISIS”, that’s double “is” ….. smh …. some people take jokes too seriously.

        • Grey Winters


          • jennymonroe

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          • Cowboy Merrill


          • herself311

            scam, virus

        • Penelope Peace

          lol or we just put monica behind us.

          • rfrichey

            Behind us? I don’t think that is where Monica operates from.

    • Pam

      The fact that you have 152 up votes is scary.

      • FreedomSpeaks2U

        so you’re scared of funny comments Pam, but not scared of a “records-sealed” Obama-con-artist…? you FOOL

        • Elaine Callahan Corraro

          I distrust a president who seals his records from the American public, then collects info on everybody else in America.

          • Conserv8iveWoman

            What about a “computer crashed” and “there is no back up of the files” administration?

      • Crassus

        The fact that you have three is even scarier.

      • Kelly Layne

        little jealous of your five votes compared to her actual 295 so sorry you kinda look like a pitiful soul like Hillary all though she has no soul

      • Pablo Descartes

        Up to 292 after my vote, you have 5 and i give you a thumbs down.

      • sha44ss

        Pam…one of these days you Libs will find out just WHO the majority really is….WeThePeople who have ‘Integrity’ and play ‘by the books’ have just about had enough with the Corrupt Chicago way! Elliott Ness is about due to show up on the scene and clean HOUSE!

        • Jameson Robey

          “Let’s do some good.” Great movie.

        • Pam

          I took Cyberquill statement at face value. It is pro Clinton as I read it. Me Again didn’t get the sarcasm either. I am very conservative and registered independent. Nothing could make me vote for a Clinton for any reason.

          • Fenrir Gorgyra

            Nothing? At all? Never? Now that’s called closing up shop on your respectability and intelligence

          • Gary Sunderland

            What if your choices were Clinton vs Obama?

          • Pam

            Suicide or have to go mountain survivalist and head out to live with big foot. He is smarter than both of them, he hasn’t been caught.
            All joking aside, I refuse to even consider that option, it would be the end of our world.

          • Pam

            That is a suicide vote.

        • Conserv8iveWoman

          Elliott Ness would have been working FOR the White House.

      • Know Really

        I thought you were an idiot from one of your earlier posts. This one removed the remaining specks of doubt.

        • Pam

          The feeling is mutual. If that comment was meant to be sarcasm you posted it was toooooo subtle to look like anything but a stupid statement. I noticed that Me Again also didn’t get it. I am very conservative and would not vote for a Clinton for any amount of money.

          • Know Really

            Cutting reply. Fantastic.

          • Know Really

            I see you edited your comment, and the additional info gives us common ground on which we agree: regarding not voting for Clinton. Maybe I misread your comment earlier — if so, my bad. No need to make enemies among conservatives.

          • Pam

            I find that happen when I make a statement that is too short.That is why I get into trouble with short post and trying not writing a novel. Peace and we are Patriots and will take this US of A back or die trying.

          • Know Really

            Roger all you said.
            [Now that’s a short comment that we both can feel good about, don’t ya think? :) ]
            see ya later

    • Onisha Ellis

      Old Bill always has a problem with IS

      • Worried

        OL BILL, is a worthless scumbag, adultering, liar

        • George Kenderdine

          Not true! He can be used as a bad example, a very bad one.

          • Paul Townsend

            I’d take him back as the POTUS in a heartbeat . . .

          • http://spsrchaplain.org Ward Clinton

            Well he is better than O; but that is not really saying much.

          • GreatGrandma

            Certainly better that Obama.

          • Conserv8iveWoman

            Michelle Obama – Ken Salazar in 2016?

          • Gary Sunderland

            I would take Ol’ Bill over what we have now in half a heartbeat and I didn’t like Ol’ Bill!

          • h cm sjw

            [Worried] said worthless, not useless… There is a difference, I admire your point. I will not argue that one with you.

          • Conserv8iveWoman

            But he is a SUCCESSFUL bad example. Hard to argue with his bad behavior when the media’s covering for him, he has millions of dollars in the bank, and nobody has held him or Hillary accountable for any of their scandals.

          • herself311

            Same as Obama, Eric Holder, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton and 99.9% Libs/Democrats. Who would be the .1%? Did I just lie?!

        • Richard

          1. Bill was a liberal, but he was not a socialist. Obama is a socialist.

          2. Most liberals cannot tell the difference.

          • hoe

            1. Socialism is a version of capitalism. (Capitalism won remember!?)

            2. Socialism is not Communism.

            3. Most americans cannot tell the difference.

          • hoe

            I live in Sweden, so it’s an insult to my intelligence to call Obama a socialist.

          • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

            Obama is not a socialist. He is a Marxist. Marxism is a method, not a form of government. They haven’t a clue how to govern except by shooting their opponents.

          • hoe

            I don’t remember him shooting McCain, was that really how he got to be POTUS?

          • Guest

            For serious though, you have a case of diarrhoea of the mouth. You should check yourself.

          • hoe

            For serious though, you seem to have a case called diarrhoea of the mouth, you should get that checked.

          • Conserv8iveWoman

            Diarrhea of the KEYBOARD. They aren’t speaking (unless they are the kind of people who talk as they type – lol).

          • JoAnn Smith

            You can’t spell either!!! It’s Diarrhea moron!!! Check that!!!

          • hoe

            Calm down smarty pants, you can write it both ways…

          • Gary Sunderland

            Hoe, you seem to have some cute little quips for insults but apparently not much gray matter between your ears.

          • Conserv8iveWoman

            Pres. Obama got to be President by raising a over $1,000,000,000 from “poor” voters (when you combine both his presidential campaigns). Right?
            The democrats and liberal media excoriated George W. Bush for raising one-tenth of that amount.

          • johnny

            No he did that by lying to everyone

          • Gary Sunderland

            He won over McCain by avoiding discussion of issues and creating a dream of “Hope and Change” which each individual created I their own minds and thought THEY knew what the dream was. By doing this Obama was able to become everything to everyone, (by everyone I am referring to the liberal blind sheep), and while everyone that voted for him thought that they knew what the dream was based on their own thoughts and beliefs nobody had a clue what would actually happen. That is how I see his first term nomination but for the life of me I can’t understand how he got REELECTED!!!!! Americans have got to start digging for the truth before the cast their votes or this nation will come to an end! Remember the Roman Empire?

          • Richard

            I can tell you are a common internet troll from looking at your post history, but humor me. How is socialism a version of capitalism, and not a form of communism (it seems to me the consensus is communism is an extreme form of socialism)? More importantly, can you give me a credible list of people who support your definition. Anyone really. That whole idea blew my mind, but doing all sorts of searches, and I can not find one supporting argument on the entire world wide web, and nothing in history to support it.

            Now why I would call Bill a liberal and Obama a socialist? Bill did lots of things to help the poor, wealth redistribution in the form of earned income tax credits and the like. He supported equality of opportunity to its peak.

            Obama and cronies do not support equality of opportunity, but instead equality of outcomes. This is one of the core ideological differences between socialism and capitalism.

          • Richard

            Actually I retract that statement. I suppose that would make Obama more communist then socialist. I should have been more careful with that verbiage.

            That being said, I still completely disagree that socialism is a form of capitalism, or even closer to capitalism then communism. And would like to see evidence otherwise.

          • hoe


          • Conserv8iveWoman

            Problem is that Capitalism may have won the rounds, but the war is being won by billionaire Socialists/Communists.

          • hoe

            You are good at exposing why it is impossible to hold a credible debate with you. I don’t expect you to understand, but billionaire socialist/communist is a nonsensical claim. It’s down write contradictory.

          • Penelope Peace

            enough to know that we don’t want either.

          • hoe

            Actually most of you have no clue as to what socialism entails. That word has been demonised and misused to the point where it makes sense to think of it as capitalism. Our taxes can be high, but american taxes are not far behind. In return, we have a much better functioning infrastructure. I find it amusing that your newest technologies function better here.

          • herself311

            Obama is a Muslim Period. Remember Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood? They are in the White House under various names. One such name is CAIR. Go to their website, they are sickening. Lying is part of Jihad.

          • hoe

            LOL, Can you guys please vary your news sources just a little. You do realise we are commenting on a propaganda website, right? With the ignorance you guys are spewing out it is no wonder your government does what it wants, when it wants. As long as you guys are outraged by pseudo news the real problems just fly under the radar…

          • Sylvia Fritz Waters

            In the 1990s Swedes began to realize what
            socialism and statism were doing to the quality of life in their
            country. As a result, they elected Sweden’s first conservative
            government since the end of World War II. Knowing precisely what needed
            to be done to pull their nation back from the abyss of economic ruin,
            Sweden’s new conservative government quickly went to work cutting taxes
            on businesses and individuals. Things began to change for the better
            almost immediately.

            Sweden has not yet weaned itself
            completely from socialism, but it has made excellent progress.
            Socio-economic change is difficult in a democracy. It typically happens
            in fits and starts, but as Sweden has shown, it can happen. No more of your BS, Mr. hoe.
            Read more at http://patriotupdate.com/articles/sweden-leads-way-dumping-socialism/Read more at http://patriotupdate.com/articles/sweden-leads-way-dumping-socialism/

        • Ralph

          who presided over the greatest economic expansion since the end of the Second World War. What a socialist

    • masseur1950

      FUNNY. So much, in fact, it makes me cry.

      • Kathy Moore

        Well when the president says it, sounds like he is saying”assholes” so he may continue to call them that

    • Rico Ray

      ISIS = Intelligence Secret Israeli Service

      • Ilanis Gran Tourino

        Yo Rico, you funny guy! an idiot too!

    • Richard K. Wendt

      This from a man who can’t define the word “IS”!

      • madame medusa

        is u is or is u aint my baby ????? lol

        • Conserv8iveWoman

          A “Tom & Jerry” quotation is perfect! 😛

    • Damon Norton

      That’s funny

    • Lynne Holt Miller

      Who cares what Bill Clinton says??

    • matthew kish

      Toooo funny …..is is

    • Alan Schriver

      LOL COngrats, that comment has won you teh interwebz.

    • Rick Leonardi

      More war mongering and FAKE threats from the military industrial complex. YAWN!

    • Kris Kiley


    • Shane

      Atta boy, but complain when we bring up Bush. Republicunts are nothing more than domestic terrorists. Cowards.

    • GalfromBrooklyn

      and Bill also said “I did not have sex with that woman”. His definitions are twisted to say the least.

    • Wm Reed

      If Reagan were President right now, ISIS would be WasWas

    • Toya

      HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!!!! Great one!

    • Steven Verdekel

      This has to be THE BEST comment ever left on a message thread in 20 years.

    • Matthew Boyer

      you win the internet my friend! hahahahaha

    • dorkydan

      FUNNY!! (Kinda!)

    • Joed

      LOL very funny Cberquill

    • http://mackers-world.com/ Macker

      …all the while getting what he does NOT consider as sex…from the bimbo of the week!

    • queensrealm

      Right on….good show.

    • Kerry Dixon

      He just told you the technological terminology behind the Acronym. Can’t change that is what ISIS and ISIL stand for. And those are not word word. They are symbolic acronymns that stand for a greater meaning.

  • PaC SGM (R)

    I don’t give a damn what we call them so long as it if followed by dead. We need to be dumping these assclowns in the dirt by the truck loads.

    • James Mcconnon

      Good one!

    • Logan McNeil

      These things are cockroaches. They thrive on death and decay. There is only one way to deal with cockroaches. Kill them all then clean up the environment that allowed them to flourish. That’s it. You don’t “degrade” them. They come back. You don’t push them back. They return. If you don’t kill them all, they breed and return. If you don’t clean up where they flourish, others will inhabit it and the problem returns. There is no place for cockroaches on the world’s stage. They must be annihilated and and sanitized.

      • OmaJohn

        Important to note that right now, those cockroaches are doing the annihilating, and they’re setting up more and more land — not just where we’re looking, in Iraq/Syria, but across the world — for the propagation of their ideals through brutality.

        This is not a fight against ‘a terrorist group’. This is an ideological war for every huamn being, every soul on this planet.

        • DirtyWhiteBoy8

          That’s because we ain’t played cowboys and cockroaches yet

          • Deeser

            love the humor in that..but it’s all too true! YEEHAW, those boots are made for stompin’ and that’s just what they’ll do :)

          • Diana Kerr

            Obama and his legion of leftists want to stamp a “protected species” label on the cockroaches.

        • chiafuliom

          They’ve got some of our armored vehicles and weapons that we left for the Iraq military we trained for years. Dumb. They have claimed thousands of miles of empty desert as their new kingdom. Ooooooh, scary! These guys are a joke. They can’t even beat the kurds. Exaggerated threat to keep the military complex chugging along. Don’t be duped.

          • Walt

            Seems I heard talk like this about a group called Al Qaeda. That talk ended pretty quickly on 9-11. I spent 27 years in uniform, including multiple tours to Iraq and Afghanistan and other places you would not have even heard of. There is only one way to win the heart and mind of a Salafist–two the chest and one in the head. Not all Moslems are bad. I do have Moslem friends. However, Salafists must be destroyed. The person who reckoned him like cockroaches is not far off. Leave them alone and they will multiply and spread. Let there be no doubt, ISIS, ISIL or whatever else you want to call them are Salafist and have no desire for peaceful coexistence.

        • Darby

          Yes! America has to confront the fact that this is a war against a religion Hate that all you want (I hate it) but that is the real truth of it. Do a study of the first 200 or so years of Islam, its beginnings and you begin to understand what everyone is too terrified to say. Wish it weren’t so!

      • Yo Mamma

        “They thrive on death and decay.” Are you referring to the wake of destruction following the Bush family?

        • Orion Johnson

          There’s always the one Bush guy

          • James

            Why hasn’t anyone realized that both parties have nearly exact foreign policies? Don’t people realize that the elitists meet up in either Yale or Harvard while they’re in college, have their little fraternity (secret society) meetings and the elders in that meeting decide who they will push to be their next political spokesman? There is a reason every president since Reagan went to either Harvard or Yale. If you want a good president, who isn’t only about corporate greed and world domination, vote for someone who didn’t go to either college, like Rand Paul come next election.

          • Jeremy Waugh

            rand paul will not become president for that very reason. wish it could happen though

          • Conserv8iveWoman

            I want Rand Paul to quit the Presidential race and focus on getting re-elected to the Senate in 2016! We need Paul in the US Senate!

          • Simkovich Chuckie

            James, you`re correct to a point but actually it goes a bit deeper. Like the idiom says, “politics makes strange bedfellows”, check out just a taste of who`s sleeping with whom at in politics and corporate America http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Members_of_the_Council_on_Foreign_Relations and read this http://whale.to/b/allen_b1.html#chapter3, if you have the time.

          • Conserv8iveWoman

            You men are always thinking about bush.

          • Gary Sunderland

            And what’s wrong with that?

        • Jeremy Richards

          What in the world are you referring to? Are you stoned on drugs or something. The only death and destruction the Bush family caused was to enemies of the United States of America. If you’re sympathetic to the enemies of the United States of America, then stand up and say so.

          • Yo Mamma

            Panamanians, enemies? Start there, it was a warm up of things to come

          • Jeremy Richards

            I didn’t realize that communists had a file on the atrocities the Bush family committed against Panamanians. Even the liberal media missed that one. Go smoke a doobie and tell us all about it.

          • Yo Mamma

            Yeah I know, truth sure hurts don’t it

          • FreedomSpeaks2U

            Yo Mamma = Dumbass Democ RAT = Guardians of LIES

          • SocialistsCommunistsLoveSharia

            They are Dumocrats

          • http://spsrchaplain.org Ward Clinton

            Please forgive me for correcting your spelling, “Demon RAT” is the accurate spelling.

          • Conserv8iveWoman

            Are you saying Yo Mamma is soooooo stupid, they lost their job alphabetizing the M&M’s at the candy factory?

          • $121329753

            What the hell does a liberal know about the truth? The party of Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid.

          • Roger Buck

            And just exactly what is the truth genius?

          • Gary Sunderland

            Yo Momma, you wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and introduced itself!

          • TTAS

            Noriega was attacking American citizens. It really got warm for him, didn’t it?

          • FreedomSpeaks2U

            Yo Mamma = Dumbass Democ RAT = Felon in Waiting

          • Roger Buck

            Why did Panama interrupt your drug supply or something?

          • Conserv8iveWoman

            If you are talking about Noriega and the South American drug cartels, yep. Dem be enemies too.

          • Elizabeth Mazzone

            Perfect reply you, Jeremy Richards are exactly right.

        • Shawn Cameron

          These people only speak in the language of savagery. The only way to deal with them is to show them a new meaning to that word. Blackjack Pershing style. Though that story cannot be 100% confirmed.

        • lk

          Yea. Bush and the sauldies

          • FreedomSpeaks2U

            Ik & Yo Mamma = Dumbass Democ RATS = $hit for Brains Idiots

        • zombieco

          Pst Bush has been gone 7 years now dumbass. This is Obamas problem and by proxy ours. Maybe you would like to keep blaming Bush right up till ISIS hits our borders walks right up to your house and takes your head.

          • Cliff Webb

            ISIL is comprised mostly of European ZioNazi’s. Mossad runs that whole cock-up…

          • Ilanis Gran Tourino

            correction, you have one massive cock-up your….

          • AllLibsLie

            They’d have to first extract it from his rectum.

          • Yo Mamma

            The wake will take generations to pass. Only now are you experiencing the blow-back on the Bush war mongering years. I know its a tough pill to swallow, but hey Halliburton execs got rich

          • Raniz Murjuri

            That made no sense.. since our southern waters got polluted in 2010 by Halliburton and we sued the crap outta both BP and Halliburton. They are still tying all the money up in lawsuits so they don’t go broke.

          • Roger Buck

            If you actually knew what the hell you were talking about it would be a damn miracle. Halliburton was the only corporation that had the ability to meet the performance requirements of the contract. It wasn’t some sort of little deal about making cheeseburger and such. Do some research and quit reading those old talking points. There weren’t worth a crap then, and sure as hell not now. So how about that truth hurting now?

          • Gary Sunderland

            OMG, you dems have the art of rhetoric and propaganda down. I just pray that you would look at the REAL TRUTH and not what the liberal media feeds us with a clear and open mind and NO preconceived notions, then come back and tell us what you think.

        • Erick Robinson

          Still blaming Bush? You realize that this conflagration began under Carter, right?

          • Yo Mamma

            I like carter

          • Matthew Way

            I’m sorry…. Carter was one of our worst presidents to date

          • blackbelt_3

            Yeah – the only one worse now goes by the B. Hussein 0bama. He used to be Barry Soetoro.

          • Yo Mamma

            I like peanuts and peanut butter. Why do I need read into anything deeper than that

          • Chris Whitley


          • Yo Mamma


          • FreedomSpeaks2U

            Yo Mamma =Dumbass Democ RAT = Career Welfare Recipient

        • Kevin R

          Funny, I don’t recall the Bush family beheading children…

          • Yo Mamma

            But they did take over a country

            Now if ISIS takes over America, will you still complain about a few beheadings, killings done quickly and not like the christians tortured people to a slow death

            If I were a citizen in America, I would rather be dominated by ISIS than the Vatican and their modes of torture – I gave Carol Wasmuth a long and detailed answer, just hope the GB police didn’t erase it

          • Pam

            You have no idea how difficult it is to detach a human head and have not seen it done by these animals. There is nothing quick about it. They use a hunting knife and it takes a while. I have seen many things that have happened to the human body but I could only stomach one and part of another death before I had to stop watching.

          • Yo Mamma

            I think it would be best to petition that they use a machete or sword in any future beheadings. I know a pen knife is not a good idea to facilitate a very quick death

          • Pam

            If it has to be a beheading, the French had it right. They need to be introduced to the Guillotine and taught how to sharpen it.
            I really think they get off on making it slow and monstrous.

          • smokehill2

            I’ve seen a couple of them. These Muslim degenerates are too dumb and incompetent to even clean a fish, so their beheadings are beyond gross.

            They appear to be using cheap military-style knives that aren’t even sharp — probably the unspeakably cheap junk made in Pakistan and sold on eBay for a couple of bucks apiece. You know, the ones where the handle comes off if you try to push the blade through anything harder than Jell-O.

            These mighty Warriors of Allah don’t even know enough to sharpen a blade, or buy a decent one to begin with. It’s probably why no Muslim country has won a war against another country in many, many centuries — unless it was against an even more degenerate Muslim country.

            One can only surmise that their firearms and military leadership skills are on a par with their skill with knives.

          • Pam

            Well thank you for getting my point. I just had someone call me everything but a human. I was beginning to wonder what I had put in writing that was so grossly misunderstood . Since you have replied to what I thought I wrote, I am now convinced that other person must have been off his meds. Thanks.

          • ObamaisntBlack

            I’ve seen dozens. Are you saying they don’t happen? You are a hopeless and worthless waste of oxygen. Liberalism is absolutely a mental disorder – a disassociative mental disorder. It allows the stupid sheep to disconnect there utopian world view from any and all facts of reality and evidence.

          • Pam

            What are you talking about? Of course they happen if you are talking about these animals hacking off peoples heads. I was merely saying that dismembering people is not quick. I am a staunch conservative and registered independent. What you think your read in my statement you badly missed my point. That point was that the way they did it was barbaric and a slow horrible death. I have no idea what you are ranting at me about.

          • Christopher Richey

            “If I were a citizen in America…”

            So, what you are saying is, that you have no idea what you are talking about that’s going on here, right?

          • Yo Mamma

            I’m guessing

          • Manuel Torres

            i’d rather be dominated by none. Bush was sitting in a classroom full of little kiddies when the cockroaches came out of their little roach motel and poked the baddest nastiest most patriotic men and women to ever walk the earth. We will not rest until each and everyone of them is, Adios Goodbye!

          • silah

            Yeah, watch that video again where the children recite the
            words “HIT” “STEEL” “PLANE” “MUST” and the teacher keeps saying ‘Get ready’. Then they read ‘The Pet Goat’ while Bush holds his book upside down…

          • Dean Ace Thomas

            LMAO, are you really stupid enough to think that wasn’t edited? Sadly, I think you probably are……

          • Yo Mamma

            I thought it was Bush that paid those guys in flight school. He is a pilot himself you know

          • Tom Thome

            You are just plain stupid arn’t you? Stick to your own Corrupt country.

          • Jeremy Waugh

            its only going to get worse I am afraid isis is going to be our Babylon. if we would only repent and cry out to GOD HE might hear our cry and come to our rescue

          • Yo Mamma

            There is a big bed Jeremy.

            We have all slept in it.

            Too late to be crying over it now

          • Watch it

            Did Bush, or anyone else at the time know what they would do with their flight school education? No. But now we do, and Obama does, and he is lifting the ban that prevented them from coming here to flight school to get their pilots license. So who is the bigger dope? Obama, and if you can’t understand that, you are right up there with him..

          • Yo Mamma

            Check who paid their bill and it wasn’t clinton, lol

          • Watch it

            LOL is on you !

            Bush didn’t pay their flight training bill. Where did you get that hair-brained idea? They went through flight training when Clinton was in office. LMAO!

            The F.B.I. was aware during Clinton’s term that Osama bin Laden and his terrorist network were training pilots in the United States and elsewhere around the world. I guess Bill was too tangled up in blue dresses to bother with it.

            You troll around here making stupid off the cuff comments with no knowledge about what you are posting.

          • FreedomSpeaks2U

            Yo Mamma = Dumbass Democ RAT = Maggot with a Mouth

          • Christina

            President Bush was not perfect, but at least we knew he loved our country enough to defend it. The same cannot be said for Obama.

          • Yo Mamma

            You just hate blacks, but he’s not even black

            You have seriously worn him out. I thinks he’s glad to get the heck out of politics – You deserve someone more radical to make some new MAJOR war to help the economy. Its a grand idea

          • Christina

            Actually, your comment proves how ridiculous it is to call someone racist for criticizing Obama. Is it really so hard to believe that someone would not agree with the way he has handled the border, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Obama care, the Military, Veterans, ISIS, etc.

          • Carol Wasmuth

            You are such an atheist..however we don’t worry about that..we know God doesn’t sleep..He’s keeping such an eye on you..what are you going to do next? Who are you going to condemn next? You sure hate christians for whatever reason..I really think you are more talk than action..maybe God will give you a second chance..I sure hope so and I hope you take advantage of it..if not..well..won’t be fun where you’re going

          • Yo Mamma

            Carol, let me set you straight, I feel obligated

            #1 You have every right to think me whatever religion, it matters not to me your opinion

            #2 God Creator is not a HE or a HIM this is why I try not to use as such like you do

            #3 I do not hate or condemn. As does God Creator. I am merely a messenger of said

            #4 IF you’ve read my many replies on this, HELL is a christian idea born out of frustration in not seeing the ungodly PUNISHED WHILE ALIVE.

            So they asked, dear spiritual leader: Why do not the ungoldy be punished while alive?

            And the leader said: Duh


            LoL, having a lack of faith in God Creator plays tricks on the mind of the infertile

          • http://spsrchaplain.org Ward Clinton

            You are seriously mistaken.

          • Yo Mamma

            Nice elaborate, to the point, informed reply. But it sure won’t help ya

          • Carol Wasmuth

            “and HIS name will be called Jesus”..that is a He..and I do believe that living on this earth is a look into hell..no one gets out of here without living in adversity..it’s it’s own form of punishment..We are sent here to live through the rough times so we can cleanse ourselves to prepare for a better place. We live here to learn from life’s lessons.. I know not who has a lack of faith in God..I certainly have a lot of faith..It’s what gets me through every day on this earth..

          • Yo Mamma

            While you’re about doing your life Carol, get rid of that Torah in front of your christian bible. Its not your inheritance and its stolen property

          • Carol Wasmuth

            I have no earthly idea what you are referring to..I live my life according to the Bible..the real word of Christ. Whatever is in the Torah is your belief..I don’t condemn you for your beliefs..if you don’t like what I believe in, it’s ok to agree to disagree..I totally disagree with you and that my friend is my privilege!

          • Yo Mamma

            Its not your privilege to have the sacred holy text, the ETERNAL inheritance of the Hebrew Priests, stuck to the front of your gospels. That dearest is called theft.

          • Gayla Burris

            Are you going to start this again?? I told you once that what is given cannot be stolen. And you need to get your history straight before you continue making comments that make you appear to be a fool. You are an ignorant troll that has nothing better to do than sit around and complain that the Torah was stolen from you. By your own admission even YOU don’t have the right to see it. Like I said before if what you say is true you shouldn’t even be talking about it, let alone put it out there for all to see. Others here may not know what I am referring to but you know. You know what I said then, it still stands! And you are still an ignorant child!

          • Yo Mamma


          • Gayla Burris

            Really? What am I lying about?

          • Roger Buck

            Actually, I think it would be a great idea for you to go over there and expose yourself to ISIS rather than the Vatican. You are such a troll I think it would be better to no longer respond to your writings. It’s all a big BS story anyway. And btw, this had to be one of the most stupid comments you have put on here recently!

          • Yo Mamma

            Thanks for your support

          • Yo Mamma

            No need when your terrorize an entire country

            You should come to terms with your own demons

        • FreedomSpeaks2U

          Yo Mamma = Dumbass Democ RAT = Scum of the Earth

          • Yo Mamma

            No wonder a democrat is president with republican diehard’s like this fool

          • FreedomSpeaks2U


          • Yo Mamma

            You will have to become more credible and less dependent on WARS to fix your trickle down down down down economy, under republican rule

          • Raniz Murjuri

            Wait a minute….. The guy that did 2 decapitations already was from GB. and you pick on the Americans for their choice in Presidents.. Actually it was Clinton who Started Trickle Down Economy. Man your lousy at this foreign country history.

          • Yo Mamma

            Trickle Down Economy is Regan. The only thing I like him for was affectionately calling Mandela a terrorist, which he was

        • $121329753

          Do you know how many humans Democrat women have killed, try 50 million!! To lazy to close there legs!!

        • G….h.i

          Leave it to a typical liberal to make Bush out to be worse than IsIs or Al Qaeda. Bush is Hitler reincarnated.
          Bush is Satan himself or Bush put us up to about twenty trillion into debt.

          Let’s look at here and now ok.

        • Pablo Descartes

          it’s a shame yo momma’s low iq was passed on to you.

        • Yourhuckleberry

          And who followed the Bush family? Obama the Muslim.

        • Yourhuckleberry

          It’s been over 6 years since Bush left office. Since then Big Zero has sent troops to 8 or 9 countries, financed the MUSLIM BROHOOD to fight our troops. He has allowed thousands of deaths by his Muslim Brohood and you want to blame All that on Bush? You should change yo handle to One Cell

          • Yo Mamma

            I know, it just blows being a taxpayer

        • Tom Thome

          Really Yo, Its still Bushes Fault? Time for a new excuse for your LAME ASS Pres.

          • Yo Mamma

            So you think just because they LEFT OFFICE that the sons and daughters of the fathers and mothers MURDERED for oil are not a tad angry NOW?

            You are a silly one

        • Roger Buck

          Always someone has to go back to the old standard. Your inability to come up with an original thought kind of makes you irrelevant!

          • Yo Mamma

            Hey, I didn’t go all the way back to who killed J



      • Graywolf12

        They are a cancer on humanity. As long as ONE cell (person) lives it will grow and hit us again.

        • Guest

          Yep, bring up Bush because you can’t produce an original argument. Sorry, your post renders you opinion useless!

          • Graywolf12

            Where do you see “Bush” in my comment???

          • Gary Sunderland

            He’s just like a lot of other libs that “add” what they want so they can try to make you look like something you’re not. He was stupid to do so though because this is a printed conversation not a verbal one that a person can confuse.

          • Marjorie Lee Peterson

            Just where did Greywolf12 say anything about Bush in that post? All I see there is the truth. Bush isn’t mentioned once.

        • Conserv8iveWoman

          Who is funding them? Cut off the funding and the ISIS dies. My guess….. Putin, Qatar, Turkey, or Saudi Arabia.

          • ramv36

            “Who is funding them?”

            Your tax dollars. Always has been. The fastest way to eliminate ISIS or ISIL is to make the CIA stop signing their payroll checks and have the USAF stop airdropping them weapons and supplies.

      • Elaine Callahan Corraro

        Obama’s plan is to “manage” them.

      • Eagle Fly

        who created the cockroaches, it is comical that the ones who created the cockroaches try to clean their mess

      • Mr Bush

        Heil Hitler!!! just kidding. History has already dictated that the method you are proposing doesn’t work

    • Paul_Xavier

      If we are Christians we’re required to love our enemies. These are dangerous people, but they are also desperate and misinformed people. Jesus told us that we must love our enemies. Any death of an enemy must at least be regrettable. Satan convinces us that we are enemies. Any victory that Satan can rejoice in is a hollow one. Getting a Christian to speak of life without value is a victory for him. He can say that we are the same. Preaching peace, and seeking blood. That is the progressives true message. They plan on condemning Muslims, Jews, and Christians, and raising atheism, as the new standard. Muslims are making themselves useful in this goal. That’s why there is so much atheist support for them. Let’s not follow their lead. Let’s have a true compassion, instead of simple hatred. That is the appeal of hatred. There’s not as much soul searching involved in it. It seems simpler to hate, than answer the questions that compassion would impose on us.

      • donewithidiots

        Okay why don’t you grab a camera crew, go to Iraq and tell them you want to love them, hold them and tell them everything will be okay. I want to see how far that gets you. When your head gets lopped off,well, at least you loved them =)

        • ramv36

          That’s kind of exactly what VICE News did, and their reward was some great footage and interviews, plus a multi-billion dollar buy out acquisition by Viacom.

          If anything, The Blaze should be doing exactly what you suggest, go talk to real people there. generate some buzz, and pull in that 9-figure investment capital that will allow them to take the GB media to the next level.

          It’s how every other legitimate media empire earned their stripes. Remember CNN reporting live from Baghdad in 1991 while Us laser-guided bombs and cruise missiles were raining down next to their hotel all night?

      • Pam

        Wow, you must have a different Bible than mine. I do love and forgive my enemies. But I missed the part that tells us to bare our throats to murderers and blasphemers of the one true God.

        • Paul_Xavier

          Don’t remember saying we should let them kill us. Said their deaths should be regrettable, not consider them worthless. I don’t plan on letting anyone kill me. But since Jesus commanded us to love our enemies, So I can’t call them cockroaches. I don’t want my obedience to be limited by my understanding. I don’t want to let evil have it’s way with the world either. Christians are being massacred in droves in the middle east. What do these people have to say about it? They say the same things I have just said. Through their obedience to Christ they have converted heartless bloodthirsty enemies to Christianity, with the help of God. Some of the most ambitious proselytizers in The middle east today are not only former Muslims, but also former killers of Christians. The Voice of the Martyrs has examples of such people. It chronicles the few victories, and many casualties around the world. People who live and die for Christ. We must not dismiss the word of Jesus so easily, with or without example.

          • Pam

            I never dismissed the word of Jesus. Jesus also said that he came to fulfill not to change the word of God not one jot or tittle. Any death is regrettable. A lot of times I do not agree with the words used by everyone either. But that to me is between them and God. The way of life of these people are on a level of Baal. It will never be wiped out or killed by man, that is Gods job. In fact this is prophecy and I personally believe the last chapter has began. It is up to God as to how long it lasts and when it will end. All humanity can do is try and contain it.
            I just do not believe in passive resistance to evil, and this is evil incarnate. Daniel stated in Book 2 verse 37 through 44, there will be no one rule in the world except the one that Gods sets up. If you believe that Jesus was passive then remember his outrage and actions at the Temple toward the vendors. That was and offense to his Father and he took action. Islam is and offense too and not on a level of your neighbor committing a offense against you. That is the turn the other cheek scenario to me, no more eye for eye.

          • http://spsrchaplain.org Ward Clinton

            Jesus also told His followers that if they had an extra cloak to sell it and purchase a [weapon] sword.

          • BrofessorJ

            He also told Peter that those who live by the sword die by the sword. After Peter defended Jesus with the sword you never hear of another of the 12 disciples of Christ ever picking up a weapon to defend themselves again. In fact, every one of them was martyred for their beliefs save John who died in exile on the island of Patmos. Jesus himself refused to raise a hand or call the legions of angles to kill his enemies. The book of Revelation makes it very very clear that in the end millions of Christians will die for their faith. If we follow Christ’s example, that death won’t happen in the midst of killing our persecutors. I for one plan on following the example of Christ; if I die it will be preaching grace and forgiveness, not death.

          • Pam

            I have no idea what the subject was since it was 5 months ago.

          • Pam

            Yes , Christians will be martyred for not denying their faith. What is your point? You must have missed Jesus rage at the temple and the money changers. If I am behead as a prisoner of ISIS so will I. We are not advocating revenge here. There is no place that Jesus said sit down and be slaughtered or don’t defend innocent people. Yes those that live by the sword, warmongers that wage for personal gain, not defenders of the innocent. Christ offered no resistance because that was his mission. He prayed all night for this cup to pass from him. But it could not and fulfill prophecy. Jesus life was a plan for the redemption of man who could not fulfill the demands of the Ten Commandments. His blood had to be spilled to cover our sins.
            There is no condemnation in the New Testament for Civil Governments to wage war. There is a distinction between murder that springs from hatred from the heart of man against his fellow man. It is recognized that killing for defense is allowed.
            If your next point is that is what Islam is claiming. Well , they do not know the one true God. They are doing it because Mohammed commanded it. Calling something God does not make it so.

          • BrofessorJ

            I agree 100%, if war is your vocation. But even war justified in the name of the Bible is completly against what Christ taught. Peter was defending Jesus, who was an innocent man – and Jesus still said those who live by the sword die by it. Simply said, those who live a realm of violence will die in that realm. You can take this as philosophically or litterally as you want. I am not against war in general – I think that it is absolutely necessary, but from a political perspective, not a religious one. Remember that Christ died for the sins of every man, and all that they need to do is recognize Christ as the only way to the Father and repent and they’re saved. Christs grace extends even to terrorists and murders. I don’t understand your hostility towards me, though. Division is not of Christ and I’m not saying anything unbiblical so let’s not be hostile.

          • Pam

            Clearly, the Christian ideal is total elimination of war, and brotherly love among all people. However in this imperfect World , war maybe forced on those who do not desire it. Christian theologians St.Augustine Hippo (354-430) and St Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) are primarily responsible for formulating the theory of the – Just War- which has remained the majority Christian approach to war to this day. There are many variations. But these are the basics:
            There must be a just cause for the war.
            War must be waged only in response to certain grave and lasting damage inflicted by an aggressor.
            The motive for war must be advancement of good or avoidance of evil.
            The ultimate object of war must be to bring peace. Revenge, revolt,a desire to harm, dominate, or exploit and similar things are not justification for war.
            Every possible means of peacefully settling the conflict must be exhausted first. There must be serious prospect of success; bloodshed without hope of victory cannot be justified. The war must be declared by a legitimate authority. Private individuals or groups should seek redress of their rights through their governments, not by acts of war. The war must not cause a greater evil than the evil to be eliminated. Non combatants ( civilians) must not be intentionally harmed. Prisoners and conquered peoples must be treated justly.
            Despite the immense evil of war Jesus said it is inevitable that wars will continue until he returns , Mark( 13:7-8) and he did not oppose earthly governments or their rights to maintain armies, Matthew (8:5-10)
            Other New Testament passages accept the necessity of maintaining armies and the worthiness of military occupations. Luke (3:14) Acts(10:1-6).
            I did not mean to attack you, but I do have a habit of being plain spoken. We can carry on with this because you are a Christian Pacifist and will quote your own passages. This is a matter of free will and choice. I have stated my stance and belief. You have stated yours. That does not mean that either is wrong. God is leading me in the path that he has chosen for me and you in the path that is chosen for you. You may choose to rebut this but my belief will not waiver as yours will not. I think we should agree to disagree.

          • Stoptheblather

            You’ve it right, Paul! Thanks for standing strong and sharing your faith. God bless.

          • Paul_Xavier


      • Anne Rose

        If the Hebrews had obeyed YHWH after crossing the Jordan, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. He knew who these people were back then and what they would continue to be now.

        • Greg Tucker

          Anne, we could also say that if Abraham and Sarah had fully trusted God and waited on the promised child Isaac instead of taking matters in their own hands (Sarah giving Hagar her handmaiden to Abraham) then we also wouldn’t be having this discussion. Ishmael, the child resulting from that union, is the father of the Arabic nations. So, we have several faulty choices that went into this conflict. Goes to show you what we as modern Christians should learn from our own bad decisions doesn’t it?

      • FreedomSpeaks2U

        Paul_Xavier , this is NOT the time or place to preach mis-informed blather to aid the enemy of Freedom. Defending the oppressed and helpless by removing EVIL is not a crime in any religion. Try reasoning with ISIS EVIL and you’re likely to get killed…..

      • cheveldi

        Okay, love the main point of this. We are being myopic, misinformed, and misled if we think this is a Muslim problem.
        However, let’s not let our love of our enemies allow our children to lie dead in the streets. Whether it is by an Islamic State or our own corrupt government.

        • Paul_Xavier

          Have never suggested allowing Muslims to have their way with anyone or anything. Have never suggested that we shouldn’t protect ourselves from them. You should also know that there are so many Christians, there who are dying in the first place, is because Christians have done exactly what Jesus has told them to do. I cannot tell someone to walk the streets of Iraq or Iran proselytizing for Christ, but Christians and former Muslims do. I could not tell someone to spend time in an Pakistani prison await death, and to still tell her captors that she loves them, but Asia Bibi former Muslim does. I can’t tell some one to walk out on a battlefield against an army, and go armed with nothing but the word of God and love, But God does asks them to do this. And he has victories through them. When I see that people who are willing to die, or spend years in torture, and lose the lives of their families for Jesus. When these people are Muslims who upon hearing the word of God fling their lives away into tragedies that we shudder in contemplating. These people are being called cockroaches, fit for extermination right along with the rest. After all how will we discern the undercover martyr, from the soulless. People were converting to Christianity in the Middle East, as fast as they are falling away from it here. Christian books were being sold in Iran, and people were converting in thousands. All because people who believed we should love our enemy brought the word to them. Where is our tactical advantage from this? There is none. The victories are being measured in martyrdom and saved souls. This is more victory than we have had, because these witnesses are more obedient than we are. And many of these “cockroaches” are people who already have Jesus in their hearts, but have not been shown who he is. Instead they can come here and see the words of Christians calling for their blood, just as Muslims call for ours. Don’t live by your own understanding, be obedient to God especially when we do not understand what he is doing.

          • CptNerd

            The people being called “cockroaches” are the ones who have rejected, and repudiate verbally and by their actions, the words of Jesus. The “cockroaches” are the ones who look at children of “infidels” and see nothing, and have no compunction about killing them. The “cockroaches” are the ones who, given the choice, and having heard the Word, harden their hearts against the Word and act in all ways to prevent the Word from reaching anyone else, if it means killing all who believe the Word.

          • Paul_Xavier

            There is at least one man among them who was such a killer, and is now proselytizing, for the Lord. I read about a Muslim who was killing Christians, even women and children. He found a copy of the Bible. He read it in order to find fault in it. Instead he surrendered to it, and now can tell stories of God saving his life, while he served Jesus. This is not even the issue. We believe that God is the source of all wisdom. We know that God loves us. So we must give up our own understanding, and choose to be obedient when we do not understand. We will not understand how love can change the world,, if we try to see ourselves accomplishing anything in this world. God has not tasked us with changing the world. Jesus has commanded us to love one another. We do our part, and God will do the world changing. If you read about the Martyrs today, their actual stories, not just the number dead, you will find that God makes use of sacrifice. You would find examples of faith, that pale what we even hope for. Some of these people are just as confused, at why they should love such enemies, when their own families suffer. They choose to believe, and they choose to obey. They do not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.

          • CptNerd

            But in the rest of the world, the personal is not the political. An individual can make the choice of how he treats others, but a nation, a government can not make the same choice for all of its people. “Turn the other cheek” is one thing when you make the choice, but allowing hundreds or thousands of lives to be taken because the government decides to “turn the other cheek” after the first incident is not only wrong, but I believe anti-Christian. Of course, thank God that one of those men decided to follow Christ, but how many more people must suffer and die because of his compatriots? They didn’t choose to be the victims of the brutal slayers, and to allow them to suffer and die because the government must act “Christian” is not right, and must not be allowed to continue. If that means engaging in brutal acts to stop the brutality, so be it. You personally may not participate, but you are not allowed to decide for the rest of us to prevent us from supporting the actions of the government.

          • Paul_Xavier

            Yes that’s exactly right. I’m not preaching passivity, never once said that we shouldn’t fight the enemy. I only said that we must love our enemies, which means not speaking of them as less than human. I’m proud of St. Vlad the Impaler. He was a brutal man who fought in brutal times, against brutal odds. And I love him for what he did. I’m saying that it is important what is in our hearts. If these Muslims are confused and misled, by evil leaders, or Satan himself, then we should be mournful of having to take their lives. People have spoken up here about how Muslim clerics recruit soldiers, by threatening to kill their families. If this isn’t a reason to have compassion, I don’t know what is. Again I never said we should not fight the enemy, my only complaint was that people are speaking of them as less than human. For this I get called a pacifist? I have only called for Obedience, because God cares about what is in our hearts.

      • PaC SGM (R)

        Save your preaching, or go to Iraq and preach on a street corner, we will see how long you last. These POS deserve to die for what they are doing to innocent men, women and children, period.

  • Molly

    I’m glad somebody is FINALLY pointing this out! The term ISIL is completely antisemitic!

    • Scooter Tramp

      Like we don’t already know ISIS (islam) isn’t?

      • cheveldi

        Islam is half Semitic! So that term is slightly erroneous.

        • Scooter Tramp

          Then why do they want to eradicate Jews and Israel?

          • ramv36

            Maybe the same reason Catholics wanted to eradicate Protestants, or how Christians once tried to eradicate Mormons.

            One consistent theme of history on a global scale, is that all religions seem to always hate all religions that aren’t them. It’s very savage and tribal. Which is why I and hundreds of millions of others refuse to participate in these holy war games.

            There is FAR more to life then arguing and killing over who has the best imaginary friends. But if you can do it in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone (Buddhism and Mormonism come to mind), then I and most others have zero issue with it.

            But if you’re proselytizing or using force, such as Westboro, many Evangelicals, and Muslims…go on somewhere.

    • MaryJ.

      I was wondering the same thing and I can not believe it took these church goers so long to know what the Levant means. It goes to show which side Obama butters his bread. He is basically saying Israel is nonexistent.

      • aeray

        You can’t trust O, he throws everyone under the bus.

    • Simes Jones

      My Mum said this very thing the other day. Listen to your Mothers people!

    • cheveldi

      You mean anti-Israeli. Antisemitic would be trying to genocide the Arabs too.

  • Jean Bennett-Gruber

    Hamas has made no secret of the goal to eliminate Israel from the map. It teaches this in geography in elementary school and has been for years. Why do you sound so surprised by the use of Levant that means the Egypt to Iraq with no Israel? This message needs to be listened to and acted upon now.

  • melhornh

    Obama is a member of the Muslim Brtherhood! Obama gives the terrorist our tax money to kill us.

    • Travis C

      Congratulations, you’ve successfully made the stupidest post on this comment board

      • aeray

        Don’t bet on it.

      • http://www.imsickofthecrap.com Red_SC

        Congrats, Travis! You just beat Mel out for stupidest post. He has 59 up, and you have 1. Enjoy your victory.

  • Erez T

    Here in Israel leaders have already told the public as well as the US that if and once ISIL shows actual moves toward Jordan – Israel will not allow it and get in the fray. Nobody should expect further warnings.

    • Know Really

      If anyone knows what those goat effers are up to, it’s you guys. And my money is on you guys.

    • Erick Robinson

      The world has not seen a true Israeli war since The Yom Kippur war. Israel has held back in every conflict since then. I think the rest of the world has forgotten how much damage a small nation like Israel can do. You may have a chance to shine again. :)

    • Yo Mamma

      Just make sure when you leave, you don’t make it another Chernobyl and leave it in the condition you found it so the Hebrews can move back in as God Creator wishes


      Just a sign would be fine

      “Jews once lived here”

      • FreedomSpeaks2U

        Yo Mamma = Dumbass Democ RAT = Product of Failed Public Schools

    • Pam

      Israel has told those idiots in DC, they do not represent the United States of Americas true citizens. We expect Israel to defend it people against the threat of death .

    • cheveldi

      Tough to say this. But we probably should stay out of this. We’ve got our own problems, like a totalitarian president, who needs to be removed along with the majority of Congress, the Senate, and 80% of the Executive Branch, 100% of the Judicial branch.

  • http://www.sonofgodbooks.com Sharon Lindsay

    Obama’s actions and words indicate that he has more of an Islamic world view than a Christian worldview. He seems to be just fine with ISIL dominating the region, controlling through fear and violence.

    • Virginia Watkins

      So then he should move there and help them out!

  • Julien Van der beek

    When do you realize the whole ISISRAEL campaign and the fake beheading movies is just another setup to turn the public opinion to wage more war to fund the military industrial complex, to divide the arabs and about getting that gas pipeline built through Syria, which was the reason in the first place that the West started the so called civil war… it’s all about the money, the oil and the petro-dollar.

    • TTAS

      There’s a sale on tinfoil at the Dollar store. Make your hat big enough to silence the voices!

      • American

        Julien is right.

  • crestonBarb

    And still he seems not to be interested in either securing the southern border or starting on functional energy independence. ? ?

    • yourpaled

      Those don’t even register on his mind by now. Every exposed scandal has a purpose in his mind and the more the better. As long as the media keep shush about them, he’ll continue in his transformation of America.

  • http://www.survivalboards.com/ Kevin Felts

    I seriously doubt obama is goign to do anything about is or isil,,,,, whatever it is called. From the pictures I have been seeing is / isil are using M16s. Those rifles came from somewhere.

    • Yo Mamma

      Walmart, made in china

  • Howetexas

    Oh yes this is a big deal Levant certainly is targeting Israel. Note we have not supported Israel of several years now and the threat continues to grow.

    • Yo Mamma

      Israel, the land, was occupied by the Canaanites, the christians, the muslims and now, the jews

      sucks not being the chosen

      • TTAS

        No, it sucks being you!

        • Yo Mamma

          Yeah, oh I wish to be average

          And calling me names won’t help

          • TTAS

            You being average would be an improvement over you being a moron.

  • EdinColorado

    So.. in the end, ISIL is just a gloss-over of a problem, another cover-up of a concept gone bad.. Oblamer didn’t mind calling his health-care-insurance plan “ObamaCare” until it fell flat on it’s face and then all of a sudden it’s called “The Affordable Care Act..” (which is still, a lie because it raised the cost to almost everyone who had health care to begin with, for less services than they use to have.

    Fraud, Fraud, and more Fraud… What this Administration and it Democrat, and One Independent, support will be known for…

  • Macdoodle

    Obama hates Israel.He would love to see them wiped out by ISIS.He is a Muslim himself.He practiced Islam growing up in Indonesia.

    • Yo Mamma

      He doesn’t hate Israel, the land, he hates the occupiers of the land.

      Jews are not the inheritors of the land. Hebrews are. Obama knows that – I told him years ago

      • Know Really

        So you’re saying obama is a fellow Muslim?

        • Yo Mamma

          A good listener

          • Know Really

            You said he hates the occupiers of the land. Sounds just like a description of a Muslim. Or you disagree? Or misspoke? Which?

          • Yo Mamma

            Where did i say that he hates who anywhere???

          • Know Really

            Seriously, yo, you is one forgetful goat effer.

            Cut and paste from just above in this thread, 25 mins ago.

            “He doesn’t hate Israel, the land, he hates the occupiers of the land.”
            obamna may be a good listener, I’m a good reader.

          • Yo Mamma

            Ok, I should retract that because i am not sure if he hates all occupiers or just these present day ones. My bad

          • Know Really

            ok, no biggie. We already know he’s Muslim.
            And we damn sure know he’s a liar when he says he’s Christian. The closest he is is pretend-Christian, when it helps his image, but his fruits define him as not Christian. He’s fooling the masses, but not everyone. Certainly not those who pay attention.

          • cheveldi

            Smoke screen alert. You are blinded by religion. Neither Obama nor the leaders of ISIL are Muslim. However, their religion is the same. Power. Quit seeing the religion as the problem. It will lead you to disobey God and commit atrocities against an innocent people. Surely there is evil being done in the name of Mohammed, but that is Satan’s way of redirecting our eyes away from the true problem and the true decay.

          • Know Really

            Please go on. What is the “true problem and the true decay” ?

      • Larry Daniels

        Hebrews were given the promised land. You have no clue do you… Hebrew and Jew are one in the same c’mon people get with your history!

        • Yo Mamma

          I like you Larry, you allow me to explain:

          The 3 religions that confuse you. Their holy scriptures that define their
          religion and god/s

          From the oldest:

          Hebrews = Torah (literal interpretation)

          Christians = Torah(stolen) + prophets + writings + gospels

          Jews = Torah(stolen) + prophets + writings + talmud

          The good thing about Islam Larry, is that THEY didn’t steal the sacred Torah. They created their own bible. Something christians should have done if they had imagination and not just steal, copy, paste intellect – lol

          • Kevin R

            I’m guessing you’re either a professor, a teacher, or stuck to the teat of the government.

          • TTAS

            He’s too slow to be a professor, maybe a grade school teacher and definitely sucking off the government.

          • Yo Mamma

            I am mental

          • Herbert Foster

            eff u iar

          • Yo Mamma

            I am sure

            In fact I know

            That there were many just like you when your man god took on the money exchangers

            eff u iar

            eff u iar

            eff u iar


          • Greg Tucker

            apparently you do not know your history or your religions Mamma. Jesus Christ came as a fulfillment of Old Testament (Torah) Scriptures. The design was not to create a new religion (i.e. Christianity) but to take Judaism (what you like to call Hebrews) and continue its growth into Christianity. Hebrew is not a religion, it was a race. The Hebrew people started with Abraham, They were called Jews after the split of the kingdom after King Solomon. Those who lived in the Southern Kingdom of JUDAH were known as Jews. Once The Northern Kingdom was demolished by Assyria most of the inhabitants of what we know of as Israel were from Judah, it was then that the majority of all Israelites, i.e. Hebrews, were called Jews. Same people, same religion. God had given the Hebrews the Law (Torah) because spiritually they were immature and needed the Law to show them their sins and their need for sacrifice to cleanse them from those sins. Christ was promised as the ultimate sacrifice as far back as the Garden of Eden. When Christ came, had the Jews, Hebrews, Israelites (whichever you want to call them) had accepted Him overall then Judaism would have followed the perfect path and would be what we think of as Christianity today. But because they nationally and religiously rejected Christ as Messiah (which God knew would happen) Christianity was forced to split from Judaism. We see Peter and Paul still preaching and teaching in the synagogues for quite sometime after Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. It (Scripture) was never stolen by Christianity. It was intended as a continuation of what God started in the Garden. So, unless you know your history and religion a lot better, please refrain from trying to confuse people.

          • Pam

            Bravo! Well said.

          • Yo Mamma

            greg, you’re a good example of how the jews and christians have used history to distort, lie and Hate God Creator.

            Your man god died after being convicted a CRIMINAL.

            Yes, he died. Maybe a stoning would have been more appropriate, but you know those romans and a few goblets of vino. Anything for entertainment and pinching a few damsels azzes.

            The man god preached in the LAND.

            That was a crime

            That is a crime

            Yes even today and for all eternity greg, its a crime, including your partners in crime, the jews.

            Only, yes only

            The bloodline Hebrew Priests of Aarons line are permitted by God Creator to minister Torah in THE LAND

            If you’re confused, as I know you are greg, tell this to your very young daughter and she will understand and explain it to you in child steps

          • Greg Tucker


            I’m not going to argue with you as you seem to be very ignorant of both factual history and of religious matters. The only one distorting and distorted is you and your comments. Christ, who wasn’t a man god but was God in the flesh which is different than you want to give him, wasn’t crucified for preaching in the land. He was crucified because the religious leaders of Judaism, the Pharisees and Saducces, had attempted to find things against Him because they felt threatened because He preached a different Gospel then their legalistic prideful “religious” practices has become. He preached against their prideful ways and they took offense. When they couldn’t find any wrong in Him, they instead asked Him who He was and He promptly informed them He was I AM. The covenant name of God for Israel. These men then branded Him a blasphemer for stating He was God, which He was, and riled up the crowd against Him to ask Pilate, the Roman governor of Judaea, to convict and crucify Him. When Pilate took Him, had Him beaten, tortured, and questioned Pilate found NO reason to crucify Him. But fearing a Jewish uprising since the crowd was so riled he left it up to them what to do, they decided to release a real criminal and demanded Christ to be crucified. Christ willingly went to the cross to be the final ultimate sacrifice for all of us, including you Yo Mamma, for those who will accept, believe, and live for Him. Again, you have no idea what you are saying. You only desire to spout what seems to be Islamic or at the least anti-Semetic rhetoric you seem to have been force feed. You show no signs of true study of any actual history or religious study of any sort. Please, do better research and stop trying to comment on things that you obviously are not capable of commenting intelligently on. All you do is try to confuse and anger people, if you want to have an intelligent conversation, then that is doable…but please research your topics better.

          • Greg Tucker

            Let me make sure to clarify, I wasn’t stating Jesus was a blasphemer…I was stating He was God, which is what He claimed and was being truthful.

          • Raniz Murjuri

            Jesus= Gods son. who was sent down to earth. Read your Bible again. Don’t kill the messenger, but umm how does one, rise from death, if the one who needs to perform the resurrection is dead? Don’t go getting out the scripture of Emmanuel- that only translates into God with us. That could mean anything from messenger of; to a spirit sitting next to one. It’s not a littoral meaning.

          • Greg Tucker

            First, the person of Jesus Christ was BOTH fully God and fully man. God is a Triune God. three but one. The share the same divine essence, but are also separate. So, your question of how does one defeat death? He is God, that is how He defeated death. God is eternal, He was neither created nor will He ever die. Yes the earthly body of Christ died, hence the reason He could be the ultimate sacrifice. Man disobeyed in the Garden of Eden, so a man had to pay the price for sin. But man could never pay the eternal punishment as man is neither perfect (which sin debt required a perfect sacrifice) nor is he eternal, man has a beginning. Yet, the person of the Trinity we know as the Son (Jesus Christ), gave up His throne to be born in a human body, still retaining His divinity and perfection so that He could become both man (since a man had to pay the debt) and God (since only perfection and eternal being could pay the eternal punishment for that sin). He had to be both to pay the debt for our sins. Since He was and is God, along with the Father and the Holy Spirit, He could not die forever. His manly body was killed, but He was raised again with a perfected body (though He chose to keep the scars of His crucifixion) just like those of us who die with Christ in our hearts will when He returns for His Second Coming. Of course, I say all that knowing two things are very probable: One, you will not understand this unless the Holy Spirit is working in your life to convict you and illuminate you to Spiritual Truth, and two you probably already have a set belief that you have been taught that is anti-Christianity. So, I am willing to talk with anyone who is willing to listen and ask questions, but I will not get into an argument with anyone as it does no good for either party. If you are willing to talk and listen then I am great with that, but if you just want to argue, please refrain. Thanks Raniz. May God bless you!

          • Greg Tucker

            Oh, and I have read my Bible often. Daily as it is. I would exhort you to read it as well, you seem not to fully grasp the Bible, nor have a true handle of what it says. Which unless the Holy Spirit is working on you it will be impossible to understand the truths contained in it but I pray that the Holy Spirit will convict you and help you to understand the basics of salvation in Christ, and I pray that you will respond to that conviction. But thanks for the exhortation to read and study, I do every day but it is always helpful when someone reminds me to do just that! Sometimes we can forget to be faithful in our studies. God Bless you Raniz

          • Yo Mamma

            Pharisees and Saducces were HEBREWS

            The traditional laws created by the Pharisees was called the ORAL LAW up till 70ad when the romans stole the temple’s furnishings and murdered most Hebrew Priests.

            The ORAL LAW was solidified into the WRITEN LAW called the Mishna in about 200ad. Then it was elaborated on in 500ad called the gemara

            Both Mishna & Gemara combined make up the JEWISH TALMUD, which is respected MORE than Torah to the jew.

            The Talmud is the ADD-ON to Torah which makes a jew a jew

            The jew was not yet a jew util the add-on laws of talmud were solidified

            You get this charlie brown?

          • Greg Tucker

            Yo, once again you have your facts completely messed up and your logic is quiet faulty. You do not seem to want to or try to truly understand what is real and what is false propaganda. Instead of arguing with someone who is apparently not able to comprehend at this point I will instead pray that God will open your heart to the Scriptures. Please read the full Word of God, His full revelation from Genesis until Revelations. If you have any questions please feel free to leave one here. I will, instead of argue a point that you have no idea and have no desire to understand real truths at this time, pray that God will through the Holy Spirit work in your life and open you up to actual truth. Instead of calling people names and deflecting you should try to understand what someone is saying and investigate for yourself instead of just taking your imam’s, or whom ever you have gotten this unsubstantiated history (both secular and religious), word on it. I pray that you will come to a right understanding of God and Jesus Christ before it’s too late. I desire that your soul will know Jesus Christ as the true Savior and Lord of your life. Take care Yo and if you would like to understand the Truth, I will be around.

          • Yo Mamma

            Who cares about your prays Greg……

            The Christian like to throw this ‘pray for you’ crap at people. They
            know its garbage but they do it anyway, knowing, most find it offensive.

            Why must you tell someone YOUR PRAYING for them. Just pray and shut up

            the same group that say

            “God bless you”
            “May God bless you”
            “I want my God to bless your sorry azz”
            ” I want to set my god on you”
            “you will suffer when dead, my god be sure of that”

            All this garbage from hate filled angry people

      • Paul_Xavier

        Belonged to the Ottoman Empire before world war 2. That wasn’t a Muslim state. Why do they claim it?

        • Yo Mamma

          Just to get the jews out so that the rightful Hebrews can return

          Hey, you want to be a Hebrew and live there? Its possible

      • Paul_Xavier

        What religion are you pretending to be?

        • Yo Mamma

          probably be the better of the two in pretense of a religion than and ardent follower, your present choice

      • cheveldi

        Jews are Hebrews. Jews are the children of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi with a strong likelihood of Simeon in there, as well as any of Jacob’s other 8 inheritors plus Ruben who dwelt in Judea to live close to the temple. Jacob was a son of Isaac and he was a son of Abraham. Abraham was THE Hebrew, the man of Hebron. So I don’t know what logic you are using but it isn’t complete. Ishmael is not an inheritor of Abraham because he came from a line which wasn’t allowed the birthright. Whether it was Ham’s folly or the fact that Ham married from the line of Cain who was cursed. David was promised the land which is the entire Levant as some have defined it. Sinai to Mesopotamia, same as Abraham. He and his children lost the immediate rights to that through there iniquity but someday there will be a righteous heir to the throne. The Caliphate may rise in its illegitimate power (for it is not a Caliphate after the order of Mohammed but a Satanic order bent on the destruction of righteousness perverting their own religion so that their people will be damned) but It will not stand against Israel, even though, no doubt about it we will not be able to help. This is a sign of the times. Israel will conquer. Hopefully we will conquer our own.

        • Yo Mamma

          cheveldi, you sound italian – anything ending in di is italian imo, but I thank you for giving me this opportunity to educate, maybe not you so much because you’re a ‘know it all’, but others…..

          The 3 religions that confuse you. Their holy scriptures that define their religion and god/s

          From the oldest:

          Hebrews = Torah (literal interpretation)

          Christians = Torah(stolen) + prophets + writings + gospels

          Jews = Torah(stolen) + prophets + writings + talmud

          As you can see my dear italian confused friend, jews are not italian roman catholics or Hebrews, but jews

      • ThrowThemAllOut

        Um, wait…WHAT?? You told Obama “that” years ago? Bill? Bill Ayers? Is that YOU?

        • Yo Mamma

          You can believe whatever you want – Do a public records search

          • ThrowThemAllOut

            Oh okay. Let me get right on that. I am sure if I do a public records search I will immediately find Yo Momma connected directly to Obama. Yer NUTZ!

          • Yo Mamma

            Its worth a try my dear boy

    • Simes Jones

      Closet Muslim.

  • Carol Wasmuth

    Anyone that thinks these beheadings are false is an absolute moron..get wise people.it is headed this way..we’re all doomed if we don’t react quickly..I”m for sending in the bombs..quietly, quickly and now

    • yourpaled

      Maybe the beheadings are for real, but those videos are fake to any sane and intelligent person. Heck, a chicken has more reaction to having its neck slashed than what you see from a dummy in the video.

      • TTAS

        Go verify it for yourself. Let us all know if it’s real or not. The beheading and killing of the children are all fake as well. The death pits and mass murders are also faked just for your enjoyment.

      • Carol Wasmuth

        How do you know they haven’t been drugged..and if you know you are getting ready to die..you find a way to be calm..I think God gives you the grace you need..screaming and hollering isn’t going to make it any better..you’re going to die and it’s going to be painful..might as well suck it up and take it…

    • Yo Mamma

      Since when is doomed a bad thing

      We all experienced death already

      We will all die

      Plus you, like Muslims get that paradise in the next life you care so much about

      • Carol Wasmuth

        If you are happy with being doomed..then we all will let you step up to the podium so you can be beheaded next. Then you can go to that paradise in the next life and live happily ever after. We will be glad to allow you to go first..show us how it’s done

        • Yo Mamma

          Carol, you were already dead. Do you remember it to be paradise? Or do you think the last death, boringly insignificant, will somehow be different to your next death????

          You need to realize a few misconceptions dear

          • Carol Wasmuth

            You must be referring to reincarnation..I don’t believe in that..I was born due to conception..I have never been dead

          • Yo Mamma

            you cannot go from nothing to something. You realize this is physically and scientifically impossible

            You were once dead as a physical object. You will be dead again as a physical object

            Only your soul lives on

            And reincarnation is a foreign concept to Torah. SO kudos to you on that

            What defines death is lacking a soul, in most part

      • Herbert Foster

        your intensions are good but you seem to have a problem defining your thoughts for they come and go so quickly that you fail to make a connection to a consistently clear message! Are u abusing a drug?

        • Yo Mamma

          No drug abuse, but I sure wish there was a real good one to put me a state of hallucinogenic bliss without side affects – lol

  • Ryan Sargent


  • Maxwell Friedlander

    ISIS needs to be wiped off the face of the earth.

    • Orel Adam Abutbul

      I agree. Along with Mr. Soetoro in the white house.

    • cheveldi

      Agreed. Let Israel solve that problem, we’ve got our own “ISIS” here in America. Let’s clean house before we get involved. Let’s remove the beam in our own eyes so we can see clearly when we shoot the enemies.

  • Orel Adam Abutbul

    Can the troll known as Yo Mamma leave if it has no valid point to share?
    So far I have see no valid point, just trolling. Get a life.

    • Yo Mamma

      Abdul, you are trolling, just like Glen does, always blah blah blahing AFTER the fact. Go be your own Yo Mamma

      • Orel Adam Abutbul

        Do you suffer from any mental disabilities or you are just dyslectic?
        Don’t try and dis someone’s last name when you do not have enough guts or balls to reveal your own last name.
        We watch this video and comment because we enjoy and agree with what is being said.
        If you do not agree that’s fine, but if all you wanna do is troll, go join the Clinton campaigner camp. they need more trolls.

        • theSharperTool

          Seriously. The more posts he makes, the more it looks like a strong case for Wernicke’s aphasia.

          • Yo Mamma

            So females don’t get Wernicke’s aphasia. You a bigot by chance

          • theSharperTool

            For your information, Wernicke’s has a higher incidence in adult females, but affects both genders — evidently, even in regards to brain injuries that lead you to live your life as a nonsensical troll who tries to create gender issues where there are none.

        • Yo Mamma

          “Do you suffer from any mental disabilities or you are just dyslectic?” you ask so eloquently

          yes I do

          I suffer greatly

          I am forever tormented

          Abdul, go f_yourself

          • Orel Adam Abutbul

            If only you have one thing smart to say…
            Sad, really. If only my name matched your twisted grasp of reality. But unlike you I do not hide behind petty usernames you’ve had the lack of originality to come up with. Do us both a favor and just shut up. Trolls are bad no matter where they are. If you have some sort of argument, sure, express it. But you’re just here to be a troll, so be a troll someplace else, please.

      • donewithidiots

        A_hole…go troll somewhere on CNN where they love you.

        • Yo Mamma

          Go spam somewhere else

  • AmazonRedHead

    But if he can just turn them into a “manageable problem” it’ll all be okay. C’mon, folks. Drink your kool-aid and move along….

    • Lui

      Well his manageable is ignore them, cover for them with the American people with lies and deceit. I see manageable as “turn them into ash”.

      • AmazonRedHead

        I’m with you. They want to go to paradise. LET ME ARRANGE THE TRANSPORT. Aaaaand…mushroom cloud….

  • Jimstainless

    I like the FLRI,,,Formerly Living Radical Islamists

    • Ferrari fan

      I think you mean “Formerly”, but yeah, right there with ya.

      • Jimstainless

        tanks lol

  • Steve Swygert

    These comments should all be deleted as the comments you make simply drive wedges of division deeper and deeper into the fabric of peace getting shredded more and more everyday. Perhaps peace is unattainable for eternity and most of social media is that hammer ever driving the division wedge. Are you a part of that hammer? Sad, so verily verily sad.

    • Yo Mamma

      And how did your post lighten my day? Think about being a positive uplifting spirit or are you just controversial

  • Yo Mamma

    Glen, go confront those evil men in Syria, you go Glen, you go seek out justice and tell us what they say

  • Jimstainless

    don’t make him whip out the Hashtags on them

  • Linda Gentry

    That is why God in the Bible when they had battles said to destroy them all or they will come back to attack you. They are the decedents of Ishmael.

    • Yo Mamma

      God Creator in Torah mentions the destruction of the non-believers in the LAND OF ISRAEL

      God Creator in Torah did not say that mankind needs to go wild killing people in the entire world


      • TTAS

        “God Creator in Torah did not say that mankind needs to go wild killing people in the entire world”

        Yet you did and continue to this day!


        • Yo Mamma

          what drugs you pushing now

          • TTAS

            Do facts bother you? You spew your propaganda and I post the facts.

            Shine the light on the cockroaches.


            OOOH Yo Mamma!

          • Yo Mamma

            Do you know that the GB police deleted a ton of comments? Aaarg pft duh, why, yuk

          • TTAS

            It’s his website! If you don’t like the site then go over to Al Jazeera or some other Mussy site where they’ll post all your crap.

            The Mods clean house here every now and then. They delete the scum, freshen the air.

          • Yo Mamma

            Thanks for the suggestion. I was thinking of the radical christian gun toting websites where they talk guns, kids, bible and backwards in the same sentence

          • TTAS

            Unless it’s your website you’re thinking of posting at I doubt you’ll last very long there either.

            Hey, don’t let the door hit you on your backside on your way out!

          • Yo Mamma

            Substance please

          • Know Really

            Go to Patheos. They love the BS you’re putting out. You’ll feel right at home there. I think they still have a few goats needing to be serviced today.

          • ThrowThemAllOut

            Muslims don’t get along with anyone, and never have. They even kill each other. They have been barbarians and savages for all time and continue to be so. And those who claim to be moderates are just as bad because they won’t speak out against the savagery.

          • Yo Mamma

            I remember when the Mormons (christian version spin off)went on a christian killing spree in the great plains – it sure was a blood bath

          • Know Really

            It’s call “TRUTH” Yo. C’mon, he just PROVED it to you, silly little thing called fact!!! You make me smile, you so funny.

          • Kevin R

            Are you noticing that you might be a little outnumbered? That’s right, were all crazy and YOU’VE got it right…

          • Yo Mamma

            Kevin, I must thank you for this opportunity to share some insight on the significance of NUMBERS.

            LORD did not set Love upon you nor choose you because ye were more in
            number than any people for ye
            were the fewest of all peoples

            Now granded this was NOT God Creator speaking, but hey, lets talk significance of numbers

            Was the 600,000 chosen or the small insignificant family of LEVI

            You stupid D-f

      • Herbert Foster

        suck a pig

        • Yo Mamma

          I have no attraction to your adopted mothers breasts

    • cheveldi

      It wasn’t the descendants of Ishmael they were to destroy. It was the Canaanites. And not just the Ishmaelites either, don’t forget Edam to. The Ishmaelites and the Edamites lived to the South East and West of the promised territories of the Hebrews. Philistines, Syrians, future Assyrians, future Babylonians, they were the ones that they were supposed to remove the land from. They were the ones who were so far wicked that they refused that God was behind these people. The Midianites helped the Hebrews. Moses’ wife and father-in-law were Midianites. They are the children of Abraham and have rights to the land just as much as the Israelites do, just not as the rightful rulers of the land.

  • landofaahs

    If you realize Obama is a not so Trojan horse muslim come to destroy America, then it all makes sense.

    • cheveldi

      Wake up, before its too late. Neither Obama nor ISIL are Muslim. Power is their religion and Satan their god. They do not worship nor love God or Allah (yeah, I know one and the same).

      • landofaahs

        Either you accept Jesus as your Savior or you choose Satan as your Father.

  • RightStuff

    Obama’s agenda for the American people: 1) disinformation, 2) disorientation, 3) demoralization, 4) destabilization, 5) government-created crisis, 6) government “solution”, and 7) normalization to the new tyranny.

    The “war” in the Middle East is just another distracter. Now, he is moving on to his “solution” for the ebola crisis.

  • Mike Eldredge

    Yo Momma has the same sickness as Obama.

    • Yo Mamma

      Over popularity? :-)

      • Know Really

        His popularity is at an all time low, yo. In fact, last I heard, it was equal to W’s at the same point in his second term. oh oh, not so good for bammy, yo mammy.

  • cle803

    I understand why the Ultra Right can’t get a presidential candidate through the primary process. The disinformation that is perpetuated by the political pundits for the Ultra Right is not intentional, but a clear sign of their ignorance so it’s understandable their candidates think surely the disinformation has to be the gospel coming from the likes of Beck and Limbaugh. Knowing that the terrorist are fueled by the taking back of the entire the land that was carved up by the powers that be after WW1, the Levant is their clear intention and calling them out on it is what should be done. Making another conspiracy theory out of it only makes you look stupid. But that’s never been a problem for you.

    • Paul_Xavier

      My theory is that giving aid to the enemy is giving aid to the enemy. Obama has set up the Muslim brotherhood in every conflict he’s been involved in. He Gave the Muslim Brotherhood 4 billion dollars when they took over Egypt. He’s given them., as well as Al Queda wepons In Syria. He supports them diplomatically as well. It kind of like knowing that water is wet. Conspiracies are hidden. This is right out in the open. No riddles here.

    • fights

      Wow, you are one informed dude. To know SOOOO MUCH and to KNOW YOU”RE RIGHT. Wow, we should be bowing to your supreme intellect.

      • Know Really

        Good one. I would add three letters to the second to last word in your first sentence: “mis.” :))

      • cle803

        Lol rhetoric and insults. That’s the platform of the Ultra Right. LOL

        • fights

          Yet, you were the first to use rhetoric and insults. Remember: “Making another conspiracy theory out of it only makes you look stupid.”

  • HoneyTree EvilEye

    We shouldn’t be arming any Muslim group. There is no Muslim group that doesn’t have global control in mind. The Kurds would be no different than any other group ones they had a foothold. As soon as they get power they will do exactly what ever other Muslim tribe has done and start chopping off heads and aiming at us. Glenn is being willfully ignorant about Islam, he’s been doing it for years.

    • Yo Mamma

      We shouldn’t be arming any Christian group. There is no Christian group that doesn’t have global control in mind.

      I think the two religions are very well suited for a great show down

      • Know Really

        Quiet, your Muslim is showing through.

        • Yo Mamma

          I just think these are two equal adversaries that should do battle

          It will help the global economy

          • TF

            Muslims aren’t wanting to fight Christians, they want to fight anyone who doesn’t share their belief. Thank you for the dumb comment though.

          • Yo Mamma

            Last news flash was that Muslims don’t share the christian idol worshiping belief

          • Know Really

            What you think is immaterial to your friend obama. That said, it will come to pass that the evil religion (yours) will be destroyed by the King of kings one day. You’re on the losing side, yo, but the invite to pork chop dinner tonight is still open.

          • Yo Mamma

            “Know Really”, statistics prove thus far otherwise. But I challenge you this seeing you think you so right and me so wrong.

            You believe in luck, right?

            You go on and on about how wrong I am and about your gods and your idols and all else that God Creator told mankind not to do and worship, and I challenge you that your luck changes. I will not say for good or bad, but statistically, it changes

            You want to play?

          • Know Really

            Sure, I’ll play. Bring it.

            And no, I don’t believe in luck. Luck has nothing to do with it.
            Don’t take it personally that you’re wrong. But you are. allah (small “a” intended) was a moon god. Why didn’t mr brilliant mohammhead pick the most powerful god, the sun god? allah is the weaker god — that is if he existed in the first place.

            Come over to the real God’s team.

            You lose in the end. Not luck, it’s the way the true God has described it. Realize it. I know you and the rest of your friends don’t like it, but all the bloodshed you can create will not change it, and one day you will be the ones drowning in your own blood.
            Idols? I don’t have no stinkin’ idols, yo. So I don’t “go on about my idols” as you accuse. You post a lot, apparently you have me confused with someone else.

          • Yo Mamma

            ” I don’t believe in luck. Luck has nothing to do with it.”

            You are surely an exception not to believe in LUCK

            All wars are looked at closely by religious leaders to ascertain “if God Creator is on their side”

            I will monitor your posts for a week and see how your luck goes

            And NO i do not pray and definitely NO i do not curse, its got nothing to do with me your independent violations or good attributes, but that of God Creator

            But you do realize that God Creator is not going to pally up with someone on a grand scale without warming up on individuals. It takes time to get to the NFL

          • Know Really

            “I will monitor your posts for a week and see how your luck goes”
            Only a week? I’m really worried. Did you pray to that POS allah to curse me? Yah, that’ll really work.

            BTW, unlike you, my “user activity” is open for you to see. Why is yours hidden, what are you afraid of? Shickenchit.

            Back to your “challenge,” Where is it?

            I thought you asked me if I wanted to play. You monitoring me is your idea of “playing?”

            Yo mamma, bring it, big mouth.

          • Yo Mamma

            No, I don’t pray and no I don’t curse, you nit wit. I told you I would monitor it just like you monitor it. It usually changes one way or another. Its quite fun really if you embrace it

          • Know Really

            So where’s the “play” or is your “monitoring” the whole of your challenge? I have better/more interesting things to do than to watch your postings.
            When you reply, I’ll reply, other than that, I give an allah what you do.
            BTW, pork BBQ for lunch, can you make it?

          • Yo Mamma

            The play is you doing what you do best, mock God Creator, Hate God Creator and the sacred Torah and me watching you and God Creator face off. I gave you the message, now all I do is watch, its quite simple, really

          • Yo Mamma

            Here, just so you don’t say that you didn’t know, I will remind you of your obligation according to God Creator

            But if ye will not hearken
            unto Me and will not do all these commandments and if ye shall reject My
            statutes and if your soul abhor Mine ordinances so that ye will not do all My
            commandments but break My covenant I also will do this unto you: I will appoint
            terror over you even consumption and fever that shall make the eyes to fail and
            the soul to languish; and ye shall sow your seed in vain for your enemies shall
            eat it.

          • Know Really

            Yeah, and your point?

          • Gayla Burris

            You are taking it out of context. Again! Don’t you remember what I told you about context? If you are having a hard time remembering go back and reread it. Along with the rest of the comments I made. You seem to need a refresher course!

          • Yo Mamma

            So you statement of OUT OF CONTEXT makes it all better?

            You haven’t a clue what context or understanding of Torah is. BUt I guess you think to say SOMETHING is better than nothing. wrong

          • Gayla Burris

            You are the one who is clueless. You are talking about something that has nothing to do with what is going on today. This is what God told them would happen to them if they didn’t follow His Laws which were given in the previous verses. You really need to read it before you start preaching it to others. Whether you believe it or not God will hold you accountable for incorrectly leading others with the tripe you spout!

          • Yo Mamma

            “God will hold you accountable”

            There goes the christian speaking the Lord’s Name in VAIN.

          • Gayla Burris

            Actually it would be in vain if it weren’t true. And you don’t even know what it means to use the Lord’s name in vain. If you did you would not have made such a stupid comment. Speaking the Truth of what God would have us say is not taking His Name in vain. He expects us to do this, to warn people when they use His word wrongly by taking it out of context to suit their purposes and not His.

          • Know Really

            Why do you keep editing comments after I’ve responded to them? Just write me a new note, or are you afraid I’ll kick your ass with my response, like I always do???? :)))
            Pork: it’s for LUNCH, c’mon over.
            It may take time to get to the NFL, forever in my case since I have no aspirations, but comparing the NFL to the one true God is apples and oranges. NIce try, tho. Typical muslim brain fart.

          • Yo Mamma

            Because sometimes they don’t ‘stick’ – nothin to do with you – everything with me trying desperately to make a point – excuse the dust

          • Know Really

            Gotcha. Was having probs with that particular site this morning myself. Had other stuff to do so gave up and did what needed to be done.

            Catcha later.

            My “luck” is pretty good. Won $50.00 on a scratch off lotto this morning!! Can buy you a ham sammich tomorrow for lunch (lunch is over for today).

