A distraught animal activist strolled into a restaurant and begged people to stop eating chickens. She dramatically pointed out that “their eggs and their milk and their bodies are on plates inside this restaurant” but apparently what was on their plates tasted pretty good, because people kept eating. Glenn reacted to the video during today’s radio show.

In the video, activist Kelly Atlas goes into a restaurant and claims her “little girl” was abused her entire life and her family members are eaten by people like those in the restaurant. The problem? The “little girl” is a chicken.


“She goes into a chicken restaurant and she wants everybody to hear that what they’re eating are murdered people. Now, with all of the things going on in today’s world where people are actually slaves, where people are being sold into slavery, where children are being kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. Where people are being beheaded because they are Christian or Jewish or not Muslim enough, where homosexuals are being stoned and lashed and kill, this is what this woman has found passion for,” Glenn said.

Glenn completely disagreed with the this woman’s views on food, and encouraged anyone who could to spend some time on a farm before becoming an animal activist.

“I had Charlie the chicken. And it was this nice little chicken and it was my chicken. Well, grandpa ate my chicken, and I was very upset. He ate my chicken. He took my chicken, and one day, we were eating chicken,” Glenn said. “And my grandpa said, that’s why we don’t name our chickens. And he said the whole time, don’t name the chickens. Don’t name the chickens. He warned me and he’s like, Glenn, we eat chickens. This is what we do. We grow them so we can eat them. This is what we do. We gather their eggs.”

“So one day we’re eating chickens, and I find out it’s Charlie the chicken. And I look at my grandfather — he’s like that’s why we don’t name our chickens. No pause. And, you know what, I still eat chicken, and I got over it. I got over it.”

“Everything you need to know as a human being you learn on a farm. The problem with our society, we’re no longer an agrarian society. When we moved away from our farms, we lost everything,” Glenn said.