The course of true love never did run smooth…

It wasn’t that long ago that we were telling you that true love can be found even in the weirdest of places – like the jail cell of notorious evil cult leader Charles Manson. Well, unfortunately for poor Charlie, it turns out that his bride-to-be, 53 years his junior, had a very dark and twisted motivation for going through with the nuptials.

The New York Post reports the marriage was part of an elaborate money making scheme that involved Manson’s fiancé Afton Elaine Burton putting his body on display after he died.

“She was hoping she would just get married because he’s 80. She’s 27. And she just wanted his body,” Glenn said. “Well, not the way you normally mean it. Like, you’re just marrying me for my body…She was going to put it in a glass case and make a display out of it in Los Angeles.”

“If you can’t believe in the love of a serial killing groupie and the serial killer who’s been in prison for 40 years, man, what can you believe in?” Pat said.