          • Yo Mamma

            Looks like you’re ‘a head’

      • Paul_Xavier

        And the benefits of being under Christ’s rule are uncountable.

        • Yo Mamma

          You must be referring to the dead and gravestones

          I gave Paul_Xavier a long and detailed answer. I hope for his sake the GB police didn’t erase it

          • Paul_Xavier

            Man you are dull and thoughtless. Stick with your playground harassment theme. Communication or debate disinterest you, so you disinterest me. My friend of misery, they say the empty can rattles the most. The sound of your own voice must sooth you. Hearing only what you wanna hear, and knowing only what you wanna. Your here to goad people into saying stupid things in response to the stupid things you say. Do you imagine that you ruin our day. You could at least come up with attacks that aren’t so see through or forgettable, but that would require effort. Anyway I realize I’m not talking to a person, your just a chinese box, repeating a small quantity of insults ad nausea. Goodbye thanks for nuthin.

      • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

        And then there’s reality where no Christian group is pushing for global control. Reality is your enemy isn’t it?

  • Bill Bass Jr

    For once, I didn’t take Beck’s commentary here as derogatory towards the President. I took it as Beck recognizing that Obama sees and understands the nature of the threat…and that is a GOOD thing. Maybe I was so shocked I just assumed wrongly.

    • Paul_Xavier

      Obama is using terminology that validates the terrorist movement as an ancient power. It’s much more idyllic to Muslims than the ISIS moniker. It’s a better rallying title, for terrorists because it reminds them of ancient might they once had. It’s the kind of detail that a believer, and supporter of Jihad would want to include.

      • Bill Bass Jr

        I should’ve known better.

  • lasershot1

    They are cockroaches.

    • Yo Mamma

      yeah, survivors

  • bbob

    This is the problem, as I see it. The muslim clerics are running the show. Its a joke that they call what they follow in ISIS a religion, but its a serious joke. They build their military up by threatening families of prospective soldiers. “Join us or we’ll wipe out your entire family!” Fighting their main force is a waste of effort for the most part but should keep them at bay temporarily. We must cut their cash flow; you gotta have cash to keep an army going. And we must get their leaders, including ALL the clerics who are spewing the hatred and working them up, including those in the West – that includes us. Unless we get them ALL they’ll come back just like cockroaches. The longer the West farts around on this the larger their army will become and the more heads will roll. Our problem is that we have a short attention span. We’ve shown in the past that we get tired of war long before its over. You can’t win a war that way, and half our people seem to be in the dark on the whole thing and will just want to be friends with them in 6 months. Just my opinion. Now, tell me why they want our attention? Its apparent they want us in on their holy war, but why? Is it because this will be a two-pronged widespread attack on the U.S. from within as well as from the outside? We already have traitors leaving the U.S. to be trained overseas and then hope to return here. Are we planning to stop that? I don’t know, just asking.

    • cheveldi

      Finally, someone not blinded by religion.

  • dan

    can some one tell me why every one of those annoying pre clip commercials on the blaze is in the mexican language ? I f thier viewing audience cant speak english would they be watching the blaze ? or is glen just bowing to political correctness. Or just taking the money from who ever offers it.

    • danineg

      The ad was in English for me. The only time I get Spanish ads is after translating something I was trying to read.

  • Slarker

    Let obama buy his retirement home over there, if he regards it so highly. And be sure he takes his current CIA director, who calls Jerusalem by it’s Arabic name.

  • Blake Helgoth

    Either way, still a cia op. We’re giving them the weapons and stirring the pot.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    I wish someone would of told me this because I was confused.

  • KS4Liberty

    Or, maybe, the puppet masters do not want to corrupt the name of their beloved goddess, like the Nazis corrupted the swastika.

  • Pam

    I looked up the acronym and indeed Levant does mean exactly what this article says. So I realized that Obama had a real reason to insist on using ISIL. He indeed knows what their plans are.

  • http://kohlrak.sytes.net Shane Tyler Yorks

    At the end of the day, when the “palestinians” say they support these guys, the truth about them being Arab will come to light.

  • shi_ton

    don’t try to fool anyone Glenn, they didn’t change their name Obama did and does, he is sooooo encouraging, you would think it is like HIS hand writing on the wall! That is why they (the ones against the ‘brotherhood he supported) were carrying signs in Egypt that said (pleaded) wake up America

  • Scott Govoni

    This is old news for those informed Glen. And you didn’t even give credit to the originator of this information. That is disingenuous.

  • David Mills

    The left, and many professors are using the figure that “Only 1% of Islamists are radicalized.” OK, let’s assume that’s true. By their numbers there are 2.08 billion Islamists. That would mean there are 20.8 MILLION radicalized jihadists. That is far bigger than what we have in the western world..USA/NATO everybody. Now how does that 1% look?

  • Mimicap

    Please, please, please – get educated through some other source than Glenn Beck. And crazy Christians…please just don’t speak.

    • cheveldi

      Uh, he’s better than the alternative. More realistic about the state of affairs than Limbaugh and Hannity and LESS about hearing himself speak.

      • Type 53

        Disagree. Beck is *all* about hearing himself speak.

  • writeroftruth1

    Obama is helping the Caliphate on purpose….that has been his plan all along

    • cheveldi

      Helping isn’t the right word. Biding his time, more like. Waiting until the election to declare a state of emergence and postpone or even suspend his replacement.

    • Guest

      put a sock in it

    • California King

      put a sock in it. If you think one man alone is smart or powerful enough to trick the rest of the US you’re a fool.

  • Gary

    I believe Obama considers himself as Muhammad’s successor ( the Caliph ).
    Obama is destroying the United States from within.

    • cheveldi

      I don’t think he has any Islamic connection. He’s doing it for whoever owns him. And I seriously doubt it has any pseudo-religious pretentions. It doesn’t need to be here in America, although it would be more likely to be Christian. By being myopic, and easily duped you are being blinded by what this really is. It is not about a specific religion, just like it isn’t in the Levant. It’s about power and destroying the freedom of the people. Quit seeing things as Muslim and Caliphate. They are smoke screens. It is about absolving freedom, pure and simple. Religion is just their vehicle in the Middle East. They couldn’t operate without it.

      Agree completely with your last sentence.

  • James Trexler

    Could it also be a change due to the number of people named Isis? It makes it rather awkward for them. So far as I know, Isil isn’t a very popular name…
    Maybe the PC police factor into the nomenclature change, that’s all I’m suggesting.
    Regardless, I do feel ISIL does a better job of expressing the dangerous ambition of the organization, to those who recognize what the Levant represents, at least.

  • Guest

    Since when have we thought that Israel wasn’t the true and final target? As unpopular as this idea is we need to step back. We need to stay out of this war right now. We don’t have the moral authority to go back in let alone the power. We need to turn inward. We need the Christians of America to Re-Awaken. We need the Muslims to enter a Greater Jihad, we need the Hindus and the Buddhists to restitute their religions. This land is not a Christian nation. It is a nation of Religious Freedom. A land set apart for something greater. Not a land of Caliphs. Not a land of Popes. Not a land of Buddhas. It is a land where the freedom of belief should create a HIGHER state of religion not a baser one. Our freedom should beckon those who want to live their higher law. Not forced by religious police, but policed by ones own conscience. Not those without conscience.
    We need to quit living the perverse life. The consumerist life. The life where we worship and serve things. We need to fix ourselves and reinstate a righteous state instead of our evil state, before we ever go back over there.

  • Earl Jones

    It’s very interesting, especially the morons who seem to think GB is an idiot. Point of fact he has been on point every time he makes a prediction. I don’t know how he does it but he does.

    Potus is absolutely anti – American, anti – Christian want proof? Just look at what he directs his justice department and the irs to do. Look at the way he handled bengazi(sp), how he is handling the border situation and how they (his lackey holder and the doj) put guns in the hands of the drug cartel that summarily got am American border patrol agent killed. Look how he treats Israel, our staunchest ally in the region. Maybe I just made all that up in my head…. nope it’s factual…

  • Dawn Harris

    So what is this telling us? In the Gulf War, Bush Senior purposefully mispronounced Saddam’s name turning it into a word that had a less powerful meaning. Is the use of ISIL over ISIS a way for Obama to elevate their status?

  • David Perez

    It’s simple really. If anyone recalls any of their high school education of world history, the region of the western arc of the Fertile Crescent is known as the Levant. That region includes Northwestern Iraq, Northern Syria, Lebanon, northwestern Jordan, Israel, and northeastern parts of the Sinai. ISIS changed the name to state that they have broadened their designs over a larger region that includes the Levant.

  • John

    Honestly, politically speaking, i say – “vote for the right guy or don’t vote at all.” Come on guys. Get with the times.

  • http://judgeright.vox.com/ JudgeRight

    I don’t bother with what they call themselves. I know they are Islamic supremist racists.

  • blcartwright

    I despise Obama as president, but I don’t see the problem here. It was the Islamic State that changed their name, and The Levant is a bigger target than just Iraq & Syria. Obama got criticized for calling them the ‘JV’, so now he’s reversed course by saying “these guys are scary, they want to take the whole Middle East”

  • JFF

    More importantly, ISIS is actually the Islamic State of Iraq AND AL-SHAM. This is the distinction. al-Sham is the historical term for Greater Assyria, which includes part of Persia and Turkey. Intel analysts make distinction on purpose. Why on Earth would we want to allow the group to inflate itself. That’s why we call it ISIL and not ISIS. Obama is just using the term that is briefed to him.

  • JD Gragg

    Clinton we had to explain what the meaning of the word “is” meant – and this Dim president we have to explain what the meaning of the word “if” means, e.g. “You can definitely 100% keep your doctor IF….” …ps: We’ll leave having to explain to Obama that the USA is not made up of 57 states as he once stated, for another day.

  • TheHappyNappy

    This is exactly the reason that a knuckle dragger is unqualified for this job.

  • Tina Phelps

    Makes since now, the Prez wants to make sure they are not planning to leave out Israel, so that’s what he’s about. This is much worse than what I thought. I just thought his spin team thought that if we didn’t call them a ‘state” then they would not form a state. But I forget whos side the Prez in on from time to time. God help us all

  • Joseph Clem

    Since when does the Levant NOT include Israel? Israel is the ultimate Levant goal in the Middle East, then it’s onward to the rest of the world!

  • Glynn Gauntt


  • yaakovwatkins

    ISIS, ISIL, Al Queda, Qatar, Islamic Brotherhood, Iran, Hezzbulah, Syria, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc. It doesn’t matter. They all hate Israel and the US. We are both “The great Satan”.

  • Sam Hughes

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel like the blaze is the new enquirer. some of the stuff you are posting is just tabloid crap. I want the blaze to be better than that. Ihate to see the blaze bend to the real tv flunkies. come on…

  • Worried

    muslims are a threat to all mankind

  • Worried

    when muslims are in the minority, they protest for minority rights, when muslims are in power, there are NO MINORITY RIGHTS

  • masseur1950

    The Levant 70 years ago was the given name to LEBANON ONLY. It was the French Riviera if the Middle East. And in the times of Salomon that part of the country was also called Levant. WHY??? The word:” LEVANT” in French signifies= RISING. Lebanon with its CEDARS, tall as mountains, more numerous than the rocks, were used by the Jews to erect the Temple. The country’s fame and fortune ROSE all these years, until there were none left. But the riches of the country rose until the war started by Hezbollah, then now, Al-Qaeda, and all the factions that destroy civilizations. The world knows Japan as the ” Country of the RISING sun”. Lebanon was the country of the RISING SUN in the Middle East. The banks of Lebanon were renowned for their Numbered Accounts, and their secrecy. The people of Lebanon ALL learned and spoke French. Ipso Facto: Lebanon is LEVANT.

  • Winston Smith

    It’s all semantics to keep your average sofa slug confused and completely in the dark. You know, people who watch Master Chef and have no idea what risotto is, or The Voice but couldn’t carry a tune if it had a handle on it, and of course the beer gut shaking his chicken wing at the referee that just threw the penalty flag. They don’t know, don’t care, and sleep just fine thinking that as long as everything happens ‘over there’ someplace, everything will work out just fine.

  • Pimpdalyrical

    Devil’s advocate here… “Levant” is the more accurate translation of what they call THEMSELVES…

  • Casey C. McDonald II

    By saying and including ISIL and not just ISIS he is wanting the right to include Israel as an Enemy and not an Ali and have the right to Bomb Israel. He does not recognize Israel as a Nation or a People that has Freedoms as a Nation. He does recognize Hamas -ruled Gaza or better known as Palestine or Palestinians. He supports their shooting at Israel and ISIL Territories include with Syria Israel and all it’s territories. He would like nothing better than to Blow Israel off the Map!

  • Today22011

    To all the Hawks out there :

    www. jewishworldnews.org/facing-isl…

    Report also found in the NY Times. —
    Sunni/Shite Muslims should defend their nations and unite against a common foe.

  • Dianne Myers

    \\These people hate anything that does not believe what they believe. Do we stand up and speak now, while we can, or do we wait till they spread even more before we start telling our government that it is their job and their duty to do what they can to protect the United States and her allies from this threat? What are our elected officials going to do? Are they going to twiddle their thumbs until these terrorists start crucifixions. I am very surprised, honestly, given their hatred of anything related to Judaism and Christianity that they have not taken a page out of the Roman’s playbook and started crucifying anyone they consider to be an enemy to the state they are attempting to form… That would mean anyone who is not a radical Muslim. These are not your normal Muslims next door, who just want to practice their faith in peace. No, these people want a world wide global caliphate ruled by the most radical forms of Sharia laws, and it is high time we treated them as the threat they are. No, we shouldn’t be calling them IS or ISIS, we should go by the ISIL, because we need to understand that we cannot underestimate their ferocity and determination towards GLOBAL domination. That is the end goal.
    SPEAKING OF A NEW WORLD ORDER… It is time we really understood what it is these people are seeking, and the lengths they will go to in achieving their goal. Your children being raise as Radical Islamists or dead. Even different sects of Islam will be attacked.
    Our government does us no favors by sugar coating things. Make no mistake that many in our government understands exactly what they are dealing with, and what kind of threat they are.

    • BevM

      When we have a Muslim in the White House, we can expect him NOT to protect America, but to help the Radical Islamists in their destruction of anyone and anything they desire to get their way. Just like Hussein’s agenda, the ends always justifies the means. Ft. Hood was “workplace violence” and NO media is talking about the Honor Student shot to death by a Muslim for “what we’ve been doing in the Middle East.” This shooter also said he murdered five other AMERICANS just for being AMERICAN. Wonder why the USA hasn’t been hit? Because one of THEM is usurping our White House. Islam has total cover and a friend in the “president.”

  • http://www.mrchrisg.com/ mrchrisg.com

    This is all a scam to invade & attack and have the empire got to war with Syria (as Obama’s puppeteer handlers want).

  • anthony afterwit

    isil/isis will probably never be sorry they attacked Israel, because they are insane, and completely consumed by evil.

    however, name me a time when Israel has not defended itself against those countries or leaders of countries who were consumed by evil and decided to destroy Israel

    exactly. You can not. and so it will be wth isis/isil when then gain enough territory to begin attacking Isael. Yet I pray we of democracy loving countries have the fortitude to destroy them before they gain that much traction. #israelisolidarity

    • BevM

      God’s Country will never be destroyed and those that think they can destroy her will be surprised. This IS the End of Days, IMHO. Bible Prophecy comes true more all of the time.

    • Yo Mamma

      Anthony writes: “name me a time when Israel has not defended itself against
      those countries or leaders of countries who were consumed by evil and
      decided to destroy Israel”

      The Hebrews, led by Joshua and given the blessing of God Creator were not as you say “consumed by evil and decided to destroy Israel”

      Yes, the official inheritors of the land TOOK it from evil.


      Just thought I would poke some fun

      • anthony afterwit

        ummmmm i think you completely misunderstood my statement. i meant that isil and isis are completely consumed by evil. israel is pretty much the only upstanding, democratic, free market economy country in the region. but it’s all good because i guess you had said you were just poking fun so… yah. i’m well aware the ancient Hebrews were also given such blessings

    • apprin

      Remember that Israel wasn’t a nation until May, 1948. The holy land WAS once taken by Muslims. This brought about the crusades. The pope had to plead with the kings to assemble their armies and defeat Islam in order to take back the holy land. In 1291, the last Christian stronghold fell to Islam because it was unheard of that individual kings’ armies fought under a common command but eventually, the church united the armies and made it possible to regain control of the holy land from the Muslims, who vowed to take it back – like, maybe NOW ?!?! We are an extremely complacent society. Since our forefathers (and because of them) we have not known war here in the U.S.; however, it can happen before sundown. Then, what would the video game experts and smart-ass liberals do? Who would fare better? Gun owners or insurance salesmen? Country boys with big gardens or college students with big egos? Who would do better if the infrastructure fell apart ?? Redneck mechanics or rock stars? Hmmm …

  • AmConfused

    People think it’s weird that the president has said we have no plan, even though telling ISIS our plan would be the stupidest thing ever. It’s not like WWII anymore where news travels slow, and we can control information easier.

  • rosalinddunlap


  • Teriz

    Thanks Glenn for keeping us up to date with knowledge about these Islamic radicals who have been creating chaos for hundreds of years and we better stop having our head in their sand

  • Bill McClure

    I have been saying this since I first heard Obama say ISIL. He is tying Israel into the rest of the Muslim world.

    • BevM

      If only WE had Bibi HERE!! He’s a true Leader and unlike anyone America’s ever seen. Even Reagan, no matter how great he was, let the Fed get away with far too much and let the corruption continue to run far too deep in the govt.

  • smokehill2

    The biggest mistake the US has made is buying into the fruity concept of “proportional response.” Nobody wins wars with proportional response, and in battle it just guarantees that you will LOSE a lot more of your troops, even if you eventually manage to “win.” That’s so dumb that only some Progressive could have come up with the idea.

    You win battles, and especially wars, by overwhelming, DISproportionate response. What kind of moron thinks otherwise? Apparently, just those who have never seen war, like the last few Presidents. Compare Bush Senior’s smash & destroy job in evicting Saddam’s goons from Kuwait, and the limp responses ever since — when apparently no President had a real clear concept of “win” means.

    Perhaps their biggest strategic screwup was in allowing the Iraqis and Afghanis to determine exactly what form their “new” government would take. Predictably, Afghanistan is returning to tribal loyalties, and will shortly devolve into an Islamic “”republic” again. Iraq’s “democratic” government can’t even govern itself or protect itself. It’s a joke.

    Compare that with Germany & Japan, where we basically shoved an acceptable form of government, and a workable Constitution, on both of them, and structured — on Japan — a completely different kind of government on a culture that had zero experience with freedom or rights for women, and had been completely controlled by a military thru Emperor-worship. Nothing less would have worked with either country, and certainly not with Imperial Japan.

    Just once, I’d like to see us get it right. Our parents figured it out, and showed us the way.

    • BevM

      Sad thing is, the MAJORITY of our population either doesn’t know what’s going on or doesn’t care. As long as life goes on, they believe what they hear and don’t see what a disaster is happening before their very eyes. If you’ve ever watched “Watters World” on Bill O’Reilly’s show, you know what I mean. They don’t even know who the VP is and they likely voted for him! They won’t see it until it’s FAR too late. And this concept of Multicultural Nations has NEVER worked. Earlier people came to America and ASSIMILATED. Now people are trying to form their own groups, cultures, Muslim and other communities and bringing their own traditions here and trying to make US play in to them. ONE NATION will never be MANY NATIONS. That’s why our motto is, Out of Many, ONE.
      What a shame, the younger generation will, for the first time in this nation’s history, be left with a country in worse shape than their parents. I’m in my 50s, a “Baby Boomer” and have done all I can do as far as working and paying my taxes and voting. It’s true, the older you get, the more Conservative you get – UNLESS you’re a truly brainwashed hardcore Progressive Socialist/Communist. The Liberals and atheists are outnumbered but scream MUCH louder, the LGBT community is about 2-3% of the population but scream MUCH louder, we’ve always done the right things FOR OUR COUNTRY. JFK was murdered, partly for his “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You…” speech (along with other things he was going to do that NEEDED done) – the Progressives couldn’t have him in the way of their Anti-American agenda. The Progressives have to be stopped. That’s the ONLY way America can be saved… IF it’s not already too late.

