Glenn’s hour-long interview with Ted Cruz is available on demand.

Presidential hopeful and Texas Senator Ted Cruz sat down with a one on one interview with Glenn, which aired Monday night. During the interview, Glenn questioned Cruz on his decision to cosponsor the “Enhancing Educational Opportunities for All Students Act,” which critics said would classify homeschool as a private school.

Cruz clarified his position.

“I’m not remotely pushing for homeschooling to be reclassified in any way, shape, or form,” Cruz said. “Now, when it comes to education, I am a passionate believer in school choice.”

He then emphasized how eager he is to debate the Democrats on this issue.

“I can’t wait to stand on a debate stage next to Hillary Clinton,” he said. “The Democrats are essentially bought and paid for by the union bosses and the teachers union, so they will always oppose school choice.”

He want on.

“I believe every child in America regardless of race or ethnicity or wealth or ZIP Code has a right to a quality education, and school choice is about giving low income kids the same ability to choose an excellent school that the rich and middle class have always had,” Cruz said.

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