On radio Monday, Glenn challenged Rand Paul on some of the remarks he’d made against Ted Cruz recently. Paul’s response was that he’s not trying to attack Cruz, he’s just answering the questions he’s being asked.

“I would love for everybody on our side just to get along,” Glenn said. “Turn the guns on the other guys and talk liberty together.”

When Glenn pointed out Paul had said Cruz has no future in the Senate, this was his response.

“I was asked a question. That is my honest answer. And the reason is that he has a different vision than I do,” Paul said.

Watch the full segment or read the transcript below.

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Below is a rush transcript of this segment, it might contain errors.

GLENN: Anybody that would take — you guys have targets like crazy. Donald Trump. Take — you can — Jeb Bush, take them.

Why have you decided to turn your guns on Ted Cruz at this point, where I would love for everybody on our side just to get along. Turn the guns on the other guys and talk liberty together.

RAND: Yeah, I think that’s probably a misinterpretation. I’m on a lot of programs. People like you ask my questions, and I tend to respond to them and answer the questions.

But we’ve had nothing where we’re sort of promoting any kind of animosity with Ted Cruz. We answer questions. If you ask me, you know, do I disagree with his vote on criminal justice this week, where he voted against the criminal justice reform, I will tell you that. But we’re not out there campaigning against him.

GLENN: Well, you’re saying that he has no future in the US Senate. Isn’t that kind of —

RAND: I was asked a question. That is my honest answer. And the reason is, is that, he has a different vision than I do. His vision is, there’s plenty of people, if you just rouse them up on our side to win elections. My opinion is, you have to rouse up and energize the electorate, the grassroots that are on our side, but you also have to reach out and get new people. I do not believe we will win by just rattling our cages for the base. We should energize the base, and we should be true to our principles. But I’ve been taking our principles to the south side of Chicago, to Philadelphia, to Baltimore, to Ferguson.

GLENN: You’ve done more in that than anybody I’ve ever seen in my life.

RAND: But I think it’s also how you win elections. I mean, that’s how you win a general election, is you got to get people in the middle and on the other side, who have never seen or heard or met a real live Republican, to start thinking about voting Republican. And that’s just a difference in, I guess, vision of how you win elections. Philosophically, we’re fairly close. You know, our voting records are fairly similar.