Always appreciative of out of the box thinking, Glenn visited the Marvel Experience in Dallas yesterday. It’s produced by a couple of Marvel fans who had an idea and decided to go for it. The traveling show is now in Dallas and Glenn talked about the experience on radio today.

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On his Facebook page last night, Glenn raved about how good the show.

“My friend and AMAZING entertainment guru Michael Cohl brought this dream to reality. Currently almost sixty tractor trailers(!) crossing the country to a city near you,” he wrote. “The technology is amazing and the last two “domes” make it all worthwhile. Tania and I had a good time and the kids really loved it.”

“I know this is weird but I notice and appreciate the little things. My favorite part was the people working the events. They all played their role and were (seemingly) very excited to be apart of it. They were not the stereotypical “carny workers” by any means. The people working the doors and saying good bye at the exits made the difference. When an adult gives your kid a high five because he has just ‘saved the world’, it takes it up a notch,” he continued.

Glenn wasn’t the only Texas celebrity at the show. Entrepreneur and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban was there as well: