This just might be the worst possible conversation you could ever have.

Imagine it’s 6am. You’ve been up all night with a newborn baby taking care of a sick spouse – or maybe you decided to marathon ‘House of Cards’ all night because it’s a Monday night and you don’t need to make excuses to anyone. End result, you’re tired. You need to get to work. And you stop off for your morning cup of coffee at Starbucks and all the sudden the barista is using a passive aggressive note to get you to talk about race.


TheBlaze reported:

If you’re headed to Starbucks this week, there are two words you might want to keep your eyes open for besides the usual misspelled name on your cup: “Race Together.”

If a barista writes those words, it means he or she wants to talk race relations with you — and it’s part of an official Starbucks initiative.

“Could we possibly have more racial discussion in this country? We have multiple networks that go on 24 hours a day accusing every problem in the world on race. Every policy that a Republican tries to pass is because of race. It is a — all we talk about is race. I believe Martin Luther King had a vision of the world where his children and his children played together with white children and their grandchildren, they played together, and wouldn’t notice these things, wasn’t that the goal? The goal now seems to be all we do is deflect about race all the time,” Stu said after hearing the news.

Watch what Glenn has to say about this in the video below:

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