Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for President of the United States Monday morning during a speech at Liberty University. TheBlaze’s Amy Holmes was at Liberty, and called into the radio show to report on what was happening on the ground. Amy was able to get a few moments with Cruz after he stepped off stage – here’s what he told Glenn and his listeners.

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HOLMES: Senator Cruz, how are you? I’m on the phone with Glenn Beck. Do you want to say hello?

CRUZ: Sure. Glenn, God bless you.

GLENN: Great job. Great job. You’re on the air, by the way, and we’re thrilled to hear.

CRUZ: Well, thank you for your clarion voice each and every day. The energy here is nothing short of electric. And there are, I believe, millions of courageous conservatives across America who recognize the path we’re on isn’t working. And we want to get back to the basic free market principles of the constitutional liberties that this country was built on. And if we stand up together, I am convinced that together we can reignite the promise of America. Glenn, every day you are a voice that is a clarion voice for freedom of the Constitution. I thank you for your leadership, I thank you for the leadership of your millions of listeners, and I’ll tell you the men and women here at Liberty University here today, I am leaving inspired and energized that we are together, part of a grassroots army to turn this country around.

GLENN: God bless you, Ted.

CRUZ: Thank you very much, Glenn.

Featured image courtesy of the AP