On his TV show Wednesday night, Glenn was joined by Dr. Jim Garlow and David Barton to discuss what people of faith can do to preserve our culture, beginning with the messages preached from our church pulpits. While admitting what they were about to propose would be controversial, Glenn emphasized sometimes being controversial is required.

After reviewing the action steps he and David shared earlier this month – to help church-goers get their churches off the sidelines – Glenn said the time may come for some to “take a walk.”

Dr. Garlow expounded on the idea.

“There’s an old rule among cancer patients, if your oncologist takes away your hope, get a new oncologist,” Garlow said. “Let me make the application. If your pastor will not preach the full counsel of God and it includes these controversial challenging topics, if he will not do that, it’s time to get a new pastor.”

David added, “Take a walk. Take your tithe with you.”

Glenn then stated the obvious, “That is going to cause all kinds of trouble.”

After replaying an emotional warning from radio earlier that day, Glenn described how he’s organizing people within his company to better assist those who are stepping up to the plate.

“I come to you as a broken guy who doesn’t know what to do exactly. I’m just doing my best, as you are,” Glenn said. “We have a team of really great researchers, but we also have teams of really great spiritual people, religious people, from all different denominations that work here, that advise, that are trying to find what we can do to help you.”

Later in the program, Glenn dove into yet another controversial topic, about what it means to be Christian. Last week, Glenn received a message on Facebook that challenged his own Christianity, to which he wrote a thought-provoking response.

Glenn explained why he thinks being a true Christian means more than “being saved.”

“I’m going to behave the way Christ told me to behave, and that means getting your hands dirty. That means getting out and doing something,” Glenn said.

Watch the complimentary clip below.