Leftists activists attempting to bully the Washington Redskins into renaming their football team claim to be all for the Native-Americans. However, if you are a Native-American who supports keeping the Redskins name — then you are a traitor who must be destroyed. Glenn reacts to the hypocrisy on radio today.

“Have you seen what the press has done to the president of the Navajo tribe?” Glenn asked on radio. “They were insinuating that, see, even the Indians don’t like him. The Native Americans don’t like him, they threw him out. He’s the outgoing president of the tribe. What are you talking about? I mean, that’s incredible. Are they going to say that about President Obama when he leaves? No.”

Glenn said he also plans to attend a Redskins game with Dan Snyder this weekend.


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Glenn also discussed this story in the Morning Meeting:

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