Update: GlennBeck.com is proud to debut the music video of this hit new song.

Original Story:

Is anyone in your circle of friends really concerned about Ebola? Well, if you need to teach them a little about the infectious disease that causes you to bleed out your eyes and vomit everywhere – Glenn has just the thing to help you out! It’s called the Ebola Free song, and it’s sure to start rocketing up the charts on your local station.

Check out the lyrics of this hit new song:

Keep away from eyes that bleed.
Don’t lick vomit off the street.
And I know you don’t want to die,
So slowly back away from that infected guy.
Staying Ebola free. Staying Ebola free
Don’t eat that raw meat and see,
We’ll be Ebola free.
Keep away from those sweaty sheets,
Keep away from this charge that secretes.
And if you want to calm your fear,
put down that glass of diarrhea.
Staying Ebola-free. Staying Ebola-free
Don’t touch other’s poop and pee
Be Ebola-free
Just wash your hands, and you will see,
We can be Ebola-free.

“So we put that together, and I think it’s full of all the good safety tips. Don’t pick up that glass of diarrhea. Wash your hands,” Glenn said.

“Very informative,” Stu said.

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