    • apprin

      “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” Sun Tzu, The Art Of War.

  • Jameson Robey

    Jerry Seinfeld says a lot of Italians are joining isis. Thats how they’re making most of their revenue, by selling Italian isis. Lol.

    • Yo Mamma

      Those romans again!


  • Glenn Mason

    they are all dead meat soon

  • Boomhauser

    ISIL ISIS, bomb mecca FIRST, then anyone who complains. problem solved.

  • american

    The definition of any of the above means thugs,just like every gang member in this country already and to my knowledge is 1.5 million of them,a stupid idiology that has no meaning.

    • apprin

      Oh, it has meaning all right … It means that Hussein Oblamer and the entire Commucrat party are on the side of terrorists and intend to help fund them as we have already been.

  • tinwhistler

    The use of ISIL is Obama telling Muslims he is on board with them taking the Levant. I expect to see him announce for the 2018 presidential election in Kenya.

    • BevM

      He and Mooch gave them BILLIONS of OUR tax dollars to implement “My ID, My Life” VOTER ID LAW!! ID there but not here, because Democrats don’t need to steal elections in Kenya. He’s already been called their “Native Son” and STILL people don’t catch it. Mooch called Kenya “Barack’s HOME COUNTRY” and still no red flags. Amazing.

  • BevM

    I just wish Glenn Beck would acknowledge that Obama IS a MUSLIM. The ring he wears is not a wedding ring, it shows his allegiance to Allah. Until ANYONE in the media mentions this FACT, Barry Hussein will continue to get away with his crimes against America, Americans and humanity in general. He’s as evil as any ISIS/ISIL member ever dreamed of being. He just doesn’t have the nards to do what they do, but I bet he would if he did! He blamed Benghazi on “that video” when we all know that’s a lie, forgotten after so many other crimes and misdeeds have been committed. He WILL burn in hell someday.

  • Daniel DaSilva

    Latest poll says if Clinton were to run again he would win by a landslide.

  • Mp Mb

    I think it’s PC for terrorists—he’s giving in to these thugs’ delusions of grandeur. Isis is all about creating a caliphate that incudes command over Israel. So Obama is describing the enemy as an organization that will accomplish its goal.
    Isis doesn’t deserve that kind of deference. And Israel has a leader who actually cares about his own country (unlike America) and won’t let that happen.
    Our President, who wrote in his bio that if things got ugly he would side with the Muslims, who was remarkably nonchalant about American beheadings and thought the problem was not his attitude but bad “optics” affecting his popularity, who did photo ops with a company called “kaBoom” on the Anniversary of 9/11 of this year, who instructed NASA that their job was to make Muslims feel good about their contributions to science, and who now is giving an ego boost to the monsters who are declaring war on America, is not as dumb as he seems. He’s fine with it all, so fine that he can make an inside joke on the anniversary of an American tragedy and believe that he can get away with it. I’m sure Isis (not ISIL) got a big kick out of it.
    What I don’t know is how much damage he will end up doing to this country before America starts waking up and realizing that It has been had.

  • Mason Morey

    I thought it was because he is trying to degrade them. ISIL sounds a lot like a common slang word for rectum. It starts with a donkey and ends in hole. hah

  • Brent Johnson

    In 1776, our founding fathers declared this country to be United States of America. Please explain: why, since “America” encompasses two continents, have we not conquered Argentina by now? I’m no fan of ISIS (I think they’re a force of evil, freedom-hating thugs and terrorists that needs to be put down) and they may very well have grand ambitions, but you’re going a bit far by drawing conspiracy theories from the White House’s translation of the organization’s name. Seriously, there’s already enough things the Mr. Obama has done wrong to make him a bad president without people conjuring up BS to portray him as a villain.

  • Jami

    I think it’s interesting and if they want to take down Israel it’s going to be dark days for them. Obama isn’t going to be in charge of the White House much longer and America is ready to fight back. It’s only a matter of time!!

  • Richard Couch

    Well they could empty all of our prisons of the mass murderers and rapists and all the other crap filling our prison system and costing taxpayers millions of dollars, send them over there to fight, and then when they’re done just bomb the heck out of the place. It would save money AND solve two problems at once.

  • AZWarrior

    By their very name ‘Levant’ they show their intent. (All encompassing). By Barbie Ovomit, Tampon-in-Chief, endorsing it, he shows his distain for Israel.

    • Know Really

      Tampon in Chief — new one (and good one) for me. LOL

  • maccamcfc

    Alex Jones for the over 40s

  • Pont

    The seemingly rush to strike Syria last year 2013 failed but now Obama has gained other countries support this year. When you have war and air strikes you get refugees that scramble to cross borders and would eventually get enough refugees to force their way into Israel and thus create this invasion force to occupy Israel away from defending themselves. This is what Obama has done with the invasion of the illegal immigrant children invading the southern borders of the U.S. creating a financial burden on our economy to care and house these illegal immigrants and thus creating his further attempt of taking down America by any means. He sees illegal immigrants as the new voting block for the Democrat (Liberal, Socialist, Communist, Progressive, Leftist, anti-God and Atheist) Party. This is their means of guaranteeing their Party future power and control over the U.S. They say about Communism that it will be a slow march expanding into all areas of the world.

  • $50836547

    The Levant, in recent history, has referred to the entire coastal region from Lebanon through Israel and NE Egypt. It is a name for a geographic area. The inland regions are Persia, the Arabian peninsula, and Mesopotamia – to use the old terms. ISIS was claiming the contiguous states of Iraq and Syria. When they got successful they raised the ante to ISIL, the entire Levant. Now they are “on top of the world” and are IS, the Islamic State with no boundaries. Actually they are still a branch of al Qaida, but their successes have raised their expectations. BTW, al Qaida means “the base”. Bin Laden saw his organization as a base for training jihadists from all over the world to spread the word of fundamentalist Islam on their return home, it was never meant to be a Caliphate – it was meant to create Caliphates. That is the fundamental error in the administration’s thinking. Al Qaida was never on the run as it doesn’t exist as a government, it was always a mission and a concept.

  • denise mayer

    I believe the Bible. Israel contains Gods chosen. He won’t allow them to be scattered, or wiped out. Isis, Palestinians, can do their worst, it won’t make any difference in the long run.

  • Debbie Pineau

    How about these and the confusion it causes: To be fair and to look at the acronym, I found these: http://www.isisns.ca/ Immigrant Settlement and Integration Services and http://www2.isis.org/Pages/Home.aspx International Species Information System and http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/isis Isis Phamaceuticals. Using accronyms makes it very difficult to know what is what doesn’t it??

    How about Isil: http://isil.org/ International Society for Individual Liberty and http://finance.yahoo.com/q;_ylt=A0LEV2LgFBhUbWIACPPrFAx.;_ylu=X3oDMTBya3R2ZmV1BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDNARjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkAw–?s=isil Intersil Corporation. If my acronym happened to be either of these two, I think I would change it. This is not the only problem with using acronyms, but it is a huge one.

    ISIS (Muslim Terrorist Grup) In its self-proclaimed status as a caliphate, it claims religious authority over all Muslims across the world[67] and aspires to bring most of the Muslim-inhabited regions of the world under its political control[68] beginning with territory in the Levant region which includes Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Cyprus and part of southern Turkey.[69] It has been described by the United Nations and Western and Middle Eastern media as a terrorist group. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_State_of_Iraq_and_the_Levant

  • http://digitalrao.com/ Robert O.

    i been seeing the ISIL by Obama too i was thinking league few times i felt Israel came to mind since Iraq ,Syria and Lebanon come to mind …i had figured Israel was really the biggest target ..iraq was stepping stone to Israel which also includes USA yet Obama hasnt yet raised the Homeland Security or DOD terror rating systems to defcon 1 or 2 and high alert like UK did which was smart move ..living in Texas older citizens ask me where i am from or live at because i do alot of walking in the sun i look like an Hispanic male when i throw few Spanish words everyone is confused from a German like me ..i had many threats from Mexicans telling to shut up about Obama show total hate towards me and Gov Rick Perry at Mexican bars aka former American owned bars ..down here ..

  • blackhawk132

    Obama knows exactly what levant means . He uses the preferred word to show the Muslims that he knows and supports their takeover , especially with the destruction of Israel .Those that support Obama will come to rue the day they voted for this foreign Muslim .
    And God said : “In those days there will be wars and rumers of war”.

  • jonpdaly

    Why doesn’t someone in the media just ask Obama why he prefers that…would that be too much to ask?

    • Hitt Mann

      …that’s too tough of a question. The Lapdog media only lob softballs to Barry Soetoro…Because, you know, he’s so awesome and stuff…

  • Yo Mamma

    ISIL monitor ‘luck’

    Christians monitor ‘luck’

    All religions monitor ‘luck’

    When they feel that things are going well, (luck) they feel they’re doing their god’s work. This is especially true in battles, the main and most significant one for christians was the battle of constantine, who was out numbered, but won the battle after seeing a sign in the sky.

    This is written in Torah, how to know if your luck will change?

    It goes like this “I will raise them up a prophet from among their
    brethren, like unto thee; and I will put My words in his mouth, and he shall
    speak unto them all that I shall command him. And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto My words which he shall speak in My name, I will require it of him.

    This is luck 101

    #1 Look out for someone, yes a PERSON, speaking the words of TORAH. Yes, Torah was/is the only sacred scriptures of the Hebrews.

    #2 Look for people that do “not hearken unto My words” which means most of you stubborn idol worshiping man god lovers.

    #3 This is the last step the “I will require it of him” which yal should be a tad concerned about. Thats not the messenger requiring anything of you, but God Creator requiring it of you.

    Something to think about

  • IT 2 IT 678

    In 2014, when things worldwide are under PSYCHOPATH intense,
    ———-we’re supposed to BELIEVE —-ANY of this?
    ——————————————————— – – – – —-is NOT set up?

    AGAIN —-BECK’s franchise slum ‘ON board’. The truth is NOT in him.


    —————-OPEN globalist MAFIA USURPATION of America
    —————————is WELL UNDERWAY

    ———————————-EUGENICS, indeed, EXTERMINISM,
    —————————————–is UNDENIABLY in the AIR!

    Remember, POLISH JOKES —–imply POLISH NO JOKES.


  • Jimmie Chillik

    he is holding info from the American people which is another form of lieing

  • Freedom_Baby

    I don’t believe it’s his responsibility to hold a sit down and educate people. I think it’s ludicrous that people believe he uses ISIL instead of ISIS to secretly show his support for their cause. I mean, you guys are using the internet right now, you have the tools at hand to figure out what this means, if you’re smart enough to use them.

  • SuperBeeee

    What would you expect The Anti-Christ to call his Satanic buddies??

  • ronsteward

    So finally Hillary knows what the definition of IS is! lol

  • Lacita

    At least the president acknowledges it. Americans need to start educating themselves and quit expecting to be handheld through everything. Because ultimately they will be led astray. Politicians will always just be politicians.

  • olcowgirl

    And the administration is bringing more than 10,000 refugees from the Levant (minus Israel) into the US in the next few months. ISIL is alive and thriving in the US.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/KeyloWick Keylow Wick

    Join ICES today!!! Or you could be next!

  • 7tom7

    To me something very very wrong here and there are many questions !!!! For over year now our government had info on ISIS and ISIL ,in their genicide of Christians,Muslims ,Jews and declaration of war on the West which include the little Satan and the Great Satan !! So where was our President not hardly saying boo about this over a year until political wind of public out cry the after beheadings he had to do something for his cover !! But now obama see a oppunity to go around congress or sucker them in with this ruse move to arm the free Syria army against ISIS, and give the air cover and support and also maybe against Syria government ?? Because congress disapprove arming the free Syria army before !! The big picture is obama to continue the Arabic Spring to rid the Middle East of dictators and help over throw them to leave a void for radicals Muslims to fill the void for a Muslims caliphate to form from Egypt to Iran !! You never see obama push for revolt in Libya,Iraq, Pakistan, where the radical are in control and are worst than the dictators they replace !! In Egypt obama was backing the radical Musllims Brotherhood and not backing free Egyptians that was for people with freedoms and rights !! To me Glenn is right it obama guise or ruse to arm the Free Syria so set the stage to overthrow Syria to join the Muslims caliphate which is sworn enemy of U.S and the free world and obama won’t say boo or lift his little finger to stop this ,which is a far bigger evil and more of a threat ,and worst for the populations of these countries , than these little dictators in the Middle East who treated their people with more respect than these radicals Muslims fractions !! Our President obama seems to want and helping a radicals Muslims caliphate to come fully form which will be a deadly enemy of the free world and U.S and fractions of this caliphate already declare war on U.S and the free world !!

    • 7tom7

      In Iran revolt obama did nothing to help the true freedom movement ,not even speak up in their behalf !! Why because the timing was not right to throw off Iran dictatorship , He is waiting for ISIL to be on the border of Iran and take over the revolt in Iran so to have a more radicals regime to take over than Iran government of today and to join the ISIL and be under the complete control of ISIL no Iran nationalism completely in step with ISIL caliphate !! In every country with Arabic Spring revolt obama won’t give assistance until the true freedom fighters are no longer in charge of the movements !!!, He will wait until the radicals are in charge and won’t push for revolt against the radicals even they are worst for the people than the former dictators !!!!!! Let face the facts it seems obama actions shows he is not for free world but for the radicals Muslims caliphate and his words are just a bunch of deceptive phases that he for U.S and the western free world ??!!!

  • UltraRep99

    Glenn Beck is a tool. Using the “Fear of the Unknown” to get a rouse out of everyone. Speculation is merely that. Maybe the Prez is calling them by this name because he want’s the world to know that they have bigger plans and needs the rest of the “good” people to get off the butts and assist? Maybe not. Maybe they just google’d it and have little idea what they are talking about (most likely the case).

    • $3273457

      Really? Well calling them “JV” certainly isn’t much of a rallying cry. The fact is that Obama had Intel on ISIS months ago. He knew what they were capable of. So then why call them “JV”? Simple. At the time, it served him politically to do so. It jibed with his “Al Qaeda is decimated” narrative. The last thing he wanted was to expand the war on terror, so he simply created a false narrative. That narrative has come back to bite him. That’s the problem with habitual liars: they never consider the long-term consequences of their lies.

      Face it, Obama is a miserable failure. Hes a joke!

      Ps- “fear of the unknown”? What’s unknown? Are we all imagining the beheadings, the genocide, the mass graves, and the fact that ISIS has taken over a swath of land larger than England? You are as delusional as the “president”!

      • Memphis Viking

        Never considering long-term consequences is a common Democrat feature.

    • tedlv

      No, UR, UR the tool.

  • anne

    I don’t care what that lier in chief has to say. He’s done 0 since he’s been in office, and the media acts like he’s going to do something about ISIS ISIL, he isn’t! Wake up America the enemy is in the White House!

  • $3273457

    The video cut out on me, so this point may have been touched on, but I believe that there is another reason why Obama and his lackeys use “ISIL” repeatedly ad nauseam. Quite simply, they want to distract from the fact that ISIS came to prominence as a direct result of Obama’s fatal miscalculations in Iraq and Syria.

    Therefore, Obama would much rather grant ISIS higher status, as long as it means that he will take less of a hit politically.

    • Daisytoo

      I agree.

  • Daune Brown


  • Wayne

    Dreams of his father.

  • Frooble Rippers

    Err Nope! The president is only too aware that his speeches are seen and heard worldwide and he doesn’t want to look a fool calling them ISIS when the rest of the western world is calling them ISIL! Even ISIS don’t call themselves ISIS any more, they changed it to “IS”. Of course, Glenn Beck is such a fool he has failed to look beyond the U.S’s. borders (insular much?). Glenn, you really should keep up (with world events) fella because you just sound stupid….

  • Seabass120

    Obama to Israel: “If you like your Levant, you can keep your Levant”

  • Mike Mcdaniel Sr.


  • Cindy Strickland

    This Is quite a stretch. It has to be one of the dumbest conspiracies I’ve heard in a long time. Leave it to Beck.

    • Renegade Quark

      Thanks. You may now return your head to the sand.

  • Ivotebig

    I KNOW all to well what the real “difference” is… believe me, so does “the administration.” And the “”audacity”” to think that most knowledgeable AMERICANS are actually that outright STUPID… we are NOT digging it, to all the RATS who happen to “luck up,” if they can even read a teleprompter!! WE KNOW the difference, thus we know “the reasons” they insist on calling it the latter, which I RESPECTFULLY REFUSE to USE!!

  • grannylake

    Obama is just being a good little Muslim.
    Yes, we know who he really is and we know what ISIL really means.

  • Jeff

    Obama is hoping to involve as many other regional countries as he can in rooting ISIL out. So it makes sense he would choose the name that makes clear what kind of dangers countries like Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and, yes, Israel (though they would not be contributing actual troops) are facing.

  • muskat antonopolis

    Who gives a hoot in hades what they call themselves?
    They are nothing but a great unwashed hoard of
    testostetone fired up sociopathic murdering sons
    of pigs who sleep with dogs and eat with their
    filthy left hand….blow the hell out of them wherever
    u find them and forget the diplomatic PC dance..
    they want to destroy USA and Israel??? Well, they
    have taken on the BEST and they need to cease
    breathing asap…dig a huge pit and fill it with
    dead pigs…tell ali-bagdadi that all of his guys
    we find dead r going into the pit….no more 72
    virgins and no more vino…..little. bird….fly away.
    Turn the wrath of the USA on these pretenders
    ASAP and watch how they run…..every son of
    America who turns and goes to help ISIL/iIsis
    /hamas/Fatah/hizzybulla/ali-babba brigade/
    Should be returned as a Traitor and should receive the death penalty…his/her family
    (since they like it this way/the ISIS way) should
    be imprisoned their property confiscated and
    citizenship taken away…..these spoiled kids
    need to understand this ain’t the 60’s this is
    ,life and death….

    • Renegade Quark

      Never gonna happen. It is why they will continue to prevail until we have no choice but to employ the prescription you suggest. Today we are far to soft and naive to do what must be done.

    • Daisytoo

      It matters because Obama pays homage to ISIS – and their intention to eradicate Israel – in order to establish their Caliphate, when he refers to them as ISIL.

  • Kim in California

    WATCH THIS VIDEO ABOUT ISIS…eye opener. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxzOVSMUrGM#t=314

  • Lynne Holt Miller

    I always wondered why he said ISIL, now it makes sense. He also messed up the other day and said they were not Muslim. Well if not what are they?

  • Renegade Quark

    What has been going on has been clear to the observant for decades. Islam plans to complete its prime directive by taking over the world. Although this is hardly the beginning of woes, we have not seen anything yet. It’s time to buckle up, people, because this next battle of civilizations is going to be one hell of a ride and will make WWII look like child’s play. If you don’t believe me, just watch and you will.

  • Daisytoo

    Obama uses ISIL in order to pay homage to ISIS. He also uses it in order to avoid referring to Iraq and Syria … 2 of his more significant disasters in the ME.

  • johncdvorak

    it should be ISIL…ISIS was made up by the American media. noagendashow.com

  • Tim May

    Or is the president using the term to encourage anti-semitic behavior on the part of this terror group.

    • Guest

      HAHAHAHAHA!! wow…

    • hoe

      That comment is more embarrassing for America than Jersey Shore! Just wow, get you head out of your ass!

      • tedlv

        0 has openly expressed his love for islam and hatred for Israel.

      • gmainco

        I suggest you get yours out of Obama’s backside. Then maybe you will be able to see the truth. You’ll also smell better at least after a bath.

  • hoe

    “the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” Winston Churchill. That’s how I feel after scrolling through these comments….

    • tedlv

      Good thing we are a Republic. Citation: the Constitution. Look it up, I won’t do that for you. You obviously haven’t read the Constitution, or you would not have posted that.

