I just had a surreal day.

Films and TV shows are made here. Prison Break and Walker: Texas Ranger to name two.

Dinesh D’Sousa is filming his new movie on one of our stages and we have a film called The Revolutionary in production.

Crews scout set locations for the film ‘The Revolutionary’ on horseback.

Over the last 60 days I have spent two intense hours with many of the GOP candidates. I have really gotten to know and respect Carson, Cruz, Rubio, Walker, Jindal, Santorum, Paul and Fiorina.

Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina sits down for a one on one interview with Glenn.

I think the interviews with each have been some of the most informative interviews on who these people really are, not just their policies.

I have had many opportunities to do some pretty cool things, like two weeks ago someone asked if they could rent my Oval Office for a major film shoot and we are rebuilding it for them, and then today the Ted Cruz people were filming a doc on stage two. (We film many things on this stage. From episodes of “Dallas” and “GameStop” to national TV commercials.)

When I arrived to work today, I asked if I could see what they had planned. They allowed me to help set the shots and work with the crew. It was a crew that shot all of the mini docs for the Olympics. It was cool to be around such pros.

Pretty soon ADL came in and before we knew it, we were helping out on a pretty major piece for a guy who could be the next president! This is what I love about my staff. Some of them wouldn’t vote for a Republican, but we all want to make these guys look their best and who they really are!

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz sits down for a one on one interview with Glenn.

It is a nice thing when you trust that the American people will figure it out. You never have to slight someone or film one in good light or the other in bad, like so many on the left do. (See Newsweek and the famous John McCain photo.)

It was about his faith and most of it was with his father. What a powerful story. Many in the audience were crying. The amazing thing is how closely it matches in exact reverse Barack Obama’s story.

Every presidential candidate that has come by, I have offered our studios to and offered my help as there are so many in my company that believe that one of these guys could be the one that saves the Western way of life. There are many that we all (Mercury) would volunteer for. We need a good candidate.

We are so blessed. We have many really good candidates to chose from. Never in my life has there been a better field.

I said to one of the candidates before the debate last week, “please don’t attack each other.”

Presidential candidate Rand Paul sits down for a one on one interview with Glenn.

I wish we could get to a point to where they would all say, if I didn’t win, I will help this guy win. I think the field is split in two. Establishment progressive Republicans and Constitutional conservatives.

You know that Kasich and Lindsay Graham would support Jeb. And Ted, Carson, Paul, Jindal and Santorum could support each other. Wouldn’t it be nice if they would all move more as a block and explain the difference in choice with out tearing each other apart?

BTW, I also had a few minutes to speak with Ted about his memory thing. It is so cool. More on Monday.

Also, I think Marco Rubio is with me later this week for a couple of hours. I am very excited.

Who will be the first to speak about the immorality of capitalism as we are living it?

I just had a surreal day.Films and tv shows are made here. Prison break and Walker: Texas Ranger to name two. …

Posted by Glenn Beck on Friday, October 30, 2015