It’s time to update our Presidential poll!

It’s April and it’s time to refresh our 2016 Presidential poll for the month. For the first time, we have actual announced candidates! Yay!

Will Ted Cruz repeat as the champion?

Will Scott Walker take over the number one slot?

How will Trey Gowdy perform in his first inclusion?

How will Mike Pence’s handling of the RFRA controversy change his ranking?

Will Rand Paul’s official announcement help his performance?

Where is my pizza?

We’ll go over the results later this week on the radio, and of course post them here as well.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Below are the important to read rules. Link at the bottom.

– Vote in the linked poll.

-IMPORTANT: Don’t vote based on what you THINK will happen. Vote on what you WANT to happen. We’re not looking for you to predict who might win, just who you think would be the best person to be the GOP nominee based on whatever is important to you.

– You will be asked to assign a letter grade to each candidate. Rate as many candidates as possible.

– If you don’t have a grade because you don’t know who they are or have enough information, just skip that person.

-The order of candidates is random, so you may need to look around for someone specific.

– Your grades will be entered into a point system that will give us the GOP Top 25 candidates.

Take the poll HERE.