  • Kim Moore

    He knows exactly who they are and what their agenda consists of. His lack of action speaks clearly that he supports their goals.

    • hoe

      How can a person with your thought process even make it through a day. My mind is blown, by your comment and by your existence.

      • Kim Moore

        hoe: I am not the only one who feels this way. There are many and I’m just willing to say it. If you can’t, or won’t, see the truth then you’re either blind or your head is stuck in the sand.

        • tedlv

          Kim is right. 0bama refuses to do what is necessary to protect our country. I sincerely hope you aren’t one of the victims of the upcoming attacks, but only, only, because I am a nice guy.

  • ddanimald

    If you cannot figure out whether someone is just ignorant or is actually conniving, the answer is BOTH.

  • Adam Jenson

    How about we call it what it is, “Islamic State”, this whole ISIS/ISIL thing is just an excuse not to use the word “Islamic” when talking about these terrorists.

  • Mainlander

    “jayvee team”? It’s JV, for Junior Varsity….

  • The Sheeple

    Obama is on their side .. He supports them through his non action .. Some of us notice this stuff. Also .. He stated in one of his two biographies that if it came down to wire HE WILL STAND WITH THE MUSLIMS. HE SAID IT HIMSELF … HELLO … ANYONE LISTENING.?

  • Memphis Viking

    But “ISIS” is so much cooler. Makes them sound like Bond villains.

    • OlivertheSchnauz

      But excuse me, even “Bond villians” don’t cut the heads off of innocent people on worldwide TV and they don’t want the destruction of Israel…so pardon me if I don’t think they are “cool or Bond villians” while thousands of people are losing their lives…I love to laugh and make jokes too but this way too serious to joke about

  • http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/ NTEB

    Hey Glenn, great story you posted – BUT – what you claimed as “your own” was taken without credit from our story that we published on September 1, 2014…14 days BEFORE your story. Now since you call yourself a Christian, we would like a public apology and acknowledgement of where your writers “borrowed” the idea from. I look forward to your reply – Geoffrey Grider, Editor-in-Chief NOW THE END BEGINS http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/blog/?p=24612

    • Guest

      I concur. The integrity of the news is no longer… Thank God for alternate media!

    • http://www.emoaf.org/ Evangelist Anita

      I concur. The integrity of the news from mainstream media is no longer in these last days… Thank God for alternate media!

  • http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/ NTEB
  • Richard Goughnour

    No boots on the ground? How did that work out in Benghazi?

    • tedlv

      Stand down, Richard.

  • Piotr

    According to Wikipedia ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Sham.

    • tedlv

      Dang, my sources listed the last word as “Scam”. We gotta make your sources more reliable.

  • http://www.emoaf.org/ Evangelist Anita

    “I got this link emailed to me from a viewer of mine as if Glenn just broke some new news. NOT TRUE. Glenn Beck and his media crew should have given appropriate credit to the original posting where this “revelation” news broke, it’s only expected and shows integrity instead of acting like he (Glenn Beck) figured this out on his own. It originally broke with “Now The End Begins” – http://www.nowtheendbegins.com
    Hence the, “The following is an NTEB Original Story. Please provide a link back when re-posting this.” on their website. smh, thief.

    • tedlv

      Ok, maybe, but his words were still significant, right? His post was still relevant, right? Do you cite every opinion or fact you post with a web link? This time, maybe, but every time?

  • Peregrine Falcon

    Who needs to watch sit-com’s for entertainment? I can read something that makes you think about stuff and THEN read people who don’t catch sarcasm, crack on each other and talk to spam-bots. PS – Cyberquill has one of the best comments so far, the “me-to” people were pretty funny too…

  • TerrorSquad

    Obama is a mooselimb.

  • Terry_Jim

    I’ve thought ISIL usage was odd, Researched it and believe it to be linguistic anti Zionism.
    Alternate theory came to me during todays Obama pep rally–
    The term ” ISIL ” avoids BHO’s annoying whistling of words ending in “S”

  • Bar Abbas

    In related news, Obama’s 1/2 brother Malik is now on a terrorist watch-list in Egypt: http://shoebat.com/2013/09/05/obamas-brother-headed-for-egypts-terror-watch-list/

  • IT 2 IT 678

    And now about that CFR? —NSA? —–DARPA?
    —-Markus Wolfe designed DHS?
    ————–RED CHINA handover ‘GLOW BULL’ mafia
    —————————USURPATION of
    ————————————GUTTED and VOIDED and DEBASED
    ————————————————- – – -POST AMERICA?

    —-About that ‘GLOW BULL” MAFIA
    ————————–and ENFORCED EUGENICS – – -‘issue’?

  • avigene613

    From the first picture appearing in The NY Times ofObama wth his feet up on his desk,exposing the soles of his shoes,presumably,to the soon to enter Benjamin Netanyahu.Remember the shoes thrown at GW Bush?It was clarified as an Arabic message to drop dead you are worthless. The message to Israel has been the same fom day one.What impact would Oshitface might have had if,on his first “tour” as President he not only visited the various Arabic states(all of them dictatorships),if he had included Israel.The UN has allowed the Arabs to keep Israel ot of the Middle East bloc,leaving Israel to join Europe.Obviously,there is nothing to discuss.The Israelis can’t say much of the truth in public,but they know what Obama really feels-just like his close friend Rashid Khalidi (who now holds the antiSemitic chair in Middle Eastern studies at Columbia). He wants to eliminate Israel no less than he wants to destroy the Republican Party (and as now the Repubs are committing suicide by attacking conservatives).

  • youdontknowmedoyou

    I was pretty sure that ISIL did mean all of this, BUT didnt recognize the Jewish community exists at all….

  • RainorShine

    Wouldn’t Obama call them ISIS, not ISIL, if was truly trying to downplay the extent of their caliphate?

  • Joker Jim

    Finally, somebody gets it! Obama is the problem.

  • Candace Kennard

    Or could the reason he uses ISIL is because he wants to eventually “degrade and destroy” Israel.

  • 7tom7

    Our con artists President is playing this crisis three ways in his favor 1.) The military requests for grounds troops won’ t come until after election ,obama approves but it’s too late to turn the tie of the war without great cost ,the military will take the hit for coming too late ,but most likely military was order not to come to him to after election !! 2.) The graduate increase in combat forces and the delay in deploying them give time for enemy to adapt and time to become stronger !! 3.) This plan failure of obama will fall on our military ,when it was obama leadership a another notch chalk up for obama where his actions,non-actions,half try,delay actions tthat help our enemy and goes against our allies !! When will the people wake up not to listens to obama BS snake oil words but watch his actions and the disaster results for our country and our allies !! President obama playing this crisis for his political cover and himself, and to be in favor of radicals Muslims fractions and their caliphate at expense of our country sovereignty at more risk, putting our citizens and troops at more risk ,that goes for our allies too on the front line !!

  • Chaz Cunningham

    Obama is Muslim, so he understands all this…not surprising.

  • Edward Lewis

    Oh, great, now we have a president with a lisp, that can’t pronounce “ISIS”. His policies are so bad that the Kenyans are now saying he was born in America. With the lisp, he must be Lispuanian.

  • Penelope Peace

    again, we got of the subject , distracted by something shiny. Let’s talk about ISIS/ISIL. And what that means for Israel. Any one understand this?

  • herself311

    Israel is going to have to use the *Big Bomb* to get rid of all these islamists. They need to, to save the world from this lingering war.

  • Daniel J Windwalker

    Obama is again playing on his hopes of the USA peoples being ignorant, and he can be as big a fool as he desires. God is not going to allow any of you to take out Israel, not Obuma, not ISIS, none of you.

  • Herbert_Philbrick

    Grow a pair America… there are no turbaned terrorists under your bed.
    More people are getting rich from the “war on terror” than are being killed in it. Follow the money.. who gains the most from keeping you frightened? Is it the muslims who are keeping you under surveillance, or is it your own government doing it? Is it the muslims shredding the Bill of Rights, or is it your own government doing it?
    Wake up people… wake up. You owe your loyalty to America.. not Israel. – “Any man who says he is an American, but is something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag, …and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
    ~ Theodore Roosevelt 1907

  • Mark Pointer

    Get it STRAIGHT, ISIL has different leadership and became part of Al Qaeda. ISIS was part of ISIL, but when it became part of Al Qaeda, it and its leadership were deemed TOO radical for Al Qaeda and ISIL. They are TWO separate groups under TWO totally different leadership chains. Imagine TOO RADICAL for Al Qaeda, and you get ISIS willing to do anything anywhere at anytime for their cause.

  • Josh

    Please respond Mr. Beck: Do you think by President Obama and his administration referring to them as ISIL instead of ISIS that they are actually recognizing them as the bigger problem that they are? Because ISIL/ISIS is all over the Middle East and even worldwide.

  • Will Hunting

    A reasonable person might begin to wonder – where was Obama on September 11, 2001? What was he doing? Does he even know what happened?

    • Ralph

      boy… i guess that’s right! clearly the president of the most powerful nation doesn’t know what happened on 9/11. This logic is foolproof!

  • Eric Johnson

    isil is what obama made up!!!Obama says isil because, He does not recognizing Israel as a sovereign nation. Dead center in what is considered the levant is Israel (all the land north oh Egypt and south of Turkey) by referring to them ISIL he considers the land that belongs to Israel as not being theirs. Why would he lump Israel in with the Islamic state territory. Israel is not part of the Islamic state. Yes this is a tip of the hat to all Obama’s friends that surround Israel and want it’s destruction. He’s telling the Islamic leaders and the Islamic people. I do not recognize Israel.

  • $125612511

    Why not just call it ITS – Islamic Terrorist State. Why show them so much respect? When the west labelled Soviet weapon systems they used less flattering names as “Backfire”. We should use the same policy now.

  • $125612511

    Would ISIS have existed if Saddam Hussein was still alive and in power today? Hardly, since a major part of ISIS is the old Saddam army. The problem is, just like President Reagan said to understand the complexity of the Middle East.

  • Chilibreath

    Simple and to the point: ISIS includes (and recognizes) the region that is Israel, ISIL refers to an older name for the region (the Levant) which historically does NOT recognize Israel. How convenient for those who do not want to recognize Israel or the Holy Land of the Jews.

  • Ed

    The Levant also includes Israel, Lebanon, and Jordan in addition to Syria and parts of Iraq. Maybe he is trying to expand the conflict– I would refer to it as ISIS.

  • patti purk

    He approves of what they do…he likes them much more than Jews and Christians. He can’t help it. In his heart he is a muslim.. Our country has been invaded. Jesus is the Savior of all…..every knee WILL bow! Some will parish, even though He wants none to perish.

    • Ralph

      Racist. Just pure racist. You have no rational argument, so you resort to racism. History will tell the tale differently. I think you’re just scared of what is happening to this country. We’re moving away from your hate.

  • Ralph

    Seriously? Look it up people. The Levant comes from French… it means where the sun rises. In Europe, and everywhere, the Sun rises in the east. If you didn’t know, France and Britain divided the Middle East after the fall of the Ottomans (Turkey, for the truly ignorant). The French took Syria. And the Levant refers to Syria. If the President, or anyone, refers to the Levant, they must have been educated.

  • Ken O’Connell

    I’m glad you brought this up…I posted a similar explanation months ago…

  • DZappala

    oblunder is going to force Israel to protect itself. Hopefully, Israel does some map work.

  • Rosemarie Carlson

    I knew that Levant included Israel and since Obama would break ALL ties w/God’s chosen it doesn’t surprise me that he’s ‘given’ Israel to the children of Ishmael…He will honor Islam and denigrate the Israeli’s and Christians every chance he gets. Do you see him host ‘seder’ for Jews? Easter to celebrate Christ risen? Would go against all he was taught growing up and going to Islamic schools…raised as Muslim…And NO ONE in DC w/call him out for having allegiance to a group who’s aim is destruction of small and large Satan…Israel and US….

  • alnga

    The President is no fool, but he is playing a dangerous game and his end game play is coming really really soon. He is in a position now where he will end up begging for help from those who were once close but not now.

  • emsinmd

    There are millions of people in this world who think words don’t matter.

  • mmmjv

    “This is where we’ll debate strategies to confront terrorism and the threats posed by Al Qaeda, ISIL and those radicalized by them.” Joni Ernst, Republican response to State of the Union address. So why does Joni Ernst hate Israel?

  • Riquee

    The president isn’t the first person I’ve heard use both acronyms. I watch AJAM.

  • jongnagy

    Obama obsequiously bowed to the Saudi King. He bowed down below the waist when
    they met instead of just shaking his hand his hand like all other U.S.

    made the curious statement that the Islamic State (ISIS) he always refers to as
    ISIL “is not ‘Islamic.” John Kerry now calls ISIS “Daesh” — an
    Arabic acronym — so as to avoid referring to the English words
    “Islamic” or “State.”

    When Egyptian
    leaders met with Obama to join in the fight against ISIS they said they
    would do so only if the U.S. also fought terrorists in the Middle East and
    North Africa. Obama refused to do so and left without an agreement.

    The White House
    and Pentagon said that the U.S. is
    “at war” with the Islamic State militant group to correct what
    Secretary of State John Kerry when he had called it a large-scale
    “counterterrorism” operation.

    will never never happen with our current president who finds every
    excuse not to malign Muslim terrorists.

    called the murder of 13 soldiers at Fort Hood by a Muslim-American major who
    screamed “Aliah Akbar!” “workplace violence ” not a
    terrorist attack.

    The U. S. government did not call the beheading of a
    co-worker by Jah’Keem Yisrael (who converted to Islam in 2011) an “act of

    Obama told NASA one of its missions was to make Muslims feel good about themselves.

    The White House and NASA defended comments by
    National Aeronautic Space Administration administrator Charles Bolden about
    reaching out to the Muslim world. Bolden said Obama told him he “wanted me to
    find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with
    dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic
    contribution to science and engineering — science, math and engineering.”

    From his book, “The Audacity of Hope:”

    “…during the five years …with my stepfather in
    Indonesia, I was sent first to a neighborhood Catholic school and then to a
    “medrassa” (Moslem school).” That means he knows Arabic.

    According to Muslim religious law since his father
    was a Muslim—and despite conversion to Christianity—Barack Hussein Obama
    in Muslim eyes remains a Muslim.

    Considering the above statements, everything Obama
    does to not offend Arabs makes sense.


    1 The evil idiots call themselves Isil not Isis…
    2 Isis is a Goddess! This is an insult to that history and the fact that people don;t know that is Sad.

    • chipjo

      You are so incorrect!. ISIS refers to itself as ‘ISIS’. All the Muslim countries in the region also refer to ISIS. Only Obama and his Administration refer to ‘ISIL’…! Obama is anti Israel and by using ‘ISIL’ he eliminates any discussion of Israel and its role in the Middle East. It would be the Obama, et al, goal to eventually erode the status of legitimacy of the State of Israel and its right to exist.

  • Michael Bayless

    Yeah, I thought deploying troops to the middle east is a great start to downplaying the situation. Nothing says they aren’t a threat like 4,000 highly trained US soldiers in the region.

  • The silent one

    Damascus (Sham?) will be utterly destroyed https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isaiah%2017

  • Godsway1

    I always felt its a message to ISIS not for good. Many say he dose not know what he is doing, I say he dose know and is very calculating aginst America and Israel.

  • kent7

    Obama has an agenda and its not good for America or the World. Impeach him NOW!

  • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

    He is correct and if no one believes Glenn, google it!

  • Robert Pummer

    Not only does Obama know who ISIL is, every additional piece of information points back to his unique position in the equation. https://gumroad.com/l/DDKKp

  • Cody Sauberan

    See we have a very strong administration with Obama in office, something we lacked when Bush was in office. but people like Glenn Beck and his insane followers are to brain deficient to stop trying to derail and insult this administration, that has clearly moved us in a very good direction these past few years. I hear you the typing now but Cody what about Snowdon and Ukraine and God forbid this country have universal healthcare. Well every administration has problems that have no good answer, what was Obama supposed to do invade Russia to bring. snowden to trail, or start a war with Putin for Ukraine’s freedom, cause that definitely wouldn’t result in nuclear war. But what about a few weeks ago when Glenn talked about the fcc wanting to regulate the internet, well that wasn’t such a bad idea you could eliminate a lot of very horrible crime that occurs over the internet, drug sales, battery and human trafficking could all be a lot less prominent if an organization like this existed. And for anyone out there who dislikes minimum wage and says there should be no minimum wage and the free hand of capitalism should guide the market, look at the late 1800’s they had no minimum wage and we had anyone working a low skill job gets trapped in a slum. I personally think a guy working a minimum wage job with 2 kids could use the money better than a millionaire who’s just going to sit on it. Overall I think Glenn has made you all very afraid of the government by making you think it’s out to get you and steal all of your rights which it isnt, you have a very strong leadership in this country that Obama provides and its our duty as citizens to get behind him and push for success.

  • chipjo

    By using ‘ISIL’ the President and his Administration…the only ones that use the word ‘ISIL’…is sending the message of ignoring the right of Israel to exist. ‘The Levant’ was commonly used prior to 1947 and the establishment of Israel, but since, ‘the Middle East’ has sufficed. However, following the Alinsky ‘playbook’…change the words and you can change the discussion. Obama is no friend of Israel…proven by his actions.

    • Cody Sauberan

      why would he want to be a friend to nation that violates human rights constantly

      • chipjo

        Oh, so shallow is your understanding of the world…! Where should I begin? So, are you saying that ‘Israel violates human rights constantly’ and for that Obama should ignore its existence? Sounds like you too would ignore ‘Islamic Extremism’ …but getting back on track, ignore Israel, but deal openly and secretly with Iran? Gee…wonder how the ‘scales’ of reasoning are hanging now? I am going to assume that you realize that Iran is the most prevalent enabler of terrorism in the World…starting with Hezbollah in Syria and Lebanon and within the State of Israel, in the Gaza. I wonder if you have even considered the treatment of Iranian citizens to worship freely and express their opinions? Those that do…are silenced by jailing or death. Now, in Israel, everyone is free to worship as they please. Incidentally, While the publicity is usually around Gaza (with the effects of Hezbollah continuing to add fuel to keep the population in a ‘victimized’ state of mind, do you realize that millions of Israeli citizens of Arab descent live and prosper elsewhere in Israel. So, it would be interesting to understand your facts of Israel violating human rights…other than the universal cry of ‘victimhood’ in every corner of the world where a minority choses violence over the power of the democratic vote, to be heard.

  • Cheryl Newell Smith

    I’ve been saying this since he started. What a way to legitimize them.

  • 7tom7

    Hi see this take or censor when my last post just disappear when posting if was censor I call it infringing on freedom of speech !

  • 7tom7

    The reason that Obama so mad at Fox News and Bill O Reilly is that they expose Obama whoppers of half truths to U.S citizens ! He call them radical extremists when the full name should be radical ISLAM Muslims extremists terrorists so we can fight this evil and defeat it ! Second whopper of half truth 21 Egyptians were beheaded when should be 21 Christians Egyptians were beheaded ! They were kill because of their religion !Third was random violence in Paris when it was at Jewish kosher deli targeting Jews ! Obama only mention Muslims grips no mention of Christians and Jews gripes that they are being targeted and being kill ! Obama don t want different religions to unite and speak out to fight this evil and fight Obama policy of defeat of free world and U.S ,also to vote out all of Obama progressive cronies !Plus Obama only want go piece meal so we lose this war by like going after off shoots only like ISIS instead going after these groups base organizations like Muslims Brotherhood and the Jihadist movement and label them as the enemy and the true root cause so we can defeat this evil before it come to our streets ! It seems that Obama heart is for the radical Muslims World and not for the free world ,U.S and citizens to fight a war to win in defending ourselves ! Looks likes Obama wants our country to be at sleep and never wake up or wake up when it too late!

  • Vearl Hughes


  • oopso42

    All, they are trying to do is justify a position to reset Israel’s to pre-1967 borders by using ISIL to gain back Jerusalem. But
    they don’t understand God kept a promise to Israel in 1967 and WO to those who would try to change it?

  • Lisa Raquel

    What? I’m more confused now.

  • Lisa Raquel


  • johnnys1977 .

    It is their way of ELIMINATING the existence of Israel! If you see their map Israel is not on it but all other countries are!
    Maybe this explains Obama’s seeming disdain of or to even being available to talk to Israel leaders!
    His true Muslim colors are showing!! He IS one of them!

  • Jan Fearing

    Well, way to make it all about Israel as we US Christians like to do – while the Arab Christians continue to suffer and die and get driven from thier homes – and while Mr. Netanyahu gives aid and comfort to al Nusra (al Qaeda in Syria) terrorists from the Golan. In our deaf and blind support for everything Israeli neocons say and do, but also our continual bowing down to the depraved absolute monarchies of the ME – we have been actively abetting extremists and terrorists throughout the Levant. The rise of ISIS is no surprise – or shouldn’t be – our ‘moderate rebels’ who have received our training, arms, money, and political support, have always called them their brothers in arms (al Qaeda too). The point is this – we are getting whipped up into a frenzy by greedy neocons so we will support another war in the ME. But they refuse to even look at the root of the problem: western support for terrorist regimes who, often because they won’t officially support resistance to Israel (while of course supporting Hamas with cashola), because they cut us in on profits from oil/gas, because they buy expensive weapons from us, they are considered ‘reformers’ and ‘stabilizing’, yet happily continue building radical mosques, funding and arming terrorist militias, and producing ‘exciting’ propaganda so Muslims all over the world will be as twisted as they are.

  • drthomasedavis

    Why in hell do we not send drones over the entire area replete with Flamethrowes and have a monster murderer roast? I would love to see those arrogant baby and woman killers burned to hell and bypassing allah’s heaven or hell and go to the real hell to be burned for eternity.

  • http://corrupteruptusa.blogspot.com/ Laura StraightUp

    al-Sham. ISIS. The Left has to keep up their narrative of the Iraq War being a fiasco. The religious pimps are exploiting religion to control “believers” of anything but Islam. We’re sold out. The Levant is an entire region including vultures who he sold us out to. China should be included, they’ve got a big chunk of us too,.

  • Marie Luker

    God told the Israelites to conquer the land to the Euphrates river, which is in Iraq. They didn’t obey God and have paid dearly for it for a long time. Just glad to know that in the not-so-distant future, Jesus will conquer all the Earth and reign for 1000 years in Jerusalem.

    • Michael Cottrill

      Apostle Paul Was A Deceiver! He corrupted the true teachings of Rabbi Yeshua! Paul was a spy for the Pharisee.The “Christians” who stuck God in a book do not know anything of the one true God!You worship Allah the god of Abraham a false God stuck in books like Tanakh,Bible and the Koran

  • Jerry McGinnis

    I have been talking about this from the start. It is funny how the media would say something different than the president. Every time you hear them talk they always use ISIS but the president always says ISIL. There has to be something in the difference. Glad someone was able to show this explanation.

  • Ron04

    maybe we should just get a new President…..

  • King David

    Who cares what you call ISIS, they are scumbags, just kill them and feed them to the dogs.

  • Guest

    Some of the young ladies in those adds for making money are some of the missing girls out there. Not sure someone steals their identity or if it is them.

  • ever1seen

    You love scare tactics; I don’t believe you could be elected dog catcher, that’s why you are such a hater of Obama

  • Lia

    It’s pretty straight forward, really. The entire Islamic world would want to destroy Israel or the Levant, as stated here, especially Iran, and given the nuclear capability that Obama intends, they will make that priority number one, and attempt to eliminate Israel from the face of the earth. That’s why Obama is set against hearing the case for Israel. Eliminating Israel has been tried several times since they became a nation. I don’t believe they will succeed this time, either. God will have something to say about it in the end.

  • calvin

    we need to make ISIS – WASWAS

  • Revolution369


  • Timothy Furnish

    This is paranoid claptrap. I’ve consulted to the military for years, in this field, and the simple reason why Obama uses “ISIL’ over “ISIS” is nothing nefarious, but because his briefers use it. I actually argued in favor of ISIS, but was outvoted by the other analysts. I dislike Obama immensely–but sometimes he’s just an incompetent, and not an evil genius.

    • JGR

      You give the Present too much latitude. It could be argued that he is communist: either as an agent or as a dupe. Claiming innocence, naivete, or ignorance is simply ludicrous. Perhaps deliberately portrayed as incompetence.

  • Dale Urevig

    IS DAISH ISIL ISIS ? either way lets make them WASWAS…

  • Paul Suavemente Garcia

    Call them Daish. Thats what Jordan calls them. ISIL said they would cut out the tongue of anyone who says the word Daish. So, lets all call them Daish to piss them off.

    • Wm Reed

      I think the right spelling is douche not daish, but probably the same thing anyhow.

  • Vinnie S

    IRS another corrupt dangerous oragnization.

  • JGR

    The Islamic world once encompassed greater land area than even what ISIL declares. Westerners forget that the British and French empires carved out the present borders of present day countries in the Mid-East during WW1. But more importantly, history shows that followers of Allah waged over 225 major battles of subjugation in Europe and Northern Africa BEFORE the first Christian crusade of 1100 ad. Think for a minute: Disraeli was prime minister of the English Parliament, during a time when British common law forbade membership in Parliament by an ethnic Jew; yet Disraeli is the author of the proposal to create the Zionist movement in the latter part of the 1800s. We need to wake up to the true dangers of international alliances that HAVE BEEN and ARE STILL milking the USA OF ITS TREASURE AND RESOURCES. The Muslims may well be winning this centuries-old power struggle! Do not think ISOLATIONISM is NOT patriotic. TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN, CLOSE OUR BORDERS LIKE EVERY EUROPEAN COUNTRY, and totally revamp our foreign policy. The Monroe Doctrine should be made a constitutional amendment in this era of civilian attack and divide that our present policies our based upon. COS would be a travesty without the Monroe Doctrine being included in the COS agenda. In fact, Mr. Beck, you may be unwittingly missing the point. Islam is a danger to America BECAUSE of our allies who have done nothing but manipulate our Republic to carry their financial and military burdens, at the expense of countless American lives and TREASURE.

  • https://www.facebook.com/John4Revolution John Proteus

    Like someone posted on my page IS-IS would be WAS-WAS if Ronald Reagan was the President.

  • https://www.facebook.com/John4Revolution John Proteus

    Conversion of non-Muslim places of worship into mosques, some untold and unknown stories:
    Read this and you will understand why they demolish everything Christian, Jewish Buddhist, Hindu and any other religion.

  • Sam2001

    If Barry had his way, Israel and Lebanon would not exist.

  • Tony Amico

    Just call them “Islamic Terrorists” and be done with it.

  • Ken Smith

    That fact that Obama consistantly refers to ISIS as ” ISIL” specks volumes. He is telling the world that the only nation that God specifically named, gave land to, and called his own has no right to exist. Obama has thumbed his nose at God. Only one creature would do that and has done that through the ages.

  • Scot Lyf

    Why defile the name isis in reference to islam,… why not call the islamic state issi, the islamic state of syria and iraq.

  • Sandy Carrington

    I wish Obama would marry Reggie Love and leave the peoples house and move to Fire Island…

  • Zinkfreed

    OBlamea is one of the worlds best word shapers, spinners and say nothing artists. He should have been a preacher, because when it comes to saying nothing worth while eloquently, he’s the best. Otherwise he’s the worst president in our time. Sorry kids, but that’s the truth.

  • Dominique rice

    Basically, he knows who ISIS is and where they are and is not doing anything to stop them because he believes in the new world order, which the NWO believes in population control/gentrification and it is all apart of the illuminati, secret service (of Israel, America and Europe) plan. This is apart of Christian Genocide/Population control OBAMA doesn’t CARE! He only cares about the elite!

  • S Johnson

    Now it makes sense what that vet told me. I suppose all we can do is watch destruction happen.

  • alsutton

    Actually, it’s probably because the jihadis don’t like the term ISIL. This is because “The Levant” is a term that arose during the French colonial period, when France was their masters, their overseers. It’s French, and what term other than the more recently used “Daish/Daesh” would make them more angry than that? ISIS gives them legitimacy, and even moreso does the term “Islamic State.” ISIL is sort of a jab in a way, and is more accurate anyway. Whether you like Obama or not (I’m pretty sure the folks on this site do not), not everything the administration does is some kind of conspiracy-laden tin-foil hat move to bring down America. I’m sure his military advisers or whoever he consults with devised this for a reason. I doubt it’s some kind of avoidance of using the term “Syria.” To suggest otherwise simply shows a lack of understanding of how things work.

  • Scot Lyf

    Why not call it issi: islamic state of syria and iraq: i s s i

    That’s much more unique and more so ‘unbecoming’ sounding than isis, and even sinister looking in the way it’s spelled, – beginning and ending with an i, like demonic horns, yet the pronunciation is like ‘sissy’.

    Why isn’t anyone else bringing the issi idea to light?

  • Barbara Vize

    Great explanation. I again see how our president cloaks verbiage in such obscure ways. He refuses to say Islamic extremists, when they obviously are; extremists and terrorists, however, David Cameron had the nerve to call him out on that one at the U.N.

  • BlackBeaver

    Glenn, you and your on-air staff really need to have pre-show meetings so everyone is ‘on the same page’. Far too often, Pat and Stu seem completely surprised and ill-prepared about the topic you want to cover.

  • Boyd

    Obama says he and America doesn’t have to fight against ISIS, ISIL or any problem, because it will all work itself out in time without anyone doing anything. Obama’s let Russia’s leader Putin takeover the fight against ISIS in Syria, but Putin attacks areas in which ISIS aren’t in. We are looking towards a dictatorship run of the Middle East.

  • stealthman5

    The borders in Iraq exist solely for the purpose of transporting the oil in the far north near the sources of the Tigris and Euphrates to the Persian Gulf port of Batzra. For that reason only, the Kurds in far north were made part of Iraq.

  • Brad Bryant

    Yes, I have been mentioning that term being used by Kerry, Ash Carter and the Islamist President. He is promoting the Caliphate along with the radical Islamists and people need to wake up. Dr. Ben Carson said he would not support an Islamist in the White House, along with a majority of Americans, but we already have one!

  • stealthman5

    It is a bit ironic, but the Semitic root for the English word “Levant” or “Crescent” as in the Fertile Crescent is Sahar. Sahar means crescent. It is the root of the proper noun called the Sahara Desert by the way. Notice that Sahar begins with an S. So one can use the world ISIS so that the final S stands for Sahar meaning crescent instead of L which stands for Levant. Why use the L at all unless you have a political agenda using it?

    Oh, in another twist, the Hebrew word for the white of the moon is Levanah, just to make matters more confusing.

  • 13citizen13

    Is the US so screwed up that it won’t, or doesn’t know how to remove 0bama?

  • olf

    Could obarry, jarret, iran, and Russia make it any more clear as to what the plan is for Americans and Israel Jews ????? God has a different plan, they will be surprised. in Jesus name Amen

  • John George

    In the same time Egypt is the only country that kicked the ISIL ASS
    in the middle East although Europe &USA were against this..!!!!

  • AK Cowboy
  • chefplr

    The Levant

  • Ardee

    obummer uses the word ISIL not because he recognizes the enemy, but because he understands Arabic and the direct translation of Dayish is ISIL.



  • Michael Jacobs

    The same with Islam, which translates as ‘Submission [to Allah]’. By saying Islam instead of Islamism – and Muslim instead of Mohammedan or Islamist – governments present it as a legitimate religion rather than as the murderous political ideology that it is.

  • Dawn Dykes Petz

    In other words, by Obama calling it ISIL and ISIS referring to themselves as ISIL, this means that all of them are in agreement that if ISIS has it’s way, there will be no more Israel? I don’t know about most people, but as mean and evil as ISIS is, I wouldn’t want to tangle with the Israelies either. Prayers for Israel.

  • Jim Austin

    I keep thinking what Leo Amery in the British Parliament said on May 7, 1940, to Neville Chamberlain which is applicable to our current president: “You have sat here too long for any good you are doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

  • James Phillips

    In fact, Obama using ISIL, he is identifying that there is a threat of caliphate. Obama is telling us ISIS is actually ISIL, BECAUSE they are attempting a caliphate. How is that downplaying it?
    “Stu, what’s the difference between ISIS and ISIL?”
    “Stu responded. “[It] encompasses parts of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and a place called Israel.”

  • Alfie

    ISIS has always stood for, Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, aka the Mossad. That is why Obama and others are switching to ISIL.

  • whatashameforall

    it really make any difference make any difference if ya aint gonna do anything butt stand around with ya thumb up ya ass, does it ??

  • pj77777

    Israel will stand – it is promised. A good Christian would know better than to worry about this. We can watch, but we do not worry. Jesus will sit on the throne of Bethlehem and Jerusalem… He will be the King and rule this world for 1,000 years of peace, and the promised land will be given to the Jewish. We Christians will be too busy with heavenly eternity and all to worry about what comes after those 1,000 years, when the final fight of Good vs. Evil takes place…… Perhaps we will be allowed to take up the Armor of Christ and fight along side…. but only He (The Father) knows the exact time and what will take place. If anyone is worried about this silly little president and ISIS, it’s time to find your Faith. God Bless….

  • Karen Lee

    Yes it is Important. ISIL is what it is in “English”. Which is Sunni/Wahhabi followers of Mohammed throughout the world; and the majority in the Middle Eastern Countries; except for Iran & Syria. And to Know that there are 2 Major Divisions of Islam;
    The Sunni’s & Shi’ite’s [aka: Shi’a]; and several Minor sects [similar to Protestants & all their various religions] and amongst all of these sects are even Greater Divisions & Practices & Beliefs;
    from “Regular Folks”; just like the majority of folks in any other “Religion”; who call themselves a certain religion; but do not study or adhere to it’s practices except superficially;
    to followers of Radical Literal Fundamentalism is to understand that “Hating Muslims” is NOT “The Answer”. The Radical Groups will Always Hate the Enemies of Their Enemies.
    Thus; The Syrian King Assad; a follower of an extreme Shi’ite sect [Alawites; and also a political member of the political party that as was Iraq’s Saddam Hussein; The Ba’ath Party];
    is a Great Threat to both Saudi Arabia; because the Al-Saud Royal Family is Wahhabi Sunni [“The Enemy”]; who “Open Secretly” support the likes of ISIL &
    Al-Qaeda; who has the hold over us in ALL Islamic “Conflicts” of the sects; is our greatest weakness due to their supremacy in OPEC and our kowtowing to them since the 1970’s for Oil. Until we are essentially free of all Middle Eastern Oil; we will be supporting overtly & covertly the Sunni/Wahhabi sects; and any attempts by us; outsiders; will be seen as a threat to both Sunni’s & Shi’a. This is “Why” Al-Qaeda hated the USA and set the tone of we being called “The Great Satan”; because of all of our Former Support of Saddam Hussein & the Nation of Iran [also Shi’a]. This is why the transformation of Al-Qaeda to ISIL evolved; because they do NOT accept our playing both sides of their issues; they want us to know that “They Mean Business” against any support by us of Shi’a Nations or Sects. Notice how the “Beheadings” have ceased since we have been giving more military support [equipment & manpower] covertly to ISIL?
    THIS IS THE REALITY PEOPLE. The Sunni/Wahhabi HATE ALL Shi’ites more than they will ever hate the Jewish People & The Nation of Israel. In fact; for many years; our great military & financial support of Israel was not simply to help protect them from “Islamic Terrorists”; but also w/the Promises that Israel; would always help defend Saudi Arabia [“Just around the corner”]; if ever need be.

    Again; this has been going on since the Nixon Years; the late 60’s; early 70’s; with unfortunately; the Reagan & Bush Administrations subsequently making us even MORE dependent upon Middle East Oil over the decades than we ever were back then.
    Only Nixon tried to put the brakes on this dependency; getting legislation passed to lower max speeding limits to 55/mph; and trying to educate us on the Oil Dependency.

    If you haven’t taken the need to find Alternatives to Oil Energy Dependence seriously before; maybe now is the time to start educating yourself about the complexities of this matter and stop wasting energy sending out vibrations of Hate to people that feel that we have both manipulated & betrayed them; many times over.

    We are spoiled Americans who do not want to “Give Up” anything or be held back from doing what we want when we want to. Well; Look where that has gotten us.
    Do Your Part. Get Up & Turn Down/Off some Electricity right now when you finish reading this diatribe. I just did!

  • Margery Manson

    Bloody beautiful mate. Your writing skills are impeccable. Cheers mate. Thanks for the donkey nose info buddy bud

  • http://www.mindcontrol.com/ Philly_Glycerin

    ISIS = Israel, that’s why they don’t attack Isreal, sorry I meant IS-re-IL.

  • Lynn Ray

    It says that Israel is not included and then says that Israel is included. Which is it? Do they consider Israel a part of ISIL????

  • ex-DWP anonymous

    Obama uses the term ISIL trying to display that he’s “in-the-know” about all these insurgents and their strategies. See, that’s the problem with this pile, he thinks he knows best and that he’s smarter than all. No Mr. Obama. After you’re gone, you better run and hide.

  • Rick

    If Reagan was still President, ISIS would be WASWAS.

  • Bara Bam

    ISIS or ISIL all are being created in a nation called Pakistan.

  • BedfordGuy2

    He calls them ISIL as he always wants to praise his muslim brothers and would never want to do anything to insult them. Killing a few from time to time to keep his job, however, is fine. If obama actually wanted to utterly destroy Daesh, do you not think he could order brave Americans to bomb their bases into the sort of rubble he plans for the American economy and society??? He must not want them dead for his own reasons.

  • Sillysally

    Why doesn’t the media call him on it?? If it was Bush, they would be all over this like rabid dogs.

  • TGrade1

    That’s because Obama is the biggest “Trojan Horse” in history.


    GARBAGE president. All mosques must be turned into pork processing factories immediately.


    isil, isis, they are all filth.

  • Whoop93

    I think it is all part of the plan to confuse people so we don’t know who Obama likes or doesn’t like.

  • Linda King Blackman

    glenn beck you are not very smart There are many Levantine Christian groups such as Greek and Oriental Orthodox, Maronite, Roman Catholic, and Protestant. Armenians mostly belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church. There are Levantines or Franco-Levantines who are mostly Roman Catholic. There are also Circassians, Turks, Samaritans, and Nawars. There are Assyrian peoples belonging to the Assyrian Church of the East (autonomous) and the Chaldean Catholic Church (Catholic).[citation needed]…Levant includeds all of the countries along the eastern Mediterranean shores, extending from Greece toCyrenaica…
    Cyprus Israel
    (Hatay Province)
    learn your history and do not believe a narrow view.
    Languages Levantine Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Armenian, Circassian, Greek, Kurdish, Ladino, Turkish

  • Terry Bell

    Finally, someone is getting REALLY close to what I have been thinking ever since Obama started stirring the racial issue so flagrantly. Meeting behind closed doors and making decisions. Yup. Can we say Agenda?

  • Dirty Harry

    If Reagan was still around…ISIS would be WASWAS.

  • Dave Nowak

    Levant refers to an area that includes Israel So when Obama says ISIL he’s talking about the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant which means the destruction of the Jews

  • m2

    Sigh. I liked ISIS much, much better reading about her as an Egyptian goddess of the ideals of health, beauty, and wisdom. What ironies that the same term would apply to an organization that is the epitome of 180 degrees opposite of these ideals.

  • David Gearhart

    Obama was planning on a nuclear Iran being in control of the ISIL which is a map of the middle east without Israel. He lost that plan to Russia. His no plan of ISIS taking the territory and then Iran taking over without releasing any of the land or people. A new Ottoman Empire. the old one slaughtered 50 million christians. What will the new one do?

  • DanHart

    isIS, isIL it stands for murder, ignorance and death and it’s our job to kill them. ALL of them.

  • Buckijer

    anyone with an average intelligence can spot Beck’s lie. Beck’s attacks scream leftist tactics that have failed, and for good reason. Yet, he seems to believe it’ll work this time. It hasn’t. Because it’s untrue.

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